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Remember My Outsourcing Thread?

Economy Outsourcing 2004

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Posted 08 June 2004 - 11:06 PM

Hi, all.

Just got back from out of state. Man. Interstates!

Anyway, I was visiting my brother and he told me last week he was/is the victim of outsourcing. He was told last year, and will be compensated until he's let go.

You know the deal. Moving overseas. Now, as much as that sucks, he told me some very interesting things.

He said some that were kept wish they were in HIS shoes, because at least he's getting paid, and can make plans, resumes, etc, for new work. But they have no guarantee that their jobs will be there, because they figure if they can lay off with pay, they can fire without pay. So, they're in limbo.

Add to that, the people who they really want to work for them are having second thoughts, leaving, or staying overseas, because the company has put itself in a position where a lot are laid off, they COULD be, and they figure why bother going to a company with no definite future when they could get paid a lot more elsewhere? We both just sat there, because we both thought the same thing:

What a mess.

Not unlike the interstates.

Love is hard...and all there is.

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