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The Vampire Chronicles:

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#1 Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 08:14 PM

*Title subject to change pending discussion

Rae and Nikki want to know more about their vampires!

* * * * * * * *


The battle with the vampire hunters outside of the town of Kirth—a fight in which she and her kind
should have been victorious almost immediately—was going horribly wrong. The group had managed to breech far down into the Clan’s deep, cavernous lair, slaughtering many of the vampire brethren on the way down.

With an angry hiss, Annise flew effortlessly to a high ledge and crouched on her hands and knees as the vampire hunters charged in. Her wild, red hair lay tangled around her shoulders. She bared her fangs as she recognized a male hunter from earlier whom she had fought. She should have killed him then!

Annise leapt silently down in the shadows and chaos, intent on tearing out the man’s throat. But before she had a chance to even alight on the male hume, a stake suddenly flew across the room and pierced Annise's heart.

She froze, her mouth opening wordlessly as her dying eyes sought out Samael...she could not help him in this fight, nor would she ever sing for him again. Never sooth the bloodlust that ran through his cold veins. Never again feel his cool touch on her pale skin or his lips on hers.

Annise felt the life, such as it was, drain from her in an instant. And in that same moment she felt and saw--though no one except perhaps Samael, had be been able to look--two pairs of hands clutch at her from above, appearing ghost-like in the shadows of the cave. Looking up Annise stared and began to smile. An awful, wicked smile. Those in the cave would only see her staring upward as she died, smiling at something. But Annise saw the misty-looking bony arms and hands with the rotting flesh hanging in tatters of her two sisters, Sibella and Celestria. Their hair, brown and blond, hung limply from their near skeletal heads and around the rotting flesh of their shoulders. They clutched eagerly…desperately…at Annise's dark and evil soul, drawing her to them, drawing her back into the fold. They smiled wickedly, fangs jutting sharply from their jaw bones.

Annise felt herself—her soul, wretched and evil--leave her vampire body, rising in a now ghostly and skeletal form still dripping with decaying flesh. She saw her vampire body, her formerly hume body crumple to the floor of the cave and lay still.

Annise was dead. But her soul--still evil, still dark, still hungering for revenge--would live on in the supernatural world. She disappeared into the other realm, reunited once more with her sisters....

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Posted 09 June 2008 - 04:50 AM

Samael reached Annise and cradled her lifeless body in his arms, he wept blood tears and vowed to her that he would avenge her death..."my beautiful, precious Annise, the only one who could sate my hunger, my angel"

He rode hard and fast leaving the caves far behind before the coming dawn forced him to seek shelter....15 miles east of Kirth he found a small cave, barely large enough for him to stand up in....he carefully laid Annises body on the ground then lay down next to her.....He ran his fingers through her lush red hair.....

"I will stand by my vow my sweet....they will pay for what they did to you....they will all pay"....he kissed her cold cheek......"tomorrow night I will give you the funeral you deserve....no wild animals will consume your tender flesh, no scavengers will pick your bones..."

His eyes opened as the sun set....he reached for Annise and clasped her hand.....he had dreamt for the first time in decades, he had seen his angel and two others...Sibella and Celestria.....and he had heard voices, soft chanting, laughter....he crawled to the cave entrance and peered out...."I know what I have to do my sweet I just don't know how to do it" .....he looked up at the pale moon and smiled....quickly he gathered leaves, evening jasmine and rocks.....he worked through the night, making a bed of soft leaves to lay his beloved on, then he covered her with fragrant jasmine, leaving only her face uncovered, he kissed her lips

"I will return soon, I promise...wait for me"

He left the cave and blocked up the entrance with rocks, making sure that not even the smallest creature would disturb her rest...when he was done he  mounted his horse, bowed his head and repeated his promise.

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Posted 09 June 2008 - 07:50 AM

Oooh interesting idea there you two.

You know if course that your friendly, evil GM isn't done with Samael, Annise or even her two sisters yet, don't you? I have a few ideas about an upcoming game. Buuuut whatever your vampires and ex-vampires want to do between the last game featuring them and the next game featuring them is entirely up to you guys.

Just remember, on Samsarra, death isn't necessarily the end. :devil:

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Rejected and gone.

#4 Nikki Peppermint

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Posted 09 June 2008 - 08:16 AM

^^^Well, we didn't want to take away from the RP game (or your ideas!), so we've stuck them in their own world and changed a bunch of details about them and their past. :) We can use them differently (or rather as they were orignally!) in the games if they come back.

Present time-about a year later:

The cold wind whipped through their long hair…blonde, brown, and red…as the three vampires stood atop the mound of hard packed dirt. Overhead the bright moon shone down on the supernatural realm through the heavy night clouds casting even more shadows across the underworld. The harsh moonlight illuminated the three sisters’ faces, distorting the features.

Annise raked her mass of red hair away from her face with slender, pale fingers as the winds swirled around clutching greedily at her. She hissed at the cold moon—the moon that waxed and waned but never left the endlessly dark skies. The vampire had been here forever, it seemed…and yet felt as though she’d just arrived. Time had no meaning as the sisters wandered the lands—haunted and tormented by their past deeds, searching desperately for a way out for their vampire souls and back into the physical world of the living.

