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Supernaturals Profile Thread

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#21 Balthamos


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Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:59 AM

This is the young man that will hopefully be joining you fine folks.

Mouse (Darryls Portrait).jpg

Name, Darryl Fallon
Age, 23
Appearance, Standing at 5'6 Darryl is very small and his a thin frame. He has medium length brown hair that's held back in a headband to keep it away from his eyes. His clothes are well made even if they're not of the finest fabric. Well made and polished brown leather boots.
Profession, Tailor/Craftsmen
Psionic Abilities, Seer (unaware)
Skills, Excellent manual dexterity, understanding of contraptions and many things mechanical, can repair things made from cloth, wood or leather, fletcher (though unable to cast the arrowheads), capable of picking locks, simple bookkeeping skills, understands words relating to the tailoring profession, can add and subtract with tallies. Can wield a shortbow but is too small for a longbow (and he can't draw it fully), not a very good shot though.

History, Darryl is one of three sons all born and bread in Delmi, he's the youngest, smallest, weakest but he'll also tell you he's the smartest. He didn't get along with his brothers who being older and bigger spent most of their life bullying him or making fun of him. Darryl loves making things, he's very good with his fingers and he's tried many crafts, starting out with whittling when he was a young boy and progressing to making functional tools, even if he lacks the metalwork skills to make anything durable. He wanted to work the forge when he was younger but was quickly told that he was too weak and too small for the long hours of hard labour it required.

He tried his hands at other crafting trades and as such has experience as a locksmith, a fletcher, a cobbler and carpenter before settling on his role as a tailor. It earned him more teasing from his brothers but the attention to detail he could put into his work as well as the practical things he was making appealed to his sense of purpose. He has just completed his masterpiece; a beautiful ball gown made from the finest silks and the most delicate threads made to fit Danera, the daughter of Arl Garion Aeducan and Arlessa Xenedra, he hopes that word of his creation will spread to the ruling family and will show his family that he has always could surpass their expectations. While Darryl is 23 now he has been designing the dress for the last 5 years and has saved every penny of his wage to afford the materials to bring justice to his grand design.

His experience in a variety of crafting disciplines and his exceptional manual dexterity have given him the ability to make the most delicate of things in various disciplines. His psionic ability to "see" his creations means that given the correct materials once he begins a project it always succeeds. He is unaware that he is manifesting a low level of prophetic ability but puts this gift down to his imagination.

As of the day he completed his masterpiece Darryl has never met a supernatural and doesn't worry too much about it, if you were to ask him he'd tell you, "I'll tell you I believe in them when one walks up to me on the street, until then I'm not sure it matters."

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 02:47 PM

Interesting character, Balth :) Welcome to SH, but I'd be careful what you wish for :whistle:

#23 obsidianstorm13

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Posted 24 September 2010 - 08:44 AM

Name: Vivienne  Dusk  aka “Dart”
Race: Hume, were-tigress
Age: 85; look about 28 if you ever even see my face.
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 110 pounds
Skills: climbing, impressive acrobatics, lock picking, ability to not be noticed, stealth, thievery, Fletchery specifically for her arrows, knowledge of poisons and antidotes, deception, hand-to -hand combat; she is literate.
Psionics:  Telepathy with were-animals; Danger sense
Weapons: shurikens; two daggers usually hidden in sheaths in the boots.  Shortbow
Her beast obviously has claws and teeth and pounces.  If she is in beast form and forced to fight she never, ever leaves a survivor.  
Profession: Fletcher by day; master thief/infiltrator/retired assassin by night
Physical description:  Short, pale skinned with ice blue eyes.  Long black hair , usually kept in a braid down her back except when she is “working”  which then it is pinned in a bun on top of her head or hidden down her clothes to avoid getting caught on things.  She wears usually a dark blue tunic, dark brown leather breeches with soft black leather boots that come up to just below her knees.   She occasionally dons leather armor if her need is great but mostly she goes without relying on her speed and stealth to keep her out of harm’s way.  When she is traveling, a black cloak with a sickle moon brooch is worn over her attire.  The cloak is usually stored before jobs and retrieved after the task is completed.  Long cloaks lend themselves to danger when hanging from rooftops.  She has scars on her neck from the tiger attack; humes tend assume that it was from a bear; most were-animals can tell it was something else.There are also claw marks that run from my right shoulder down to my hip.  Her beast form is a white tigress with the same colored eyes.  She knows of only one other white were-tiger and that was the one who attacked her.

