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American Businessman Executed In Iraq

Terrorism Iraqi Militants Businessman beheaded

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#121 Shalamar


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 01:10 PM

Splutter and ROTFLMAO
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#122 Kevin Street

Kevin Street
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Posted 14 May 2004 - 01:14 PM

Cyberhippie, on May 14 2004, 11:05 AM, said:

And the british royals are shapechanging Illuminati Lizards (or so said a consipracy program i saw over christmas)
He might not be royal, but Keith Richards is definitely in on the conspiracy.

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#123 Beldame

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 01:30 PM

According to this, all world leaders, including President Bush, are giant illuminati lizards and are part of a scheme for world control. If you want to see more go to www.davidicke.com. Pour a stiff drink before reading...
The Osama is innocent idea features on here too, which makes me wonder if this latest conspiracy thing comes from the same sources.
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There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

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#124 Shalamar


    Last Star to the Left and Straight on till Morning

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 01:34 PM

Erm, having clicked..make that 2 stiff drinks....
The three most important R's
Respect for One's Self / Respect for Others / Responsibility for One's Words & Actions.

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#125 Godeskian


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 01:53 PM

Dicke has a website?!?!?! Day-AYM

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#126 Rhea


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 03:37 PM

Lord Ravensburg, on May 13 2004, 08:40 PM, said:

Rhea,  I hope you are not implying that my anger at this individual somehow has a correlation to racial bigotry.

Beldame said:


The people who comitted this brutal act were able to do so because they did not see their victim as a fellow human being but 'an infidel' and 'an American'. Tolerance and understanding are alien to their world-view and everyone who does not share their ideas is an enemy, even ordinary Muslims.

And then she went on to say that's true on our side, too - and that intolerance comes when you start pigeonholing a race or group of people with an essentially faceless label. A number of us were agreeing with her, then came your post:


Sometimes a spade is a spade, regardless of the eloquence of speeches on the importance of mutual understanding.

I think you can probably see why I saw your post as a form of intolerance.

Edited by Rhea, 14 May 2004 - 05:29 PM.

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#127 DWF


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 04:11 PM

Cyberhippie, on May 14 2004, 02:51 PM, said:

Dicke has a website?!?!?! Day-AYM
Yeah but, he still doesn't know dick. :lol:  :lol:
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#128 eryn


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 04:28 PM

achile444, on May 14 2004, 10:49 AM, said:

Some contradiction occurs

Read this:

Uh-huh, yeah, sure.


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#129 Lord Ravensburg

Lord Ravensburg

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 06:20 PM

Taken to IM.

#130 Darkside_1


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Posted 17 May 2004 - 10:17 AM

As sad and as brutal as it was, it gave me a couple of bad dreams about it a few days later, after I saw the graphic footage...  (thank god they used a crappy camera to film it, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to have taken it further.) :( :(

One of those dreams, I ended up forgetting about, and the other one had a bit of a twist.  Dr. David Banner was the prisoner and he turned into The Incredible Hulk before they could cut off his head.  I guess you could say the hulk scared them 'sh*teless' (no pun intended).   Gives a whole new meaning on WMD's.  A P'd Off Hulk.  "Huuulk SMMAAAAAASH Puny Terrorists!!!!"  Hulk BAASH Al Queda!!!!"  I mean, 5 Al-Queda terrorist executioners trying to hold down The Incredible Hulk for beheading is like ending up on the wrong side of an argument with a semi-tractor trailer coming full speed...  I DON'T THINK SO!!! ;)

I apologize if that sounded rather twisted, but I DID in fact state that it was a dream.


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#131 Kevin Street

Kevin Street
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Posted 19 May 2004 - 04:43 AM

(Via The Agonist.)



Four people are being held over the beheading of American Nicholas Berg, Iraq sources have told the AFP news agency.

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