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Tariq Azizs' house

Middle East Iraq 2003 Tariq Azizs

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#1 Uncle Sid

Uncle Sid

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Posted 11 April 2003 - 09:26 AM

An article about what people found when checking out the personal residence of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz.  


The eerie thing is that the stuff in there reminds me what I might see if I went over to a friend's house.  Some US DVDs, Britney Spears pictures.... a book called Cracking the GMAT?  

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#2 tennyson

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Posted 11 April 2003 - 09:29 AM

For a son or grandson I guess. There were definitely some pretty incongrous things in there though.
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#3 RommieSG


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Posted 11 April 2003 - 09:36 AM

Research materials perhaps?

Hey, like I said in chat, at least he didn't have an Aquaman figure. :p

Rommie :lol:
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#4 Rov Judicata

Rov Judicata

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Posted 11 April 2003 - 09:59 AM

Zack posted something similar in the War Updates thread.

And yeah, it's really odd... what's next, IraqiDisneyWorld?
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#5 Uncle Sid

Uncle Sid

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Posted 11 April 2003 - 10:28 AM

Yeah, I read the thread Zack posted the link in right after I posted this one and I was like "d'oh!"  Nevertheless, I do think it strange enough to warrant it's own topic, though.

I think it also points out a lesson.  Granted that the house probably contained things that were culturally unique to Arabs or Iraq, but I think that the very fact that we can recognize the things that you find in such a place sould say something to us.  While Tariq Aziz is naturally an accessory to human rights crimes and other atrocities in Iraq and also in the places that Iraq's regime has affected, I never really envisioned him as a stereotypical bad guy.  While there are over the top loonies like Uday Hussein with his white stallions, his book of kept women and his torture chambers under the Olympic Committee headquarters, there are also calm, studious, patient and otherwise "upstanding" people who also find themselves supporting a regime of excesses.  What are the basic differences between Tariq Aziz and say, you or I?  

As funny as some of the things are, the comparisions are somewhat chilling.  I'd almost prefer to find a torture chamber than Sleepless in Seattle in that mansion.   Even if much of the pop culture stuff was in there for children or grandchildren, what does it say about those things if a senior henchman of a brutal dictator finds their presence in his home unobjectionable.  Of course, Tariq Aziz's household is not alone in the world for having an admiration for American goods and culture.  The question is, how can it be so easy to divorce the objects of our culture from the principles of liberty that supposedly make our success possible?  I wonder about that sometimes....
I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it. - Jack Handey

#6 Anastashia


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Posted 11 April 2003 - 10:37 AM

I found the selection of books quite interesting. Having spent 22 years in the USN with time analyzing maritime transportation during both the Iran-Iraq conflict and Desert Storm, then moving to work for a major US oil company for two years, I would have found that collection very much at home on my shelves. Actually, Yergin's "The Prize" is still up in my box of oil industry materials and was a fasinating read indeed.


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