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Posted 13 August 2007 - 12:25 PM

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The Red Star that had caused Thread to drop its silver strands on Idan was nearly out of the planet’s orbit, according to the Watchrider. For nearly fifty turns Camden Weyr and its inhabitants—indeed all of the Northern Continent--had known only the intermittent battle against the destructive Threadfall. A great majority—those under fifty turns—knew no other life.

Although the many Dragonriders and their dragons had been kept busy fighting Threadfall, daily life in the Weyr had continued: births, deaths, new clutches arriving and new riders Impressed, training, and changes in leadership and staff. Once this Pass ended there should be at least two hundred turns--the 7th Interval--of respite for the Weyrs, Holds, and Crafthalls.

It was early evening…sunset. The sun was beginning to disappear behind the mountain top on the western side of the Weyr, bathing the eastern weyrs with the last of its rays. The large outdoor glowlamps were being prepared by the staff to provide illumination in the mild spring night.

The Dragonriders had just recently returned from between…appearing out of nowhere in formation in what remained of their respective Wings.  The Weyrleader had come last, ensuring all at least made it between.

The Weyr was now busy with activity…

…tired dragons being taken care of by their devoted riders—bathing would have to wait until the sun rose the next day

…riders taking care of their own needs after settling uninjured dragons into their weyrs or sending them to the Feeding Grounds

…weyrlings coming out into the evening from the safety of their caves to assist the Dragonriders with injured dragons and to help remove, clean, and store the heavy harnesses and leather neck plates

…over 300 weyrstaff busy setting up dinner in the Dining Cavern, lighting fires in hearths, monitoring the steaming bath pools, assisting outside, and generally making life easier for the Dragonriders

…and herders separating the herdbeasts—bovines, ovines, and caprines--on the Feeding Grounds for the dragons’ extra weekly meal for having expended so much energy fighting Threadfall

A group of young boys too young to have been Impressed yet were gathering and sorting firestone for the next wave of Thread, as well as cleaning the goldriders’ flamethrowers.

The Healing Caverns were teeming with the injured and threadscored riders who had returned earlier from between: some were dying, some were injured but expected to recover, and others had only minor wounds. The Master Healer and her staff had their hands full, as usual, after a battle with Thread.

One injured rider was crying and refusing to speak as his dragon lay outside severely injured. The young man had selfishly brought the dragon back instead of allowing the copper to go between. Realizing his mistake, the rider bolted out of the Healer Cavern.  His dragon gathered enough strength to make a final fight between where rider and dragon blinked out of existence as one.

Other Healers were tending to injured dragons inside the cavern that was meant to hold a few sick dragons, as well as outside in the evening’s light. The air was filled with dragons whimpering plaintively as their riders lay hurt and communicating telepathically with them; other dragons were keening despondently as their riders lay dying, unable to communicate. As several riders died on their cots from threadscore too deep to heal, the dragons launched themselves into the sky between, unable to live without their riders.

The dragons safely back in their weyrs or at the Feeding Grounds keened in sympathy with their friends and in memory of those who chose to leave them forever.

Even the colorful fire-lizards were flitting and darting around in sympathy and helping to console humans and dragons both.

All this activity would continue for some while before the Weyrleader announced a meeting through his and the other dragons.

OOC: We’re going to spend a good bit of time introducing the Weyr and getting to know the characters/dragons, so enjoy and take your time.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 12:27 PM

The dim light of the evening sunset lay behind the western mountain. Taric braced himself on a platform that a healer apprentice had dragged over for him. The Wyerleader was slathering numbweed with an animal hair brush on Garrth’s minor threadscore injuries. The apprentice had provided clean water and a cleansing wash beforehand. Garrth was doing his part by sitting back on his haunches to give his rider a chance to reach the spot.

Jiem, Taric’s emerld green fire-lizard, perched quietly on the bronze dragon’s back

Other riders were busy with the same application to help out the harried healers who were trying to assist the more injured dragons and riders outside and inside the Healing Caverns.

Mmmm, Garrth sighed in Taric’s mind. That’s just the spot. Burns are gone now, Taric.

Dragon and rider had gone between for the three breaths of time it took to freeze Thread and saved the dragon from too much pain. But it still left a burn on the dragon’s leathery hide.

