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Time travel in "Ouroboros"

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#1 Woodmansee

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 11:30 PM

QueenTiye, on Jan 28 2003, 07:28 AM, said:

<font color='#000000'>Does anyone have Paul Woodmansie's post about how Ouroboros time travel works?


Yes I still have what I wrote. I saved it (pakrat that I am). Here it is.


Was I totally happy with everything? No, but then I rarely am. In my head I keep nit-picking problems that I pointed out that were not fixed on just about every episode. However, once on screen I accept it, and can usually explain it.

Personally I don't like the multiple timeline approach. I agree with Höhne on this one - what is… is and can't be changed. However, now we see in Ouroboros that there are multiple timelines that can be changed, but ONLY with tesseract manipulation. Since Angle Dark Demon Bright didn't use tesseracts to go back in time, then multiple timelines were not possible, but with tesseract manipulation it is possible to pierce the timeline barrier.

So this is an attempt to answer some of your questions:

Q: Where did purple Trance go?
A: To the future of an alternate timeline where the 'new' Trance came from. There she will be totally unprepared to deal with things, but they pretty much suck anyway, so there's not much she could do to either fix them or screw them up more. At least this way the 'new' Trance has a chance of making at least one-timeline (the one we will be following) 'work' out better.

Q: Where did Gold trance come from?
A: That messed up alternate future. Yes it still exists, but not in any way that we could get to it, because we are past the nexus of time where the two futures are one (have a common history). So even if we used a Tesseract generator we couldn't get there. Therefore for all practical purposes it no longer exists, at least to our current world.

Q: Where did all the boarders come from, and where did they go?
A: They came from the past or the future (depending), and they went back there (conservation of mass and energy requires it). The only reason that 'new' Trance didn't go back was an equivalent purple Trance had already been substituted (making the energy equation balance).

Q: How can Gold Trance be her, if the lessons never happened/
A: Because they did/will/have happen (happened) on that alternate timeline.
- Tense gets messed up when talking about time travel -

Q: Why would destroying the machine *after* Harper's extraction change anything, when the machine would have been shut down after the extraction in any foreseeable timeline?
A: It didn't change anything that hadn't already been changed. Höhne was still dead, new Trance was still there, and Harper's Magog larva were still out of his body. It just ended the fluctuations that were emanating from it both in space and time.  After all you can't leave a machine like that running, or it continues to screw with things. Once shut down the effects die out until you are far enough from the time when it was on.

Q: Höhne seems to know an awful lot about tesseract tech.
A: That's why he's one of the smartest beings in the known galaxies. With some pieces of Magog technology, Harper's descriptions and lots of theoretical knowledge, he is able to deduce that a photonic resonator is needed as well as a lot of other stuff. The time he and Harper spent working on it is unclear from the script. I assume that they work for a few days on it before Hohne has 'bots programmed to work on the final assembly.

My point is that we (the writers and I) do try to be scientifically consistent and reasonably accurate, even if we're not perfect. And while I personally disagree with the multiple timeline approach, it is theoretically possible - and we are only allowing it on Andromeda only under very specific circumstances.

#2 Rhea


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Posted 27 February 2003 - 02:07 AM

I just wanted to say "WAHOO!" :D  It's good to see you here, Paul. Welcome back!
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Posted 27 February 2003 - 02:18 AM

If this is related to the "Cheating on the science (Ouroboros spoilers)" thread from last February....

I'm almost done.  I have to pass my classes, unfortunately, or I'd have a lot of this up already. :blush: :crazy:
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