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Gathering Cavern for Dragonriders

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 07:13 PM

Disclaimer and credit:
Spoiler: click to show/hide
With some changes and omissions, this universe is based solely on the wonderful Pern Dragonrider books by Anne McCaffrey. She gets all the credit for practically everything and it’s with honor that we play in her universe.

It's time for a new game! If this goes as well as I *think* it will crosses fingers, I'll probably alternate between this game and Atomic Sunrise (since I don't have time for two).  We played the other game for a year...let's see if we can do the same with this one :).

What follows is a huge amount of information!! It's just a given that I can do nothing in a simple, uncomplicated manner :rolleyes:.  It's necessary for our game, but hopefully the following will be useful and fun to read and play :D. I'm new to the universe, too, so I'm still learning.

Rae, szhismine, and Mikoto...give things a read through, see if there's anything you want to add to your profiles, then go ahead and post in the profile thread. Chatty and Brit, PM me when you're done!

And so...

* * * * * * *

About the planet:

Planet name:
Idan (Eye-dun) (in the Tanesis System)


Similar to English but with different terms for many words

Camden Weyr,
Northern Continent, southern coast
near the Samudra Ocean

Planet description

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Idan contains three continents, four major oceans, and a large number of islands. The largest continent, the Southern, is noted for large areas of grassland and jungle, as well as high tectonic and volcanic activity.

The Northern Continent, in contrast, is composed primarily of 'shield' bedrock and some fertile land areas, and it is the most tectonically stable landmass on the planet.

Not much is known of the small Far Western Continent, as it has never been explored; its existence is known only from original orbital satellite surveys and maritime expeditions.

Idan has a multitude of cave systems, particularly in the Northern Continent. This feature heavily influenced the development of human society on the planet, as humans forced to take shelter in these caves eventually developed an intricate culture associated with cave-dwelling in a feudal society at a medieval to Renaissance level of technology.

Idan is relatively lacking in most major metals. Nonetheless, sufficient deposits of petroleum and metals exist to supply a high-technology agrarian society, though not a high-technology industrial one.

Although Idan has four major oceans, the only ocean of major concern to most inhabitants is the Samudra, which separates the Northern and Southern Continents. Few expeditions have explored the Western and Eastern Oceans to either side of the main continents.

The Sumadra Ocean is noted for its volatile weather and strong currents, which present a challenge for mariners.

Idan has a populous and thriving aquatic ecology.

Idan biomes contain both indigenous Idanese flora and fauna and introduced species from other worlds—primarily Earth. (More later).

Most of the plants introduced by Idanese colonists are providers of food, fiber or medicine. Most grains, vegetable crops, and fruit trees were imported, as were a wide variety of herbs and fiber plants such as flax and cotton.

The original Idanese Settlers brought a wide variety of animals and plants with them when they originally settled the planet. Some did not survive and other animals required "genetic adaptation" but survived in some form or another. (More later)

Idan has developed a highly structured society, consisting of four different groups of people, Weyrfolk (including Dragonriders) who live in the Weyrs, the Holders who live in the Holds (cities, towns and farms), the crafters who live in Crafthalls (or are assigned to work their crafts in certain Holds and Weyrs), and the Holdless who have no permanent home (including traders, displaced Holders, and brigands).

The Weyr, Hold and Hall are all separate from one another and the leaders of each are equal in rank. But in the same way, they are interdependent, and no one group could exist without the other two. Individual Weyrs, Holds, and Halls are autonomous, but generally maintain good relations with one another.

Life on Idan resembles a pre-industrial society with lords, holds, harpers (musicians, entertainers, and teachers), and dragons.

The Idanese economy, based upon the Mark, appears to be a command economy. The Mark is made of wood, a flat currency, and has no inherent value; prices across Idan are fixed by a yearly meeting of Traders, Craftmasters, and Lord Holders. Barter is common practice on Pern.


Spoiler: click to show/hide
Our planet was discovered over 1500 years ago by the Ancestors, people from Earth who were technologically and scientifically advanced enough to travel through space and explore other galaxies.  

Earth was heading towards social and ecological ruin. The governments of the world authorized a search for new planets to inhabit, ventures that met with varying degrees of success depending on resources. Several major nations began to work together, while people of all nationalities were involved on a lower level.

