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The Vampire Chronicles:

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Posted 22 June 2008 - 08:45 AM

About 525 years ago:

Drake Sainte-d'Aignaux, Lord of Dacia, stared off into the distance…toward the thick forest in the north that marked the border between his province and that of another Lord. The setting sun was casting a vibrant orange over the western sea, the sky filled with deepening purples and blues. This evening Drake had kept his end of the bargain with a demon…the leader of the vampire clan that had, for the last year, terrorized his and nearby lands. For centuries his generation and others before had been able to defeat, or at least hold back, the vampire attacks; but recently the tide had turned on the humans and elves. The vampires had seemed to grow stronger and more bold until it seemed they controlled everyone’s lives.

It had not been an easy decision to do what he’d done. But putting the safety of his people and lands…and yes, deep down he knew, his wealth and power…first had been his only choice. And it wasn’t only himself that had been part of this agreement, several of the other Lords had also sacrificed something important.

A daughter.

In exchange for the promise that the vampire clan would leave their lands, Drake and the others had given up a daughter to the vampire leader. In secret. A secret the powerful men had all sworn to keep to their graves.  Right now his youngest, Celestria, was on her way into the forest. The eighteen year old girl had been set up by her father for a “kidnapping” while on an errand—something that would explain her disappearance—and spirited away to the far off forest.

No one would ever know. Drake would console his family, especially the two remaining sisters, while his youngest would be…Drake shook his head sharply. No. He wouldn’t…
couldn’t dwell on that. Everyone made sacrifices in this life. This had been Celestria’s…and his.

* * * * *

The plain wagon rolled quickly through the forest, bumping over the dirt trail. The old man at the reins had only been told to drive the wagon to a certain spot then walk away. The coins jingled in his pocket…more money than he’d ever seen. He never peeked under the tarp over the back of the wagon. Something scared the old man and he only wanted to be done with this.

He pushed the serving girl away from him and wiped his mouth…..then jumped down from the covered wagon and walked into the encampment…..he and his men were a few hours ride from the home of Drake Sainte-d'Aignaux…if his sources were correct tonight was the night that Drake would sacrifice his youngest daughter, Celestria, to the band of vampires that had been terrorizing his lands for the past 13 years. Samael, Lord of Marche smiled to himself……over the last 12 months the vampire clan had grown in numbers and strength, there had been a war, a war which the humans were losing….he had remained an observer for the duration of the war….he had sent human slaves to aid Drake but never joined the battle himself, he could not risk exposure, Drake was unaware of his true nature and that suited him, he had been granted land in NE Aquitaine in exchange for men and gold….land where he could rule as he saw fit, land where his nighttime activities went unnoticed…..for nearly two decades he had been comfortable, safe, he had a steady food supply, more gold and treasure than he would ever need….but now the familiar feelings of ennui pressed on him…it was time for him to act…

He had sent a scout to track Celestria, not with the intention of rescuing her, but simply to discover the whereabouts of the clans lair….he had told no-one his true intentions, not even his trusted advisor Mikhail…..his men, his followers, his servants, all thought he was seeking to form an alliance with the clan…..it was safer that way…many of his men were young, recently turned, easily read by an older vampire….if anyone probed their minds they would find only what Samael wanted them to find.

As the sky darkened from purple to black his scout returned, he stopped in front of Samael and bowed

My Lord….he handed Samael a crudely drawn map…..they are heading for the forest….we will be able to track them easily

Samael put his hands on the scouts shoulders and smiled, the tips of his fangs showing…

You have served me well

Realization dawned and the scout tried to run….Samael snapped his neck before he could  take even one step, he dragged the body across the camp and threw it onto the fire.

Mikhail, ready the men, we leave in one hour.

Present day

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Posted 23 June 2008 - 03:36 AM

Samael took Annise’s hand in his and led her out of the cave….."yes my love I feel them too, I should have been more careful, but my only thoughts were for you…I have led them to us….come let us leave this place, I do not wish another encounter with vampire hunters....... I will tell you everything as we travel…, I will tell you of old crones, magyk, creeping sickness, vermin......"

He pursed his lips and whistled, his horse came trotting out of the forest….

"As soon as we are able, we will get you your own horse, for now we will ride together"….he put his hands around Annises waist and placed her on the horses back before jumping up and settling himself behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her head…..

