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Posted 13 September 2007 - 02:31 AM

Ok it has been a month past the con and folks have had time to work over ideas of what they liked about our set up. And what might be done to either improve things  or what just did not work.

I think what was needed was a few kitchen tools. A few knives and a corkscrew. I know we needed a updated list of pizza places and their numbers.

The Big Dinner went off very well. I guess we can plan on doing that again. I kept the info packet they gave for next year or when our gathering brings us there again.

RA I liked this place minus the too loud techno. Was that a constant thing or just a sunday night thing?  Is it less overkill on weekdays? I ask because that was a good meal.

The Chinese place on the top level of Horton Plaza was good was well.

Well if any of the locals can meet up with us next year we might look at a trip to one of other parts of town. I understand that prices drop in certain parts of town.
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