“I’m glad you feel better,” murmured Taric, patting his companion affectionately. Then the tall, blond man bent down to scratch Garrth’s favorite spot on his belly. Immediately the dark bronze dragon’s eyes whirled green and he warbled in pleasure.

The sounds of the other dragons keening and whimpering broke through the small moment of pleasure shared by dragon and rider; and Taric’s heart nearly broke as he witnessed one of the sick dragons and his rider suddenly leap up into the air and disappear between. The muscled leader gripped Garrth’s wing as if he, too, was going to suddenly fly away. All his emotions for the huge beast swept over him, causing the dragon to swing his massive head around and gently nuzzle Taric without knocking him over.

We’ll always be together, he said to his rider, eyes whirling the color of love—blue-green.

“I know,” Taric whispered. He had seen many die throughout his thirty-four turns and had hardened himself on the outside against those deaths.

With the wounds taken care of, the Weyrleader sighed. He was exhausted but there was still much to be done…for all of them. His Wingleaders would oversee the men and women of their Wings and prepare a casualty report for the meeting later. Taric, himself, would make rounds to check on everyone as well as meet with Kynthia.

As the healer moved on two of the older weyrlings rushed over to assist with removing Garrth’s huge harness and distinctive leather neck plate. While one was laying underneath the dragon, the huge bronze began to lower his forelegs with a gleam in his eyes. The weyrling began to shout and push up, fearing he was about to be crushed by the weight of the dragon. He tried to wriggle out but couldn’t quite make it before the dragon’s belly touched him.

“Garrth!” Taric scolded the dragon without any real anger in his voice. “Stop that right now. It’s not funny.”

The weyrling scrambled out while the dragon raised his upper body back to a sitting position. Taric heard the mischievous dragon chuckle in his mind. Taric helped the boy up, who was glaring at the dragon, and apologized.

“Garrth has a teasing side to him but he really wasn’t going to crush you, I promise.”

Garrth blew warm air from his nostrils on the boy to make amends. The boy smiled then patted the large, soft nose hesitantly. Taric watched as the two boys started off with the mass of straps and neck plate to be cleaned and stored in one of the equipment caverns. It was touch and go with the weight, but they managed.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 12:29 PM

The very second that news of the Dragonriders’ return reached her, Kynthia had rushed over to the Healing Caverns and put herself into the capable hands of Masterhealer Seraphina. When any of her people were hurt, the Weyrwoman was there if she could be; and the aftermath of fighting Thread was always fraught with pain and suffering.

Mostly the buxom woman was tending to those that had been patched up, either helping them to wooden cots to rest or back outside to their dragons to make room for the next wave of injured. She made soft murmuring noises, or offered words of encouragement and comfort, or cried when someone whose hand she was holding died.

This was the heart wrenching situation the woman found herself in now as she knelt by a cot.

Kynthia’s heart broke, not once but twice, at the sound of a keening dragon outside the Healer’s Cavern leaving them for between.  

“Oh, Kalen,” she whispered to the dead man whose hand she placed gently on his chest. “I’m sorry.” Kynthia pulled the sheet over the rider’s face and motioned for two riders in training to help carry the body away to be buried later on.

Running to the opening in the cavern, the Weyrwoman glanced around frantically. She knew she couldn’t stop Jielith from leaving them, and so gave the copper dragon a blessing as the great animal took to the skies for his own death.  Kynthia sighed and returned to the cavern…there were many others in need of help. She fanned herself briefly to ward of the heat of exertion and carried on.

Sutanith? Kynthia needed to hear her gold’s voice in her head right now, for comfort. Her eyes unfocused slightly as she contacted her dragon. Are you alright out there?

So sad, there are so many this time, the Senior Queen dragon replied. I’m trying to comfort as many as I can, not just those I like…as you taught me.

Kythnia stifled a small laugh. The fifteen turn dragon meant well and was much better at being more accepting of everyone than in her early turns. The Weyrwoman made a bee-line for the group of newly bandaged riders in the Healing Cavern.

