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Temporary Pirate Profiles

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 02:55 AM

Set in the Carribean, the year of our lord 1700...

Large but excellent map of the Caribbean

Captain Jack, does more need to be said? :)

Gode, Chaddee, I need a bit more for your profiles.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 02:57 AM

Name: Morgan (Nickname, but not to his face: Snake )

Age: 30

Ht: 6' 3"

Wt: 200 # solid muscle but very atheletic, agile

Eyes: Deep Blue Hair: Black, thick and worn very long.

Background: Obviously Navy at some time or other, doesn't speak of it but is highly educated and intellegent. Speaks and reads at least a bit of several languages besides English, and curses fluently in quite a few. Has been around the world and knows much odd trivia.

Doesn't speak much...beneath the broad tattoo that encircles his neck is a scar that shows full well that some one once tried to slit his throat, and failed to finish the job.

He has three Boas, one of which is always riding on his shoulder. The snakes are ill tempered, and don't like any one but him. He takes very good care of them, and they are usefull in hunting down rats and mice. He insists that they have the run of the ship, and no one is likely to naysay him.

He is Very good with swords, throwing knives and pistols. Isn't all that bad with a bull whip. He can be very patient teaching others what he knows but is very short with 'lubbers'.

Normal wear is snug fitting black cotton pants tucked into knee boots and a black leather vest.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 02:59 AM

Name: Nicholas Harkell ("Nicky")

Rank: Second Mate/ Sailing Master

Age: 29

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180, fairly muscular

Description: Dark green eyes, long black hair (which on duty is tied into ponytail, when not let loose). One small tattoo - HMS Stately - on his arm.

Character: Quiet but experienced, prone to deadpan humor. After living with the Arawak tribe can sometimes talk spiritually.

Skills: Adept at cutlass, good shot with pistol and flintlock. Can speak English, French, Arawak and trace amounts of Spanish and German. Excellent sailor with good feeling for coming squalls and dangers.

Background: Grew up in Portsmouth, England, in a strictly naval upbringing. His Grandfather sailed alongside Sir Francis Drake in 1588 to repel the Spanish Armada. Learnt from an early age to handle and anticipate sail and squalls. Joined the Royal Navy as Midshipman, serving on HMS Copperhead, then promoted from Acting-Lieutenant to Lieutenant and posted to HMS Dominion, where he served at the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690. Following the joint British/French retreat from the operation he felt dishonor but was posted to command the French prize HMS Stately. While sailing home was chased by a French commander in his ship Le Suroit and taken into a bitter chase which led him across the world before giving up his possession. The British Admiralty pronounced him a traitor and most of his crew began to desert him, slipping away when they pulled in on the coast of Brazil for water.

With his remaining crew, they agreed to face Le Suroit once and for all. They had only hands to man half their guns but came about to engage her with the windguage in their favor. HMS Stately was dismasted and holed, but not before the crew had taken Le Suroit with small-arms. However, Le Suroit herself was holed and with temporary repairs they made it into a Brazilian port but knew she would never sail again. They stripped her to the decks and sold all they could, splitting the gold twelve-ways and getting a shared tattoo so they could always identify themselves in the future. The Admiralty had long declared them either dead men or Pirates, so they went their separate ways. Nicholas served on three man-of-wars before he came to the Caribbean. He lived for a few years in peace with the Arawak Native-American tribe in the Bahamas before leaving to take arms against Spanish Conquistadors. After using up all his gold in funding a private war against the Spanish, he now joins Pirates to raise more capital for the day he can buy his own man-of-war.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:02 AM

Name: Buwaya (nickname, not known by any other names)

Race: Filipina (but does not refer to herself as one, but rather as an "Indio"; and is annoyed if anyone refers to her as 'Filipino')

Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 130 lbs. Marital Status: single

Age: 27 Eyes: black

Hair: Nearly black, appears dark brown in sunlight

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tatoos: bad scarring on her right leg from a freshwater crocodile attack when she was young. No visible tattoos. Has a 'P' branded onto her right forearm.

Body Build: lean, but well-muscled.

