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Kerry Reveals Plan to Keep Jobs in U.S.

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#1 DWF


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 10:12 PM



Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Friday unveiled his plan to deal with "Benedict Arnold" companies that he has repeatedly criticized during the campaign for reaping tax benefits while shipping U.S. jobs overseas.

But his proposal to end an estimated $12 billion annually in corporate tax relief is certain to stir stiff opposition from some of America's largest multinational companies who are currently enjoying those breaks. And private economists questioned whether it would do much to halt the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs to foreign countries.

Speaking at Wayne State University in Detroit, Kerry said his corporate tax proposal was part of a comprehensive economic plan he will put forward in coming weeks to create 10 million jobs during the first four years of a Kerry administration.

The jobs pledge and the corporate tax changes were designed to highlight economic issues where polls consistently have shown President Bush is vulnerable: an economic recovery where job growth has lagged badly, the loss of more than 3 million manufacturing jobs one in six since mid-2000 and rising anxiety among white-collar workers about the increased "outsourcing" of service jobs to foreign countries.

"I won't tell you that we can bring back every lost industry or protect every current job," Kerry said. "But my plan will enable our economy to create jobs and keep more good jobs here in America."

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Posted 26 March 2004 - 11:12 PM

Yes and his plan which will take three years to implament with the current recovery to cover for my lack of growth is the hidden cost of his job creation plan.

Basicly take the money away from companies and they will find other ways to cut costs if not relocate totally. It was the tax breaks that brought the Truckassembly plant to Texas.   We are a ta lower unemployment rate than when we were at in 2000. Did we have a mass die off  of people so that the jobless rates kept in clsoe to the number of americans dying. I mean 6 million Americans dying over three years would be a news story. Since I doudt that happened then what are the jobs folks are getting.

I mean  my brother who has been out of work for six years due to problems with his health has recently gotten a job it's janitorial work but it's work. So jobs are there and the pay is decent. No it will not get you a 10 room mansion but hey nothing is perfect.

Also when we had crashes before this they had effects that rippled for years  Bush has jump started a recoveryin three years when people said six year is the usual recovery time.

#3 Shalamar


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 11:22 PM

As some one else commented in another thread..."The President can't (doesn't?) make jobs." ( or close enough, and my appologies I can't remember who you are )

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#4 Bad Wolf

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Posted 26 March 2004 - 11:27 PM

I don't remember which thread it was but it was Delvo who made a quite on point post about the inherent contradiction between Kerry's views in "internationalism" and keeping jobs in the country.  What needs to happen here is that he needs to realize that "having it all" isn't going to happen and that some priorities need to be set and then he needs to stick to his guns about whatever position it is that he takes.

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#5 Delvo

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Posted 27 March 2004 - 12:42 AM

Cutting corporate taxes would be good, but you'll never convince me that a Senator who's never before met a tax hike he didn't like or a tax cut he did, suddenly wants a tax cut now, while he's still campaigning against the last tax cut that he claims was "for the rich"... at least not unless he introduces a bill to that effect NOW (remember his current job?) and really advocates for it, and/or repeals his campaign on the "punish the rich" tax hike that is so philosophically opposed to this.

It looks like he's trying to scoop up conservative voters who've gotten annoyed with Bush's pattern of governing as a liberal on domestic issues. It might even work on me. I don't believe yet that Kerry really wants this and I'm certain he'd be bad for the economy if he got what he really wants, but I consider that fate unlikely with a Republican-majority Congress.... and I would like to send the Republicans a message that if they act like Democrats then they can get fired and replaced even with a Democrat if that Democrat is promising what the Republicans were supposed to deliver but didn't (like his father was). And no, a puny little slow-to-develop tax snip that automaticly reverts to previous levels almost immediately, associated with some of the fastest-rising Federal expenses we've ever seen, does not count as delivering on conservative economic principles.

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