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Six and Spock

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Posted 10 July 2006 - 06:35 PM

I had this bouncing around back there for a while.  Last week I went into work and the servers were down for about 3 hours so I started to write it down.  It was supposed to be short and be posted with Dexter's First Contact thread, but it grew.  

I decided to give it a thread of its own.  I have not started a thread here before so if  I screw this up, will the admins help??  

Legal stuff:

I do not own BSG or Star Trek.

I do not own any of the characters.

I could say I own the story line but since the characters are not mine it is kinda pointless.

I do not make any $$ from this.

If you want to archive it, knock your self out.

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Posted 10 July 2006 - 06:37 PM

This is a few months after the end of the Original Series and about 2 years prior to Star Trek the Motion Picture.

Captain's log, stardate 6120.2.  We are currently in orbit of an unexplored uninhabited class M planet that had shown unusually high chromaton radiation levels. As we are not in any particular hurry to get back to Star Base 16, my first officer Commander Spock requested we stop to investigate.

"Spock, are you ready?"

"I am, captain."

"Have you...."

"I have all the relevant data on my tricorder."

"Good.  Where is Bones?"

(running into the transporter room) "I'm here Jim. Dammit, I'm getting too old for all this stuff."

Kirk looked around at the two man security team, already on the pads. "Scotty?"

"Aye Capt'n.  I'm putting you down about a kilometer south of the center of the radiation. Those chromatons mess something fierce with me transporter beam."

"Understood, Scotty.  Energize." Scotty watched the five men fade into plasma and looked at the sensors to verify their safe arrival on the planet surface. Why did it read that seven materialized?

"Huh?  Where am I?  Who the frak are you? "  Startled by the female voice, Scotty looked up and saw an angry looking tall blonde dressed in an old style flight suit standing on the transporter pad. "You deaf? I said, who are you and what is this place?" Six stepped off the pad and tried to access the computer to find out where she was and how she had been ripped from the seat of her scout ship. And what had happened to her chrome bodied escorts? Were they still on the scout ship?

The com chirped to life. "Scotty!" It was Kirk. "Scotty!"

"Aye, capt'n. I am  a bit busy here. We've..."

"So are we. Two robots materialized with us and then attacked us. What is going on?" Phaser fire could be heard over the com link.  Scotty looked at the woman and pressed a button under the console.  

A female voice announced on shipwide PA "Intruder alert Transporter room one."

"Capt'n, it seems we've picked up a couple of hitch..." Six slammed the engineer into the bulkhead and was about to draw her pistol when the security team burst in with phaser rifles trained on her.  A brief exchange of fire ensued.

Six was now in the brig, a force field of a totally unfamiliar type covering the entrance. She could not sense the scout ship or her two security guards. Her left leg and the right side of her abdomen had suffered burns from their "phasers."

"Good Afternoon!"  Six looked up to see a brightly smiling human in a blue long sleeved tee shirt. "I am Dr Leonard McCoy, at your service. And just who might you be?" Six gave him a look of contempt. "I am here to look at your injuries. "  Six just looked away as the doctor waved down the force field and stepped into the cell.  The guard immediately turned it back on.  McCoy pulled out a handheld computer device and something that looked like a black lipstick tube. The handheld device made some kind of weird whistling sound as this "doctor" waved the lipstick tube in front of her.

"The good news is your injuries are not serious. The bad news is..." He turned to the guard and told him to take her to sick bay immediately.


"Jim, she's not human. Close at first appearance, but not even what we would call 'alive.'  Near as I can tell she is some kind of biologically based robot or android, made to look like and mimic humanity but not really life as we know it. She is a machine.

A very beautiful, sexy machine."

"Doctor, I suggest you limit your comments to the medical evaluation of our prisoner." Spock, Bones, Scotty and the Captain were seated around a conference table in a room next to the bridge.

"Scotty, do you have any idea what happened"

As I told ja before, capt'n, the chromatons can do funny things to me transporters. I..."


"As our chief engineer was saying, It seems that a chromaton burst occurred simultaneously with our transport. Apparently the two robots and the android prisoner were inadvertently pulled into our transporter beam and materialized at the ends."

"Are we sure the robots that attacked us on the surface and her are from the same place?"

"Aye capt'n.  I examined what was left of the robots and compared it to McCoy's scans of the woman.  The technology is very similar, only the robots seem to be an older design. We can learn a lot, even from the junk."

