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The Vampire Hunters of Delmi Part II

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Posted 12 April 2008 - 09:49 PM

Sephira picked a bunch of wildflowers she found growing by the gate, knelt and placed them on Antoine's grave before she stood and walked home. She couldn't help but thing that as one life was taken today, another was going to be born in a few months. She sighed as she reached her house.

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 09:15 AM

Graayth walked back to Delmi with Jo and the others, at least until they reached the gates of Delmi where he recognised four more members of his pack waiting for them in hume form. They talked for a while, finding out that the two who had gone after Horja had been slain by the Demon but had slowed him down. In turn Graayth related that the Summoner had been killed and a gate to the demonic realm had been closed. For now, the world was safe from demon invasion. The pack-Alpha asked about Joanna who explained that she and the others were Vampire Hunters but this pack weren't to worry because they weren't threatening the normals of this town.

Zheren the pack-alpha then told her that the pack would be in the general area for a few weeks then they would move on. However like Graayth he respected the work the Vampire Hunters were doing and asked if she would mind Graayth joining them so that the Ehre Pack and her group could be allies. Jo thought about it and agreed- having an entire werewolf pack as allies could have advantages. And so it was agreed. For now Graayth could stay in the basement under the Old Fox Inn until he could establish himself in town. Then they parted and Graayth went with Jo into town and back to the Inn.

OOC: Okay everyone this arc is pretty much wrapped up. Later today or tomorrow we'll be starting out on the new arc.

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