She turned to gaze at her sisters, Sibella and Celestria—lost to her before through their deaths and now found again. Once back in the supernatural realm from claiming Annise, their skeletal bodies had appeared as they had when the sisters were vampires in the living world. Annise turned back to stare at the dark mountains in the distance.

“SAMAEL!!!” Annise called loudly through the dark lands, her head thrown back and her arms outstretched to the sides. She hoped the wind would carry her entreaty through the walls of reality if her Samael was still alive...or across the barren lands of the supernatural realm if he were not.

“Why…why do you call for him always?” Sibella cried out, her brown hair stinging her face as it was flung violently around. “You only torment yourself. Your Lord Vampire will not hear you even if he is alive.”

“And us, Annise,” Celestria pouted. “You torment us. You would leave us here alone as we were before?” the youngest sister questioned accusingly.

“He will hear me,” Annise said calmly over her shoulder to Sibella, but her bright green eyes were blazing as with fever—or insanity. Ever since she was turned over five centuries before, Samael and she had been linked. Separated by many of those centuries they had found each other again after she had lost her sisters.

She whirled around to grasp her blond sister’s hand.
“Celestria…no! We go together when we leave…when we find our way back. We will once again walk among the living, feeding, controlling, and…,” Annise broke off, unable to finish.

“And what?” Sibella asked as the three sisters stood together with their arms around each other in a circle, their long white and tattered dresses almost torn by the winds from their slender bodies.

The vampires all felt the torment and the pain that they caused over the centuries. It was their punishment in the supernatural world. It was also their punishment to still need to feed, to draw the blood from a living victim to survive. Feeding nearly drove the sisters mad when they found one of the wandering human or elves that had been brought over. They had no choice but to take their sustenance.

“And be as we once were,” Annise insisted, shaking her head violently. “Powerful and feared. It isss a trick…a trick of this world to drive us mad, to make usss suffer,” she hissed. “He will hear me, he must hear me! SAMAEL!!” she cried out again into the harsh winds, letting her voice be carried away.

But, as usual, no answer came. The three vampire sister melted into the darkness of the shadows and the bare and twisted ancient trees.

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 04:06 AM

Samael was in a forest……...in the middle of the dark cold forest was a old log cabin blanketed by snow and frost., he dismounted and tied his horse to the rail outside…he was tired and hungry, food had been sparse during the latter part of his journey…..as old as he was he didn’t need to feed daily, but he liked to, he enjoyed feeding, he needed to feel the pain and terror of his victims…since losing his beloved Annise he had become what he was before, cold, cruel, unfeeling, prone to fits of rage and violence, only the strongest emotions reached him….

He walked up to the cabin and pushed open the door……..as he stepped over the threshold he felt the wind at his back, he stopped and listened
……SAMAEL……he smiled………"Soon my precious….soon". When he had first heard her voice many months before he had assumed he was descending into madness, she only ever spoke his name, nothing more….now he knew, his travels had taught him much, Annise was trapped in the supernatural world, trapped with her sisters…..and she called to him, the wind carried his name…….

He stepped into the cabin…… there was a roaring fire and lighted candles, it was warm and dry and full of animal furs spread about on the floor and hung on the walls, he could smell pine and spices…

"You are late…..the undead are always late, always keeping me waiting"

The crone sat in a rocking chair brushing her long white hair…her hands were pale and wrinkled and her face as white and cold as the snow outside. She closed her eyes and breathed in his scent…..

In magic realms,
There exists a truth,
You're forever searching,
In realms above,
Where pure love and truth abide.

Samael sighed softly, for twelve long months he had visited witches, mage and crones…so far everyone had told him his quest was fruitless, what he wanted to do could not be done…..this woman was his last hope.

She opened her eyes and fixed her white sightless eyes on him

"It can be done, but there is a high price for such dark magyk…..will you pay the price?"

"Yes mother crone I will pay and price to have her back by my side…"

The crone cackled….don’t be so quick to accept, you don’t know what I ask

Samael frowned…….Whatever you ask, I will pay"

She reached out towards him, her cold gnarled fingers stroking his cheek, he shuddered and pulled away……

"The price, a pound of your flesh……taken from your back in strips"

Samael nodded done……..but first"

The crone snapped her fingers and Samael found himself unable to speak….

"There will be no threats, no bargaining vampire……you will give me flesh and I will give you what you seek….you already have knowledge of the portals, you need only the words to open them……take off your shirt and bare your back to me….."

Samael felt the rage stirring within him…he could snap the old woman’s neck, take her life, he could……..

"Yes child, you could do those things, but then your red haired angel would be forever lost, there is no other, only me….only I can give you the words you need."

He removed his shirt and stood with his back to the crone

"Take what you want old mother….."

