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Beyond Island

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Posted 03 January 2006 - 06:22 PM

For all those new to the board there were several RPs done around 3 years ago referred to as the Dark RPs. They were about characters who were werewolves, weretigers, vampires, mages, shamans, etc. For a look at how they went and to get an idea of what I'm writing about I'm including links to the original RPs:

Into the Dark
Darkest Night
Dusk to Dawn
Dark Horizon

Now, onto the story:

  Silver sat back in her ship as it shot along on its prearranged course. She had left Landing after the last fierce battle with those alien machines. She had decided that the time had come to move on, even though she had come to think of Island and Landing as home, she just couldn't stay any longer. She knew part of the reason was because she was running away, away from Rudy and Dante, because she just could not face either one of them.


  Despite the fact that Silver had been born a white weretiger she was not evil. She never harmed another normal-with the exception of one in self-defense. When she was hungry she always hunted and killed animals for food or learned to eat cooked food, either by cooking herself or ordering at an eating establishment.


  She hated leaving her large estate; it had been a wonderful place to live with its abundant animal life and warm hidden spring. Remembering the spring caused her to remember more than she wanted-she and Rudy swimming and enjoying each other there. She quickly doused that memory since she would never be seeing Rudy again-their almost innocent love affair had been tainted when Dante had come along.


  Both Rudy and Dante were werewolves but Dante was more Alpha than Rudy and had set his sights on Silver, attracted to her strength, and she had been attracted to his strengths as well. She knew she would always love Rudy but felt Dante and her attraction to him had tainted their relationship beyond repairing-at least in her mind it did. She didn't know if she would eventually have fallen in love with Dante or not, the alien attack had happened before that could be explored, nevertheless she knew that had she stayed Dante would have continued pursuing her and she knew it would have eventually led to Rudy challenging Dante for her. She was almost sure had it come to that Dante would have won and she couldn't take the chance of Rudy losing his life because of her. She couldn't do that to Rudy or Carlotta, his sister. The only option she could see was leaving and finding a new home so she had packed everything she owned, stocked up on plenty of meat for her and Shiva to live off of if it took longer than anticipated for her to find them a new home. She needed an isolated place where she and Shiva could live peacefully, hunting when they needed to and keeping her secret identity secret. Most normal people were afraid of werepeople, and she couldn't blame them, a few werewolves/tigers/etc. didn't limit their hunting to natural prey but would also prey on the weaker 'normals'. She never killed any normal for food, in fact, had only killed one and that was in self-defense.


  Remembering the one human she had killed had Silver thinking back to that time-it seemed like a lifetime ago and had taken place on Earth-she had been barely half-grown and hunting some on her own. As a matter of fact that's what she had been doing, stalking a small deer, when she heard something out of place. She sniffed the wind and caught a scent of a human. He was trying to walk quietly but her were-enhanced ears heard it. Unfortunately, he had managed to sneak a little too close and she heard a click of some kind. She turned to face her stalker and saw him about a hundred yards away, pointing a rifle at her.


  "I know what you are, tigress." He said to her. "I've made it my life's work to eliminate monsters like you wherever they may be and as soon as I dispose of you I'm going to find your abomination of a mother and make sure she never gives birth to another monster ever again!"

  Shakira, Silver's mother, had told her about the people who hunted their kind-the werepeople. Normally they were family members of someone who had been killed as food by a rogue were who preferred the relatively easy prey of the weaker human to having to hunt natural prey and the rest of the werepeople suffered the consequences of that action. The family member would then make it their life work to eliminate the werepeople wherever/however they could, usually with the thing most dangerous to a were-silver-in the form of bullets and/or knives. This must be one of those hunters and Silver was frightened. She had already heard her mother telepathically telling her to try to stay alive, that she was on her way, so Silver watched the man carefully, not wanting to move until she had to. She stayed in her tiger form, knowing she would be faster and stronger than if she reverted back to her human form and she knew she would need all her wits and instincts about her if she was going to survive this. Maybe she could reason with him, or buy some more time anyway; her mother was a good ways away and would need some time to get there.


  "That's right," her mother said, "Keep him busy any way you can, and if you can get away that would be even better."


  "We aren't all monsters, you know." She spoke telepathically. The man looked at her in surprise, clearly not expecting this. Silver continued on. "Surprised you, didn't I? Well, we do understand when you speak and we also talk; after all, we are part human. I didn't ask to be born a weretiger with all these abilities but I've never in my life even threatened another human being, much less hunted one, my mother taught me better than that." She had just managed not to say 'us' rather than 'me', thus putting her brother Jack in danger too.


  "So you can talk, apparently telepathically, so what?" The man snarled. "You haven't hunted humans…yet, how do I know you won't, everyone knows that werepeople hunt down the weaker prey."


  "It's true, small minorities of werepeople are lazy and hunt people but that doesn't mean we all do." Silver said, still trying to reason with the man. "I don't know what happened to make you hate all werepeople but we live out here where it's isolated and there's plenty of game, we have no reason to hunt down people who are basically our own kind, after a fashion."


  That was the wrong thing to say, apparently, for Silver could feel the man's rage reach the breaking point. "Tell that to my sister!" He screamed as he pulled the trigger. Silver leaped to the left just as a large white shape jumped in front of her then hit the ground with a sickening thud. "Mother, no!!"  Silver screamed, transforming into her teenaged human form and running to the body of her mother, who had reverted to her human form as soon as the silver bullet struck her. Whimpering, Silver ran to the still body of her mother and pulled her head into her lap. Her mother looked at her with pain-filled eyes and the last words Silver ever heard from her was "Remember, Silver, never hunt the normals." As her mother's eyes closed for the final time Silver could only sit there holding her dead mother and cry, not even caring that the man was still there, pointing his gun at her now. What she didn't know was that when she had transformed back to her human form the man had been awestruck by her unusual exotic looks-she had skin so white it was almost translucent, her hair was as white as the first snowfall of the winter season and fell to her knees in a thick white mass and the only thing that kept her from looking like an albino was her icy blue eyes, an icy blue the hunter had never seen before. All the hunter could do was stare as if mesmerized at the lovely creature who was now crying over the body of her dead mother. He started to lower his gun before remembering why he had come out there and no matter how lovely this girl was, she was still a monster just like the werewolf that had killed his sister two years ago-a monster he had sworn to rid the world of if it was the last thing he ever did.


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