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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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NASA Loses contact with Columbia

NASA Columbia

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#101 Norville

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Posted 05 February 2003 - 06:52 PM

I have some more thoughts, and maybe I'll be able to let this go.

The reaction to COLUMBIA's loss feels different than to CHALLENGER's in '86. Perhaps this would have turned up then had we all had Internet access in that year, but to me, it indicates yet another sign of how sick this society is. The kooks and loons out there are turning this into a political issue -- say, Bush arranged for it to happen, or the accident happened because the crew didn't know what they were doing.

The San Francisco CHRONICLE expressed editorial dismay about the letters they were receiving, that some of them were truly poisonous. Other people asked them why they were printing certain letters, and they said they could only print what people were sending them, and some of it was nasty. There are people who believe that blacks and women only made it into NASA because they were given an easy ride -- never mind that the people who make it to NASA are the best of us, people who work bloody hard all their lives to get where they wanted to go. No, it's all a matter of political correctness, and trying to make the crew "look like America" caused the accident, because the black and the women didn't know what they were doing, and thus the accident. There was even some weird thing I read online that sneered at Laurel Clark for using four names (including her maiden name) -- that if she'd been any good, she'd have depended on her ability and not worried about her name.

What is WRONG with people? I didn't think I had any idealism left to lose these days, but it looks like I do, because the strength of this hatred adds to my mourning for the mission. People want the space program to stop this much, then maybe it should; I'm not sure I want this society to have any future. Maybe that statement should be ignored, because I'm crying again as I type this... but I mean it right now, and I'm sorry for that.

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#102 Godeskian


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Posted 06 February 2003 - 02:37 AM

The world today is harsher than it was 17 years ago.

i recently commented to my dad that a lot more peopl seemed to be taking their new years resolutions more seriously, in fact they seemed to be taking everything more seriously.

He said ' well, the world is a hrder place now than it has been for a long time,'

just some thoughts from the edge of the abyss

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