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#41 Julie

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Posted 09 June 2003 - 06:18 PM

^ If you're not sure or neutral on a question, it lets you leave it blank.

That's what I did, which must be how I ended up with:

Economic Left/Right: 0.62
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -0.26

And the more I look at that score, the more it bugs me.  How could I possibly be so close to the center of the chart?!  It's like I'm *shudder* undecided or something!  

I'm going to have to retake this.

Ogami, on Jun 8 2003, 10:28 PM, said:

There is at least one premise I take issue with, such as "Our race has many superior qualities."

I strongly agree with this statement. After all, there is only one race, homo sapiens. Perhaps they meant to say ethnic group.
That question actually had me a little confused.  I guess it didn't mean humans because that would be too obvious a question to bother asking... but "our race" is such a weird term.  I've never heard anyone use it except in reference to the human race.

I also didn't like the question, "Mothers may have careers, but their first duty is to be homemakers."  I think a mother's first duty is to be a mother but I'm not sure what that counts as.

#42 rhuhne

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Posted 09 June 2003 - 07:32 PM

Maybe it means you're rational and can see both sides of a story...  :hehe:

#43 sierraleone


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Posted 11 June 2003 - 05:26 AM

I took the Race question to mean the human race and asking whether we have superior qualities to the other species on the planet... I think I said no :p :D
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