Profession: Quartermaster

Known Skills: skilled in keeping books, reading, writing, doing math, speaks multiple languages (due to foreign powers in the Philippines: Spanish, English, Dutch, French), bartering and procuring supplies. Also, good with throwing knives. Owns two other weapons: A kampilan, a double-edged long-sword (approx 36 inches), usually stored in her quarters; and a kris, a wavy-edged sword used by the Moro pirates (approx 24 inches), which she uses as most would a cutlass.

Relatives: No close relatives due to disease introduced by Spaniards, and raids by the Moro pirates on her home.

Semi-brief () Known History: Grew up near Jambangan, on Mindanao in the Philippines. When she was young (about 12), she suffered a rare attack by a freshwater crocodile while bathing, leaving her right leg badly scarred. She survived and grew to adulthood. Disease introduced by the Spaniards killed all of her grandparents and her mother, leaving her to essentially assume the role of head woman in their family. Her father and brothers were all later killed or presumed dead during an attack by the infamous Moro Pirates, and Buwaya was captured, at age 18.

Not much is known about how she escaped, how she became a pirate herself, or how she found her way to the Caribbean. Her weapons and demeanor both strongly suggest she crewed with the Moro for at least some time, though she did not adopt their religion.

The only name she is known by is "Buwaya", which means both "crocodile" and "greedy" in her native tongue. She chose the name because she felt it was fitting for a pirate: crocodiles were seen as bearers of bad tidings and as being in league with dark forces of nature. She has clearly had a run-in with the East India Company at some point, as she bears their brand. She has been in the Caribbean for about 5 years, crewing on whatever ship will have her.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:05 AM

Name: Burning Black Constance (Just call her Lizzie)

Age: 24

Marital Status: Single

Height: 5’4

Weight: 115lbs

Hair: Dark Red, straight as an arrow

Eyes: Burning Crimson (Thus the name)

Tattoos, scars: One ear piercing, a few small slashes on her back, and one particularly on her left wrist

Even at her young age she is one of the best shots out there. She also does very well at swords and whips, but tries to stay away from bombs and cannons. She was always fascinated with guns, even at an early age. She was kidnapped at the age of 14 by some pirates looking for a good time. Using her agility she got away and swore to take vengeance on them. To this day, she still looks for them. She got her name from the odd color of her eyes. Only she knows why they are they way they are. It’s her deepest secret, the one thing she only tells those she is closest to.

Not many people know of her night life. However, it's nothing to be kept secret. If ever someone saw her at night, they would have seen a small, slender shadow, crouched with her head turned up. Sooner or later they would hear the cry of a hawk that would be next to her one moment, and dissapear the next. None know of her secret friendship with the hawk, but to her, the hawk is a very reliable source. She keeps him away from her during the day time, but that may change very soon.

She is now the Bo’sun on the Black Pearl. Not many know why she got the job, but many are just too afraid to ask.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:07 AM

Name: Aramis (no last name, that was lost to the sea a long time ago), sometimes known at times as Mis, or Black Aramis.

Height: 5' 11" but wears boots with a slight heel, to make him apear 6'

Age: 27

Eyes: Dark brown with a slight greenish tint

Build: Slender yet muscular.

Hair: Slightly curly, dark brown just past shoulder length, but frequently tied back with a black ribbon.

Tattoos/distinguishing marks: Has one long earing in left ear and a scar across his lower back, as well as a collection of scars and burns on both forearms.

Character: Desisive, fair but firm. He has a dark, dry sense of hunour and a lust for adventure. He can sense in the air when something's not right. He has a deep, poetic, even romantic side but covers it up but emersing himself in his duties. He is focussed and hardworking. If he does something, he does it well. He doesn't like admitting to his mistakes but does everything he can to eb the best man he can be.

Profession: Gunnary Captain on the Black Pearl. Aramis is a master at his craft.

Relatives: Both his mother and father live quietly in a little villa in a remote part of the Mediterranean, on a small private island. Although he was left with no considerable fortune he still had a fortunate childhood. He also has two sisters, 21 and 18: prostitues in London and an older brother in the navy who went missing in action three years ago. He has quite a large family, both uncles have been sailing the Spanish Main for some years and has almost 20 first cousins living in various parts of the world. He was born in Wales, although is part French, much to the dislike of many shipmates on previous vessels.