Background:  Vivienne’s life started in tragedy.  Her mother died at childbirth, her father took to drink to ease his suffering; he followed soon afterwards.  She was left at a temple of Kaneea in another village so no one would know the fate that had befallen the name of Dusk.  
  From a very early age, Vivienne had a knack for sneaking and going unnoticed.  She could hide better than any of the other children; of which there were few.  She managed to mostly stay unnoticed.  She excelled at learning her letters and numbers, taking  a keen interest in tallying gold; she was allowed to help keep the temple records of donations until the Priestess discovered that Vivienne was taking a “tax” of her very own.  That was the last time that Vivienne was ever caught for theft.  She remained at the temple until the day she was attacked; she had been out gathering firewood for the main fireplace in the temple when suddenly she felt death coming for her; she could feel its icy cold touch on her skin and out of nowhere, pounced a very large white tiger.  If asked, she remembers nothing about the attack or the days that followed.  However, she never forgot the pain she endured and the man that found her.   He had no name other than the Black One.  He thought that she could be of use to him in his endeavors of which he never really shared with her.  He fed her, gave her shelter, helped her through her changes but the price was too high; her undying servitude without question.  She learned most of her infiltration skills and assassin skills from the Black One.  He taught her the way of poisons.  He taught her how to use a bow and how to fletch her own arrows.   She felt invincible with her new skills and added to her already highly developed pilfering skills she became a force to be reckoned with.  At first she was eager to learn all that he could teach her but as the years went by the “tasks” got more dangerous and frightening .  So did the Black One.  At last he asked her to assassinate one of the Priestesses at the temple; a particularly well loved priestess, even by Vivienne’s standards.  Vivienne completed her task, barely, but vowed that she would never kill again for hire.  She took a trophy that night; a sickle-moon cloak clasp that she has worn ever since on her own cloak, as a reminder of that vow she took.  When she returned to the Black One; he was gone.  
  Free from her captor, she became the best known thief/infiltrator for hire in Sandesina that is if you are looking for that sort of thing.   She quietly picked up the Fletching trade to pass the time in the daylight hours; people start to suspect you of mischief if you seemingly make money without lifting your fingers.

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#24 RJDiogenes


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Posted 25 September 2010 - 05:07 PM

These will be interesting additions to the story.  :nod:
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#25 Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 10 September 2011 - 09:53 PM

And she's back.....only different :wink:!!!!!

Tialyn.JPG Tialyncat2.jpg

Name: Tialyn Maern (alternate version of the original)

Age: 31

Species: Elviri

Appearance: About 5’5”, slight but muscular. Light tan skin; long, pure white hair; gray eyes that reflect light when it hits them and with vertically slitted, black irises. Usually wears a dark cloak, and anything but dresses.

Advanced telekinesis abilities; psionic flame ability.

Very well educated, but also “street” smart. Doesn't necessarily show her university education, but it's evident she isn't simply from the streets of some city.

Part of the Guardian Unit of an alternate universe Delmi, created a year ago by the Arl of Delmi to protect the citizens, along with the Royal Guard. The supernatural hunter teams no longer have to work in secret to protect the citizens. Her team consists of their hume Captain, Joanna, along with their Elviri healer Sephira: Tialyn's best friend the were-panthress Kat; the nightwalker vampire Breanna; the daywalker vampire Vincent; the hume Reece Hadrian (a City Guard by day and Tialyn's lover); Professor Arjhay Senegoid, a hume; Gaelan, another Elivir; and the werewolves Eru and Graayth.

Weapons: Carries a stiletto dagger in a leather holder with her at all times for protection when she is alone on the roads or by herself. When fighting the supernatural beings she can skillfully use a quarterstaff or a bow, as well as a small sword and her dagger. She’s been trained in hand-to-hand with and without the quarterstaff.

Has a white female horse named Morning Star, and a nondescript colored cat that follows her everywhere on its own. Tialyn doesn't keep track of him, he keeps track of her...coming and going on his own. The cat, who Tialyn named Yamanu (which means of wind and air, or "the hidden one") is a mystery to her. He appeared one day several years ago, saved her life, and never really left her. She has no idea where he came from or why he hangs around, but he's helped her out several times and seems more intelligent than an average cat. He seems to take care of himself.

History: Tialyn originally comes from the southern continent, from the nation of Venn. It took her awhile to accustom herself to the new climate of Sandesina. Sometimes she misses the jungles and hot climate of her home, but has adapted well enough.