He relaxed his body and cleared his mind.....he would endure the pain in silence.....he heard the crack of the whip and felt it slice into his skin over and over.....not once did he flinch.....his mind wandered back to the strange black pool near the cave that held her bones.....he had seen Annises' face in the pool, she had been looking up at him....he tried to reach her but when his hand broke the surface of the pool her image distorted and then disappeared....he had seen the visions as yet another sign he was losing his mind...now he knew better, the pool was a portal, a gateway between his world and hers.

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 09:16 AM

On the way to a cave they sometimes hid in, the sisters came upon a lost elf wandering blindly through the trees. Tall for his species—about chin height on one of the vampires who stood spying on him--, the pointed eared male stood on one leg clutching a low-hanging tree branch. One leg was injured and barely touched the ground. He was sobbing and gasping for air under the moonlight, his other hand covering his eyes. With no leaves on the dead trees the elf, and the blood streaked and dripping upon him, was clearly visible.

“He has come from the other realm,” Sibella remarked quietly, her eyes narrowing. “He is mortal still. Perhaps he sinned or escaped a demon.”

“Then he is oursss to claim and feed upon,” Annise said, her fanged mouth opening slightly in anticipation.

Celestria hesitated and began to shake her head.
“Oh, but the pain we will feel!…Yet I am so hungry,” she moaned. "I almost cannot stand it any longer."

Annise whipped her head around and grasped her blond sister’s thin upper arm. “We will endure the pain, we will endure his agony of death as it sweeps through usss!” she hissed under her breath, although the elf was in no condition to run from them if he heard.

The vampire sisters began to stalk slowly forward, spreading out slightly to surround the helpless male. One of them stepped on a twig and it broke with a loud snap. The elf male raised his head quickly.

“Who’s there?” he practically moaned, dropping his bloody hand from his face. "Oh great goddess who's there?"

He turned his head frantically from side to side but saw nothing. For his eyes had been gouged out leaving only the blackness of the sockets and the red of blood and gore. With a scream of pure fear the elf tried to run but stumbled heavily and fell upon the hard ground. Scrabbling with his hands he desperately tried to escape. Whatever his sin or reason for being in the supernatural world, the elf still felt the pain and torment of being set upon by three unknown attackers. He cried out as he was roughly flipped over onto his back, flailing his arms to ward off whatever it was.

The sisters kneeled around the living elf holding his struggling body down with their powerful arms. Even in the supernatural world, their vampire strength was theirs to use. Knowing her sisters were experiencing the same rush of agony, Annise cried out in anger as the elf's fear coursed through her body. Twin emotions of needing and wanting to feed, to inflict pain and agony as well as experiencing those same emotions as if
she herself were being fed upon vied for dominance in Annise’s mind and body. The man’s cries of mercy and of fear became her own as well. It was all she could do to bare her fangs and wrench the elf’s head to one side. But her hunger won out. The exposed jugular vein throbbed with the blood that would sustain Annise. She despised what she was about to do, as well as who and what she was. The madness tore at her wretched soul, angering Annise to the point where she ducked down and ripped savagely with her fangs into the large neck vein. She began to feed violently and with no mercy along with her sisters—Sibella tearing at the veins on one wrist, and Celestria raking her nails over a vein in the thigh as the blood spurted out.

Over their own cries and moans and the darkness of night, none of the three heard the approaching footsteps of the demon in search of his slave.

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 05:45 AM

Still shirtless Samael staggered from the cabin, he lay down in the soft snow and let the cold numb the pain of his wounds…..the crone had his flesh and he had the words he needed to open the portal…he looked up at the stars and smiled….he was less than one lunar cycle away from the cave….

The crones parting words echoed in his mind

"Wait for night after the day the sun stands still for this is the night to raise the spirits, the night of the 13th moon, the hidden moon…..when the veil between this world and the next can be broken, entering into the longest night, entering into the birth of light…

He stood up leaving a bloody imprint in the snow…..he pulled the shirt over his head, wrapped his cloak around him and mounted his horse……..he took one last look at the cabin, then headed east and back towards Kirth.

He stopped in the first village he came to, he needed blood to heal….the stench of rotting corpses forced him to cover his nose and mouth, death rampaged across the land killing peasants and lords, livestock and fowl….he jumped down from his horse..all was quiet, the village appeared deserted….then he saw the flame of a candle flickering through the darkened hole of a window…he walked towards the tiny cottage and pushed open the door, his eyes adjusted to the dark interior and he smiled

"Hello children, don’t be scared, I’ve come to save you from the sickness"

A gust of wind slammed the door shut behind him

The youngest of the three children stood up and went to him….she put her hand in his and gazed up at him, her eyes were piercing green, so bright in the darkness….she shivered and turn to her brothers

"Saul, Jacob…..come and embrace the angel of death."

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 07:14 AM

Time was different in the supernatural world than that of the living…sometimes it went quickly, other times slowly, and now and then it stood still altogether.

It seemed forever that the vampire sisters fed upon the elf, draining him of his precious life’s blood and gorging in their hunger. Suddenly time seemed to press in on them while the smells and sounds of the realm they were trapped in swooped back down around them. The three sisters looked up, confused for a moment.