Brief history: Started his career as a cabin boy on the HMS Windstalker before becoming a midshipman on the HMS Wayfarer and moving up through the ranks to first leiutenant. Despite his promice he was always fascinated with weaponry and would spend hours on the gundeck, sketching out maps, guns, tactics and the like. After showing inginuity, bravery and a hint of reckless abandon in order to get the job done he became disenchanted with the His Majesty's Navy and began to take apart the system from within, organised a mutiny on the ship, taking command and sailing her across the Atlantic, still remaining true to his love of the sea and his lust for adventure. He made his way through two minor scrapes with Spanish Frigates and made it to Port Royal, where he went on the run. He worked undercover in the guard for one of the richer families in the port, familierising himself with points of interest and worth before commandeering a schooner and sailing around the nearby ocean doing some terrorising of his own with a small crew of trusted comrades. After an unfortunate attack with fireships in which he was the only survivor he returned to the mainland in search of a new ship and a place where he could call home and be around his precious guns. He now works aboard the Black Pearl, and loves every minute of it.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:08 AM

Name: Black Raeven Bonny

Ht. 5'7" Wt. 140

Age: 28 Eyes: emerald green

Hair: Shoulder length blue/black hair

Scars/Birthmarks/Tattoos: Sun tattoo on her left shoulder, black rose on her right hip.

One scar on the right side of her face (running from temple to jaw) She rejected the advances of her previous Captain, he cut her face to make her unattractive to anyone else, fortunately for her, being a surgeon she managed to stitch the wound neatly and the scar is fine and straight and barely noticeable.

Body Build: Womanly, but toned. She has tanned, fairly leathery skin from working outdoors all her life.

Profession: Surgeon on the pirate ship Black Pearl

Known Skills: First class surgeon...so it goes without saying that she is deadly with all forms of sharp, pointy weapons! She can speak several languages, having travelled the seven seas from an early age.

Relatives: Father and mother - deceased, killed by pirates when she was a baby, she had no memories of them or any other surviving siblings.

Known History: She was raised by the pirates who killed her parents....she spent all her time with the ships surgeon and his wife, until they were forced to walk the plank for excessive 'drinking', the surgeons curse!

At the tender age of 18 she was 'promoted' to the rank of Surgeons mate, she studied hard and when she had learnt all she could she arranged a tragic accident for the then surgeon and took his place. She has worked for various Captains, eachone worse than the last...her utlimate aim is to have her own vessel - until then she bides her time attending to the wounded of the black Pearl and performing suitably gross operations to keep the ships cook entertained.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:13 AM

Name- Angeline- Just call her Angie

Age- 22

Height- 5'6

Weight- 130

Hair- Raven black, thick, wavy and down to her hips.

Eyes- Bright blue, piercing

Tattoos, scars- Scar on her abdomen, running diagonally from the right hip to just under the left ribcage

Skills- Proficient knife fighter after being attacked one night and nearly raped. She managed to kill her attacker but not before he had slashed her abdomen, resulting in the scar she now carries. She learned to fight with knives after that so she could defend herself better after that.

Piercings- Her earlobes are pierced and she will occasionally wear large hoop earrings.

Normal Attire- Black cotton pants, black knee boots, plain white shirt tucked in. Will occasionally wear a black vest over the shirt. Hasn't worn a dress since she ran away from home at the age of 15.

Background- She was the daughter of a fairly wealthy family and was around 14 when she was attacked and almost raped. After she healed she became intensely withdrawn and shy and wouldn't allow a male within arms length.
Her father, who was abusive to women, even insinuated that she had done something to warrant the attack, that it was her fault that she had been attacked, even though she had tried to tell him that she hadn't done anything to provoke him. He wouldn't listen to her and continued to blame her. It got so bad that she began to plan to run away. She knew she couldn't just run, she would have been caught and brought back, so she planned.
She began to stash away small amounts of money, small enough not to be missed and also decided to wear pants and not take any dresses, not to pass herself off as male, but because it would make travelling easier. She stashed away several pairs of pants, a pair of boots and shirts with the money and when the time was right she ran and has never regretted it since, even though the way was never easy.
She learned to fight, especially with knives, during her travels and even learned some basic medical knowledge. She did whatever she had to, short of selling herself, to survive. She is still a virgin, but no one would believe her if she told them, from the look of her.
She normally wears her hip length hair in a single braid down her back, though she had thought about cutting it a time or two, couldn't bring herself to.