Tialyn was from a well-do-to Elviri family in Venn and was very well educated in all subjects because her parents had high hopes for her to continue in the family business. But all along she really wanted to do was travel and see the world. She found early on, about age 13, that she could move things with her mind and create a flame in either hand. When her family found this out, they tried to force her to stop by committing her to a sanitarium at 21. The doctors basically tortured her with “treatments” to drive the ability out of her. But all that did was cause Tialyn to do enough damage to the hospital and escape after six months.

She was found by a Supernatural hunting group traveling in Venn and taken under their wing, then trained for four years. When they reached their home she was given over to Joanna Rowen's group for assistance and ended up staying with Jo. She'd been with the Delmi hunters for five years before they became part of the Guardian Unit a year ago...and before Tialyn was thrown violently into an alternate universe.

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#26 Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 29 September 2011 - 06:48 PM

He's back, too...only not different :wink:, just older!


Name: Reece Hadrian

Age: 32

Species: Hume

Appearance: 6’4”; very solid build, muscular; bald with a black goatee.

Skills: He’s a City Guard for the town of Delmi, part of the “law”: he’s skilled in defense and offense in hand-to-hand and with various weapons—while on the job he carries the officially required swordstaff (a polearm made with a blade at the end of a staff), and falchion (a one-handed, single-edged sword). But when out hunting vampires, Reece adds a flail (one (or more) spiked weights attached to a handle with a hinge or chain) to his personal amory.

He is an expert horse rider for pleasure, although he will make his rounds on horseback sometimes, but has no special psionic talents. He relies on his brute strength and power to help defeat the supernaturals.

History: Reece had an uneventful childhood, growing up in a smaller village outside of Delmi and was recruited to be a City Guard. But early on he knew there was more to the myths and stories about supernaturals. He’d seen evidence and even supernaturals themselves but wasn’t sure whether to say anything to his fellow Guards for fear of being thought weak in the head. Most everyone always had an “explanation” for what they saw or the evidence of an attack.

Then Reece met Joanna three years ago and found someone who believed him. He joined her group of Vampire Hunters as she was setting up her own teams. He continues as City Guard, either delivering official information when necessary to the team or going out with them to hunt when he’s not scheduled to work.

#27 EChatty


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 10:30 AM

I never got around to putting up Talyn's profile, so here it is:

Talyn.jpg 336px-Jackal's_Longbow.jpg

Name: Talyn Hawke
Species: Hume
Age: 31
Ht/wt: 6' 200lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
: None
Tattoos: None

Background: Talyn was born to a very poor family in the small village of Harbin, about four days travel from Delmi. He is the youngest of three children and has an older brother and sister.

He grew up and learned to hunt with a bow at a very early age to help feed the family and he became very good with it. A guard in the village befriended him and told him that when he was old enough he should think about joining the Guard since they valued good archers. His sister married and moved to Redden, a larger town about another day's travel from Harbin and his brother stayed home to help the family survive. Talyn moved to Redden when he was old enough and joined the Guard there since the little village he grew up in didn't need any more guardsmen when he attempted to join there. Once he was trained, he was put in the archery division, where he excelled, becoming their very best archer. He's adequate with a sword when he needs to defend himself with one, but his primary weapon is the bow, and he can use it as a weapon in close combat..

He was transferred to Delmi recently, where he met up with, and married Jo. Now they have a child on the way. By now he's in his late thirties as Jo is in her mid-thirties.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 09:24 PM

Shame on me! I've been playing Viella all this time and I haven't even put up her character profile yet.

Well here she is.


Name: Viella Amell

Species: Hume, female

Age: 23

General Description: Viella is above average height for a hume female, strong and mildly muscular. She has blue eyes and blond hair with fairly pale skin. She normally wears thick but flexible leather clothing lined with fur but it can vary depending on her situation.

Notable Skills: A capable fighter, trained to use a knife, axe, sword, club, shield, crossbow and a spear with the spear being her preferred weapon. She knows simple herbal remedies, medicines and treatments for simple wounds and injuries. She is a capable hunter and tracker and she is a good dragonrider. She is also literate and numerate.

Psionic abilities: None aside from the telepathic bond with her dragon.

Profession: Dragonrider.

Known family: Parents and sister.

