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Agito Aethra

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Posted 04 July 2004 - 04:44 PM

Hi all,

Every few years, I build a new D&D world for use. Even though I don't currently have any players to game with, I thought I would share my new campaign with you all, looking for our many roleplayers for feedback.

The campaign worlds name is Agito Aethra, latin for 'Sky in Motion' (according to one of the finest English-Latin transelators on the web  )

I'll be posting this in several bits, starting with the tale of an Elf known only as 'Witness' This is the campaign Intro, and if there is enough interest, i'll post the worldguide details later.


I saw it all

I saw the arrogance of Elves and Orcs and Men, and the deadly weapons they wielded. I saw the rise of the Tagritha clan of the Orcs, to come to unite all the Orcish clans on the world of Ternador. The men and Elves were soon forced to fight as well, but seperated as we were, we could not hold.

In desperation, the leader of men, the king Tensig the XVII, called upon his mightiest sorcerers and mages, and called upon my lady, the Elven Queen Strinista for her most capable as well.

Together, they were would weave a spell so powerfull, it would cleanse Ternador of the Orcs forever. Despite much unease of sharing the secrets of High Magic with Men, my lady ordered our sorcerers to aid them.

The night before it was to be done, I, the high priest of the supreme God received a vision while saying my final prayers of the night. My Lord Testrayn appeared to me, in the guise of a golden warrior to warn me, that the magic being weaved would be disastrous.

He told me that it had to be completed, as this worlds time had passed, but that there would be a way to save many, if I chose. I would gather about me, a small holy circle of priests and priestesses from all races, and together we would save a small number of the races of this world.

How, I asked him, would I gather them all in one night. I felt my mind expand, to reach out across the globe, and touch the minds of the mightiest, and holiest of all races, and as our minds touched, they learnt of what needed to be done.

As the sorcerers and mages wove their spell, so did we weave ours. The spell of cleansing worked in a way the mages had not forseen, It began to cleanse the Orcs, but the amgic was too powerfull, it destroyed the ground they inhabited as well.

Even as the Orcs died by the untold tens of thousands, the other races died with them, and the world itself wept fire at the devastation caused. Our spell completed minutes after theirs, and while the energy was used, we did not know what had happened.

Even as the dozen of us wondered, we felt a rumbling, like no other sound ever heard before or since, as the heart of the world screamed and tore, it's very fabric rent by the magic we had caused it.

The world of Ternador shattered that day, it broke apart in thousands of pieces, some the size of small cities, some no larger that a single gold piece.

The devastation was complete, but our spell had worked, a small number of all races had survived, and were now mired on the various asteroids. Bewitched and bewildered and frightened by what had happened, by the forces the common one could barely understand.

Air remained, the asteroids were capable of sustaining life, and on the larger ones, the magic maintained weather patterns for us to grow crops on.

And we paid a high price for that spell. The power that had fed magic of all types was tied in the world, and with it shattered, so was our magic. Even as the world broke apart, the magic was ripped from us, mage and priest alike.

that was almost a thousand years ago, and I am the only survivor to still live. The Priests circle was broken, and although magic remained in scattered pieces, the dominance of the mages and priests died with Ternador.

It was many centuries before the beings of the races that had survived began to explore once again. Using scattered crystals called Espartum, the only things capable of channeling magic left, they built ships, powered by Espartum to travel between the asteroids that make up the fragmented remains of our world.

All was not perfect, even here. Our spell had saved some of all races, including the Orcs, and they now pirate the asteroids using Espartumi of their own, but much has remained, and on some of the asteroids are treasures that lure hte young and those seeking adventure today.

The scattered lands have not yet begun to knit themselves back together again and traders, warriors, diplomats and adventurers are needed now more than ever.

And one day, they might find their way here. The temple of the sun, Testrayn's temple where I have remained ever since. I have not heard from my Lord since that fatefull day, but my magic remains and allows me to observe the goings and comings of others.

I am fated to never die, the power channeled has made me undying, though not undead, and has gifted me with the curse to only observe and record. To watch the endless starlight through which we travel, and to write up the deeds of all those of note.

This is my fate, this is my lot, this is my penance.

For I am, the witness

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