Tell me when you find Taric, and also Jaamise, please. The Weyrwoman hadn’t heard from her Headwoman yet and hoped the she and the goldriders were well.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 12:31 PM

The redheaded Dragonrider of twenty-five turns held on tightly as Ilsith spread her wings and dove off the ledge of the weyr. Careful to balance herself behind her brown dragon’s neck without benefit of the harness, Saffi rode down to the ground from their fourth level weyr. She had been ordered by her Wingleader, Ferris, to return earlier as an escort between for another rider who’d been temporarily heat blinded when the woman rode too close to a dragon exhaling fire onto Thread.

Once having arrived Kynthia would not allow the Dragonrider to return as Saffi’s own threadscore burn on her thigh was discovered. Saffi had been trying to hide the wound so as to return to the scene of Threadfall.

So now, while the recently returned riders were tending to their dragons, Saffi was finished and sending Ilsith to eat the extra meal of the week the dragons were given after a battle.

“Please don’t make a glutton of yourself, Ilsith,” Saffi admonished her brown dragon. “And don’t be asking the other dragons all sorts of questions! Everyone is tired and hurt and sad.” The two could hear the mourning sounds of the dragons. “Now’s not the time to be nosy, alright?”

The young rider stroked her dragon lovingly and hugged her huge head while giving these odd orders.

I will try to be good, Saffi, Ilsith replied, her tone serious. But if the others begin to talk, may I ask questions then?

Saffi tilted her head back, causing her long straight hair to swing, and laughed. “Just be polite. Don’t pester the other dragons.”

Girl and dragon parted ways—Ilsith flying over to the far off Feeding Grounds sniffing the air hungrily to wait her turn; and Saffi, limping slightly, heading for the delicious smells coming from the busy Kitchen Caverns. She first glanced over at the Healing Caverns, four or five caves away from the kitchens, wishing she could help. But there were enough people, healers and others busily running here and there. Saffi would only get in the way. But it would be interesting to know what was going on.

The young woman ducked into the opening to the main dining area and inhaled deeply.

The kitchens, were one of her favorite places—not only for the delicious food they served but also because her birth mother worked there. A series of caves with separate entrances, the kitchens were all connected by doorways inside that varied in size and width and height. Saffi chose to sit furthest from the hearths that lined the outside wall as she was still warm from her recent bath. Chimneys protruded up and into the cliff to release the smoke at the very top. The harpers played somewhat quiet tunes intended to soothe the returned Dragonriders, although it wasn’t sad music.

Glancing at the half full wooden tables and benches or chairs, Saffi eyed a small table in the corner--a good place to observe the people around her. She paused to pour herself a fragrant cup of klah then settled down to wait for service of the evening’s prepared meal.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 01:00 PM

Outside of the healing cavern on a sheltered ledge built by the ancestors for wounded dragons the blue fire lizard Anwyn followed the large silver dragon Merleth as he sought to comfort his fellow dragons, for those dragons who had lost their riders there could be no comfort, they would go between….but for the others, those whose riders were merely wounded, he could help them, he would keep their spirits high while his beloved Seraphina healed their riders.

Serpahina looked around, although the windows, nothing more than small holes in the external cavern walls,  had already been covered with hides to keep the heat from the fires in,  glowlamps provided ample illumination to the healing cavern….her apprentices were hard at work, the youngest of them merely tending to the fires in the hearths and keeping the cavern clean, the older ones tending the lesser injuries of both rider and dragon, some were grinding up grapefruit  seeds to replenish the rapidly emptying barrels of disinfectant, two healers, young journeywomen, were taking care of the dragons and riders with minor threadscore wounds ….the wounds themselves resembled a combination of cuts and burns, she kept a close eye on the youngest journeywoman Breen as she rinsed a riders wounds in cold water to kill any remaining Thread, then cleansed the wound with redwort wash, finally she applied numbweed to stop the bleeding and deaden the pain…Seraphina smiled

"Good Breen, very good…although you may want to remember to coat your hands in oil before using the numbweed next time…."she shook her head as the girl tried to wiggle her rapidly numbing  fingers

Breen blushed…."your forgiveness please Master Healer Seraphina…I will be more careful in future"

Seraphina nodded

"Be sure that you are, a healer with numb fingers is no good to man nor dragon."

As she walked around the cavern she tried to block out the keening of the dragons, the death of a rider meant losing more than one life…she saw Weyrwoman Kynthia return to the cavern and hurried over to her.

