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2004 without 9/11

Election 2004 GW Bush 9/11 impact

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#1 Cauda



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Posted 31 August 2004 - 08:47 AM

The war on terrorism dominates the presidential election, but what if 9/11 hadn't happened? No Osama bin Laden, no hijacked planes and The World Trade Center still there. I doubt if terrorism would get a mention from either party. George Bush is running on a platform of 'War President' and 'Tough on Terrorism'. What would his 9/11-less platform be? He's lost a lot of votes due to Iraq, but would he have sent troops in in the first place without 9/11? And would the convention be in New York? I doubt it. As for the Democrats, they obviously thought, 'War hero for War on Terrorism'. Without 9/11, I seriously doubt Kerry would even be the candidate. It would more likely be Dean or Edwards. What would their platform be? "The economy, stupid", or something else?

So what do you think?
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#2 Ro-Astarte


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Posted 31 August 2004 - 09:33 AM

I honestly haven't given it much thought, because 9/11 DID happen, and we have to deal with what we got.

I do indeed think things would have been different, because Pres Bush's adminstration goals were very different before and after that day.

I'll have to take a little time to think about the details, though. Much food for thought. :)


#3 StarDust

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Posted 31 August 2004 - 09:44 AM

Everything changed on 9/11, so it's very hard to say, that is one of those ripple effects everyone talks about.

Iraq wouldn't have happened, neither would Afghanistan.  Although it would have happened eventually, since Al Queda has been attacking us for a decade.  It just took something that big to get a response.  On the other hand, if it had only been another USS Cole instead, perhaps Bush would have done far more than Clinton and we would have gone after them anyways instead of waiting for the next attack.

I think the country would be just as divided, we were 4 years ago after all, no reason to think it would have changed.  Although without the hard decisions, it's possible the President could have calmed people down.

And without 9/11, I'm not so sure that Gore wouldn't have run this time.  But I think he thought he would loose again and his career wouldn't have been able to take that. Without 9/11 I doubt there would have been a Dean at all, since one of his biggest stands was anti-war no matter what.  He got the lefties in the Democrat party, but not the moderates and centrists.  Without 9/11 he probably wouldn't have even been a blip.

#4 StarDust

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Posted 31 August 2004 - 09:52 AM

Also, the situation isn't much different from when Kennedy became president.

The majority thought he had actually lost the election, and history shows that he probably did, but Nixon did push the recount because he thought it would be bad for the country. (too bad some others weren't more concerned about the country than winning)

Anyways, the country was deeply divided.  My mother has told me that either people loved Kennedy or hated him. There was very little in-between.   And it didn't change.  It was very questionable that he was going to win re-election, which is why he went to Dallas despite being told it was too dangerous, especially to be in an open air vehicle.  He needed the votes.

Of course a lot of that isn't talked about much now because of his assassination.  It changed what was a very questionable presidency, with ethics that might be the worst of any president in the last century, into 'Camalot".

So one moment can change everything.

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