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The German Military a Force in Transition

History-World Germany

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#1 tennyson

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Posted 04 May 2003 - 11:13 PM

Due to the size of the forces in question I will be seperatly posting about the German Army, Air Force and Navy.
The German military has seen more change in the last decade and change after the collapse of the Soviet Union than any of the other major western powers. Not only has the German military had to find a completely new raison d'etre it has had to absorb and or dispose of the East German military after the country reunified in 1990. Rebuilding the economically depressed and ecological damaged East Germany is still an ongoing proposition for the united Germany, causing friction at the highest and lowest political levels and absorbing a sizeable amount of the united Germany's economic and social rescources.

The deployment of the West German army from 1955 to 1990 was simple-its goal was to stop or delay the expected Warsaw Pact armoured invasion of Western Europe. Beyond that, it had little or no interests. The heavily armoured divisions trained and waited, but in 1991, with the sudden collapse of the Soviet threat, it quickly became apparent that the whole reason for the structure of the army, its major formations, and its deployment had been terminally undermined. As a result, the German army has been radically downsized and restructured in an attempt to create new mobile, high flexibility units. However, there are some doubts that this strategy has gone too far, leaving the present German army's combat capability dangerously eroded. The German military has been increasing its ties with France and jointly operates a Franco-German rapid reaction brigade of 6000 personnel, as part of a non-NATO European Rapid Reaction Force.

The present strength(2001) of the GermanArmy is 221,000 including 3000 women, with some 120,000 personnel avalable for front-line duty. Although the number of active units has been drastically reduced, and some of the emaining formations downsized, there has been a move to upgrade both quality and the reliability of equipment to raise the combat readiness of the remaining front-line units.

The present organization has
one Army Forces Command with
1 airmobile force command( division-sized)
2 airbourne brigades
1 commando brigade
1 army aviation brigade
1 electronic warfare brigade
3 Corps Commands have between them a total of
4 armoured divisions
2 armoured infantry divisions
1 mountain division

The Army is equiped with
1782 Leopard 2 main battle tanks(equivalent to an M1A1 without the depleted uranium armour)
800 Lepard 1A3/4/5 medium tanks
409SPz-1 Luchs armoured reconnaissance vehicles
114 TPZ-1 Fuchs armoured reconnaissance vehicles and 917 Fuchs armoured personnel carriers
2120 Marder 2 Infantry fighting vehicles
133 Wiesel airtransportable infantry fighting vehicles
2109 M113 armoured personnel carriers

49 PZH-2000 155mm self-propelled howitzers
571 M109A3 155mm self-propelled howitzers
154 MLRS 227mm self-propelled rocket launchers(the same as those in American units)
78 110mm LARS self-propelled rocket launchers
192 FH-70 towed 155mm howitzers
143 M101 105mm towed howitzers
18 GebH 105mm towed howitzers
515 Tampella mortors
394 120mm Brandt mortors
157 HOT anttank missile launchers on Jaguar armoured carriers
210 TOW antitank missile launchers on Wiesel armoured carriers
1606 Milan manportable antitank missile launchers
The German army also has a wide variety of homemade and imported manportable antitank rockets including the Panzerfaust 3 and the Armburst.
143 Roland self-propelled surface to air missile launchers
300 Stinger manportable surface to air missile launchers
380 Gepard 35mm self-propelled antiaircraft guns
1145 20mm RH202 towed antiaircraft guns

The Army aviation component has taken delivery of the first of its planned 80 Tiger attack helicopters but it will be at least another year before they become operational.
They also have
204 PAH-1s (Bo 105 attack helicopters armed with HOT missiles)
145 UH-1D transport helicopters
108 CH-53G heavy transport helicopters
90 Bo-105M support helicopters

The German army has been reluctant to operate beyond its borders but German forces have been involved in peacekeeping duties in the Balkans since the mid1990s.

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#2 tennyson

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Posted 05 May 2003 - 12:03 AM

The German navy or Deutsche Marine has undergone the same trials and changes as the other branches of the German military in the decade since the Cold War ended. It has seen a drastic loss of personnel, ships ad the closing of seveeral bases in a process that is still ongoing.

The German navy had 22,400 personnel in 2000 including 4900 officers and about 5100 conscripts. In addition there were 9800 navl reservists.

