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The Spanish Military

Military Spanish Military 2003 Tennyson's Militaries

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#1 tennyson

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Posted 25 May 2003 - 11:07 AM

Spain, a NATO member since 1982 has invested considerable effort in changing the Spanish military from largely a force of infantry outfitted with musuem pieces that it had been reduced to under the isolation imposed by General Franco's dictatorship, into a modern highly mobile force, capable of meeting the tripart needs of maintaining Spain's national integrity, supplying rapid reaction forces for NATO and acting as part of UN mandated international peacekeeping operations.
Spain had relatively little to do with the outside world beyond its few remaining colonial possessions including the Spanish North Arican enclaves of Ceuta and Melilia, under Franco's regime but this has changed in the last 15 years or so. Spain now has a rather large rapid deployment capability and has particpated in NATO peacekeeping operations in Bosnia since 1995, and in Kosovo since 1999. Spain was a major contributor to the naval embargo of Iraq, contributed ships and bases to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and provided troops and ships for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The present strength of the Spanish Army(2001) is 100,000 including 4000 women, with approximately 65,000 personnel available for combat duty. The army has made great strides in recent years, improving both the quality and the variety of its weapons and equipment. The firepower of some Spanish units is now a match for  many similar formations elsewhere in NATO.
The present organization has
1 mechanized infantry division
1 rapid reaction force with a parachute brigade, a Legion infantry brigade, an airmobile infantry brigade, a Mountain infantry brigade, and an armoured cavalry brigade
2 armoured brigades
1 mountain infantry brigade
3 light infantry brigades( cadre only, therefore needing major reinforcement with reservists to become operational)
2 Legion regiments
3 Garrison commands
1 artillery brigade
1 air defence regiment
In addition there is
1 engineer brigade
1 army aviation brigade
1 air defence command
3 special operations battlions
1 coast artillery command
2 coast defence regiments

These formations are equipped with
108 Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks(temporary loan from Germany until Spain can manufacture 220 Leopard 2s under liscnce for its own forces)
184 M69A3 main battle tanks
164 M48A5E main battle tanks
209 AMX-30 main battle tanks
340 BMR-VEC armoured reconnaissance vehicles
20 Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles
1311 M113 APCs
533 BMR-600 whelled armoured personnel carriers
64 M110A2 203mm SP guns
90 M109A1 SP 155mm howitzers
48 M108 105mm SP howitzers
20 M114 155mm towed howitzers
56 L118 105mm light towed guns
158 M56 105mm pack howitzers(lightest gun of its type in the world, three men can brak it down and carry it)
223 M26 105mm towed guns
14 140mm Teruel self-propelled multiple rocket launchers
620 M40 106mm recoilless rifles
410 120mm mortors( including 106 on armoured carriers)
1300 81mm mortors(including 187 on armoured carriers)
442 Milan antitank missile launchers(including 106 on armoured carriers)
28 HOT antitank missile launchers
210 TOW antitank missile launchers(including 68 on armoured carriers)

24 I-HAWK Surface to Air missile launchers
13 Apside/SkyGuard SAM launchers
18 Roland SAM launchers
108 Mistral manportable surface to air missile launchers
183 40mm L70 towed antiaircraft guns
92 35mm twin towed AA guns
329 20mm GAI-BOI towed AA guns

Coast defence forces have 3 381mm guns, 6 305mm guns and 44 6inch guns in coast defence mountings

Army Avaiation is equipped with
18 AS.332B Super Puma (HT.21) Transport helicopters
15  AS.532UL Cougar (HU.21)    Transport helicopters on delivery
6 Agusta AB.212   Transport helicopters
52  Bell UH-1H (HU.10B)   Transport helicopters
12 Bell OH-58B (HR.12B)  helicopters for training
9  MBB Bo105 (HE.15)   Liaison helicopters
28  MBB Bo105ATH (HA.15)    Anti-Armour helicopters with HOT missiles( listed above)
18 MBB Bo105GSH (HR.15)   Armed Recce. helicopters
11  MBB Bo105LOH (HR.15)    Recce./Attack helicopters
18  Boeing CH-47D (HT.17)  heavy transport helicopters
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

— Londo, "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" Babylon-5

#2 tennyson

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Posted 25 May 2003 - 01:47 PM

The Spanish Navy( or Aramada Espanola, sorry I can't remember how to make the tilde) is a large, reasonably modern force with a global reach. As of 2000 it had 22,225 personnel(this includes 2646 officers) plus 6550 naval infantry(Tercio de Aramada) and about 8300 civilians.

The Spanish Navy is in the elite few naval services that operates an aircraft carrier, the Principe de Asturias. In service since 1988, the Principe de Asturias is the flagship of the Spanish Navy. Built to a modified version of the US's Sea Control Ship design from the 1970s, the Principe is a capable light attack, antisubmarine warfare and amphibous attack platform. She displaces approximately 17,100 tons fuly loaded and is 642.7 feet long. She is only armed with 4 20mm Meroka close in weapon systems but her air group is a capable mix.
Her air group is generally 6-8 AV-8B Harrier VTOL fighters, 2 SH-60B SeaHawk ASW helicopters, 6-10 SH-3D/G ASW helicopters and 2-4 AB212 transport helicopters.
She also carries two LCVP-type landing craft for amphibous or other operations.
1+3 building F100 classs guided missile frigates(outfitted with the latest AEGIS system including vertically launched Standard SM-2 Block IV SAMs, have builtin stealth features and they carry SH-60 B ASW helicopters)
6 Oliver Hazard Perry class guided missile frigates
5 Baleares(modified US Knox) class guided missile frigates
6 Descubierta class frigates
4 Agosta class diseal-electric attack submarines
4 Daphne class diseal-electric attack submarines
1 Alboran class fisheries patrol ship
4 Serviola class patrol ships
1 Chilreu class fisheries patrol ship
10 Anaga class patrol craft
6 Barcelo class patrol craft
8 patrol boats
4 +4 building Segura class minehunters
at least 1 ex-US Aggressive class minesweeper
8 Ex-US coastal mineweepers
2+1 building Rotterdam class landing ship docks(can carry approximately 500 troops, 6 helicopters, 2500 tons of cargo and 4 landing craft)
2 ex-US Newport class tank landing ships
2 utility landing craft
26 medium landing craft and approximately 18 LCVPs
1 stores transport
1 roll-on/roll-of vehicle carrier
1 replenishment oiler
i Patino class replenishment oiler
The Spanish navy also has a large supply of survey ships, tugs and other light auxiliaries