She is now Surgeon's Mate to Raeven on the Black Pearl and generally keeps to herself when not assisting her. She took the job mostly because the surgeon was female and she worked better with females than males and avoid them as much as possible.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:15 AM

Name: Angelica (Pepper) DeMint aka Pepper DeMint or Peppermint

Ht. 5'8" Wt. 140

Age: 23 Eyes: Bright blue

Hair: Long flowing, wavy chestnut brown hair

Scars/Birthmarks/Tattoos: Two inch scar on her right bicep from an attempted assault on her life. An ex-boyfriend caught her stealing cases of rum from his trading post in the Caribbean, which she'd been doing over time and making a profit. After he could not produce proof of this to have her arrested, he tried to have her assaulted. She got away, but was fired from her job at the Carmichael Inn when she returned.

Body Build: Shapely and ample figure but firm, strong, and sexy looking! Medium skin tone, tries to avoid the sun. One quirk is that she carries a parasol around to keep the sun off, but has a long knife inserted along the handle.

Profession: Currently the head cook on the pirate ship Black Pearl

Known Skills: Expert at cooking, bargaining with shopkeepers, making due with very little if necessary in the kitchen, knife throwing, swords, cutlass (carries several weapons on her person). Is also well educated up to age 16, then self taught after that as she has many books and reads voraciously.

Relatives: Father and mother somewhere back in England.

Known History: Angelica was born in London, England to fairly well-off parents, and grew up educated and privileged...at least when she wasn't off getting into trouble. She was very defiant and headstrong and wouldn't submit to her father or other men. She was very independent. Her father called her Pepper since she was so hot-tempered and wild. Drawn to adventure and the idea of traveling.

Refused to be courted or wooed, instead got into trouble along with the boys when she was young which horrified her parents, then she fell in with the wrong crowd of young people. Sometimes she was in trouble with the authorities. The group used to do petty theft but never could be traced to them although everyone knew, mostly kidnapping horses and letting them go elsewhere, breaking and entering homes to have fun, trespassing, small stuff such as that.

Pepper was finally given an ultimatum of becoming a lady or being disinherited. Much to her parents' surprise, she packed up her belongings at 16 and took off with her current, older boyfriend. He taught her to fight with a sword, cutlass, knives, and guns, and he got Pepper into more trouble.

She went by the name of Pepper DeMint, but it got shortened to Peppermint sometimes.

The boyfriend left Pepper stranded in the Caribbean at 19, and she hooked up with a gay man as a companion/friend. Pepper killed her first person when he tried to ambush them and hurt her friend

The dark-haired beauty spent several years (19-23) working at the high class Carmichael Inn doing the cooking and cleaning to make some money, learned to cook very well with plain food and fancy food. She learned about spices and exotic foods as well as regular cooking. For while Pepper stayed out of trouble, but then she started to steal cases of rum from a trader she was ‘dating" and selling it for a profit. When he found out, he tried to have her arrested but there was no proof. Then one night he tried to have her beaten up, for which she now has a slight scar on her arm from a knife wound. She killed another man in order to escape, and severely wounded the other.

Pepper reached the Carmichael Inn, she was fired from her job. But later she snuck back in at night and stole many kitchen items that didn't belong to her. So, she has some nice items and spices for the kitchen on the Black Pearl, where she found refuge and work at age 23.

Pepper DeMint has an attitude and doesn't take crap from anyone, but she is also very loyal and kind to her friends. She has a strange sense of humor and is fascinated by things that are "gross."
Sometimes she watches the doctor just for fun. Pepper can be as sweet as honey or as mad a knocked-over bee hive.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:19 AM

Name: Dartanis "Mariner" Kolen

Age: 22

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 212 lbs (muscle)

Hair: shoulder length, jet black

Scars/Marks: none visible

Position: Sailmaster's Mate aboard the Black Pearl

Skills/Ablities: Excellent shot with a decent weapon. Master swordsman with his mercurial longsword. Able to make ready sails of a decent sized ship in under 3 minutes with minimal help.

