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Poll: Which most closely reflects your view? (61 member(s) have cast votes)

Which most closely reflects your view?

  1. Presidents don't keep campaign promises and only make them because they will say anything to get elected (27 votes [45.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 45.76%

  2. Presidents can't keep campaign promises because they don't know what the real "inside story" is until they take office. (9 votes [15.25%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.25%

  3. Presidents can't keep campaign promises because of partisanship in Congress. (6 votes [10.17%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.17%

  4. Republicans don't keep campaign promises but Democrats do. (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  5. Democrats don't keep campaign promises but Republicans do. (1 votes [1.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.69%

  6. Presidents keep campaign promises. (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  7. Other (16 votes [27.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.12%

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#21 DWF


    Dr. Who 1963-89, 1996, 2005-

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Posted 11 June 2003 - 10:01 AM

I picked other, beacause alot things do change when in office, and alot of their promises are just to get them in office, so it's kind of  :yin-yang: . ;)
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#22 Morrhigan

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Posted 11 June 2003 - 11:41 PM

I picked other, because I think there are a lot of reasons why campaign promises are or aren't kept, just as there are any number of motives and intentions in making them. None of the other answers covered the complexity of the issue, IMO.

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#23 TravelerOfTheWays



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Posted 12 June 2003 - 04:25 PM

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad to see a very bipartisan distrust of our presidents in these poll results  :D
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#24 Rov Judicata

Rov Judicata

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 04:28 PM

TravelerOfTheWays, on Jun 11 2003, 10:29 PM, said:

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad to see a very bipartisan distrust of our presidents in these poll results  :D
It's the American way.
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#25 Enmar


    a Sabra

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 10:26 AM


Maybe we should have a thread about it, or do we wait for the final results? ;)
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#26 Uncle Sid

Uncle Sid

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 11:02 AM

Actually I don't think that anyone actually makes promises that they know that they can't keep.  That's silly, because in the process of realizing that they can't keep it, all sorts of staffers and other people are involved.  If a determination is made that something is not going to be deliverable, then promising that anyway opens you up to being found out.  

Mostly, I think what they do is try and make promises and then try to tell the people that they really want these things to come to pass.  In that way, candidates hope that by simply making the promise, they can cause the citizenry to put pressure on the Powers That Be to allow it to get done.  Of course, that doesn't always happen.

Nevertheless, I think it is both partisanship and unawareness of the inside story that torpedoes promises.  When you have a different party in control of Congress than that of the President, partisan bickering is the top culprit.  However, when the same party controls Congress, then the President isn't the default leader of the Party and then the people inside the ruling party can step away from soldiarity against the opposition Republicans or Democrats and have out their little internal power struggles.  Moderate wing vs. Liberal/Conservative wing, hawks vs. doves, etc....   A President that doesn't know how it works in Washington could get blocked, even by his own party, if he doesn't play by the rules or have enough power to enforce his will.
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#27 AnneZo

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 03:29 PM

Okay, forget it. :)  I should have created a "no reply" poll, but I did want to give the "other" voters a forum.

Doesn't look like this is working out the way I'd hoped.  Anyone who wants to discuss, go ahead.

#28 AnneZo

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Posted 15 June 2003 - 04:41 PM

Heck, I almost forgot to post this!

FWIW, my curiosity about campaing promises came from a book I've been reading that explains that, on the average, a president actually keeps about 75% of his campaign promises after he's elected, and most of the times when he doesn't, it's because he can't get whatever the legislation is through Congress.

That number varies slightly, but on average most presidents "keep" about the same number of campaign promises.

Voters' perception of unkept promises stems largely from the media's interest in covering "sensational" or negative issues in preference to discussing issues. (Bad news, of course, sells more newspapers. As does sex.) So when there is, for instance, a bipartisan movement in Congress to pass some bill or piece of legislation proposed by a president and the legislation passes with relative ease, the media is less likely to cover it. (Now, if there's a big fight in Congress, or even a little one that can be made to sound big, then you'll get the media's attention.)

Anyhow, thanks to those that responded!

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