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I always pictured John Kerry as a bass guitarist.

Election 2004 John Kerry 2004

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#1 the 'Hawk

the 'Hawk
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Posted 18 February 2004 - 12:12 PM

The BBC reports.


First, we had Bill Clinton on saxophone. Now, prepare yourselves for Senator John Kerry on bass guitar. Yes, more than 40 years ago, the man who hopes to be the Democratic nominee for US president played bass in a rock'n'roll band.

The band was forged in 1961 while Mr Kerry was a pupil at the exclusive St Paul's prep school in New Hampshire. They called themselves The Electras, and recorded their only album in the school's basement.

It is the first rock album ever recorded by a serious candidate for the Oval Office, according to the Washington Post. A copy, one of only 500, recently sold on eBay in the US for over $2,500.

"We put the band together to pursue the possibility of getting a little closer to the opposite sex," the band's piano player Jack Radcliffe tells the BBC. "They weren't tearing our clothes off, but we enjoyed it, absolutely," Mr Kerry told the Washington Post.


As the only member of the Electras to have pursued a career in the music industry, Mr Radcliffe is in no doubt that Mr Kerry chose the right profession. "Most of us are Republicans, and most of us would prefer to teach George Bush how to play the bass rather than use John," he jokes in an interview with the World Service's The World Today programme.

Mr Kerry's musical past was discovered last September by record label owner Erik Lindgren and one of his assistants, who recognised the presidential hopeful in the band's photograph. Mr Lindgren cornered Senator Kerry at a fundraiser in Boston last year, where Mr Kerry appeared on stage to play a Bruce Springsteen song on guitar.

"He lunged towards me with a big smile and grabbed the album and he just said 'Where did you find this? This must be a collector's item'," says Mr Lindgren.

Mr Lindgren does not believes this latest revelation will harm the candidate's chances. "Kerry in the States has a reputation as being a little stiff in public, but now with this thing being exposed - hey, John Kerry was in a rock'n'roll band, he's one of us."

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 05:25 AM

If he gets to be president maybe he could play with Tony Blair, formerly of the band "Ugly Rumours"!



Mark Ellen met Tony Blair at Oxford University where they played in the band Ugly Rumours together. The band was short lived, but Ellen and Blair have stayed in touch. Ellen is now editor of Word magazine.


How did we start? I had joined this band with a couple of friends and we knew we weren't going to get anywhere without a front man. None of us wanted to step up to the plate or had the charisma or nerve to do it. One of my friends, Adam, said I've seen this guy in a review at St John's [College, Oxford] and he said he was a really remarkable performer, really impressive. And a review had said that this bloke, Tony Blair, was very much the focus of attention.

Why Ugly Rumours? Well, if you hold the cover of the Mars Hotel album by Grateful Dead upside down in the mirror, the stars spell the words 'ugly rumors'. Not that I think Tony was a Grateful Dead aficionado, but we were.

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