"Let us head south, I am in need of some warmth and I hear that the sickness has not reached the far south as yet…."

He heard the sound of horses and riders rapidly approaching….there was only one road and he needed to take it, he would have to pass the hunters….he smiled…."my sweet, can you look frail and distraught?" He chuckled as Annise complied…..

He turned his horse to face the oncoming riders and held up his hand to stop them….

"There are things, unnatural things up ahead…they nearly caught us, my poor wife, she is quite overcome…..we are heading back into town, she needs a doctor…..he pointed into the forest….they are in there, I, we saw them…saw their teeth…..demons…demons….

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Posted 23 June 2008 - 03:40 AM

525 years ago..........

"Where is she?" Sibella asked for the third time as the sun dropped lower and lower into the sea until it was barely a arc on the horizon.

Annise shook her head, a frown forming on her face.
"This isn't like Celestria. She is never late, and she knows better than to be out alone...even "visiting" one of her favored knights."

The two older sisters were waiting outside the stone gatehouse of the very outer wall of Dacia Manor. The Porter on duty this evening stood armed with his sword. Annise glanced up at the soldiers and archers patrolling the thick walls and tower above them. There was a war going on with the wretched vampires.

"M'ladies, do come in and allow me to lower the gate," the Porter requested. "Perhaps your sister returned already and is searching for you inside the palace or the grounds," he suggested, eager to secure the gates for the coming night.

"Perhaps he's right," Sibella said, but not convincingly. "She has to be here somewhere!"

Annise nodded, worried but also annoyed at her little sister. At 23 Annise sometimes acted more like the mother, as the sisters had lost theirs in early childhood. Their step-mother had no interest in the girls--as a matter of fact, their father's several mistresses were more involved in the girls' life.

"Let's go find father, perhaps he knows or has seen her," Annise said as they re-entered the gatehouse. Behind them the heavy, metal gate clanged shut with a thud.

Darkness descended as the sisters finally reached the massive manor that they called home. The wall sconces and torches were already lit by the servants. Annise and Sibella moved gracefully over the marble floors, through the great hall, and toward their father's study. They heard voices coming from inside.

"Shhhh," Annise said, putting a slim finger to her lips. "Let's wait until he's done," she said, nodding to the guards on duty at the door. She pulled Sibella into a dimly lit hall and disappeared from sight. The two sisters leaned carefully against a small door and listened in on their father and his guests.

It never hurt to know what was going on...and women weren't usually informed of certain matters. Annise and Sibella did not agree with this tradition.

* * * * * *

Inside the wagon in the woods, Celestria began to wake up from the solution that had been used to knock her unconscious. She felt the wagon stop, the fittings creak as the driver dismounted, and then nothing. All was silent. The blond girl began to fight against her rope bonds, trying to get lose. She whimpered slightly behind her gag.

Suddenly the tarp was whipped away and a white face loomed over the side. Then another. Two sets of fangs dripping with blood grinned coldly down at Celestria. She screamed into her gag. Hands reached down to snatch her up. She tried to fight but they were strong--vampire strong. She was flung over a shoulder and carried away through the forest--her last vision of her old life was that of the wagon and the driver laying sprawled on the ground, his body drained of blood.

Celestria screamed with all her might.

Samael led his men towards the forest, the moon shone brightly lighting their way…as they reached the tree line he reined his horse in and stopped…….he leaned forward and listened…..in the distance he heard a muffled scream……..he smiled cruelly, the scream was music to his ears…….he urged his horse onward, his men felt into single file behind him.

Samael had turned all of his men, selecting them from the fallen on battlefields, everyone of them near death, everyone of them given the choice….. they were all beholden to him, they owed him their lives, their loyalty….not one of them was more than 50 years dead, what they lacked in mental abilities they made up for with their physical strength, cunning and blood-lust….but not a single one of them was a match for him, he was their leader, their blood Lord.

As they moved deeper into the forest his thoughts turned to the Nightwalker clan….he had been keeping an eye on them, making sure that they didn’t stray too close to his territory, he had studied their leader and found him lacking, he was reckless, greedy, impulsive and careless…he made mistakes…..Samael was counting on him making his biggest mistake later tonight.