Celestria pushed her blond hair out of her face. Her tears of blood left streak marks on her cheeks. Her young face was contorted with the lingering torment of the victim. Too many emotions whirled around in her mind.

Sibella turned her head away from the elf, her brown hair hanging limply. She, too, was fighting the pain they felt when they fed. But she was also faintly aware of strange sounds in the empty forest…the stomping of heavy feet it sounded like.
“Shhh…did you hear that?” she whispered.

Annise was the only one who threw back her head, red hair flying back and lips covered in blood. The vampire grimaced as she willed herself to stop feeling the elf’s pain…his agony. She gathered it up and made it her own, letting it join her own anger that was centuries old. She, too, heard a noise but almost too late.

It came crashing between two trees, pushing the dead trunks over as if they were nothing but sticks. The cracking of the wood shocked the sisters into action, but they were almost too slow. The demon…massive in build with great horns of almost a foot protruding out sideways, a thick tail, and folded wings…roared angrily as he saw his slave on the ground. The slave from the living world was no more than a dried husk now.

“You dare destroy my slave?” he bellowed, his demonic face distorted in rage. “I will kill you in return, wretched vampires…I will tear your limbs from your bodies, leave you to die without them, and take your eyes as trophies!”

The demon held out a pair of bloody, jelly-like eyes in the palm of his clawed hand. His slave had disobeyed, again, and the master had taught him a lesson before he escaped. He lunged forward on beast-like feet and claws extended.

“Run!” Annise finally screamed. She staggered to her feet and grabbed both Sibella and Celestria.

The sisters nearly flew through the familiar forest, heading for the cave. Slipping between the dead trees, they heard the horned demon charging behind them. His size made it more difficult for him to maneuver and the demon left fallen and broken trees in his wake. Upon reaching the cave, Annise headed for an opening surely even too small for the slender women to squeeze through. But if they twisted just right they were able to slip into the entrance. Celestria followed Annise, then Sibella. The demon managed to reach for Sibella’s long hair before she made it all the way in. He lost his grip and stumbled backwards with only a handful of long brown hair.

Inside the dark cave, lit only by a hole in the ceiling where the cold moonlight shone in, the sisters stood motionless, hearing the rage of the demon outside. The clasped their pale hands while blood dripped down from Sibella's head. The vampires melted into the shadows to wait. To wait for the demon to expend his anger or leave to direct it elsewhere. It was not the first encounter in the supernatural realm—nor would it be the last. They had survived thus far together.

Annise dropped to her knees finally and found herself staring into the black pool of sticky liquid on the cave's floor. Placing her palm to hover over the reflective liquid, the vampire was drawn into staring into its depths. She had once seen, or thought she had seen, Samael’s face looking at her many months ago when she and her sisters had discovered this cave. She had guessed it was one of the portals between the realities, but had never been able to figure out how it worked. If she touched the surface the substance merely stuck to her finger. In the portal Samael had reached for her, but then his image disappeared.

“Oh, Samael,” Annise murmured as the demon continued to pound on the rock wall outside.Where have you gone?”

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 02:19 PM

After taking his fill from the two boys Samael felt his torn flesh knitting back together, when he had finished with the green eyed girl he felt restored, all powerful…..he tucked the children into their bed and covered them with the coarse woolen blanket, he kissed each of them in turn before picking up the candle and setting light to the tattered fabric at the window…

Sleep my children and peace attend thee,
All through the night
Guardian angels he will send thee,
All through the night

As he mounted his horse and left the burning cottage behind him he felt no remorse, no guilt for what he had done…he knew that the creeping death would have claimed them before the next full moon, he had hastened their departure a little, but they had not suffered……because of the girl with the bright green eyes he had been as gentle as he knew how…..she reminded him of Annise, she must have been about the same age as when he first laid eyes on his beloved…..

More than four centuries had passed since that day and yet he could still picture it clearly…he had been riding from his home in Marche to Dacia in the south west of Aquitaine, it was early morning, just before day break and he had been looking for somewhere to pass the day…..he heard a young child singing, her voice was so pure, like an angel....he stopped by a large oak tree, closed his eyes and listened…..for the first time in his undead life he felt at peace….he smiled and shielding his eyes from the first pale rays of the sun he looked for her……up ahead was the home of the Lord of Dacia, leaning out of the top window was a young girl of no more than six….she was smiling and holding out her arms towards the sun….her long red hair blowing in the breeze…..as the sun climbed higher in the sky he reluctantly urged his horse onward, he had been burned by the sun once before and still bore the scars, he had no wish to repeat the experience.

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 03:23 PM

Many centuries ago beginning with the dark period:

It hadn’t taken long for the human barbarian tribes to overtake the crumbling empire that once ruled over a small continent (as well as other lands far and wide). The elves--for the most part more civilized and wary--stayed away in the beginning, allowing these nomadic tribes of rough men and women to settle this particular continent. Wars were common, death was even more common. Slaves were taken and exchanged or killed; land was captured, lost, and won again; the spoils of war were hoarded by those most powerful; and life was primitive. It took an invasion by those from a far off continent to began to unite the tribes in loose association to fight together and protect their homeland. Eventually, over time and through more bloodshed, the people settled down into classes and permanent homes. The name of these peoples’ nation developed into Aquitaine.

