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The Tyrant RP

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#1 Kidwrangler

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 02:22 PM

Welcome, all, to the Tyrant RP.  Grab your characters and jump in!  KW

The price of history is never so great
As when used as coin against the future.

Graffitti found After the Fall

The Matriarch walked briskly down the hall toward her office, bodyguards trailing behind.  Marisa nodded once as she moved through the anteroom.  Settling herself behind her desk she started sorting through the day's notices and problems.  Why were there always more problems? she asked herself wryly.

She accessed the list prepared by Marisa.  Khan had gone off planet, leaving his second in command of the Guard.  She had a request for an interview from Ariana to discuss duty rosters and weapons.  She marked it and sent it to Marisa, who would let her know when the appointment was scheduled.  Rufus was still trying to close security holes, despite a shortage of staff.  However, he had sent off the annoying human archaeologist with the new geologist, which would allow them to settle the rest of the Pride without cries of dismay every time they dusted anything.

She had to admit the Trancer had done well with the test plots for the limited agriculture the Pride engaged in, as well as finding some local vegetation that might be used medicinally.  However, the estimated yield rates were low, and this concerned her.  She made a note for Marisa to schedule the Trancer for a meeting.

Marisa had highlighted some returning members, as well as others asking for permission to visit.  As they checked in, she'd send the returning ones to her new Captain of the Guard to be assigned quarters, and the visitors to Rufus for vetting.

A cup of coffee at her elbow, she settled in for the morning's work.

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#2 Kidwrangler

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 02:33 PM

Silver stomped around the plateau.  Stomping in grit and sand wasn't very satisfying, however, and that Kat woman Rufus had insisted had to accompany her did not appear impressed.  And she was far too cheerful for such an abominable hour of the day.

Ignoring the cheerful whistling, accompanied by regular taps from a sampling hammer, of the Niet woman, Silver carefully scanned the rock walls.  She was sure she'd seen some kind of writing on her last survey, and the area was mined with caves.  

She stopped and made a puzzled noise.  Her scanner was insisting there was worked stone farther in the section of chambers honeycombing the mountain.  She whacked her scanner once, just to make sure it wasn't playing some kind of electronic joke on her, and despite the patter of small stones she caused by pushing her way in the entrance, she started to wiggle past a rockfall.

#3 Nikki Peppermint

Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 02:54 PM

Monique wakes up suddenly and realizes how light it is in the room.  The soft pillows underneath her cushion her head and make her want to fall back to sleep.  Turning over she snuggles up against Rov's side as he lays on his back, and sighs as his arm tightens around her.

Rov opens his eyes groggily. "I feel like I haven't done anything in weeks. Good morning!"

"Mmmmmm....good morning, love." Monique murmurs into his bare chest, her soft breath tickling his skin. "I think it's later than we think.  Perhaps we should get up?"

Rov gives Monique a good kiss. "Good idea. There's no doubt things... or stuff... or some sort of giant evil alien kitten..."

"Mmmmm....what a good kiss.  Thank you." She kisses him back deeply.  "I'll reward you more later, but first......"

Monique reaches over Rov's chest and begins to gently shake Raeven. "Hey, wake up you!! I think we slept in too late.  We're  going to be late for work."

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 03:03 PM

Perigrine looked around her small room.  A servant had been detailed to come in an hour or two and take the carrier with the two half grown cats to Monique. She would just love them, and see to it that they were well cared for. The few other items she could take with her were stowed carefully in the single weapons case that lay at her feet. Everything else would be left behind.

She was travelling light and fast. The freighters time table was not hers to modify but to make the best use of possible. She was done here, she'd be outsystem in but a few hours.

And no one would ever miss her

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 03:46 PM

OOC: The line Semir hums is from I'm Moving On by Rascal Flatts.  The passage quoted is Ayn Rand's Anthem.  A short story by her (as is We the Living, though it's rather longer), unbelievable as it may seem!



Semir Arinys stepped out of her tiny, agile fighter and for a moment, simply took in her surroundings.  Nietzscheans ridiculed their genetically inferior cousins for their flowery sentimentality, but observing vaguely-remember faces striding purposefully to and fro--feeling that sense of belonging that never really struck her anywhere else--Semir thought she understood the old, cliched line "There's no place like home".  She hummed a line she'd heard somewhere...But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong... even when home was like that, no place could replace it.  