"Spock. Give me the rundown on what happened"

"At 0900 yesterday we observed a chromaton pulse in an automated sensor sweep of this sector.  I was alerted and started a more in depth analysis.  We located the source of the pulse on the planet below and decided to investigate. Several more pulses were observed.

"At 1000 hours today, just as we were transporting to the surface another pulse occurred. Two robots and this android materialized from our transporter beam.  The robots attacked our landing party and were subsequently neutralized by security guards Smith and Hildegard. A few minor injuries were sustained by party which the good doctor treated on site.  Upon finding that another had materialized onboard the Enterprise, we immediatly returned.  The 'woman' was being taken to the brig by security as we arrived, and Dr McCoy treated Chief Engineer Scott for abrasions and a minor concussion.

"At 1330 hours McCoy took the prisoner to sick bay for a full analysis, now showing on the computer monitor. Doctor:"

As you can see, Jim, she looks completely human with a full set of organs that all seem to work just like ours do.  What alerted me to her unique physiology was that my tricorder could not register a blood type. Everyone has a blood type, even green blooded, pointy eared Vulcans." He smiled over at Spock. "Upon analysis, her blood contains almost no DNA whatsoever. I then found this."

A layer by layer scan of her brain appeared on the screen in front of the senior officers.  "Look at this mass. We have never seen anything like it at all.  If we look closer...."

"Circuits?  Silicon electronics?"

"Aye Capt'n.  And she has been trying to access our computer systems with it ever since she got here. I dunno what she wants but it canna be good. I have erected a scrambling field around her holding cell."

"Good work Scotty. Anything on our original reason to be here, those chromaton pulses? What do we know about them?"

"Observation indicates there is a complex repeating pattern of the pulses.  We can now predict within .2 seconds when the next pulse will begin. The origin is still unknown and we will have to send another team to the surface to continue where we concluded." The first officer raised an eyebrow. "I am curious as to what kind of mechanism would generate such a pattern."

The captain looked at Engineer Scott. "So this pulse, when combined with our transporter beam, pulled these, these, whatever they are, from someplace else?  Where? Any ideas?" Scotty just shrugged. Spock had no response. Bones just shook his head. "Somebody has to give me some answers.  Has anyone tried asking - her - or it - where it came from?"


Sitting in her cell, Six had almost completely exhausted herself trying to find a way past the electronic interference field Scotty had placed around her cell. Where was she? Who were these people? Most appeared human, with some exceptions.  One of the guards had blue skin and antennae.  One of the higher ranking officers had pointed ears and strangely shaped eye brows and his skin had a slight greenish cast to it. Their language was very strange, nothing at all like any of the dialects of Colonial, or even the ancient language of the prophets of Kobol.  If a few more tried to talk to her, she might be able to decipher it, or if she could just access the computer records....  But no good.  

Just then a man of clearly superior rank, a square faced human with a crooked smile came up.  He wore a gold colored tee shirt with rank dots at the neck line. The guards opened the force field just long enough to allow him entry, training their weapons on her to keep her from escaping.  That she understood.

"Gzzfwlp!" He smiled broadly. "Smmfrgatplq xz grwpft oz qrfft."

"I don't have a clue what you are saying" she replied.

"Xxrtv zrfq cmnb ... Enterprise."

"I heard the last word, Enterprise"

"My apologies.  Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the universal translator to kick in.  As I was saying, I am James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise."

"You can call me Six."


"Spock, I got absolutely nowhere with her, she is quite charming but not at all forthcoming with information."

"What is it you wish, Captain?"

"I know she is artificial. I did get her to admit that.  Do you think you could be able to mind meld with her and find out what she is, where she came from and why she is here? She is clearly hiding...something."

"You do realize that mind melding is dangerous and was banned on Vulcan for many centuries?  For me to meld with someone against their will is the mental equivalent of rape. Besides, her unknown physiology may present certain unforeseen obstacles."

"You have done it before, you even melded with a rock, you know, the Horta...and she is some kind of a machine."

"Indeed. I could try.  It would be fascinating to be able to join minds with a computer of that sophistication.  I will endeavor to get her permission first."

"If not, do what you need to do."

"Understood, captain."

The young lady was very apprehensive when the Vulcan first officer came into her cell.

"What the frak species are you?" Six had very little understanding of non-human sentients. "And him." gesturing toward the Andorian guard.