Naval Aviation operates
17 EAV-8B Harrier II+ (VA.2) Fighter/Attack aircraft and  1TAV-8B Harrier II (EVA.2) trainer
3 Cessna Citation II (U.20)  Logistics/Communications aircraft
8 /2SH-3D/G Sea King (HS.9/SH.9) helicopters for  ASW and airbourne early warning
15 SH-60B Seahawk (HS.23) ASW helicopters
10 Agusta AB.212ASW (HA.18) helicopters for transport
11 Hughes 500ASW (HS.13) helicopters for Utility/Training

The Tercio de Armada operates
16 M60A3 main battle tanks
17 Scorpion light tanks
19 AAV7 amphibous tracked armoured personnel carriers
35 other armoured vehicles
12 amphibous trucks
13 bulldozers
17 special engineering vehicles
6 M109 155mm SP howitzers
12 105mm towed howitzers
461 other wheeled vehicles(including 123 Humvee light trucks) and 257 trailers
12 TOW and several Dragon antitank missile launchers
12 Mistral manportable SAM systems with 50 missiles provide air defence
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

— Londo, "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" Babylon-5

#3 tennyson

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Posted 25 May 2003 - 03:16 PM

The Spanish Air Force or Ejercito del Aire is a large relatively modern force with a strength in excess of 500 aircraft. The operated types include
83 F/A-18A and 12 F/A-18B Hornet(locally designated C.15)fighter-bombersequipped with AIM-7M Sparrow, AIM-9L Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air to air missiles, AGM-84 Harpoon antiship missiles, AGM-65 Maverick air to surface missiles, AGM-88 HARM antiradiation missiles, GBU-10 and GBU-16 laser-guided bombs, Mk20 Rockeye cluster bombs and a wide assortment of "dumb" bombs.
58 Mirage F.1C/CE/EE/EDA (C.14A/B/C) interceptors and multirole attack aircraft with French Super 530D and Matra Magic II AAMs and ground attack weapons including "dumb" bombs from 275 to 1984 lb, GBU-10 and GBU-16 laser-guided bombs and Mk20 Rockeye and BME-300 cluster weapons
2 Northrop SRF-5A (AR.9)  reconnaissance aircraft
12 RF-4C Phantom II (CR.12) reconnaissance aircraft
5  Lockheed P-3B martime patrol aircraft (P.3) and 2 P-3As for surveliance and training
3  Fokker F.27-200MPA (D.2)for  Coastal Patrol/SAR  
8  Casa C.212 Aviocar (D.3A/B)for  Maritime Patrol/SAR
50  Casa C.212 (T.12B) transport aircraft and 5T.12C VIP transports
3  Casa C.212 (TE.12B)for  Nav. Training  
2  Casa C.212 (TM.12D)  ECM/EW aircraft
12  Casa C.212 (TR.12A/D)  Photo Survey aircraft
2  Boeing 707-300 (T.17)tanker aircraft and 1 Boeing 707 VIP transport
1  Boeing 707-320 (TM.17)    ELINT aircraft
7 C-130H/H-30 (T.10/TL.10)    Transports
5 KC-130H (TK.10)  Tanker/Transports
18  Casa CN.235 (T.19B/C) transports and 2  Casa CN.235 (T.19A)  VIP Transports
2  Cessna 560 Citation V (TR.20) for  Photo Survey
1 Falcon 20 (T.11)   Calibration aircraft
3 Falcon 20 (TM.11) electronic warfare aircraft
3  Dassault Falcon 50/900 (T.16/T.18)   VIP Transports
15 Canadair CL-215T (UD.13) flying boats for  Fire Fighting/SAR
9 Canada  Dornier Do27/Casa 127A (U.9)   Utility aircraft
4 Beech B55 Baron (E.20)   Training aircraft
26  Beech F33A Bonanza (E.24A)   Training aircraft
38  Enaer T-35C Tamiz (E.26)    Basic Training aircraft
61  Casa C.101B Aviojet (E.25)   Basic Training aircraft
22   Northrop SF-5B (AE.9) retired from fighter duties and used for training
6  Dassault Mirage F.1B/BE/DD (CE.14)  trainers    
2  SA.330C/H/J Puma (HD.19) helicopters for SAR
9  AS.332F Super Puma (HD.21)helicopters for  SAR
6  AS.332B/M Super Puma (HT.21/HT.21A) helicopters for  VIP Transport
8  Sikorsky S-76C (HE.24)  helicopters for  Advanced Training
15  Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri(HE.25) for Basic Training on order
Procurement of 87 Eurofighter Typhoons that are currently on oder should begin in late 2003.
Nine CASA C-295 transports are on order for delivery from November 2001 to replace part of the C.212 fleet.

An order for 27 A400M transports has been placed.
Replacement of Boeing 707 VIP Transport/tankers with two converted A310s.
"Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

— Londo, "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" Babylon-5

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