But hers wasn't.  She smiled and lifted herself from the mires of ponderous philosophizing.  After an absence of a full decade, she was finally back among people with whom she could feel almost perfectly safe.  Of course, as they were Nietzscheans and she was a Nietzschean, that would always be an 'almost'.  Semir picked up the two maroon-striped grey bags at her feet and made her way from the hangar.  Her senses were full of data about this new planet--apparently, the Tyrant Pride had felt a need to migrate to this Kyriel, a planet to which she'd never traveled. Earlier, she had sent a request to the Matriarch for a meeting of some sort, and she decided to sit in the small, green area near the landing bay until someone sent for her.  In her line of work, she experienced paranoia greater than even the average Nietzschean, but this was a place she could be as close to secure as she'd ever been.  Brushing her free-flowing (a rarity) dark locks from her face, Semir seated herself at a plain bench and drew a leather-bound text from one of her bags.  

She opened it.

It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see. It is base and evil. It is as if we were speaking alone to no ears but our own. And we know well that there is no transgression blacker than to do or think alone. We have broken the laws. The laws say that men may not write unless the Council of Vocations bid them so. May we be forgiven!

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 04:39 PM

I've got responsbility,
That is my liability,
A menace to society,
At least that's what they say to me.
But tonight, toni--

As she worked, Kat cheefully whistled along to an old Earth song she knew by heart.  She wondered for a moment if Silver considered the collection of old music to be archaeology. . . .She looked up from her hammering at the sound of shifting pebbles and small stones.  An annoyed growl escaped her throat when Silver was not in sight.  'That blasted woman gets into more trouble than. . .than. . .Bah!  Anything!'

[i]Kat made her way over to the entrance to the cave and shone a light in.  She could just spot movement by that rockfall. . .Normally, she whould go in there cursing and making a general fuss. . .but Kat was in an abnormally good mood that morning, and decided cautious inquiry would be less headache-inducing.

Silver!  What trouble are you heading into this time?

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 04:56 PM

The modified small freighter Twelve Spirits came out of slipstream and angled toward the Tyrant planet of Kyriel.  In the pilot's seat was Semyaza Daishi, an outcast from Ti'en Kou Pride.  He had been on his own for three years now, and found he did not like it.  After hearing about this Pride, he hoped he could find a new life for himself, start over.

From a distance, Semyaza had to admit that Kyriel was an attractive planet.  He could only hope the people were as accepting as their planet was beautiful.

Semyaza brought his ship into orbit around the planet.

"Kyriel Flight Control, this is the Twelve Spirits requesting permission to land."


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Posted 12 June 2003 - 07:13 PM

Saio woke up slowly, opening her eyes sleepily, becoming aware of the light of morning streaming through the window. It was then she became aware of the irritable pounding on the door of her quarters and the comments of and irate Nietzschean. "Get up you lazy creature! You've got work to do!" Saio closed her eyes and groaned. It was Tau, the guard assigned to escorting her around the compound.

The golden Trancer didn't reply, getting up, dressing in her leather suit and brushing her black hairm which had faint tints of red in it also. Finally she unlocked the door and opened it with a few flicks of her tail. "Good morning Tau, did you sleep well?" She greeted with a tolerant smile. He merely growled at her in response. Saio chuckled and walked out of her quarters, heading for the mess hall.

#9 Raeven


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Posted 12 June 2003 - 08:00 PM

Raeven felt someone shaking her, she groaned, opened one eye and then the other

“slept in late…..work..late for work”

She sat up and rubbed her eyes

“Late for work!….that’s impossible… I am never late for work”

She poked Rov and smiled

“This is obviously your fault…..again”She kissed him, jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. Five minutes later she was dressed and ready to leave. She winked at Monique

“I told you I am NEVER late!”

