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Whatever happened to Uncle Sid

OT OT members Uncle Sid 2004

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#1 Yama

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Posted 03 November 2004 - 01:36 PM

Over the past year, I have been browsing this forum maybe once every other month.  Very busy with a lot of things, including a new business and "being over the pond"; so I didn't and still don't have the time to post regularly.  And I didn't think it would be fair to me (and others) if I posted a comment and didn't have the time to defend it.

But regardless, I notice I haven't seen Uncle Sid post in a very long while.  I wonder if he is okay.

Of course, he might have asked the same question about me.

(Interesting fact, it is exactly one year today, 3 November, that I last posted in this forum.  The reason I thought I'd return from my "exile" from ExIsle.)
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#2 Cardie


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Posted 03 November 2004 - 01:40 PM

Welcome back, Yama.  I thought we might have scared you off.  Uncle Sid simply disappeared from ExIsle several months ago and no one on staff has been able to reach him.  We are certainly hoping that he decided to make a clean break without telling anyone, although that's not his style.  We have all been quite worried, but short of finding out his address and having someone knock on the door, we don't know how to get an answer.

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#3 Yama

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Posted 04 November 2004 - 08:41 AM

Definitely not "scared" but more frustrated.  As I told Drew? in a personal message, I was going to be away for a good little while and I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to continue to defend my points of view; especially regarding my opposition to gay "marriage".  Indeed, to be blunt and honest, I do think many who opposed my position were being intentially obtuse.

At the risk of (re)starting a "flame war" I will repeat my basic assertion that you simply cannot be logically consistent and argue that opposition to gay marriage should not be codified into law because such opposition is based on a particular moral view not shared by all while at the same time support gay marriage and think they should be legally sanctioned because such sanction is itself based on a particular moral view not shared by all.  ALL laws, without any exceptions whatsoever, are an enforcement of a particular moral view upon those that do not share it.

But I digress, sorry.

Any way, I would still from time to time lurk on the boards but I did not want to engage in a conversation when I did not have the time to stay engaged.  Like I said, the only reason I wrote something yesterday is because it was the anniversary of my last previous post: it somehow seemed appropos.  Truth be known, I still don't have the time to participate here.

Who knows.  Maybe Uncle Sid will return the one year anniversary of his last post.
Straight, conservative, capitalist and pro-life African-American Christian.  Any Questions?

#4 GiGi


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 12:46 PM

Uncle Sid was a moderator also, for him to just disappear and not give a resignation notice is highly out of character.  I hope he is alright.

Glad you have come back Yama, I may not agree with banning some kind of legal protection for gay couples I believe that everyone has a right to their view point.

I just wish there was some middle ground people could agree to.  I think even Drew and I came to some peace about the issue.  We both agreed that some kind of civil protection would be okay as long as it didn't include marriage in any way.
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