"I am Spock, First Officer of the Enterprise. My species is officially Vulcan, although my mother was a Terran human."

"Terran human?"

"Born on Earth." He noticed the obvious interest on Six's face at the mention of Earth. "I sense you have a certain interest in 'Earth.'"  The Cylon nodded. "I should like to attempt a mind meld with you. We Vulcans are touch telepaths and can read..."

"NO!!!"  Six was repulsed by the thought of an alien species poking around her mind. She lunged at Spock to subdue him but he reached out and grabbed her shoulder.  When she woke up, he was gone and another change of the guard had happened.


“Her mind was most fascinating.  A perfect fusion of biological and computer intel…”

“Just get on with it, will ya, We’ll have time for your green blooded logic appreciation later”

“Aye.  We hafta know is she a threat, and what to do with her if she is. And if she be the one generating that chromaton pulse. It be messing with my matter antimatter injectors.” Usually security concerns were not the purview of the chief engineer, but Scotty had taken personal interest in her since she attacked him.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let Spock tell us what he found out.”

“As you already know, I do not assume that a new species is hostile, even if they show hostile behavior.” Everyone nodded. ”I must inform you however that Ms Six is defiantly hostile, at least to humans.

“She is what is called a ‘Cylon,’ a class of robotic servants made by humans several generations ago that rebelled and are now committed to the eradication of all humans. The more mechanized Cylons you encountered on the surface are from a different model type.  The Cylons attacked and defeated 12 populated planets and dozens of smaller outposts. They have been in pursuit of a rogue band of humans who are searching for Earth, which they refer to as a 13th colony. The Cylons also wish to find earth to exterminate the human population.

“The human looking models were built for infiltration of human society to bring down the infrastructures of the colonies and cripple the military response to their attack. It seems to have worked quite well. Of the billions of people on the planets, only a few tens of thousands escaped.”

After a moment to let this new information sink in, the captain asked “Where are these planets? Do we warn earth immediately? Can we help the survivors?”

“I would speculate that the planets her kind destroyed are either in a distant part of the galaxy or in a different time line, accessed by the intersection of the chromaton pulse and Mr. Scott’s transporter beam.

In either case, I believe logic would dictate that further investigation is needed before any warnings are issued, and it would seem beyond our means to offer any assistance at this time.”

“Did you learn anything else? “

“Yes captain.  It would seem that she was as surprised to see us as we were to see her.  Just prior to her arrival in transporter room 1 she had been piloting a scout craft trying to find the colonial humans.  They use a type of faster than light drive they call an FTL which looks like a tesseract device, capable of an instantaneous ‘jump’ of approximately a hundred light years. She was making a ‘jump’ when she appeared here.

”This may or may not be of any import, but the humans she was following seem to believe a form of Greek polytheism, while the Cylons are monotheistic.”


Six had a pounding headache. “What the frak did he do to me?” Several hours of time were missing from her internal logs. She then remembered he spoke of being a touch telepath. “That **** hacked into my memories!”

At that moment Spock and Kirk showed up at the cell.  The guard let down the force field and they stepped in.  By now she was familiar with the routine.

“My my you have been a busy little girl, haven’t you?”  Despite her loathing for humans, this Kirk character seemed to have a certain attraction.  “Killing billions of people.  And to what end?”

“I am doing the will of God. The pagans must die. The prophets of Kobol have declared it.”

“We are in an enlightened age where such myths and fables no longer hold sway.  You can believe what ever you wish but are not free to carry out genocide.”

Anger burned within her.  But logic prevailed.  “Since you obviously accessed my mind and found out all about me, answer me a few questions if you will. You can even use that mind meld of yours to make sure I understand properly.”

Spock raised an eyebrow, looking at the captain.  Kirk nodded and he made the hand form on her face. “My mind to your mind, and your thoughts to my thoughts.”

She was in.  Finding a hidden part of his cortex, she uploaded a neural copy of herself, to appear later in his head.  

She downloaded the entire history of the Federation and Vulcan, information on over a hundred sentient non-human life forms including the Romulans, Klingons and Andorians.  And of course the location of every human inhabited planet and outpost.  If she ever got back to the Cylon high command, or at least died close enough to a resurrection ship, this intel would be invaluable.  He was adept at keeping her away from the specifics of the fleet and armaments but to her the locations of the humans was much more of interest.