Idan was discovered, investigated, chosen, and named as the first planet to inhabit by the American States, the European Union, and the Asiatic Federation, as well as the Tairngire Nation made up of Drow and forward thinking Elves. The initial group of settlers—all with necessary skills and education to form a new world—arrived in what is now called Year 1. Consisting of men, women, and children—singles, couples, and families—they began to build their planet of Idan. Their intention was to use the minimum level of technology possible, aiming for a self-sufficient agrarian society.

Idan was built using the great technologies of Earth, but the settlers wanted a more simple life. Instead of great industrial cities, Holds, or small towns were built. At first there were the usual indications of a somewhat modern society: a college was built, power was generated, a monetary system developed. Life continued for twenty or so Turns of the planet, the settlers enjoying the natural gifts Idan had to offer.

When Thread was discovered to be coming in another 100 Turns and the solution figured out, the genetic scientists created the giant dragons using the genes of the smaller fire-dragons. The Dragonriders were born and housed in the cave Weyrs.

Shortly after, a dissenting group (of a now much larger population) split from the main colony. They were led by a Drow, with most of the followers being Drow, many Elves, and some humans. They took what equipment and tools they could, across the ocean to the more volatile southern continent. They began to attempt to steal to get what they thought they deserved and the two groups became enemies. They created their own dragons and Dragonriders.

Over the next several hundred years, knowledge began to be lost, and Idan lost contact with Earth forever. The skills needed now were different to survive and technology and science began to be replaced by farming, defense, and fighting the Thread. Supplies ran low, equipment was dismantled when no longer needed and put to other uses, and people began to relearn the “old” ways of living. A plague wiped out a significant part of both societies’ populations.  The Dragonriders and Werys gained prominence and status in their fight against enemies from the sky and from across the ocean.

And now, in Year 1503 there is no advanced technology left of the Ancestors that functions as it was intended. The society on Idan has changed significantly over that time span, and fallen back into a late medieval-style period. Many items left over have new uses; power comes from coal, wood, solar power, glowlamps, kerosene, water; travel is done by dragon, foot, boat, or herdbeast or horse and wagon. Knowledge comes from direct teaching and memory, and all written knowledge is contained in the fragile handwritten and hand copied materials that were saved throughout the centuries.

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 07:45 PM

The Weyr: (or weyr we live :wink:)

Camden Weyr (rhymes with sphere):

(Please make sure you can visual this in general terms…it’s fairly HUGE! :wink: (There’s room for 400 dragons and twice as many people, so HUGE!) If you can't I will do whatever I can to help out. Any questions just ask!)

In simple terms the Weyr is LARGE cliffs and the side of a mountain surrounding a 'bowl' shaped area on three sides, and this bowl leads down several 'levels' of land to the ocean. There are ways around the sides (along the ocean shores) for walking in and out. Otherwise, the dragons fly up and down.

Weyrs are the physical space in which dragons, their riders and support staff reside.

Spoiler: click to show/hide
The function of a Weyr is to fight Thread. The time during which Thread falls is called a Pass. These Passes last about 50 years, usually with a break of 200 years between. We are currently nearing the end of a Pass. Only a few more days of Thread predicted.

Camden Weyr can hold up to 400 dragons and dragonriders, as well as the support staff down below. Currently the Weyr has about 250 dragons due to a great loss over the past 50 years of fighting Thread. There are about 50 weyrlings that are too young to fly but are being trained, as well as a group of new Dragonriders that are ready to be recruited. The Senior gold Queen is due to clutch (lay her eggs) soon, which leaves the Weyrwoman grounded from fighting Thread. The Headwoman goes in her place.

A huge rounded, upside-down “U” shaped depression in the ground with several layers or levels. The entire area gently slopes toward the sea and a white, sandy beach (open part of 'U'). The first level near the caves is the hatching grounds with lots of sand brought up from the beach; the second level down is a holding area for food for the dragons and people called herdbeasts (cattle, sheep, goats, etc); the final level contains a natural lake for bathing for the dragons, as well as grassy places to sun themselves. The lake is fed by a mountain stream.