"Kynthia I would appreciate your help with one of the large bronzes, his left flank is badly damaged, threadscored, his hide is already taking on the grey tinge, he needs a transfusion of Ichor and re-hydration….his rider is keeping him calm outside on the ledge, the numbweed has been applied and should penetrate the outer skin shortly, I need a 5 inch needlethorn, sterilized in redwort and rinsed in boiling water"

She had connected with Merleth, she would use his blood as he was healthy and uninjured…I will extract the ichor from Merleth, I need you to clean the bronzes flank with redwort then see if you can get his rider to make him drink….have one of the apprentices erect a platform for you….if the dragon becomes distressed or shows signs of delirium step away and have the rider calm him if he can…...she smiled..."my apologies, I am more used to dealing with apprentices, I did not mean to give you orders, you are aware of the dangers, probably more so than I am…she tucked a few errant strands of black and silver hair back up under the brown linen cap she always wore whilst in the cavern.....I know that Sutanith is comforting the wounded, please convey my thanks to her"

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 01:14 PM

Aislyn was sitting, Feyth's head in her lap. She was gently stroking the dragon's head while a healer was tending to a threadscore burn on Feyth's neck. They were lucky this time; it was only a graze and would leave a light mark, but it still hurt. Feyth whined softly. Aislyn smiled. Come now, it's not so bad she communicated to the dragon.

Feyth snorted. I'm allowed to complain if I want she replied.

Aislyn shook her head. You're being treated, and then you'll be spoiled with a nice meal. You don't have anything to complain about. The healer finished treating the burn and left. Go on, eat she teased. Feyth's eyes turned a light green as she made her way out of the cavern and flew over to the Feeding Grounds.  

Aislyn watched her closest friend leave before she got up. Tired and a bit sore, she headed down to the baths. A long soak would help her relax. Don't soak for too long she heard in her head. Aislyn smiled. And don't eat too much she replied to Feyth.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 06:25 PM

Kylene had flown Melenth directly to their weyr once she had made sure that her wing had been settled in and their wounds were being treated. She always did this at the end of a Fall before attending to her and her dragon's needs. With a practised hand she removed the harness and leather plate from around Melenth's neck, hanging them on the pegs then turned to assess Melenth's injuries. Only one, on my left leg. It is only a minor score. Melenth informed her. She picked up a tray of water, a cloth and a jar of numbweed and went to the point where the injury had been suffered. Fortunately it was a minor score and easily treated. Kylene washed the wound then applied a thick layer of numbweed over the score. Are you hungry, dear? She asked. No I fed well yesterday. Melenth replied.

Both dragon and rider paused as they felt the passage of another pair go between forever. Kylene sighed and motioned for Melenth to settle down to sleep. The dragon complied and she could feel the vibrations of her movement under her feet. Kylene then removed her riding gloves and helmet and placed them neatly on the table, revealing her short blond hair. Because she had flown against thread so many times this was a practised routine for both unless either injuries were sufficient to need a healer's attention. As it was she had left a mug of juice on the table for when she got back and Kylene gratefully sat down on one of the chair and relaxed, taking sips of juice and letting the music the floated in from the hall soothe her.


Grianne sat to one side of the hall playing her pipes in tune and time with the other two harpers, concentrating only on producing the music. That didn't mean to say she wasn't aware of what was going on around her but she didn't let it interfere with her work. They did this after every threadfall when the dragons returned hoping to provide a calm and soothing atmosphere for the healers to work in.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 07:13 PM

Alomar rode Cherabith back to the weyr. This battle had been much like the others and he had lost at least one-he had been hit full on by a thread and he and his dragon had immediately gone between, never to be seen again. Fortunately he had avoided injury this time since he and his dragon worked so well together-all they needed was to be cleaned up and get a good night's sleep.

As the weyrling pulled Cherabith's harness off, she gave a great sigh of relief.

Are you hungry? He asked.

Yes, I'm going to eat. the dragon replied.

Go, then, enjoy-you deserve it, we'll rub you down later, your hunger comes first."

You go eat too, you don't eat enough! She chided.

Yes, ma'am! He replied with a salute. Now, get going!