Alaric, a broad-shouldered and fierce warrior with thick red hair, was one of the lucky men who had acquired enough wealth and power to become master over a parcel of land that ranged from the mountains to the sea in the south west part of Aquitaine. From where he heard the name has been lost in history, but Alaric chose to call his land Aignaux. Along with the men who fought with him and the slaves whom he owned, Alaric fiercely protected his lands from the plots and schemes of the other land owners; while at the same time plotted and schemed to take the land of other lords. With wives, who didn’t seem to live very long, and mistresses, who sometimes disappeared, the lord of the land created a large family.

Over time small villages sprang up as did towns, the land was parceled out to the legitimate sons while those born of the mistresses joined the lord’s army. Alaric (and the others of his generation) died and his sons carried on, choosing to expand the family name to Sainte d’Aignaux. One of his sons, Dante, ruled over the village of Dacia and began to build a great manor, plant rich fields, and sire a family. Dante had great plans to unite the nation under one rule and shared this plan with his friend, Gavin, another powerful lord. One of the main reasons was to band together to wage war and win against the vampires who had plagued the nation off and on.

Deciding he himself would make a finer King, Gavin had Dante secretly murdered--perhaps with the use of magick--and went on to unite Aquitaine as a small, but powerful and productive nation. Dante’s son carried on for his father, until he left the name of Lord of Dacia to his son Drake. Drake Sainte d’Aignaux served loyally (for the most part) along with the other Lords and nobility of his generation under the rule of Gavin’s grandson, King Gwayne.

Annise Sainte-d'Aignaux, daughter of Drake, Lord of Dacia, was six years old when she first saw the Lord of Marche be admitted to Dacia Manor estate. Coming to visit her father, the young-looking Lord was no more or less important to the happy, red-headed child than any of the others.

Inside the cave the three sisters crouched together silently as the demon continued to rage outside. But the thuds of the creature's powerful fists were growing longer apart. It was possible he would find a way to use his powers to enter, in which case the sisters would die painfully; however, at the moment they seemed to be safe. They held hands, prepared to rise and fight if necessary. Annise glanced at the dark pool again and began to hum softly, darkly, and hauntingly.

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Posted 15 June 2008 - 06:31 AM

For several nights Samael pushed his horse as hard as he dared, he was anxious to return to the cave....he stopped to feed only when the gnawing hunger became too much for him to endure, he spent the days wherever he could find shelter....every day when he closed his eyes he dreamed of Annise, of Karina his long dead sister and of Constantine, the man who had made him what he was....he was tormented by the images and he woke every night feeling anger, rage and disgust......his first night as a Vampire was the night he devoured his sister while Constantine stood over him and laughed......he had vowed revenge then too, and failed...Constantine escaped him even after a hundred years of planning..Samael could still feel the pain as the sword sliced through his body, barely missing his heart...he could feel the sun burning and blistering his skin.....at that moment he had longed for death, but he had been denied.....in the centuries that had followed he became a cruel, merciless man, feared by all...

12 nights after leaving the crone he found himself following the path that led to the cave...he stroked his horses flank and dismounted....

You have served me well, you have earned your rest......

He glanced up at the sky...tomorrow was the night of the 13th moon...he had a few hours left to make his preparations before the sun rose.....he raced towards the cave, smiling when he saw it lay undisturbed.....then he heard a familiar sound, blood tears pooled in his eyes...

Annise, my beloved....

The sound drew him towards the strange black pool, the portal......he knelt at its edge and peered into the blackness.

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Posted 15 June 2008 - 11:39 AM

At eighteen, Annise was a high-spirited young woman, prone to speaking her mind, standing up for what she believed in, and with dreams of traveling the world. She and her two younger sisters—Celestria with her blond hair who enjoyed flirting with the noble knights but already knew what she wanted in life, and dark-haired Sibella who was more interested in the mind, learning, and what people were all about--were the only children of the Lord of Dacia. Their life at Dacia Manor was privileged but still fraught with work and dangers.

One of those dangers being the growing presence of vampires. Not merely tales used to frighten young children, vampires, and other demons, had been around since the beginning of time. But the humans and elves had always outnumbered them, and used their own mages, white witches, and pagan magicks to ward them off and defeat the intruders from the supernatural world.

On a mild fall day, Annise secretly listened in to the meeting between her father and some of the other lords discussing the increased attacks by vampires. While not strong nor united, the vampires still plagued the smaller cities, towns, and peasant farms hunting for victims. Annise noticed that the Lord of Marche, Samael, was missing but had sent an emissary in his place to obtain information and pledge his lord’s support. The few times that Annise had seen the other Lord had been followed with her father hinting that he did not quite trust the still young-looking Lord of Marche. However, the two provinces did business and were bound to each other as were several others.

From her hiding spot outside the open stained glass window, Annise promised herself that she would do whatever it took to protect herself, her sisters, and her land from vampires and any other evil that arose.