Known History: was once the first mate on a ship, but left because the crew began to value killing more than they did adventure. Little esle is known.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:21 AM

Name: Sheryl

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115lbs

Age: 14

Hair: Jet Black, usually wears it in a ponytail

Eyes: Green

Position: Gunner's Mate

Body Markings: Scar on the right side of her face, running vertically down from the top of her mouth to her chin. skull-and-crossbones tattoo on her left shoulder.

bio: although one of the youngest pirates in history, Sheryl has proven to be a reliable aid during cannon fights. her father is a savvy pirate who taught her all that she knows. she has had skills with a sword and numerous weapons since she was 11 years old. she has been underestimated many times by her enemies, and that has proven their downfall. she knows the hard ways of life and does what she can in order to survive. although her appearance makes her look tough (and she is), she is also really friendly and can easily manipulate people to pull off scams. don't let her age fool you.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:23 AM

Name: Jonas – this is not his real name all will be explained in the profile.

Age: 30

Height: 5’7”

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Build: Slender but stronger than he looks, very agile.

Distinguishing marks: Scar from a bullet wound to his left shoulder. Scar on his abdomen from a sword thrust.

The following is not common knowledge. No one else in the crew will know this.

Jonas is the youngest son of a British Lord. His father also happens to be an Admiral in the Royal Navy. Jonas was very much the black sheep of the family. At the age of 12 his father despaired of him and managed to get him taken on as a midshipman in the Royal Navy. Jonas enjoyed the life much to his surprise but at the age of 18 decided that he would be happier as one of His Majesty’s Royal Marines.

He resigned his commission in the Navy and enlisted as a ‘bootneck’ or ‘jolly’ as they were called. He reached the rank of Captain Royal Marines (the equivalent of a Lieutenant RN). Things went badly wrong for him when he accused his superior officer of cowardice. The man challenged him to a duel (illegal in the Navy of that time).

During the duel the other officer fired first before the time was called. Jonas was wounded in the shoulder the bullet lodging there. He managed to fire at his opponent shooting the man through the forehead and killing him instantly.

Jonas was court-martialled as soon as he was well enough to stand trial and sentenced to be hung. His father used his not inconsiderable influence to get his son out of the naval prison. He was freed on the grounds that he left England and changed his name. His family wanted nothing more to do with him.

Jonas travelled to India to make a new life. While he was there he fell in love with and married an Indian princess. Her family did not agree to the match and on the wedding night her father and brothers murdered her and left Jonas for dead with a dreadful wound to his stomach.

His servant managed to get him away to some wise men who tended to his wound. When he recovered he made his way to his dead wife’s family home. What happened there only Jonas knows. When he left again there was no one left alive.

Known History

Jonas is an assassin and he kills for money. He will fight for whoever can pay him and he isn’t too fussy about the cause. Very little is known about his past. He is proficient with many types of weapon and despite his small stature he is very good at unarmed combat. He learned many types of hand-to-hand fighting while he was in India and the East.

He also knows a lot about ships and sailing. Jonas doesn’t have friends or lovers; he won’t let anyone get close to him again.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:23 AM

Name: Jean Luc

Age: early 30's

Height: 6' 6"     Weight: 200 all corded muscle

Hair: Auburn, usually worn in a short ponytail

Eyes: Dark Brown

Scars/Tattos:  On face: infinity symbol, with the holes in the symbol being his eyes

on both arms:  flaming serpent which runs from one hand to his back, then an identical snake to his other hand -with open jaws, and fangs opening onto the back of his hands

On his chest is a mystical Voodoun symbol, ritual scarification

What is known: Cajun Voodoun priest, who routinely takes live chickens everywhere he goes so that he always has something to read the entrails off

tends to wear only trousers.  Wears a long necklace filled with alligator teeth.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:24 AM

Name: Nicola Baker, known by all as Nick

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:32 AM

Name: Cathan (rhymes with Nathan in pronunciation)

Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 lbs. Marital Status: Single

Age: Unknown, Assumed to be late 20's Eyes: Brown Hair: Shaved Head.