He smiled as the dragon made her way to the Feeding Grounds and then went in search of his friend, Ferris, to see if he was all right.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 08:25 PM

Garrth suddenly arched his long neck up high and crooned toward the large gold dragon approaching. Taric glanced over. He smiled. Sutanith was making her slow rounds of the dragons—her large, round belly making the gold walk slowly. The man watched as the female finally reached Garrth and himself and looked the bronze over. Although larger than the bronze, she placed her head under his and nudged him affectionately. Her swollen belly was the result of Garrth's winning the mating flight yet again.

“Hello, Sutanith,” Taric said out of habit, although the gold could not…or more likely chose not to…speak back to the Weyrleader. It was debated whether or not dragons could telepathically communicate with more than just their Impressed rider.

“Garrth, where’s Kynthia?” Taric knew the bronze dragon would ask Sutanith.

After a few seconds the large dragon replied, The Weyrwoman is helping Master Healer Seraphina with the injured.

“I should have known,” Taric said to himself. Then, “Let Kynthia know I am back, please…and…for her to meet me when she’s done. I'll be in my office."

While Garrth and Sutanith communicated and passed on the message, Taric jumped down from the platform. He retrieved his heavy hide jacket, helmet, sword and belt, and gloves from the ground.  “Alright, are you going to eat ?” he asked the dragon, looking up at the animal that was nearly one and a half times his own height.

No, not tonight. I will stay with Sutanith, then wait for you before sleeping, the dragon answered.

“Well, there’s a meeting later. Hopefully it won’t go late. Everyone will need their sleep.” Taric let his rough hand trail over Garrth’s leathery hide, almost unwilling to leave the dragon.

But he did and strode into the Meeting Cavern then further back into his own office. He let his pieces of uniform drop onto a wooden chair. Efficiently he washed his face and hands in a carved basin full of water, then dried off. The music of the harpers drifted down the halls. Taric sighed with relief to be home once again.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 08:39 PM

...meet Taric in his office, Sutanith finished repeating the message. Kynthia smiled in relief at hearing he was back...and safe. Although not weyrmates, the two leaders were close friends and cared about each other.

"Kynthia I would appreciate your help with one of the large bronzes…”

The dark-haired woman pushed back a stray curl that had escaped her upswept hair as she turned at the sound of Seraphina’s voice. She listened carefully to what was wrong with the bronze and nodded.

”…I need a 5 inch needlethorn, sterilized in redwort and rinsed in boiling water."

Kynthia walked next to the Weyr’s Master Healer for a moment to receive more information.

” …my apologies, I am more used to dealing with apprentices, you are aware of the dangers, probably more so than I am.”

“No apologies necessary,” Kynthia said with a warm tone in her voice to the woman whom she considered a friend. “You are the expert here, and I appreciate the detailed instructions. Saves me having to hope I’m doing the right thing.”

The Weyrwoman quickly headed off toward the supplies and quickly dunked her hands in a clean, smooth wooden basin of heated water and scrubbed her hands with soap. As she did so, she passed along the message to Sutanith from the Master Healer. Then an apprentice helped her to rinse. Kynthia chose the proper sized needlethorn to be sterilized and rinsed at the hearth. After wrapping it in a small, clean piece of hide, the woman strode briskly through the opening in the side of cavern to the dragon’s cave.  She found the injured bronze and his distraught rider and spoke soothingly to both of them. Using the platform, Kynthia stepped and began following Seraphina's instructions.

As she worked she could hear the music from the harpers drifting throughout the caverns from the dining areas. It was soothing and the Weyrwoman knew that Grianne would be playing with them at a time like this.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 08:56 PM

Aislyn reached the baths and headed towards a free area. She put down her helmet, which she had already taken off and was carrying in her hand, and stripped off her leather jacket. As she unbuttoned her vest she smiled; Feyth was enjoying her meal. She finished undressing and stepped into the bath.

After relaxing in the water for a few minutes she quickly washed and rinsed off. She got out, dried off, put on her pants and undershirt and made her way to her weyr. She dumped her things on her bed and put on a more casual pair of pants, as well as a short-sleeved shirt, and she put her vest back on. As she was putting on her boots she heard Feyth returning.

She pulled back the hide curtain separating her private area from the cavern that Feyth used. "You're back earlier than I expected," Aislyn said out loud. "Sometimes you eat too fast."