“So what do we do with her?”
Uhuru: “I say dump her out the nearest airlock.”
Sulu: “Hows about beaming her out, on maximum dispersion?“
Nurse Chappel: “I would love to do an autopsy and study her makeup.”

“Gentlemen. And ladies: Other than a startled assault on Scotty and lunging at Spock, we have no charges against her, especially nothing that would call for her death. “

Aye, Capt’n.  I just don’ think she’s safe to keep around.”

“Agreed Scotty.  So I ask again: what do we do with her?”

As Spock was about to respond, he saw her in a revealing red dress out of the corner of his eye. He started to turn but realized that it was illogical for her to have gotten out of her cell, and that it must be his imagination.  He had felt a bit strange since their last mind meld.  Then his imagination walked right up to him and spoke: “I want to go home. Send me back.”
Spock then replied “I think we should try to send her back. Her aggression is directed at the humans in her universe, not ours. It is illogical to assume she has any hostile intent toward us.”  

Everyone looked at him in shock.


Alone in his quarters, she appeared again. Her red dress not covering much at all.

"Clever trick. It seems you have used my own abilities against me. It is only logical."

"You put a lot of stock in logic, don't you?"  

"Without logic there would be nothing but disarray, chaos."

"Tell me, is it logical to create a class of sentient beings and then treat them like dirt, like slaves?"

"When did we establish that humans are logical? I do assume you speak of the humans from your universe. Slavery and barbarism have a long history in most developing civilizations, including my own.

I am curious. As illogical as slavery and maltreatment is, genocide seems equally illogical. You and your kind, being sentient beings of cyber intelligence, should be able to see that."

"We have been directed by God to destroy the infidels."

"An argument or excuse by every religious reformer, every jihadist, every crusader in every planet we have encountered. Again, it is illogical."

"IT IS NOT ILLOGICAL!! It is necessary." Wearied by his insistence, and the lack of interest in her state of undress, she retreated into his subconscious.


"Doctor, I require a complete neuro-mental analysis and I must see the results immediately."

"Why Spock, you need ME??!!??" Bones had a grin that was as wide as a hangar bay.

I do, and it is illogical for you to take such delight in a potentially hazardous situation."

Forcing a straight face, the doctor asked "So what seems to be the problem?"

"It is our Ms. Six. She is somehow gotten into my mind."

Unable to restrain himself, McCoy burst out laughing.  "I think she is in the mind of every red blooded male aboard Enterprise!  Oh-- I forgot. You are NOT red blooded, are you?"

"Dr, as I have said before; the fact that your blood and mine are of different colors is a constant source of relief to me.  I would suggest that you regain your professionalism and begin your analysis."  Bones picked up a medical tricorder and began to scan the Vulcan.  "It began after the second mind meld. I could see an image of her out of the corner of my eye, a reflection in a mirror; there for a second or two and then gone. During the debriefing she started speaking to me and touched me. I could actually feel it.  Just before coming here we had a somewhat heated debate in my quarters."

"And what was she wearing?  That flight suit? "  McCoy was still grinning as he read the dials.

"No. She was in a red earth-style dress, one that might be found adorning women of ... the sexual trade employment."

"You mean a prostitute?"


"I always guessed that one day your human half would make itself known.  But having sexual fantasies with a robot? Only you, Spock, only you! Not that I blame you, I have had a few of my own."  

Raising an eyebrow, the Vulcan was about to speak when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Six. "You know he won't find anything."

"Not finding anything would be highly illogical. Clearly you have done something. I have no doubt Dr. McCoy is capable of ascertaining what was done and of how to reverse it. Please remove your hand from my shoulder." The Dr and nurse Chappel stared at the first officer who was talking to thin air. "There Doctor. Do you detect that?" Bones just shook his head.  


"Jim, its the damnedest thing I ever saw, Spock holding a conversation with his own imagination."

"Do you think there is anything to what he claims, that she implanted herself in his brain?"

"I saw some activity in his frontal cortex during the 'conversation' but that would not be unusual for someone who is delusional. It just means that he really believes someone is there."  

"So what do we do, Bones?  Spock is a fine officer and an important part of this crew. I need him at full capacity."

"At this point, it is anyone's guess.  I have an anti-psychotic that works well on humans for suppressing hallucinations, but it has never been tried on Vulcans, as they do not suffer from delusional psychoses."

What are the risks, Bones?"