Tall, rock cliffs surround the bowl on two sides, a mountain side makes up the third. Large holes were originally created by plasma cutters of the Ancestors. Using the natural caves already formed in the tall cliffs, more caves (500) were formed as well as an extended tunnel system within the cliffs leading up and down to the various levels. There is nothing except weyrs (the living spaces) above the ground level.

An individual dragon's weyr consists of a ledge for landing and sunning, a cavern with a "couch", or raised stone bed (covered with straw or other bedding) for the dragon and sleeping and storage areas for the rider. (These will be huge to fit the dragon). The dragons weyr faces outward. These large weyrs include a separate protected room for a rider's living area. This faces into the cave and is protected from weather. The dragon and rider can always see each other. If a couple is mated or wish to live together, their dragons can have adjoining weyrs and the couple can share a larger room/space in between. Hides/heavy materials cover the openings of the rider’s area for privacy; can have a window carved out of the rock covered by hide or wood shutters.

Weyrs for gold queens and the wingleaders’ dragons are located on the first level above the ground level with tunnel access inside or ramps outside to the ground or Lower Caverns so that goldriders can still access their weyrs while their dragons are on the Hatching Grounds with their eggs. The Weyrwoman's chambers on the ground level in particular are extensive, connecting to her office, a large meeting room and the records room.

The leaders and wingleaders share large, private baths on the ground level heated by a hypocaust system (don’t ask me what it is…just enjoy the baths!) There are also communal baths within the caves on the ground level.

The Lower Caverns are an extensive series of caverns with easy entrance by foot. Many entrances lead inside. (Front areas are open to allow in light and air, main areas protected from the elements). Picture lit hallways and various chambers. They contain common use areas such as lounging and recreation areas for riders, kitchens and dining areas, bathing pools, storage areas for supplies, living quarters for support staff, children, crafters and more.

The interior of the caverns run from smooth to rough, and can be dull colored or sparkling with the exposure of quartz. Candles, glowlamps, fires in hearths provide light and warmth; striking stones produce the initial fire (please don’t use matches :wink: )

So, stand on the sand, face the Weyr, back to the ocean. To your right is the lake on bottom level. Second level is herdbeasts and their cavern in the mountain side. Next to that the herders caves. Look to cliffs in front and move across and left. Medical caverns first (Healer's weyr above); various craft caverns; Weyr meeting rooms and offices (Weyrleader/Weyrwoman's weyrs above); kitchens/dining areas/large spaces for gatherings; records room/Harper's quarters; training area for the young Dragonriders; finally the ocean again.

Further inside would be children's area, lounging areas, baths, living quarters for staff, etc. We'll just be general with where these are, it's too much to figure out and remember! I know this is a lot (AGAIN!) but just remember the basic layout really, and the rest we'll write in and play with as we go along.

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 07:50 PM

”Marriage” and Families:

Spoiler: click to show/hide
There is no marriage in the Weyr, as dragonriders are so involved in their dragons' needs that it would be unfair to a romantic partner to commit to a permanent relationship. Instead, Weyrs have "weyrmates." In rare cases, weyrmating is as deep and permanent as a marriage. However, a weyrmate would usually be the equivalent to a long-term "boyfriend" or "girlfriend": a form of serial monogamy. A weyrmate might be another rider, a crafter or a lower caverns worker. The term indicates that the pair usually share living quarters, for the time being. Such relationships can be severed at any time by either partner for any reason.

Parental ties are loose, and children are considered to be the property of the Weyr, not of the parent. Usually a child knows who his or her parents are, but have no more contact with them than any other Weyr resident. There is often some fondness between parent and child; a parent might give a "birthing day" or "Turn's End" gift to their child and keep tabs on the child's development. Other parents completely ignore their child's existence. Severing a child's emotional ties with their natural parents is also considered to be a balancing factor, as expectations for Weyrbrats are not tied to the rank or qualities of their parents. Children are seen as individuals who must succeed or fail on their own, not on parental merit.