I do not Feyth replied stubbornly.

Aislyn affectionately kissed the dragon's nose. "Whatever you say," she said in a disbelieving tone. But now it's my turn to eat. You just rest, and when I get back I'll give you a nice rub down.

Feyth crooned and lied down on her stone bed covered in straw. Aislyn gave her another kiss before leaving for the dining area.

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 09:25 PM

Dinner tonight was thick stew, warm bread with butter, and sweetbread for after the meal, and Saffi felt her stomach growl hungrily as the kitchen helper placed the platter of food in front of her. She was glad she'd only worn a light, woven cotton shirt over her cloth breastband and her older hide pants. She just wanted to be comfortable after wearing her fighting uniform all day.

"Psst, you're well?" a familiar voice whispered above her as Saffi dug into her stew.

She glanced up mid-chew and smiled, then nodded, refraining from mentioning the light threadscore burn on her thigh. Her birth mother had brought her another dish of the sweetbread. "Dzann!" Saffi laughed. "I can't possibly eat two bowlfuls! You are going to make me too fat to ride Ilsith, you know."

The woman blushed at her daughter--so proud she was of Saffi being a Dragonrider. Even if Saffi's more outgoing personality had been better matched with her foster mother, Dzann was still fond of the girl. Then she disappeared into the kitchen before she was missed.

The young redhead looked around for someone to talk to...

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 09:43 PM

When Aislyn entered the dining area she took a minute to enjoy the smell; the food smelled delicious. Looking around, she saw Saffi already eating at a table. She walked up to her. "Hi. Is this seat taken?"

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Posted 14 August 2007 - 03:21 AM

Ferris was sad to the depths of his heart.  So many gone between this time, it had been bad, very bad.  He hadn't been a Wingleader for long and although he knew it never got any easier he felt that every loss was due to his lack of leadership.  He knew it wasn't, they hadn't stood a chance the thread had been thick where his wing had been fighting. It didn't stop Ferris from feeling responsible.

He had been one of the lucky ones, he didn't think any of his people had returned without minor injuries of some kind.  He knew Saffi was hurt although true to her character she had made light of it.  Ferris had threadscore across his upper arm and once he had been sure all his colleagues had been treated he had let one of Seraphina's apprentices deal with it.

He had made sure that he spoken to each of his wing.  He'd made an effort not to seem too subdued in front of them.  Syrilth had also been lucky.  The small silver male was agile enough to avoid more than the most minor injuries and Ferris had already dealt with them and sent Syrilth off to feed.

He hadn't seen Alomar since they'd left the Weyr.  Ferris hoped that his good friend and his dragon were both unhurt.

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Posted 14 August 2007 - 04:25 AM

As Kynthia started cleaning the Bronze, Seraphina walked out onto the ledge

"Merleth I have need of you"

The Silver dragon walked over to her and dropped onto his belly…..she reached up and rubbed the end of his jaw

What do you need

She looked over to the bronze ..... "he needs ichor, will you donate?"

Merlenth tipped his head to one side, considering her request

I will

Seraphina smiled…."I’ll take from the wing"

Merleth grumbled

Always the wing, it hurts from the wing, can’t you take from somewhere else

Serpahina ignored him, walked up his tail and climbed onto his back…..she cleaned an area over his wing bone with redwort, then found a vein….she carefully unwrapped the sterile syringe made from needlethorn, punctured the vein and removed enough ichor to treat the bronze…she removed the needle from the vein and held a redwort soaked pad over the area for a few seconds

"Thank you brave Merleth, I will see that you receive some fish for your sacrifice"

Merleth snorted as she walked back down his tail, cradling the large syringe full of green ichor to her chest, as she stepped off his tail she almost tripped over Anwyn

He’s a menace Seraphina, he shouldn’t be here

Hush you, he’s helping, besides you enjoy his company, she ran her hand along his tail, then stroked anwyns ears before heading over to the bronze…she climbed onto the platform next to Kynthia

"Thank you"….she explained what she was about to do then looked down at the rider, "he will need your comfort, he should not watch the procedure, it will distress him"

She oiled her hands, applied another thin layer of numbweed, just enough to deaden the area around the wound, then applied two clamps on either side of the wound to restrict the ichor loss, then slowly let Merleths ichor drip down into the wound, when the syringe was empty she took a sterile needlethorn and some wax coated thread and began to suture the wound. She pushed the needle through the hide, one stitch at a time, she kept stitching until the edges of the wound were loosely drawn together, removed the clamps and applied a thicker layer of numbweed…when she was finished she climbed down the platform and approached the rider….

