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Senator Byrd Blasts Bush

Bush Senator Bryd

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#41 Norville

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Posted 10 May 2003 - 07:15 PM


It seems silly, to me, to compare Bush with George Washington. George Washington wasn't strapping on a sword as a stage prop - it was something he had wielded, by his own hand, in battle. He risked his own life, and took the lives of others; he led men in battle, not at a distance, but in the thick of it. When he wore a military uniform, it was because he'd earned the right to do so.

Has George Bush been through the Air Force Academy? Has he flown over enemy territory and fought for his country at risk to his own life? I find it tacky that he would dress up as someone who has done those things, when he hasn't. And yes, I know he didn't actually wear an official US military uniform, but the flight suit he did wear was similar enough that the connection was too obvious to ignore.

If he were to follow the precedent set by George Washington, he'd dig out his old National Guard (I believe it was National Guard, but I could be wrong) uniform and wear that. Of course, he won't, because it doesn't look nearly as impressive. Instead, he used costuming and spectacle to create an illusion of heroism that has no substance to back it up.


I have no sympathy for a spoiled rich man's son, a chronic underachiever who used his family's money and postion to get into the Air National Guard in order to avoid serving in Viet Nam.

Yep. Surprise, surprise... I agree with both the above. Yeah, yeah, go on and on about how Clinton was a draft-dodger -- and he certainly was. He was a ratty, irresponsible git. A lot of people went on and on about how unfit he was to be President, which is true enough. These same people react *so* badly to having others play the same game with their great Conquering Hero, Bush. What, it's fine if you play that game, but not if anyone else does? ;) The people who worked so hard to unseat Clinton now whine about how any objection to the President is treasonous? :lol: That's a *good* one.

No, I don't like spoiled rich boys/girls who get whatever they want in life just because they can, and then make that the whole world's problem -- the world has to obey what the US says, because Bush always gets what he wants. If you think I trust that sort of behavior any more than I ever trusted Clinton, riiight.

I'm tired of big business and corporations running the world. I want a Trust-busting president like Theodore Roosevelt (ah, but people today would call him a traitor).

Eh, I don't know why I'm bothering to say anything, because my words will be twisted in the usual manner and attacked for what someone wants to believe they say (that I hate the US -- no, I do NOT).
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#42 tennyson

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Posted 10 May 2003 - 07:41 PM

No Norville, I rather like Teddy Roosevelt, and what I'm getting tired of is your broad sweeping generalizations of anyone who disagrees with you and your passive aggressive way of relating your ideas. If you believe something then say it and let the free exchange of ideas happen. From what I've seen only two people have even consistently locked horns with you in posts so I really don't understand where you seem to be getting this idea of some perversive kneejerk reaction to your posts that now seems to pervade what you write. If somebody hurt you then fine, but that doesn't mean that everyone or even a majority is like that person and I hope you realize that. I can disagree with people without shouting poltical slogans and insults at them and while I sometimes get angry I never take it as a global inditment against everyone. I really don't find this " bunker mentality" that you seem to have developed to be a healthy response to whatever did this and I hope you can see that I say this to help and not to harm.
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

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