Weyrbrats - The children who are born in the Weyr are called (affectionately) Weyrbrats. Weyrbrats may be the children of Dragonriders, Lower Cavern staff or Crafters. It is the tradition in the Weyr that children are not raised by their natural parents, as dragonrider parents do not have time to raise a child while caring for a dragon. This community model also serves to reduce parental favoritism. Children are Fostered as soon as they are weaned from their mother's milk, and initially sent to the Weyr's creche. Once the child has grown to show distinct personality and talents, they are matched with a Fosterer (foster parent) who suits the child's temperament.

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Made you look!!

Seriously, there’s a whole different and interesting sexual atmosphere in a Weyr and concerning when dragons mate, and we are *so* not going to go there for this game :angel:.

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Basically Thread is like large spores, or things falling from space down to the planet. Like silver rain. It burns. It burns and shreds human skin and dragon skin and wings. The burns are called threadscore. It's deadly to whatever it touches. The dragons eat firestone fed to them by their riders, digest it in their second stomach and spit out fire to ‘kill’ Thread. Dragonriders fly around in the sky (not space, it won’t be dark) trying to burn Thread before it burns them or hits the ground and destroys utterly what it touches.

The gold dragons and their riders ride lower down to try to attack what the Dragonriders above missed. They use flamethrowers with a variation of firestone material in them. Queen dragons cannot chew firestone as it makes them infertile.

If a rider or dragon is hit a little bit, he/she goes between immediately for a few seconds to freeze the Thread off their skin and is left with a nasty burn that will need treatment. If a rider or dragon is hit too much it will kill them or injure them so badly they will go between to die and never return.

Thread drowns in water, so luckily the Weyr faces the ocean on one side.

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Thread, a non-sentient organism which rains down from the “sky” consuming all organic matter it touches. Thread is drawn to the planet by the attraction of a rogue planet within the solar system, leaving intervals of 200 years and sometimes more in which Thread is not present. The Turns (years) of fighting the voracious spore Thread, which falls from the skies at regular intervals, have eroded the memory of Idan’s origins to mere legend

Shortly after the first colony was established, the settlers discovered that their chosen planet was subject to periodic attack from space by the destructive Thread, a spaceborne spore that destroys organic substances on contact. Thread consumes organic material at a voracious rate, including crops, animals, and any humans in its path. Unable to retreat from the peril, the settlers developed methods of combating the Thread. A small indigenous lifeform, the Fire-Lizard, was discovered with remarkable adaptations against Thread: flight, teleportation, limited telepathy, and the ability to chew phosphine rock and generate bursts of flame. Early scientists genetically "upgraded" these into full-sized flame-breathing telepathic dragons, who were able to sear the Thread before it could fall to the ground. Dragonriders became a vitally important and highly respected profession. As time progressed, the settlers forgot their Earth origins.

* Wings fly in a V-formation
* The Riders feed their dragons the firestone, then race after the falling Thread and burn it out of the sky.
* When they are hit by Thread it burns whatever it touches. Dragon and Rider must go between momentarily to freeze the Thread. It leaves a scar or mark where it froze off.
* Thread can rip a man’s skin or a dragon’s wings to shreds. Dragons who know they are hurt beyond healing will go between, and their Riders go with them willingly. Neither ever returns. It is an automatic reflex of both.
* The Queen’s Wing made up of the few gold queen dragons who fly Threadfall with their riders wielding flame-throwers; this wing flies below the other wings to pick off excess Thread – queens can’t chew firestone as they are unable to properly utilize the material, and it makes them infertile.
* Dragons fly and dive and circle around and generally chase Thread. Wings must be trained in strategies, maneuvers, and working together on order of each Wingleader.

Watch-Whers deal with Thread that falls at night on their own. Can only fly at night and are nocturnal. Usually remain hidden during the day, and they are unattractive and dragon-like. (We’ll deal with them later on).

Firestone: is a phosphine bearing rock. When chewed by the dragons, they are able to produce phosphorus gases, which then ignite and are used, primarily, for burning Thread out of the air. The rocks need to be somewhat "digested" in the acid of the dragons second stomach before the phosphine gases are released.

If you want a pet, read here!

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Average size is around 2 feet from nose to tail, although size varies just like any animal. Like miniature dragons. The fire-lizards come in all the colors as they were an established, native species from the beginning. Only the females can be gold; however, males and females can be bronze, silver, copper, red, green, blue, black. They have six limbs: four legs and two wings.