"You must keep an eye on the wound, make sure it does not become infected, then return here on the seventh day so that the sutures may be removed….keep him hydrated and oiled and no flying until the stitches are removed."

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After she had finished her mug of juice Kylene made her way down to the dining hall where she could smell that fresh food was being served. She was Aislyn and Saffi already there and waved at them as she passed, choosing her own seat and table nearby. She smiled in thanks as a kitchen helper placed a platter of food down in front of her as well as some Klah. She started eating as quickly as she could without giving herself indigestion-fighting thread always gave her an incredible appetite.

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"Hi. Is this seat taken?"

Saffi smiled up at Aislyn. "Hi, Aislyn. No, I'm alone. Sit down with me," the redhead offered to her friend and fellow rider.

"How'd you fare out there?" she asked, referring to the battle against Threadfall without having to mention it. "Is Feyth alright? Ferris sent me back early with an injured rider, so I missed the very end where our Wing was fighting."

One of the kitchen staff brought out a plate of food for Aislyn just as Wingleader Kylene entered and waved.

"Speaking of Wingleaders, there's yours," Saffi added with a wave back.

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Kynthia watched Seraphina tend to the bronze, marveling at how adept Camden Weyr's Master Healer was. From what she'd learned of the Ancestors from the Teaching Songs and records, Kynthia knew that over 1500 years ago the practice of healing was much more advanced with all sort of machines. The Weyrwoman was amazed at how healthy the Idanese were overall without such advances. She had been told that because certain defects and hereditary problems had not been able to be cured anymore, these problems no longer existed since the carriers or those afflicted eventually died off.

Kynthia? I am feeling tired, came a weary voice.

"Oh! Oh no!" Kynthia breathed out in a rush. "Seraphina, I'm sorry. I must go...Sutanith is not feeling well! She's tired, and I must get her to bed."

The Weyrwoman rushed across the ground level stone ledge and onto the dirt ground. I'm coming, my darling queen. Just you wait right where you are! I see you...I'm nearly there.

Kynthia rushed up to the gold who had her head down low. Garrth was standing nearby unsure of what to do. Suddenly two fire-lizards, one gold and one red, were hovering nearby making reassuring crooning noises around the dragon and human.  "Jilly, Eron, up to the weyr with you now...go! Garrth, tell Taric I will be with him as soon as I can."

The woman rubbed the huge dragon's nose and let the creature's head rest against her body. "Come on, you're going to bed. Oh this is all my fault for letting you wander around so much," Kynthia said, near tears. She led the queen toward their first level weyr, next to the Master Healer's and above the meeting rooms. "Can you fly up just the one level, my love?  I will run up the tunnels and come to you."

When the dragon spread her great wings and beat them once, she flew the short distance and landed on the weyr's outside ledge. The two fire-lizards waited for Sutanith. Kynthia sprinted inside and up the steps inside the tunnel and began to fuss and pamper her dragon.

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"Feyth and I were lucky, she only received a minor wound to her neck," Aislyn replied. "How are you and Ilsith?"

A kitchen helper arrived to give Aislyn her dinner, and she started eating immediately. When Kylene, her wingleader, entered the room and waved, Aislyn smiled and waved back.

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Alomar was not happy-he had been to the Healer's to check on his wounded. Five had received wounds ranging from minor to almost fatal. All would live but one would carry a severe scar on his chest-only the quick thinking of his silver dragon in taking him Between had saved his life. He had already ordered the weyrlings to make sure each and every one of those dragons received the very best pampering until their riders were well enough to tend to them.

Eat! He heard Cherabeth chiding again.

He sighed and headed for the free area, pulling off his gloves-which were then taken by a helpful weyrling-and sat down at a corner table. Soon a bowl of savory-smelling stew and bread was set before him. All right, I'm eating, are you happy now? He asked his dragon, picking up a spoon

Immensely! Came her response.

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