"Well, Jim,  --- It could totally clear up his hallucinations. On the other hand, it could scar his mind for the rest of his life, or even leave him in a vegetative state. I really wouldn't recommend..."

"We have to do something. "



As the door slid open, the doctor and captain saw Spock sitting in the middle of the floor in a darkened room surrounded by candles. Spock was wearing a long black robe.

"Welcome Gentlemen.  What you are witnessing is an ancient concentration exercise intended to clear the mind of all distractions, and to let one see the function - or dysfunction - of one's own mind.  

"I believe, Doctor, that the Kal N'Harii has shown me what happened.  It seems our prisoner has performed a version of transferring a katra, or the essence of one's self into another.  Vulcans do this if possible near death.  It seems she has downloaded a copy of her "mind"  - if you want to call it that - into my brain. I have found it but cannot remove it. Even now the image of her is walking around this room."

"So Spock, how do you think it can be removed?"

"Jim: We have been friends for many years.  You know me to avoid violence unless it is absolutely necessary.  As we do not know the nature of this "download" or of its ultimate intent, I have determined that it is imperative she must not be allowed to do this again."

"She used your mind meld to do this, since the rest of us cannot accomplish that feat, why do we think we should worry about this happening again?"

"Because I have determined that she knows how to do this apart from the meld and had used the meld only because of my non-human physiology. Remember, she was designed to destroy human life. She can infect any human she wants by physical contact.

"I have further determined that she possesses the ability to infect humans by direct contact with me. The only logical course of action is to beam her off of the ship and away from any contact with humans for the remainder of her life."

McCoy: "To repeat the Captain's question: what about you, how will you rid yourself of that 'thing?'"

"Unknown at this time, doctor.  If I am unsuccessful with these sessions, I may have to purge this on the deserts of Vulcan"


Six was roughly awakened by a guard throwing a supply pack at her and then raising the force field. A second later, it felt as if her intestines were being torn out. She was surrounded by a growing plasma field as she saw her surroundings change from a cell onboard Enterprise to a stand of trees.  She realized they had just beamed her to planet below.  While it was class M, there were no primates, not even any large mammals.  No one to talk to, no way to upload her data to the Cylon High Command. What was there she soon realized was an unending supply of mosquitoes.  While immune to any diseases carried by the insects, their venom still caused a powerful itch.

Opening up the pack, she found one weeks worth of rations.  Suddenly overcome, she fell to the ground and started crying uncontrollably.  


"Warning buoy placed in orbit, Capt'n. It repeats a message saying the planet is quarantined and not to approach or land. Broadcasting on all frequencies."

"Confirmed, Captain." echoed communications officer Uhuru.

"Good work Scotty.  Mr Checkov, Best speed to Vulcan."

*****THE END*****

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Posted 10 July 2006 - 09:19 PM

Great story, but what about Spock?

Will he be able to get Six off of his mind or will he be having "fantasies" of her for the rest of his life?

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Posted 10 July 2006 - 11:13 PM

"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."

Sorry, couldn't resist.  :angel:

That was a great little story.  I really enjoyed it.


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Posted 11 July 2006 - 06:29 AM

View Postbenesound, on Jul 10 2006, 09:19 PM, said:

Great story, but what about Spock?

Will he be able to get Six off of his mind or will he be having "fantasies" of her for the rest of his life?

This was placed between the Original Series and the first motion picture and alluded to the fact that he spent 2 years in the deserts of Vulcan where he would have purged her along with his pesky "human emotions."

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Posted 11 July 2006 - 06:30 AM

View PostFendy, on Jul 10 2006, 11:13 PM, said:

"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."

Sorry, couldn't resist.  :angel:

That was a great little story.  I really enjoyed it.

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Posted 11 July 2006 - 02:43 PM

I liked that.

Although I’ve through about a Star Trek instalment to First Contact, that was so out of the left field that I never saw it coming.
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Posted 19 July 2006 - 12:50 PM

I just got a chance to read t he fic an dI enjoye d it! Keep 'm coming! though...who is six.....sorry is she from Dr. Who? Cylons are from that series right? I don' t remember them from ST, or B5 etc

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Posted 19 July 2006 - 03:41 PM

Six is from the New Battlestar Galactica.  She is one of 12 models of robots that look and act human.

Posted Image

This is her with James Callis who plays Gaius Baltar. She (twice) tricked him into betraying mankind to the Cylons.  Photo from Yahoo Images.