Fire-lizards have two stomachs. One for digesting food, and one for processing a phosphine bearing rock referred to as firestone because the major by-product of this process is a flame of fire that burns up the deadly thread organisms. This was one of the main reasons that the original settlers of Idan used fire-lizard DNA to create the much larger dragons. The other reason was the intimate bond between a fire-lizard and its human partner. This bond which can only be formed shortly after hatching in fire-lizards, was developed into the much stronger telepathic link experienced by a human rider and their dragon. The bonding process is known as 'impression.'

Unlike the dragons which are capable of speaking telepathically with their human riders, fire-lizards are limited to conveying 'images' or emotions to their human friends. Consequently, the bond between humans and fire-lizards is weaker than with dragons. This allows people to impress more than one fire-lizard.

Fire-lizards also have the ability to go between, or teleport themselves from one place to another through the dimension known as between. Theoretically fire-lizards should also be able to move other objects through the process of telekinesis, but only dragons have demonstrated the intelligence required to move objects from one place to the next.

Fire-lizards not only remember specific events of importance, but genetically transmit those memories, in good order, for many tens of generations. This memory is an equivalent of the dragons' ability to time-travel.

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Clothing for the moderate weather conditions at Camden Weyr (depending on the season). Use as much or as little detail as you wish, just remember….

Clothing must be made from wild animal skin or fur, herdbeast (soft leather), plain or dyed material woven or spun from animal hair or “cotton”-like plants by Weavers.

Spoiler: click to show/hide
* normal hide-skin pants (like tan jeans) – from new/formal to well-worn
* sleeve-less undershirt (like a tank top. Tan/grey, or white
* cut off pants into shorts, although this is considered a waste of good pants, and a tad * * * leather sandals worn on the sands
* light jacket
* shirt, long or short sleeved
* dresses
* 'breast band' for females, which is like a wide strip of cloth, or hide, tied or wrapped around their chest
* undergarments for both
* furs
* etc

Dragonriders and others carry swords, knives, daggers…can use bow and arrow, and any weapon not dependent on gunpowder or any form of mechanical propulsion.

Dragon Riders:

There are uniforms that Dragon Rider's wear for fighting Thread. Sometimes Riders choose to always wear their uniforms, to show who they are. Uniforms consist of thick hide pants, and a thick jacket, with a warm under shirt. Gloves and helmets are also worn. Also, between is known to have a complete lack of feeling, and upon return, riders feel bone chilling cold.

A more comfortable version include a hide vest that buttons up the side (like Andromeda) and a nice, light long or short-sleeved shirt. Regular hide pants and boots of the Rider uniforms above.

For the dragons:
This is great for what equipment is used on the dragons!

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Fore (Neck) strap
One large wide band of leather, usually padded, goes around the neck of the dragon, just in behind of the neckridge and in front of where the rider sits.
Aft (Neck) strap
The larger belt that goes around the neck, behind where the rider sits, just before the dragon’s chest and shoulders.
Neck plate
A large padded shield of leather that can come in various designs and shapes, the neck straps are run through it, sometimes criss-crossing, the plate holds them in place.
Chest strap
The really large belt that goes around the dragon’s torso, just  behind the wings and forelegs, used only for carrying extra passengers or for heavy duty like transporting cargo, or heavy threadfall where the winds are bad.  To prevent extra slippage of the two belts on the neck.
Bridge strap
The smaller straps that run from the chest strap to the neck straps, and sometimes between the two neck straps.
Tether(ing) strap
Any of the smaller straps that holds objects like firestone sacks, baskets, carrysacks, etc to the chest strap or neck strap.
Riding belt
The belt/harness that a rider or passenger wears upon themselves to buckle onto the dragon's straps.
Safety strap
Long, thick riding straps that are fastened to the riding belt or other parts of the rider's gear that are connected to any of the dragon's straps.
Toe Loops
Braided or thick lengths of leather attached to neck, chest, or bridge straps to help climbing on or off the dragon. Also used to brace the feet in during flight.