She popped into the children’s bedroom and blew Javert, Adrian and Nicole a kiss

“I have to go …..but I’ll see you all for lunch”

Javert grinned and began to chant

“Mummy’s late….mummy’s late….late….late”

Rae slowly backed out of the room

“No sweetie, I’m not late…well not yet anyway.” she waved goodbye and hurried to the front door

“Bye Rovvie…don’t work too hard, bye Monique….see you for lunch if you have time”

She raced across to the med lab. As she opened the door she saw her assistant waiting for her

“Good morning Doctor…….. running a little late this morning aren’t you”

Raeven sighed

#10 Shalamar


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Posted 12 June 2003 - 09:04 PM

Perigrine too one last look out the four huge windows that gave such a magnificant view of  Kyriel. Her room may have been small and lonely but it held the few things she had been able to save from the destruction of the Tyrants old home. Now she was leaving them behind. She looked at her duster and sighed, she had no reason to be wearing it, and would arouse possible suspiccin. Grabbing up her weapons case, she trotted lightly down the stairs, never looking back

She moved confidently though the public areas, and into one of the training rooms. She knew the compound like the back of her hand. Perigrine opened a little known door and was in unused corridors that would take her eventually to the hangers. There the freighter that would take one extra passenger with it as it left on a supply run was even now loading.

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 10:48 PM

LT looked with satisfaction at the stacks of clothes before her. Rov hadn't been too happy having to stand around for the fittings, but Monique and Rae had been ecstatic. All the alterations had been finished, now all that was left was to package it all up and deliver. This one she was delivering herself.

As she was leaving out, she informed Terri that she didn't know how long she would be gone and to comm her only if questions arose that Terri could not handle, or if Orion needed her, then she strolled towards the Alpha's quarters at a leisurly pace, not sure if they would even be out of bed yet.

#12 Mikoto


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Posted 12 June 2003 - 11:24 PM

Saio entered the mess hall and saw that it was virtually deserted, only a few people were sitting at the tables. She didn't really mind and made her way over to the galley to prepare some breakfast, Tau did the same just behind her. They sat down at one of the many unnocupied tables and began eating breakfast. Saio anticipated Tau's question before he opened his mouth to speak.

He asked the same thing every morning, regular as clockwork. "Today I'm going to water and weed the plots, then am going out to do some more field research and bring back more seeds for planting." The golden Trancer chuckled inwardly as she saw Tau's expression settling into a look of sullen boredom already. Saio hid her amusement and turned most of her attention to her breakfast.

#13 Nikki Peppermint

Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 12 June 2003 - 11:51 PM

"Oh, lunch sounds good! We'll meet you somewhere.  And we need to pick up our new clothes, too.....don't forget about that, Rae."

The whirlwind Nietzschean that is her sister-wife, Rae inspires Monique to follow Rae's lead.  But first she sits atop their mate and teases him with kisses, then hears the door chime go off.

"Dang it!  Be right back if you wish to wait before showering, my love." Slipping on a silk robe, Monique tries to make her hair presentable before reaching the door.  The household help hasn't arrived yet, and Silvy is busy with the children.

"Delivery for Monique, Second wife of the Alpha," a voice came over the comm system. "From Perigrine, Security."

Monique taps the console to open the door, and there stands a Nietzschean carrying a large case...with something alive in it.  As he enters and turns it around, she sees it's Peri's cats.

"What the......?  Why's Peri sending me her cats?  Tell me now!" Monique nearly glares at the man who cowers back a bit.  He certainly doesn't want to be he recipient of her temper.

"I....I'm sure I don't know, Milady.  I was supposed to pick them up later, but was sent early.  So....here they are." With that the "delivery" man backs out and nearly runs down the hall.

"What does this mean? Peri would never give up her cats! I'm going to find out what's going on here."  

However, Monique is tempted to kneel down and talk to the half-grown cats for a few minutes, and thinks she should take them into Rov to see.

"Rov?  Guess what?"She calls into the sleeping quarters.

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 12:09 AM

As LT is walking to the Alpha's house, she thinks back to before they were forced to leave their other homeworld. She, Sca R.R. and Ani had been a happy family and things had been going well. Now, Sca had returned to her former pride, Ani and R.R. were busy with their lives and XT was missing. She missed Sca, the two of them had been as close as sisters and had shared everything, including XT a time or two, she remembered fondly.

