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A dove meets a victim of Saddam...

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Posted 30 June 2003 - 02:43 PM

No the people to blame for Munich were Chamberlin and the French PM(I cannot remember his name) America by law and feelingwas not wanting to get into this war. But France and England had responsibilites to allies and to their own people.  

I agree that america has not always done what later seemed the right choice,but I see this as a time where our national intrest and humanitarian intersts connected.  After hearing about the mass murders and the discovery of a mass grave of children being buried alive I really have no problem with going in and doing a bit of nation building.

The Congo has been am area where our national needs have not taken us there. to Quote a scientist the reason we are not working on a manned mission for mars is it's not in our interst. Apollo was becasue national and science desires were there. We were willing to spend the bank on getting there.  

As to the article I think it was Biased with maybe the guy begining to realize that this was not all bad war.
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