The German navy has
1 Type 212A subamrine fitting out with another 3 building, these are highly advanced diesel-electric submarines with fuel cells for air independent propulsion and the latest in weapons and sensors.
11 Type 206A diesel-electric submarines of 1970s vintage, all units remaining in service have been modernized
The remaining two Charles F Adams class destroyers have been stricken from service in late 2002-early 2003.
1 Sachsen(Type 124) class guide missile frigate in service and another 3 fitting out or under construction
4 Brandenburg(Type 123) class ASW frigates(built in the 1990s these are modern ships that incorporate stealth measures in thier design)
8 Bremen( Type 122) class ASW frigates (built to a modified Dutch Kortenaer class frigate design)
10 Type 143A guided missile patrol craft with Exocet antiship missiles
10 Type 143 guided missle patrol craft with Exocet antiship missiles
10 Type 148 guided missile patrol craft with Exocet missiles(half are to be retired in 2003)
12 Type 332 coastal minehunters
10 Type 343 minsweepers
6 Type 351 drone minsweeper control vessels
18 Type HL351 Troka drones
5 type 520 utility landing craft(used for training)
8 Type 521 medium landing craft
2 Type 760 ammunition supply ships
3 Type 143 intelligence collection ships
2 Type 704 replenishment oilers
4 Type 703 small replenishment oilers
2 Type 702 replenishment ships
1 Type 701C missile boat and submarine supply ship
6 Type 404 multipurpose tenders
The German navy also has a large collection of tugs, docks, light tenders, training ships and harbor patrol craft.

German naval aviation has 4000 personnel with
14 Atlantic Mk 1 martime patrol aircraft with upgraded sensors and systems
53upgraded Tornado fighter-bombers with Kormoran and HARM air to surface missiles, along with sidewinder AAMs and a large assortment of unguided "dumb" bombs
22 Sea King Mk 43 Search and rescue helicopters( 20 can carry the Sea Skua air to surface missile)
17 Mk88 Lynx and 7Mk88A Super Lynx ASW helicopters(all are to be upgraded to Super Lynx standard with Sea Skua missiles)
4 Dornier Do228 light transports for VIP transport and maritime survelliance
4 Westwind target tugs
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

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#3 tennyson

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Posted 08 May 2003 - 09:27 AM

The Luftwaffe has also seen extensive cuts in its forces in the 1990s with all of its Alpha Jet trainer/light attack aircraft being retired, several wings disbanding and a general drawdown on the number of aircraft and personnel. With the majority of my files about a hundred and fifty kilometers away and for some reason the official site and everywhere else I checked not having a listing for personnel strength I can't include a listing for personnel other than to say that it's manning level is higher than the German navy.
The German ASir Force has seen two major drawdowns in the last 15 years, the first being the one following intial unification of the two Germanies when large numbers of former Est German aircraft where disposed of and several units of the West German force were retired as well. The next occured in early 2001 with the closing of several bases and the disbanding of yet more wings, primarily to open up funds for the Eurofighter.

The German Airfoce is buying 180 Eurofighters which will begin delivery late in 2003, replacing F-4F Phantoms and Mig-29s.
The German Air Force has of mid 2002,
193 Tornado IDS fighter-bombers and another 37 Tornado ECR electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft. The plan is to eventually draw this number down to a total of 125 air frames over t
the next few years
19 Mig-29A fighters and 4Mig-29UB trainers(donated to Poland in early 2003)
151 F-4F Phantom fighter-bombers with various degrees of modernization
86 C-160 Transall transports
7 Airbus 310 VIP transports
4 Canadiar CL-601 Challenger VIP transports
1 Boeing 707-320C tanker/transport
1 Dornier Do 228 light transport
85 UH-1D liason helicopters( to be partially replaced by NH-90s)
3 AS532 Cougar VIP transport helicopters
They use Cessna T-37Bs and Northrop T-38As for training

The Luftwaffe is a relatively modern force armed with Paveway series laserguided bombs, Maverick missiles, HARM antiradiation missiles, MW-1 cluster muntions dispensers as well as the latest a large number of foreign air to air missile systems incluing Sidewinder, Sparrow and AMRAAM.
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

— Londo, "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" Babylon-5

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