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Words to use:
Please read these over and use them when you can in your posts. I think it’ll give the story a real other-worldly feel to call things something different than what we know them by. If you forget don’t worry about it…it’s all just for fun! One thing, though…there’s no coffee!! It’s called klah ;).

Turn: The amount of time it takes for Idan to complete its revolution around its sun.

Glow: a light source which can be carried in a hand-basket

Holds: What the towns are called regardless of their size.

Holders:  The inhabitants of the Hold. Run by a Lord Holder. Holders, who work the land.

Craft Halls: Skills are specialized in Craft Halls where people may be taken on as apprentices and become journeymen and finally masters of their craft.

The Holdless: People who do not live in an established hold—either by choice, or those who have been punished, or were forced out at the dawning of a Pass because they were useless and have been left holdless.

Traders: These are the people who take tradeable goods to less well off holds, and those people who often cannot reach a Gather.

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Redfruit/redfruit tree: a red, plum-like fruit

Klah tree: bark is infused like coffee into a stimulant beverage reminiscent of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon

Fish-like creatures: oily-fleshed packtail, the prized redfin, and the easily-preserved whitefish

Meatroll: meat and bread combination

Sweetbread: pastry

Sweeting: jelly or jam

Tubers- edible roots

Grains, vegetable crops, and fruit trees were imported from Earth and continue to grow

Wide variety of herbs and fiber plants such as flax and cotton

Native medicinal plants:
Spoiler: click to show/hide
Dragon's tongue, which produces a gel similar to aloe

Needlethorn, whose hollow thorns can be used as hypodermic needles

Numbweed, a strong analgesic plant that is made into a cream that numbs small wounds completely, and dulls larger wounds

Fellis, which produces a juice used as a soporific drug.

Animals: classified by use more than by species.
Spoiler: click to show/hide
Herdbeasts are animals kept in large numbers for meat or leather, and include bovines (cows), ovines (sheep) and caprines (goats)

Milchbeasts are the same species as herdbeasts, but kept for milk.

Draybeasts are donkeys, oxen or draft horses.

Runners are a particular breed of horse, a riding/racing beast vaguely analagous to the Anglo-Arabian.

Burdenbeasts may be donkeys or llamas.

Felines (cats) and canines (dogs), are kept for pest control or, in the case of dogs, as herd or guard animals.

A large feline was engineered by a renegade settler for the purpose of being an intelligent helper, but they turned on the settler and went wild on the Southern Continent (not where the Weyr is, but we might run into one some day)

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Unfortunately I have all the characters I can handle right now, and I'm waiting on two other people to perhaps join. If anyone *does* want to join, and you're serious about roleplaying AND have the time to devote, let me know by PM. If I can handle more characters I will let you know as soon as I can. :)

Character Creation:

Spoiler: click to show/hide
* Name should be unusual, nothing that we would consider a typical name today. Can be foreign, names combined, or just made up (ex: Shaava, Emorra, Teirnan, Desi). No need for a surname as they do not exist.

* Must be human (if there is any Elf or Drow ancestry it is so minor as to be hardly noticeable as the Elf and Drow split off well over a thousand years ago.)

* Can be of any mixture of original Earth races, although after so much time everything is mixed. There are no distinct races on Idan.

* Does not remember or think much about Earth ancestry. Earth is mostly forgotten or only remembered in faint legends. Strictly Idanese.

* Either born at the Wyer of Wyerriders; came from one of the nearby Holds; or was searched out and found to be sensitive to being Impressed (PM me for more details, not all characters will have a dragon).

You can have an NPC weyrmate or children**. They won’t be used in the story, just for your own interactions. (**See info in this thread if you do want children.)

Dragon Creation: Only for Dragonriders (Think of your dragon as a character, too).

Spoiler: click to show/hide
Your Rider’s dragon is not a pet, nor is he/she merely a mode of transportation or fighting beast. Your dragon is your Rider’s heart, soul, and life. Your Rider is most attached to the dragon over anyone else. When your Rider was younger the Hatchling chose or Impressed your Rider directly after birth from the egg. They Impress the person that will most match their temperament and personality. The hatchlings can already communicate with their new Riders.