It was decided at this particular meeting to continue with regular patrols with the knights and soldiers and kill any vampires that were found—to hold them at bay while not allowing them to grow stronger. Although the people of Aquitaine did not know this, it would be a losing battle over the next five years.

Annise woke with a gasp, her pale cheek pressed into the hard floor of the dark cave. She knew she had been singing on and off in semi-consciousness...singing for Samael. She didn't know how much time had passed since she and her sisters were chased into the cave by the demon. Days, weeks... She raised her head weakly and listened.

"He's gone," Sibella whispered with the last of her remaining strength. "It has been awhile...the demon gave up."

Annise saw her two sisters laying sprawled out, as weak as she felt. They had not fed for many days but death was slow in coming. Here in the supernatural realm the vampire sisters would not be allowed to escape so easily, as Sibella and Celestria had found out the painful way when they first arrived. The sisters would linger for many days, or even weeks, yet growing weaker and slowly drying out from the inside in an agonizing death.

"It's dark out," Celestria rasped, licking her dry lips. "We must go find food...find blood." The blond sister crawled to her knees and remained there with her head hanging low.

"Yessss," Annise agreed. She tried to rise to her knees and fell forward toward the black pool in the cave. She did not know if any of them had the strength left to escape the cave.

Then Annise gasped, her red hair hanging limply around her face.

There he was...in the black pool! Staring up at her, his face mournful with tears of blood in his eyes. She reached out one slender hand but did not touch the surface, fearing he would disappear again. Hoping he could hear her...but not knowing he could not...Annise cried out,
"Samael! You've come! I am...we are...dying, help me...help usss!"

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Posted 16 June 2008 - 08:14 AM

Samael’s hand hovered over the top of the pool, he could see Annise, she was crying out to him but he couldn’t understand what she was saying…..he thought he heard ‘help uss’ but he couldn’t be sure…..

A few more hours my love, that is all….I have to wait for the hidden moon or all this will be for nothing…..stay strong Annise, I will return as soon as the moon rises.

Reluctantly he left the pool and returned to the cave…..he carefully removed the rocks that blocked the entrance and peered inside…..Annise remained where he had left her nothing had disturbed her rest in the year that he had been gone……he crawled over to her and brushed away the jasmine….her hair had faded and her skin was grey and dry, pulled tautly over her bones giving her a skeletal almost mummified look….he lay down and closed his eyes……

His mind wandered back to when he and Annise had been united after centuries apart….after seeing her turned he had lost her, he had tried to track her but had never had any success, then nine years ago he had finally found her and claimed her as his…she wasn’t the same as she had been, she had suffered a terrible loss and her mind had fragmented…

His eyes opened and he cursed….he understood what she had been trying to say, she wanted him to save her and her sisters

oh Annise, that I cannot do, I don’t know where they are buried, or even if their bones still lie in this realm…I can only save you.

He spent the rest of the day sleeping restlessly, as soon as he felt the sun sink below the horizon he picked up Annise’s body and carried it outside then gently lay her down next to the portal….he took the two candles, one red, one black from his pack, lit them and set them on the ground…..he leaned over the portal and bit into his wrist, as his blood dripped into the pool he recited the old crones words….

Guiding night I ask your charity, lend me your focus and your clarity.
Give me what I need to restore my peace of mind.
Flickering flame, pierce her thoughts, make her hear my summons....
obey these words of power watchers of  the threshold,
watchers at the portal unbar the guarded door
obey the command of this servant of power

The surface of the pool rippled and Samael closed his eyes and prayed for the first time in over four centuries.

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Posted 16 June 2008 - 01:25 PM

When Samael’s image disappeared from the black pool, Annise cried out—in despair and in anger. Then she hissed and gathered her strength to rise with her sisters in search of food. They could see the endless dark outside illuminated by the moonlight through the small hole in the ceiling and the slim opening they had squeezed through. There were no sounds.

While the hours passed in the mortal realm, time nearly stood still in the supernatural world as the two realities pulled apart as they sometimes did. So for Annise it was only moments before the pool of tar began to turn a deep red. She heard Samael’s voice drifting out of the portal and froze. Could it
be? she thought.

Annise slowly turned around, clutching the stone wall for support against her weakness. Sibella and Celestria turned and stared, first at the pool then at their sister. Annise felt a sudden, invisible force pull at her body. She jerked forward and nearly lost her balance.

“Annise? Annise?” Celestria screamed, feeling something she didn’t like in the air. “What is it? What’s going on?”

The brown and blond haired vampires lurched forward and grasped desperately at Annise’s arms. They pulled her toward them with the last of their strength, but both could feel something yanking her away from them. With amazement Annise looked down at her hand saw it wavering…fading in and out. She smiled. Then she frowned. No! No, she couldn’t…wouldn’t leave her sisters. But…but she wanted to return to Samael…to the land of the living.

“Come with me, my sisters!” she breathed. “Hang on to me and join me!”

Annise glanced down into the pool, now a hazy red. She could see Samael next to a withered and dried out body…her body, she realized--the red hair was faded but it was hers. Hers! Her lord vampire was calling her back…calling her to him…somehow, somehow he had found a way at last.