How she missed her mate, especially seeing the other families going about their business. XT had been gone a long time and no one seemed to know where he was. If he wasn't found or came home soon they were likely to give up on him and declare him dead. She would not believe he was dead until she saw it with her own eyes and had his DNA run just to be sure. She wished she could go look for him, but she had other responsibilities that she could not leave, chief among them Orion, their son. She would not chance leaving him and taking him with her would pose an unacceptable risk, so she went on with her life as best she could and hoped some day to see her mate again.

All her musings had brought her to the place she was seeking and she saw Monique at the door bereting a poor delivery man who had delivered something to her. Before her friend could close the door, LT grabbed it.

"You're not gonna yell at me too, are you?" She teased, holding up the rather large bundle.

#15 Rov Judicata

Rov Judicata

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 03:09 AM

Rov is extremely amused by Rae's whirlwind departure. The woman was a menace.

Rov looks at Nikki, puzzled.

"Why would she send us her cats? Unless... she heard that we were going to have lunch..."

Nikki just looks at Rov.

#16 Nikki Peppermint

Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 05:58 AM

Rov comes out just as LT arrives at the door.  Good thing the Alpha remembered to put on his pants, Monique thinks.

"LT! Come in." Monique smiles at her friend. "Put down that bundle.  It looks heavy!  And, of course I'm not going to yell at you--he just annoyed me, that's all." Monique winks.  She doesn't really have a temper, she just enjoys scaring people.  Well, alright , maybe she does have a little one.

Turning back to Rov, Monique gives him 'the look'.  Both she and Rae had 'a look.' "First of all.....you are an evil, evil man, Javert Rovinski, to even make such a joke about eating cats!" Rov's second wife sticks her tongue out at him. "Second, I have no idea why Peri is sending me her cats.  She loves these guys.  I'm going to let them out!"

Suddenly there are two cats and three small children running about the quarters.  Adrian, Javert, and Nicole had just come from the bedroom ready for the day.  They yell 'kitties, kitties' and begin to play with them gently.

"So, LT, what's in the bundle there?" Monique peers curiously around LT.

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 02:13 PM

Semir smiled as she closed the slender volume.  Reading a work of Ayn Rand's always put her in a good, very Nietzschean sort of mood; it was sometimes difficult to believe the woman hadn't been one herself.  Just then, a young man in the uniform of a security underling passed her, looked down at a flexi, returned, and asked if she were Semir Arinys.  She answered in the affirmative and was led inside a large, nearby compound.  As they followed grid-like corridors, Semir tried to keep track of their turnings.  Finally, they arrived at a door the guard announced led to the Matriarch's office.  Semir thanked the man politely--civility was a quality Semir felt woefully lacking in many of her more Dragonian cousins--and tapped the keybad near the door, asking for permission to enter.

#18 Jid


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Posted 13 June 2003 - 02:36 PM

[i]Rufus stood still against the side of a ship, waiting.

He knew she'd come here.  He'd known it since he had seen that she had relisted her quarters as available.

He scanned the hangar again.  Perigrine would show up.  He knew it.  And since this was the only freighter scheduled to leave today, she'd be here.

And he'd be waiting.  He would do nothing else today till she declared she would not leave.

And so he kept watching, and waiting.

#19 Kidwrangler

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 04:22 PM

"Oh, nothing!" Silver said, distracted by the pebbles falling on her head.  "Just...oof!...checking out...dang!...an interesting reading down...yowch!...here!"  Kicking and shoving rocks out of her way, as well as singlemindedly ignoring the occasional menacing grinding noise, she continued to work her way forward.

Kat made a rude noise.  Silver's protests not withstanding, the crevice obviously wasn't safe without some precautions.

"...whatever it is doesn't seem...whoops!...to be very far down here...now, that smarted!...so I'm just going to check...phew!...a little farther..."  Her running commentary came to an abrupt stop when she felt a tug.  "Hey!  Watch where you're putting those hands, young woman!"

#20 Kidwrangler

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Posted 13 June 2003 - 04:29 PM

The Matriarch glanced up at her monitor, the pleasant ping announcing information Marisa felt needed immediate attention.  A smile growing, she touched the controls mounted in her desk.  Moments later, her door was opened by one of the guards, who stared suspiciously at the young woman entering.

Bobdylanite rose from behind her desk to meet her visitor.  "Semir!" she said warmly, holding up her forearm in greeting.  "Welcome to Kyriel!  Come, sit, tell me of your life lately."

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