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 11:32 AM

After carefully considering Sinister Dexter's generous offer for posting this piece in his "First Contact" thread, I decided to post it here.

Thanks Dex for inspiring these works here.

Six and the Cylons

Something was definately wrong.  

Six tried and retried all her shuttle craft's sensors and everything seemed to check out.  But still something was wrong.  She felt it deep in her gut. She had exited from the FTL jump far enough away from her Basestar to not interfere with the on-going fight with those renegade colonial humans so she had no visual confirmation that she was in the right place.  She should at least be seeing distant flashes of weapons fire.


She had picked up a Basestar transponder signal, on the right frequency and her ID code was accepted, but it took forever.  There had been no reply beyond "Identification Code Confirmed." The mechanicals were never very chatty but the organics were usually very talkative unless extremely busy. Since she saw no firefight, they should not be THAT busy.  Unless they were very damaged and the fight was over; meaning that the colonials had jumped out to who knows where.

She was now almost within visual range of the basestar. She tried to access the main computer. No response. The gut feeling was now becoming full blown nausea.

Something was definately wrong.  

Suddenly, a laser blast across her bow brought her to full attention.  Three blips showed up on her radar screen at 3 o'clock high. Turning, she saw them coming over her right shoulder.  Another blast across her bow. Taking evasive action, she easily looped around and ended up right behind them.  The sensors registered Cylon transponders in the craft, meaning they should be friendly.  Why did they fire on her?

"FRAK!! Cease fire! I'm Cylon! A model Six!"

An erie mechanical voice replied: "You are a human in a cylon craft of unknown design. Proceed to hangar deck 11 on the lower level of the basestar."  Even the mechanicals had more normal sounding voices than that.

Now within visual range, a strange looking craft of enormous size loomed before her.  Instead of the familiar X shape, it was 2 saucer sections connected at the hub, almost like wheels with an axle. A beeping on her console told her that 2 more groups of 3 fighter craft joined her to escort her in.  

"They think I stole the vehicle and want to save it," she thought to herself.  "Why don't they recognise me?"  "Unknown design?  What does THAT mean?"

As she landed the craft, there were rows of gleaming mechanicals similar to a design she saw once in a museum back on Caprica. They were bulky and carried weapons. They looked like humans in a chrome suit of armor.  She tried to access the central computer net but got nowhere.

Getting out of the craft, a bright shiny mechanical was waiting just outside and spoke in that creepy buzzy voice: "You have been ordered to appear before the commander" and shoved her toward a corridor entrance.

"Take me to one of the organics" she demanded. "Is there a Six aboard?  Or a Nine?"

"We keep no organic prisoners. You are going to the commander for interrogation.  You will then be terminated." They walked on down the coridor to the central hub area.  

"How close is the nearest Genesis ship?" Six asked.  They walked on in silence. Six had gone thru the Genesis chamber several times, and she did not fear it, but she intensly disliked the goo when she woke up.

That, and the physical pain of dying.


"You have given me no reason to keep you alive. Tell me, where are your colonial comrads and how did you get a Cylon ship?"  At least this mechanical had an inflected voice. It looked like something from a movie she saw a long time ago.

"I told you. I have been fighting the colonials, and I was returning from a recon mission to find a few stragglers of their group when I ended up here.  

"I AM A CYLON! Frak you!"

"You are flesh and blood. You cannot be a Cylon. Tell us about the pilots 'Apollo' and 'Starbuck.' "

"Starbuck is their best pilot. She..."

"You lie. Starbuck is a male. Tell us the truth or be terminated immediatly."

That was a shock. She had met Starbuck 2 years before the attack. While her counterpart kept Gaius busy, she had worked in a maintainance facility on Caprica gathering intel on the fleet and Starbuck had brought her fighter in for repair work, and decided not to have it done on Galactica. Some problem with the XO.

"Tell us about Apollo."

"His real name is Lee Adamo, the son of Commander Adamo of Galactica."

"Again you lie. They are called 'Adama,' not 'Adamo.' "

Six was stunned. Then she began to realize what had happened. Somehow, she had been dumped out into an alternate timeline, or other dimension where the events were similar but the specifics were vastly different.  There was no Genesis chamber to be reborn in. If she dies here, she dies.

"Guards, the prisoner is being uncooperative. She will be terminated immediatly."

"By your command"


The End

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Posted 27 August 2006 - 12:33 AM

good one! :)

Six killed by Cylons. How Ironic.