Known history: Viella was born and raised in the mountain village of Upper Nicca. Being the daughter of a dragonrider mother, Zhaan, Viella grew up around dragons. Her father, Jarax, was a farmer and her older sister is also a dragonrider. Her mother’s side of the family boasts a high percentage of members being dragonriders down through the generations. From about seven years old onward both Viella and her older sister, Eileen were taught how to tend to dragons, how to hunt, track and trained in various combat styles with different weapons to improve their chances of becoming dragonriders themselves for competition was almost fierce as almost every child in Upper Nicca wanted to become a dragonrider when they grew up. Not all did though. They attended school in the rocky halls of Upper Nicca and spent a lot of time playing with the other kids of the village both inside and out on the slopes of Upper Nicca. From time to time her mother would fly them down to Lower Nicca to trade for small trinkets the upper village didn’t have, or for family trips. This also included trips into the mountains although those sometimes doubled as training trips. Both sisters took well to the training. After finishing school at age fourteen, Viella’s teenage years were mostly spent finishing the training under her mother and working on the farms with Elieen and Jarax. One day during her fifteenth she and her sister were hunting in the mountains as a practise for the trials one faced when selected as a potential dragonrider they encountered a vampire trying to make his way to Upper Nicca. He was hungry and tried to feed on them. Unfortunately for him the citizens of Upper and Lower Nicca were aware of the supernatural and didn’t consider them legends. Practical ways to kill them were taught as part of school education. Being armed with bows and knives anyway Viella and Eileen were able to kill the vampire before he could bite them. They came away with scratches and cuts. This incident in particular encouraged Viella further in her dream to become a dragonrider so she could defend her village. She envied her sister somewhat when she was selected as a candidate, passed the trials and Impressed a bronze female named Zeliah while Viella had to wait three more years before she was old enough to be eligible herself. At the age of nineteen however Viella was finally chosen as a candidate for Impression and she underwent the twin trials to prove her suitability. The first one was rather basic, observation of a dragon hunting in the pens, then grooming and general tasks tending to one of the adult dragons to prove familiarity with dragon behaviour. The second was a ritualized hunt out in the mountains with very little support to track and hunt down a herdbeast as a test of competence and bravery. Thanks to her mother’s training and familiarity with her mother’s brown dragon Viella passed the trials easily and was allowed to attend a hatching ceremony. It was then that the purple dragon hatchling Melenth chose her and Impressed upon her, creating the telepathic bond for life. The next three years was spent with other trainee dragonriders raising Melenth and going through the flight training with her. Finally on the third year when Melenth achieved her full growth together they passed the final test and Viella became a fully fledged Dragonrider of Nicca. Her time is spent with Melenth protecting both Upper and Lower Nicca from supernatural and wild dragon threats, hunting and in combat drills occasionally working with her sister and her bronze dragon. Zhaan is now the Weyrleader of Upper Nicca. It wasn’t until one of the wild dragons, a red one, ousted by the new dragons from the alternative universe from his territory flew out of the mountains and caused trouble for the inhabitants of Delmi that Viella’s life was due for an unexpected change...

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 04:39 PM

This is an NPC we'll hear from now and then

Gary Sinise1.jpg

Alan Sinise

Age 38

Ht/Wt: 5'9"/195lbs

Scars/tattoos/markings: A few burn scars from working as a blacksmith

Talents: Is a very talented blacksmith, as was his father and grandfather, where he learned his trade.

Alan was born in Delmi to Fredrick and Rosalyn Sinise. He's an only child. His father ran the blacksmithing business that his grandfather started many years ago, and they're known as the best blacksmiths in the area.

He was recruited as a blacksmith for the Guardians about a year and a half ago.

#30 EChatty


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Posted 12 August 2012 - 07:19 PM

This is Viella's mate:

Thomas McDonell - Jonathan.jpg

Crulian Tethras

Brown hair/Green eyes
6' 195 lbs

He was born on the family farm outside of Delmi and grew up helping his dad work the land. He became a Hunter when he was out hunting for some meat for his family and stumbled upon a feral werewolf who attacked him. He managed to kill it without getting bitten, but he did receive some slashes from it. The Hunters who had been tracking the werewolf arrived just after the fight and tended to his wounds. Impressed that he had managed to kill the werewolf, they invited him to join them and he accepted. He is well acquainted with Jo and her team even though he was placed in Khazar's team after training. He then impressed a black dragon named Kuro about a month after the first Guardians acquired their baby dragons. He and Vielle began a relationship after she started teaching him to raise his dragon and they've been together ever since.

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 05:54 PM

Introducing my new character.