“We cannot,” the other sisters cried out, falling backward. “We cannot hold on to you anymore…you are fading! Do not leave us, Annise,” they wailed together. “We will die!”

But Annise could not help them, nor stop what was occurring. It was beyond her control. She felt and saw her body become a skeletal form with rotten flesh hanging from it while she floated out and above, a vaporous form with no substance or details. Her body slumped heavily down, the bones turning into ash and collapsing…the flesh melting into liquid. The supernatural realm became misty and untouchable for her as she swirled above the portal. Suddenly she was sucked violently and painfully through the dark red liquid until the vapor was expelled on the other side into another moonlit night.

Her freed spirit found her body next to Samael. The mist that was Annise swirled around and retook the vague shape of a human body, then slammed into the body causing the corpse to jump. Slowly from the inside out, the body began to reform, to become alive again...muscles, organs, everything growing and reanimating through the powerful magic that had been summoned.

Suddenly Annise’s eyes flew open. She cried out in pain. Her bright green eyes shone fiercely in her once again pale and moist skin. Her long red hair lay flowing around her. The reborn vampire closed her mouth and licked her colorless lips slowly, testing...tasting...marveling at being alive again. She reached up slowly and caressed Samael's cheek, then her long, new fingernails raked gently down his skin drawing fine red lines.

"Blood," she whispered.

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Although he didn’t need to breathe Samael found himself holding his breath as Annise’s spirit re-entered her body…the old crone had warned him that she may not return as he remembered her….that being in the supernatural realm may have changed her in some way……his pale grey eyes glittered in the moonlight, glittered with unshed tears… he had thought her lost for all time….even using the dark magyk to reclaim what was rightfully his had been a chance, more of a hope than a certainty…..

As soon as her eyes opened he knew, his angel had been restored to him….he ran his hands through her hair, now lustrous once again….

He shivered as she caressed his cheek…The moonlight touched her face…he watched mesmerized as delicate shudders raced through her body…fading slowly as her body completed the transformation

"Annise, my immortal beloved….the sight of you warms a heart grown cold with a long year of waiting."


He drew her towards him…..he had prepared for this moment, he had fed well before summoning her, he was bloated with fresh blood…and he sensed two human trappers close by, as soon as he had sated her initial hunger we would seek them out….she would need to feed often to restore her strength

"Take what I freely offer"…..he held out his wrist

As her mouth moved over his arm he held her tightly, she was as beautiful as she had ever been, moonlight cloaked them in her gentle embrace….He rested his head on hers as she fed from him, his pale hair falling over the vibrant red of hers

Once she stopped to look at him, her green eyes wild, iridescent like illuminated emeralds…he kissed the top of her head

"Feed Annise…feed"

He didn’t know how long they remained entwined in their bloody embrace….when he next looked up at the sky it had lightened to a soft blue-grey. The birds were starting to sing…their song so sweet, filled him with joy. The trees were still an inky black, silhouetted against the sky….dew was forming on the grass….reluctantly he pulled his arm away….

"My precious, I need to hunt, you will remain here, in the cave….the sun is rising and you are still too weak to withstand her rays….wait for me…"

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Her thick eyelashes fluttered on her pale cheeks as Annise roused herself from Samael’s embrace. She had fallen into a half stupor after feeding from the fresh blood in his body, her mind a mass of whirling thoughts, images, and feelings—like a nest of writhing, entwined snakes unable to find their own space or separate themselves. Her resurrected body had healed but her mind had only begun. She found herself still pitifully weak as Samael carried her to the cave entrance, she murmured against his chest.

“Gone…,” she whispered, burying her blood streaked face in his long hair. “They are gone. Are they gone, Samael?” Annise asked in confusion. “You found me…we must find them…find their bones…find…bring back…,”her voice trailed off as she crawled half naked into the dark cave.

Annise heard Samael walking off as she lay down and curled herself up. Her former clothes were in tatters, rotted and barely covering her body. Her frantic mind leaped from one thought and image then to another, never remaining long enough for Annise to focus. Her mind fought with itself…sanity battling insanity. Bringing the dead back to life never guaranteed the mind would follow, and the redhaired vampire felt herself swirling as if down a giant black void. Images of her human past mingled with her vampire past which entwined with her time in the supernatural realm. Her goodness as a human, her evilness as a vampire vied for her attention. But through all, her sisters…her beloved sisters’ faces were always there.

She had found them again, now knew where they were. Annise hung on to that thought, that idea. They were not truly lost to her anymore, Samael had the magic…she knew where the bones were buried. For hadn’t she secretly buried them herself even in the throes of madness. But could she find them again?
Could she?

In the cave Annise moaned and writhed and fought with her demons, teetering again on the brink of insanity, unsure of whether she would fall or climb out. Her back arched and she screamed, hands clutching at her head.

Then she fell silent--a silence that only the dead could know. Annise slept.