Once Impressed your Rider moved into one of the weyrs with the dragon and cared for he/she like a child. Your Rider had to oil the dragons skin constantly as it grew so it wouldn’t dry out; had to make sure it fed and had water; taught it to bathe in the lake. The dragons already have the genetic material to fight Thread but they needed to learn to wear the saddle/harness and all the commands, as well as how to fly with a rider. And so forth. Your Rider is now bonded with the dragon even deeper than any human relationship.

Side note:
Spoiler: click to show/hide
There is no marriage in the Weyr, as dragonriders are so involved in their dragons' needs that it would be unfair to a romantic partner to commit to a permanent relationship. Instead, Weyrs have "weyrmates." In rare cases, weyrmating is as deep and permanent as a marriage. However, a weyrmate would usually be the equivalent to a long-term "boyfriend" or "girlfriend": a form of serial monogamy. A weyrmate might be another rider, a crafter or a lower caverns worker. The term indicates that the pair usually share living quarters, for the time being. Such relationships can be severed at any time by either partner for any reason.

None of our dragons will die, but to show how deep the bond between dragon and rider is…when a dragon dies, the rider usually falls into a deep depression with very little will to live. Sometimes a strong ‘family’ bond or a reason to live is found, but the rider never gets over the loss of the dragon. When a rider dies, the dragon will go between and never return. And when very old and no longer able to ride, both rider and dragon will go between together, never to return.

* Their blood is copper-based and green in color.

* Can only breath fire after chewing and partially digesting firestone

* The riders have a telepathic bond with their dragons, formed by Impression at the dragon's hatching. (You need to differentiate your dragon’s speaking from your regular posting, either italics, italics and color, color…don’t use bold though, :wink: ) Communication can be over distances.

* The dragons can also speak telepathically to each other, so Riders can pass messages. They don’t speak out loud**. Your dragon can nod, shake its head, and express itself through movement and some limited facial expressions.

**bellow- alarm, irritation, calling for attention
bugle- greeting, information, joy
croon- pleasure, reassurance, apology
humming- hatching
keen- death cry
moan- distress, anxiety
squeal- fear, surprise
warble- complacent, gratitude
whimper- deep sadness

* Your dragon should be at least seven years old to have the experience necessary to lead.

* Color: Your dragon can either be bronze, copper, silver, or brown (more on the other colors later…the enemy has those!) It can be any size (except the largest are the gold, which I’ll get into later). The larger the dragon the more powerful and strong; the “smaller” the dragon, the faster and more agile. So you decide. We can use both in the Wingleader position, as well as in further adventures.

* Skin is like heavy suede. Because young dragons grow so fast, their riders must regularly apply oil to their hides to prevent the skin from cracking or drying out.

* Are carnivorous, oviparous, warm-blooded creatures

* Size: I have a hard time describing sizes in order to visualize a dragon. See the picture, see the person on the neck. This can be a large sized dragon for us. (The dragon’s head looks as long as the man.) So even “smaller” will be huge for the riders.

Newly hatched dragons are the size of very large dogs or small ponies, and reach their full size after eighteen months.

Leathery skin and thinner leathery wings (no scales) – needs to be oiled now and then
Think “feline” for the body movements and shape. If a cat can move a certain way, so can the dragon.
Four ‘legs’ and two wings. Almost hand and foot shaped paws but longer with sharp talons able to grip as well as lay flat on the ground.
Long neck with ‘horse-shaped’ head. Neck can turn to see behind the dragon.
As with humans all have same features but different “looks”: Soft nose part, flaring nostrils, eye ridges above eyes (round, slanted, thicker, thinner, etc), no protruding ears, various sizes of backwards horns, no spikes but some sort of under the skin boney protrusions down back of neck.

