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first mother/mother embry to be created

Medicine In vitro 2005

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#21 waterpanther

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Posted 11 September 2005 - 08:17 PM

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Posted 11 September 2005 - 08:26 PM

^^^ AH!!!!  Thank you, that was driving me buggy!  No wonder I couldn't figure it out; it wasn't Tiptree/Sheldon after all.  (Now, to find a copy so I can reread it...)

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Posted 11 September 2005 - 08:47 PM

One does need to read that article very carefully to see they are really talking about two different things. They have already stimulated ova to dividing up to a certain point but these ova are incapable of fully developing into viable infants. That's because they only have one half of the normal genetic material the combination of an egg and sperm would provide. The use of two ova, which would give a full set of genetic material, has been approved but not yet attempted.

As for cloning if you use an egg it's not cloning, since the single egg again has only half of the genetic material of the mother providing it. Cloning would be done with some other cell of the person cloned which has all of that material.
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Posted 12 September 2005 - 01:40 PM

Godeskian, on Sep 10 2005, 08:26 AM, said:


Various newspapers reported yesterday and today that the Uk goverment has allowed a company to go ahead and create a viable In vitro child, using genetic material from two mothers, as opposed to a mother and a father.

As you might imagine, religious groups, various father support groups, and a whole bunch of anti-genetic engineering groups have gone absolutley nuts over this.

I will try and find a link to this and link it, but discussion welcome. :)


I can see where a pair of lesbian moms might want a child who carries both of their genes, something they can't get if they do in vitro with some guy's sperm. Doesn't suprise me too much - as long as they're not closely related, it makes a kind of sense.
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Posted 12 September 2005 - 04:13 PM


this will probably become more popular/known in the next coming years, but i'm sure there are many women who prefer reproducing the usual way. ;) :lol: i hope men won't become "obselete", they might be a pain in the butt sometimes, but they have their merits. :)
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