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Samael heard Annise scream and he dropped the second body on to the forest floor…he had drained the two trappers as fast as he could, wanting to get back to Annise as quickly as he could, she was weak and vulnerable…..he had not been able to determine her mental state…he hoped her death and resurrection had not……..he shook his head to clear his thoughts, his angel was back where she belonged, he would love her as he had always loved her…he raced through the trees and reached the cave as the sky lightened to a pale blue….he crawled inside and watched over her as she slept…..as the sun rose higher in the sky he felt his eyelids grow heavy, he fought against Hypnos…there was one more thing he needed to do before succumbing to sleep.

He reached into his pack and pulled out a worn leather bag…..he opened the bag and emptied the contents onto the cave floor…..he picked up the ivory comb and began to comb her long red hair as he worked he hummed the song she always sang to calm him….when he had finished with every last snarl and tangle he carefully stripped away the remnants of her rotting and tattered clothes and dressed her in a soft woolen gown he had taken from a young woman two nights before…the gown was deep blue with silver embroidery on the bodice….she stirred in her sleep and he kissed her forehead…..

"Rest now my sweet…..when the sun sets on this day you will feed again, you will grow strong as you once were"

He lay down next to her and gathered her in his arms warming her with his blood flushed body…

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During the early morning a light snow began to fall, dusting the earth with a thin blanket of white. But there wasn't enough to completely cover the bodies of the dead trappers. A lone hunter discovered the bodies, thinking the lumps might be dead deer that he could scavenge for himself. At first he was afraid they had died of the plague that was killing so many; but to his horror, the man realized the bodies were drained of their blood. Bite marks were clearly visible on their necks. Vampires! he thought. Backing up so quickly he nearly tripped over a root, the man mounted his horse and began to ride home for Kirth. He vigilantly looked all around himself as he rode, not wanting to be surprised by a vampire--or more--and meet his own grisly death. Or worse.

A half a day's ride, to be sure--he would cut his hunting trip short--, but the local vampire hunters needed to know this information. Whether they would come this far, the man didn't know, but he rode anyway, his horse kicking up the snow as it ran. He would be there by afternoon.

* * * * *

Early evening:

Annise blinked her eyes open and lay still. She gazed up at the low ceiling of the cave, then slowly moved her eyes around taking in her surroundings. She could feel the weight of the dress on her body and knew she was now clothed. She saw her breasts swelling over the snug bodice. Beloved Samael. Turning her head slowly she gazed at the sleeping face of her vampire lover. She drank in his features...having believed she might never lay eyes upon him again..., and gently reached over to caress his blood-hued cheek. He was full of blood, Annise could smell it. She inhaled deeply.

She kissed his lips and pressed her mouth against his.
"I have...returned," she whispered slowly and quietly.

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I have...returned

Samael tightened his hold on Annise and returned her kiss

"You will never leave me again...I need you Annise, these past twelve moons have been the longest of my very long life...he pulled away and looked into her eyes, one hand gently cupping her cheek.....you must feed now....gather your strength.....he frowned as he looked around the cave...."and then we are going to find ourselves somewhere comfortable to stay, no more damp caves, no more sleeping on the cold, hard ground...I want you to have every luxury...."

He sighed and his eyes fluttered closed as he felt her warm breath on his neck, thanks to the trappers blood his heart beat and his pulse quickened....she bit into his neck and the hot, rich blood coursed through his veins into her.....

He felt himself weakening and put his hand on the back of her neck

"Enough my sweet...enough...we have much to do this night, leave your lover enough strength to stand at least"

As he sat up he stilled...in his haste to return to her he had not disposed of the trappers bodies

"Annise....there is something I must do before we leave this place.....he looked out of the cave and snarled, he could see fresh tracks in the snow leading out of the forest....too late...we must leave...now...."

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Kneeling in the shadows of the low cave entrance with Samael, Annise gazed out at the evening light for the first time since her “death” as a vampire. Her green eyes darted over the white, silent forest, drinking in the world of the living once more. She wiped her bloody mouth on the back of her hand. Her mind felt…different. Not quite as fragmented, such as it was before she lost her sisters…the first time. But you lost them again, a voice whispered quietly in her head, they are gone, lost to you, you failed…Annise hissed and bared her fangs causing Samael to glance at her questioningly. She felt him begin to automatically probe her mind, but she shook her head. Now was not the time.

“Yesss, I am strong once again to leave, thanks to you, my love,” she replied, using one long fingernail to caress his cheek. She felt his body quiver under her touch. “But I sense all is not well around here.” Annise looked lightly into Samael’s mind and found the image of the two trappers left out in the open in his hurry to return to her earlier.

Drawing back into the cave, she began to gather Samael’s pack. She let her mind reach out around her, trying to regain her telepathic strength. Annise narrowed her eyes to mere slits and frowned.

“Do you feel them, as well? Someone comes this way. We must go far away from here. One of the larger cities, perhaps, yes? Where we may lose ourselves for awhile, feed freely, and exist in the night without suspicion. I do not intend to die again so soon, you may be assured of that. You will tell me of all that went on while I was…away, Samael? I smelled much death in the air outside."

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