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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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EVERYONE READ: Response to Disruptive Behavior

OT Staff Announcement 2005

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 08:46 PM

The moderators are getting tired of the pointless incivility here. This is a forum for discussion, and some posters seem to have forgotten what that is in favor of taking shots at each other. The forum has fallen into a state of unrest with partisan bickering at an all time high and personalities have been clashing.  It is important to remember several things at a time like this.  Everyone should remember that the person you insult as individual or as part of a group this week may be the person you need for support as individual next week in another topic.  

The other fact is that you can only lay out the facts and reasoning why you believe someoneís opinion is wrong. The act of changing that opinion is up to the other person.  No matter how forcefully you argue your case the other person has the right to hold their opinion and they are the only one who can change it.  A great debater will use facts melded with opinion to place the information out there that might change opinions.  Everyone slips from that perfect ideal from time to time.  The problem is that these slips have become endemic to OT.  Everyone should remember that the other person has just as much right to their opinions and their thoughts as you do.  They have a right to choose not to change their opinions and often they will do just that.  Insulting, attacking, or being dismissive towards them will just further alienate them from your viewpoint.

In an effort to remind our repeat offenders of the guidelines, our current policy in OT will be:

If an OT moderator drops you a note of concern that you are straying from the guidelines and what manner you violated then we expect you to haul reins back all the way back to civil discourse. OT'ers are expected to engage in meaningful dialogue in good faith, not barely tiptoe back over their perception of the subtle line, where they can vent or inflame the maximum number of posters without actually being actionable.

Should a poster step even half a millimeter into the danger zone after such an informal notice, they risk receiving a IMMEDIATE formal warning, or even sanctions, such as suspensions for a rapidfire sequence of offenses.

This is not tyranny or censorship rather it is common sense. If you singe your hand, you yank it well away from the flame, because you know fire means business. If you wave your hands around it taunting "I'm not touching you!" then you probably aren't taking it as seriously.  In those cases you deserve a more strongly worded warning or a few day's vacation to think it over.

We feel this is a reasonable standard. Most posters rarely, if ever, cross the line, and are embarrassed when they do.  They retract their statements after the fact and then attempt to participate in the discourse rather than continuing to bait others.  This warning is for a minority of posters who have continued a pattern of disruptive behavior.   You may, of course, protest an action in AQG, if you wish, but infractions in OT represent the bulk of the discussions in the Staff Lounge.  For this reason you should understand that the all of the moderators of the various forums have had a chance to comment on and reach a consensus on such actions before they are taken.

Sometimes we make bad calls and sometimes you may have a valid argument we didn't consider when we made our choice.  There are a fair number of us, of varying backgrounds and outlooks, and we reach consensus on similar issues daily, so don't be shocked if your personal impression of board policy --and the leeway afforded thereunder-- doesn't carry the force of law that it does inside your own head.

In Real Life discussion, you are expected to intuit the proper tone and the limits set by most other discussants. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the conversation. Here, you have written rules, but more importantly, the example set by the vast majority of posters.  These are the people who fulfill the reasonable expectation of participating in a mutual discussion within their comfort zones. Your right to express your opinions and moods "as you see fit" won't be allowed to infringe on that.

Now for more information on this topic of baiting and what should be done about it. If you feel baiting is occurring then you should either ignore it or contact one of the OT moderators if you feel it is a severe case.  At the very least we will keep an eye on the thread and try to keep people from blowing up in it.  If it is an overt act of baiting where it does make for a 1A guideline violation then we will act on it.  The best way to describe how we deal with baiting is the following.  If a good portion of the staff feels this is a case of baiting then we will take action.

The next issue is about some murmurs of vigilantism that we have witnessed in the recent past in OT.  Attacks against another poster with the hope that they will be driven away from the board are not going to be tolerated.  Calls for support to gang up against someone or cheerleading of vigilantism will not be tolerated either.  OT is a moderated forum and it is not going to become a free for all between various factions.  On top of this just because you donít see us taking action against a certain poster for a comment does not mean we are endorsing them or allowing that type of behavior.  Most of our warnings and messages to members who are breaking the guidelines are carried out by PM so you will not see any signs that we are taking action unless they become a repeat offender thus forcing us to take further action.  

If you feel the guidelines are being broken then PM one of the OT Moderators.  We would like to see this pattern of public finger pointing that so and so is breaking the guidelines to halt.  When someone posts this type of comment it just further drags down the level of discussion and drags the topic further away from meaningful discussion.  When someone posts a comment saying no action is being taken the case is that nine times out of ten we are already discussing the matter in the SL.  If we arenít then a PM on the matter will have us discussing it in a short amount of time.  

OT can be an outrageous, enlightening cocktail party, but if you get drunk and start messing up the joint, don't whine if you aren't invited back next week. We have bouncers. Big ones who are well armed and trained.  We donít want to declare martial law in the forum but we intend to make this a peaceful forum for discussion.

The Bouncers

Note: This thread is locked.  Please direct any questions or comments to AQG.  Do not post them in OT.
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