Eye color:
Dragon’s eyes whirl at different speeds and can turn different colors
green- sleeping, pleasure
red- hunger, anger, sexual agitation and desire
white- extreme danger
lavender/purple- stress
yellow- fright, anger, anxiety
orange- uncertainty, suspicion
rainbow- agitation
blue/green to blue- general well-being, love

The speed with which the eyes whirl indicates the intensity of the emotion

* Must end in “th”. Here’s some links to some names or make up your own!
http://www.polenth.com/fun/dragon.cgi  (go to the button for Pernese Dragons and click that one first)

* When a dragon hatches, they announce their names to their new riders upon Impression.

between: (must be different font than normal posting)
Dragons can also teleport. They do this by briefly entering a hyperspace dimension known as between. Both humans and dragons experience between as an extremely cold, sensory-deprived, black void. After spending no more than eight seconds in between, the dragon can re-emerge anywhere on Idan, along with any passengers or cargo they carried. If a dragon attempts to teleport without a clear mental image of the place where they intend to reappear, they can simply fail to emerge from between and thus, be gone forever. The rider can tell the dragon in mental pictures by visualizing the destination if the dragon has never been there.

General_size_of_dragon.jpg Size of the gold dragons, the others are "smaller"...but that's still very large dragons!

Dragon_face2.jpg Dragon_face3.jpg
Dragon_face1.jpg   Faces of the dragons

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 08:19 PM

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end of the info :wink: (click on the underlined name to see profile)

Characters so far:

Weyrleader: Taric and Garrth (male)

Weyrwoman: Kynthia and Sutanith (Senior gold queen)
* Headwoman: Jaamise NPC - Rinalth
* Goldriders: NPC’s - Deja, Starr, Yajaira

Wingleaders (Dragonriders):

1. Kylene and Melenth (female)

2. Alomar and Cherabith (female)

3. Ferris and Syrilth (male)


1. Aislyn and Feyth (female)

2. Saffi and Ilsith (female)

3. Tully and Symarinth (female)

Master Healer: Seraphina (also Dragonrider) and Merleth (male)

Master Harper: Grianne
Harpers: *Aislyn’s mother - NPC

Weyrlingmaster: Perth NPC

Lower Caverns staff : (NPC)
* often, but not always, the Candidates who failed to Impress a dragon, or those who have run away from home to live in the more liberal, accepting atmosphere of the Weyr.
* includes cooks, servers, cleaning staff for common areas, those who care for the beasts that will feed the dragons, and many others.

Craftsmen: (NPC)
Smith, Weaver, Fisher, Tanner, Baker, and Herder.

Herder: Denol (Grianne's husband)- NPC

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 08:21 PM

I think that's it for now. :angel: I'm hoping to start the game early next week (even if AS is still finishing up.) :D

Edited to add: Feel free to comment in this thread on anything game/character related or ask questions :D.

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If anyone needs me to ever edit their profile after the time limit is up, just let me know.

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 07:41 AM

So much info *head explodes* :D

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:08 AM

:whistle: Like you're surprised :wink:.

*helps scoop up brains and plops them back in Rae's head*

You're gonna need those!!

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:09 AM

Just found the thread.  Will work on a bio over the weekend.  Definitely a male character with a silver male dragon.  Names to follow.

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:20 AM

Excellent, Brit. PM me everything when you're ready :D.

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:27 AM

I am now going to have to start reading the books.  

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lol, i had that thought too! :hehe:
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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:41 AM

If I remember right very few Gold's fly agains thtread because the fire rock limits their ability to breed?  If this is sort of based on Pern.
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Posted 10 August 2007 - 08:48 AM

View PostBrit, on Aug 10 2007, 08:27 AM, said:

I am now going to have to start reading the books.  

View Postszhismine, on Aug 10 2007, 08:28 AM, said:

lol, i had that thought too! :hehe:

They're worth reading! Except I have made some changes as I said, but a lot is the same.

View PostG1223, on Aug 10 2007, 08:41 AM, said:

If I remember right very few Gold's fly agains thtread because the fire rock limits their ability to breed?  If this is sort of based on Pern.
Yep and yep! Already covered in the Disclaimer at the top of the thread and in the section on dragons.

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Posted 10 August 2007 - 10:13 AM

Alrighty people, I'm extending an offer I've already made to Nikki.

I've read all but two or three of Anne McCaffrey's books of Pern (and am in the process of re-reading them as we speak) twice over so....

If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask me. So long as it isn't GM-only stuff I'll be happy to provide whatever information you need.
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Posted 11 August 2007 - 09:25 AM

Working on profile now, just trying to think of a name. The blue dragon is yelling at me so that's probably the one I'll have ;)

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