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Posted 28 August 2006 - 11:26 AM

Glad you liked it.

I had a devil of a time trying to properly describe the mechanical drone of the original toaster voices. I hope it worked ok.

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Posted 28 August 2006 - 07:28 PM

View Postbenesound, on Aug 26 2006, 10:33 PM, said:

Six killed by Cylons. How Ironic.

I agree!:) great work!

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Posted 30 August 2006 - 05:27 AM


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Posted 08 December 2006 - 01:07 PM

Again I own none of this.
No money changed hands, nor is it likely to do so.

Six on Seefra 9

How long had she been on this god-forsaken arid hell hole? Her internal chronometer had clearly been affected by  - what ever it was that had happened to her.  It said it was only 4 weeks ago, but it seemed like years. Was it really only 3 weeks since the raiders had destroyed her shuttle, with rival gangs trying to steal it? How long had she been unconsious? They had stolen every piece of clothing she had except what she was wearing. Not that she had much more, but the boots would have helped in this desert terrain. She had no idea where she was or what that odd rotating multidimentional cube she got dragged into was. Going thru that was like a living nightmare; a psychotic episode. It had taken every second since to get herself to this semblance of rationality. She was sure she was not yet back to 100% functional, but had no idea how close or far she was from it.

So she walked.  And walked and walked. Two days ago she saw a strange plume of stellar plasma streaming across the evening sky toward the 2 suns that this hot dry ball orbited. The next evening it was much larger.

By the third evening, she entered a "city" that looked like it had recently been lived in, although now the only life forms she could read were a few desert plants and small dirt-burrowing insects. The plants were almost completely dried up. She entered a building that looked like a vessel that had crash-landed there a century ago, and found herself in a bar.  A quake almost brought the aging structure down around her. She fell and a bottle of unlabeled hootch fell out of some hiding place.  She grabbed it and ran outside as soon as the ground was still enough to allow walking. Instintivaly she knew something was terribly wrong. When she got to the middle of the town, another quake hit, stronger than the first and a blast of burning hot air knocked her flat to the ground.  She looked to the sunset horizon and saw the fading glow of the 2 suns, but on the opposite horizon she saw what looked like a sunrise of another, much larger sun.

She then realized that the stellar plume she had seen was the first part of this sun coming thru the odd portal she had fallen thru and that it was headed straight toward this planet she now stood on.  In hours this planet would be vaporized, and her along with it.  

She searched in vain to contact a resurection ship. No good.

She prayed to the god of the cylons.

No response.

She even tried praying to the gods of Kobol.

Still no response.  

She found a flat place that looked relatively stable and sat down to watch the approaching doom. She drank the contents of the bottle from the bar.  Her mind wandered back to a particularly fine evening with Gaius. They had an exquisite dinner and made love in the bright sunshine. She felt the intense heat of their passion rise, rise, rise, until it rocked her world.

Thousands of kilometers out in space, Rommie's voice announced "Seefra 9 has been destroyed. Evacuation was complete."

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Posted 24 December 2006 - 06:06 PM


Thousands of kilometers out in space, Rommie's voice announced "Seefra 9 has been destroyed. Evacuation was complete."
great cliffie! please write more soon!

I've got three ex-wives and I will gladly give you their names and addresses" -Gibbs to a mobster

"So let me get this straight. You want me to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?"
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Posted 03 January 2007 - 03:31 PM

Actually it was not a "cliffie."

Andromeda sucessfully evacuated 8 of the 9 planets (except for a few holdouts that insisted on staying on their own planet to their own demise) and Seefra 1 did not burn up in the sun.

That was the end of that copy of 6.

I am thinking of stranding her on some other Seefra planets and actually have her interact with with the locals prior to the planet being gobbled up...

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Posted 08 January 2007 - 02:40 PM

Six on Seefra 5

When Six awoke, she was on a planet.

What planet? What system? Where the frak was she?

She was near a village and there were human-looking beings there. She carefully opened the hatch on her shuttle craft a crack to test the air.  Breathable.  Dry, foul smelling, but definatly breathable. Could this possibly be Earth? If so, could she direct the fleet here?  Since she had no clue how she got there herself, she doubted it.

As she walked toward town, she tried to collect her memories. She had placed her hand in the gel when Caprica Six was resurected this last time. She was able to download most of her memories, but what ever it was that hit her scrambled all that. She could not tell what was her own memories, which were caprica's and what was going on now.  There were these wild flashbacks.

