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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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A Declaration of the Independence

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#1 Enmar


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Posted 05 March 2003 - 02:34 AM

This is pretty old, but I just found it today A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace at http://www.eff.org/~...tion-Final.html

I just started reading a  book about the internet and it mentioned this, so I was curious. What do you think? Is it naive? Prophetic? Right? Terribly wrong?

Iím not sure what my opinion is. The Internet can and is used in harmful ways, but that never stopped us in the past when developing something new, so why the difference? On the other hand porno on the net is getting everywhere and it really affects children and adults terribly. I donít feel like giving us time to outgrow this ďperiodĒ of the webís life. Iím not sure we can because people make a lot of RL money from that crap.

What do you think?


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#2 Rhea


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Posted 06 March 2003 - 07:29 PM

I don't think the Internet is different than any other aspect of our society - we carry both the good and the bad with us wherever we go.
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