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Gore Endorses Dean

Election 2004 Howard Dean 2003

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 06:02 AM

Kevin Street, on Dec 10 2003, 04:43 AM, said:

I apologize for the misunderstanding, Yama. I thought you were saying the other Democratic candidates were too apathetic to beat Dean, leaving only the best financed candidate to challenge Bush, instead of the best potential leader, whoever that may be. My last sentence about true convictions wasn't directed at you (or anyone here) in any way. I was just trying to slam Gore and Clinton for being such apethetic liberals. It sounds like they hurt their party by giving it sucess in the wrong way.
Probably my turn to apologize.  I was saying that the other Democratic candidates were too apathetic to win.  But I will say that Dean became the leading Democratic contender and the best financed because he was unapologetic about his opposition to Bush; and not the other way around.

I disagree with Dean's policies and positions, and I don't like him personally, but I give him sincere kudos for that.  It is democracy in action.  And I'm being honest and sincere when I say that.

I guess where we do disagree is that I think Clinton and Gore helped the Democratic Party by moving it to the center.  To me, as a former liberal (although I still hold a few liberal positions), Leftist/statist/socialist policies simply do not work and I believe they should be discredited and rejected once and for all.

If the Right is right (or if the Left is Right) there is no need for "moderation" and "moving towards the Center".

And where I probably disagree with Delvo above is that I honestly believe that Clinton and Gore were attempting to move the Democratic Party towards the political center in the 1990's.  Don't get me wrong, in general they were no where near as conservative as would have I liked -- and truth be known, I never voted for them -- but I think they were a genuine improvement over the rest of the Demcratic Party at the time.

However, in fairness to both myself and [B]Delvo[B], I agree with everything else in his excelent post.  Conservatives run very little if anything in the United States.  The best we get is conservative rhetoric and not-so conservative policies.  And the best we hope for is that "our guy" is not as liberal as the other one.

If only Sam Nunn had run for President.

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