Name: Emily Vael

Species: Hume, female

Age: 36

General Description: Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, fairly short. Usually wears comfortable trousers and shirts.

Notable Skills: Alchemist, has a knack for inventing devices, working with steam and coal plus psionic energy crystals. She can use several firearms and is adequate both in hand to hand combat as well as swordfighting. She is adequate at archery. Highly educated. Although she isn’t a healer she knows a lot of alchemical remedies and basic injury treatment.

Psionic abilities: Telekinesis, psionic blast, psionic shield, psionic fire.

Profession: Alchemist and inventor.

Known family: Parents, brother, niece, nephew. Husband (deceased), daughter, son.

Known history: Emily was born as a Cousland, the second child of the Teyrn and Teyrna of southern Sandesina. She was born and raised in Dechyra, one of the largest cities in the country. Being of noble blood she was given a fine education at the best schools in the city and she was taught basic hand to hand combat, swordfighting, horseback riding and hunting as those are common pursuits of the wealthy. The Couslands had been psions for generations and Emily was no different. She was trained to master her powers by her parents, Teyrn Brydon Cousland and Teyrna Leanar Cousland. However she had a brother that was four years older than her named Fergon and by tradition the eldest child always inherited the position and lands of the Teyrnir. She was expected to grow up and marry into another noble family that was beneficial to the Cousland family. Emily however was highly intelligent and was permitted to go to university to study alchemy and become a scholar by her parents. She graduated near the top of her class at age 21. After she graduated Leanar and Brydon but considerable pressure on her to marry the young heir to the Arling of Amaranth, Taeon Vael. Amaranth was a coastal city and had a fair amount of farmland within the Arling territory and as such it was a powerful Arling. By marrying into the Vaels it would secure their loyalty to the Couslands. Eventually Emily gave in to the pressure and married Taeon despite a distinct lack of emotional attachment to the young Arl. She continued her studies and research into alchemy then later into inventing. Very early in her marriage she became pregnant and later gave birth to her daughter, Thalia, then, five years later, her son Joshua. Her life was spent in a balance between researching in one of the rooms of the Vael mansion that she’d converted into a laboratory, raising her children and fulfilling her duties an Arlessa which mostly involved helping Taeon run the prosperous line of restaurants that the Vael family owned. In time though Emily’s research brought attention from vampires who often actively worked to kill off any Hume that might develop better ways to detect and kill them. They occasionally attempted to kill her and that was how she learnt that supernatural creatures really existed. However her combination of fight training and her psionic abilities was enough to see that the occasional attempt on her life failed. Ironically though the attempt on her life opened her eyes to the supernatural world and Emily began focusing more and more on developing more efficient ways to kill nightwalkers, and try to cure daywalkers and lycanthropy. This was made easier when the Supernatural Hunters in Delmi freed the Kilairi and she got ahold of a document with the design for their silver pistol. She was able, after a little experimenting with gunpowder, able to build a slightly simpler equivalent made of iron. Selling the new design to the City Guard further increased Emily’s wealth and gave her particularly effective weapons of her own. But it also made the vampires work harder in trying to kill her. Finally after a particularly bold attempt which almost cost Taeon his life, he divorced her. The divorce proceedings saw Emily come away from the split with a considerable amount of personal wealth but time to visit her children was limited as they stayed with Taeon. Emily used the funds from the divorce to move to Delmi and open a restaurant of her own using the knowledge she’d spent from her time as Taeon’s wife. She felt it would be safer for both herself and her children if she were in a different town in a neighbouring Arling. She also built her own secret laboratory at her house where she could continue her research in peace. She hoped that the newly formed Guardian Division would keep the worst of the supernatural away from her by living in Delmi. She knew about the true function of the Guardians as all Arls/Arlessas had been informed.  And for three years her plan worked. Her restaurant did well, particularly when the introduction of dragons to the town caused it to become a popular and famous place leading to a rise in population and the construction of two new Quarters. During that time she received word that Taeon had been murdered and the Guardians in Detchyra had investigated his death. Emily guessed that it meant something supernatural had killed her ex husband. She was glad that her daughter Thalia had inherited the Arling although an uncle from the Vael side of the family named Dex would rule as regent until she was old enough. Emily continued to visit her children regularly, Thalia, at 14 was still entirely too young to rule the Arling and her 9 year old son Joshua was even younger. Indeed, Emily had just returned to Delmi a few days ago from visiting her children.
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