Scars/Birthmarks/Tattoos: Numerous whip scars across his back, Black Tribal Tattoo on his right shoulder.

Body Build: Athletic, Well-muscled.

Profession: Blacksmith/Jack of All Trades.

Known Skills: Blacksmithing, various and sundry ship related skills. Reads/writes in English and French, but cannot speak - was born without vocal chords. Communicates either in writing or else by his own personal set of "sign language" - mostly interpretive gestures. Preferred Weapon of choice is throwing knives and throwing axes. Skills with other weapons mostly basic, save sword play and cannons.

Relatives: Unknown.

Known History: Being a mute, most have not ventured to take the time to hear Cathan's story. Most of what's known is that he's an escaped Haitian slave, who was required to have at least some social graces and ability in the English and French languages, despite his inability to speak. He earned his blacksmith training (and likely his skill with throwing weapons) sometime between escaping from his masters, and becoming interested in privateering/piracy.

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Posted 04 January 2004 - 03:34 AM

Name: Sparky

Race: Blue and gold macaw.

Ht: 3 feet long, tip of tail to beak.

Wt: 2 pounds.

Marital Status: Single, but looking. Have any leads...?

Age: 40

Eyes: Black.

Hair: What the heck kind of parrot has hair?

Scars/ Birth Marks/ Tattoos: No birth marks or scars.

Body Build: Parrot-like.

Profession: Parrot.

Known Skills: Talking, mocking, deriding the primitive humans around him

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Posted 05 January 2004 - 09:01 AM

Name: Sheryl

Ht: 5'6" Wt: 115lbs Marital Status: too young to be married

Age: 14 Eyes: Green

Hair: Jet Black, usually wears it in a ponytail, runs down to her middle back

Scars/Birthmarks/Tattoos: Scar on the right side of her face, running vertically down from the top of her mouth to her chin. skull-and-crossbones tattoo on her left shoulder.

Body Build: Slender, but pretty strong

Profession: Gunner's Mate

Known Skills: Is trained with all forms of weapons, and has some experience with martial arts.

Relatives: Mother unknown, father desceased.

Known History: One of the youngest pirate's in history, Sheryl has been living a pirate's life since she was very young. After being abandoned by her mother shortly after her birth, her father found her. He brought her aboard his ship and she grew up there, being showed how to be a pirate from her father and the crew.

Always being fascinated with weapons, she was taught how to use all of them. By the time she was 11, she could load a cannon and fire a gun as easily as anyone else. She was also taught a few things in martial arts.

When she was 12, during a stop in Tortuga, she was attacked by Matthew, a boy a few years older than her whose father was killed by her father. She managed to escape, but the scar on her face is evidence of the struggle.

A few months after that, her father was assasinated by Matthew. She got her revenge, but it didn't satisfy her. She left the ship she was on to travel and join other crews. Since the incident with Matthew she has become increasingly daring and rash, always acting before thinking and jumping into action wherever she can find it. She sometimes contradicts the Captain and her commanding officers, always voicing her opinion whether it's wanted or not and wanting to do things her way, but rarely does she disobey a direct order.
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Posted 05 January 2004 - 09:36 AM

^^ Back in the 1700's I don't think 14 was considered too young to get married. :D

Someone could correct me if I'm wrong...

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Posted 05 January 2004 - 11:19 AM

Depends on social class and culture but the phrase old enough to bleed old enough to breed was at times considered acceptable. With marriage being seen as important

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Posted 05 January 2004 - 12:39 PM

14 was fine to get married back in those days, as it even is today legal in some provinces of Canada and other places in the States probably to get married at 14 with parents permission :)
Yea, ere my hot youth pass, I speak to my people and say:
Ye shall be foolish as I; ye shall scatter, not save;
Ye shall venture your all, lest ye lose what is more than all;
Ye shall call for a miracle, taking Christ at His word.
And for this I will answer, O people, answer here and hereafter,
The Fool - Padraic Pearse

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