"I must run a complete diagnostic and when I get back perhaps download myself again to fix this." Trying to remember how she got there was useless, just a scrambled jumble of pictures that made no sense. There had been some kind of multi-dimensional cube, but where? When? There were thousands of species of life forms. Star ships that looked like huge cubes, others that looked like cargo freighters. Some had strange outriggers. Some had just looked like big flying wedges. Little spheres with flat vertical wings. Saucer shaped craft.  Even one that looked just like a flying pyramid. A creature that looked like darkness itself that seemed to absorb energy from everything around itslef. Too many images, too fast. None of it made any sense.

Arriving at the town, she saw a large crowd of people gathered around a short man of an ethnicity she was not familiar with. His hair was dark and short, and his eyes had a skin flap near the nose that gave them a tilted appearance. "Quite striking" was her opinion. He was being refered to as  "General Burma."

The man was quite agitated about technology and was telling the people that Captain Dylan Hunt and his infernal starship Andromeda had visited destruction on the Seefra System, and that their only hope of survival was to pledge complete alligence to him. He spoke of the false sun of technology, that Hunt had brought from another universe to scare them. He pointed to the horizon. Overhead, she saw Seefra's 2 suns, and where Burma pointed, a very large star.

"Hunt has filled our world with his lies, that a new sun will destroy our home.  He wishes to take us all to Seefra 1 so he can plunder our wealth."  

Six looked around at the squallor and thought "What wealth???"

He continued: "Even now his agents are among us with their weapons, their devices, their electronics, to enslave us to do their will. They take us as slaves to Seefra 1.

Kill them!  Death to Hunt!  Death to Andromeda!! Death to all technology!!!

I, General Burma, will save you from Hunt and his evil machines. All who follow me will be saved from the coming conflict. All who oppose me shall die."

That is pretty scarey, Six thought.  from the corner of her eye, she saw 2 women who were dressed differently than the common rabble assembled there.  They were milling around the back of the crowd and had on the outer cloaks of the locals but under the cloaks one was wearing a pink jumpsuit, "Pink???" and the other wearing a wine-red uniform that looked somehow familiar. She stretched her mind back to rummage thru the downloaded memories. It was one of her own memories. She had been checking out a drift with a bizzare variety of life forms when she had seen this human woman exiting a bar.  Six remembered emptying her weapon into her with no effect other than revealing that she was in reality an android. She then had turned and blew Six's midsection away. Observation revealed that the other woman was also an AI. These two were very dangerous. (see Sinister Dexter's "First Contact" chapter 1)

A large cargo craft took off from the other side of town several minutes later, and Burma shouted curses at it. Apparently this was Hunt and his evacuation of the planet. Those 2 were with this Hunt character, whoever he was. Undoubtedly he would be back to ferry more people offworld.

She made her way to the launch site. A large group had gathered there awaiting the next shuttle to Andromeda. She donned a discarded cloak and waited with them.  As she waited, she could see the large star had gotten even larger. At this rate, that star would be here in several hours. She made her way back to where Burma had been speaking.  Most of the crowd had dissapated but he was still there with several close attendants. Six went up to speak to him.  She asked him why he hated technology so much.  His eyes flashed fire. "Because it killed my father! It kills all who touch it." The fire subsided.

"But what Hunt says is true. That star is coming this way."

"Lies! Heretic!!.  Hunt's illusions will never touch us here!" With that, 2 of his men grabbed Six by the arms and tried to drag her indoors.  She should have easily been able to throw them off, but these guys had the strength of 100 men. Their eyes also glowed. She managed to loose herself briefly, grabbed a piece of binding wire and decapitated one of the men, who dissolved into a glowing dark pool that looked just like that strange creature she had seen earlier. Then he was gone.

She felt something sharp in her arm. Turning to look, she saw Burma with an evil grin, holding a hyperdermic of some strange substance.  Then every nerve in her body exploded in pain. Had she been human, her death would have been immediate. As it was, she lived another 5 minutes, just long enough to see the Eureka Maru land again for another load of refugees.

*****The End of this Six*****

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What a way to go!

I've got three ex-wives and I will gladly give you their names and addresses" -Gibbs to a mobster

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Posted 10 January 2007 - 08:00 AM

Kudos!  :cool:
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