The Lord of Marche never did anything without planning for it, he considered each and every outcome, his time with Constantine had taught him that……..

His plan was simple, he would broker an alliance with the clan, he had bought bags of gold and precious gems to sweeten the deal for the Nightwalkers…..him and his men would present no threat….little was known about the Lord of Marche, their leader would be unaware of his strength and power…..in his lust for wealth all he would see was financial gain…..Samael chuckled to himself, he knew that at the first opportunity he would try and kill him….that would be his final mistake.

As they passed the wagon and its lifeless driver Mikhail jumped down from his horse and led the way…..soon they were at the edge of the clans lair….Samael dismounted and handed his horses reins to Mikhail

"Keep the men here until I call for you."

Silently he approached a young male nightwalker and with one sharp twist broke his neck….he threw the body over his shoulder and walked towards the torchlit entrance….two men stepped out in front of him and bared their teeth…….Samael directed his thoughts and whispered a few words and watched as the men’s eyes glazed over…..

"You know me, I am the Lord of Marche, your leader is expecting me, you will take me to him"

They didn’t say a word, simply nodded and walked away.

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Posted 23 June 2008 - 11:19 AM

Present day:

Annise was leaning back into Samael as they began to ride, the familiar thrill of lust creeping into her body from being so near to him. It had not always been so between them—but once he had come upon her again nine years past…

Samael’s request to look distraught drew Annise from her memories, as did the approaching sounds of hoof beats. From her slumped position she took in the four men who now faced them as Samael turned the horse around. Their swords looked deadly and the stakes at their belts even worse.

“Horrible!” she whispered, keeping her head down and one hand over her mouth as if in shock. Although Samael had wrapped his cloak around both of them, she was without a hood to hide her pale skin and fangs. But the fading sky helped to conceal her true nature somewhat. “You must not allow them to escape, please, gentlemen. Those…demons must not be allowed to harm anyone else.”

The vampire hunters were so intent on killing what was in the forest that they were not as diligently aware of those they were speaking to. They briefly discussed the situation then turned back to Samael and Annise.

“Jakob will remain with you…for safety,” the leader said, already looking into the forest. “He will ride back with you to town. Darkness is coming and you shouldn’t be out alone.”

Samael began to protest but Annise raised one pale hand. She spoke quietly. “Thank you…we would welcome the protection.”

Once the three others had ridden off and were out of sight, Annise held out her hand, beckoning to the remaining hunter. “Come closer. I am still frightened and cannot speak too loudly,” she said. “I wish to speak with you.”

The man who had initially found the dead trappers rode over closer. Suddenly Annise straightened herself to her full height and took a tight hold of the man’s throat. He struggled and grasped at her hand, but she squeezed quickly. She felt the man’s windpipe collapse under her hand as she wrapped her fingers ever tighter. He had no hope of even attempting to grab one of his stakes. He died with fear, shock, and pain in his open eyes. With her other hand, Annise reached over and undid the man’s cloak. It would be too big for her, but it would do for now.

“Can you reach the horse’s reins, my darling,” she asked Samael calmly, still holding the dead man in her grip, ready to throw him to the ground. “I believe I have just found myself a horse.”

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Posted 23 June 2008 - 01:51 PM

As soon as Samael understood Annise's intentions he pulled the hood of his cloak up to hide his smile.......within moments the man was dead......he reached over for the horses reins as Annise undid the dead mans cloak

"You are beautiful, devious and absolutely delightful my beloved angel.....life has been so dull without you....he brought the horses to a stop, jumped down and took the corpse from Annise......

I will dispose of his body...we don't want to leave a trail...I want to enjoy this time with you, not be concerned with hunters.

He walked to edge of the dirt road.......his eyes glittered in the moonlight as he scanned the area....the ground sloped away from the road and led down to a rocky gorge

"Fortune smiles on us this night my sweet.......this won't take long" he threw the body over his shoulder and jumped down into the gorge........he threw the corpse down and using his preternatural strength moved several large rocks so that they were covering the body...

When he returned to Annise he was still smiling
.....Jakob will be nothing more than bones when and if he's found......he mounted his horse......shall we continue my love?

As they headed away from the forest he told her of the terrible plague that had swept the country killing rich and poor alike
......I have heard told that the sickness began on the eastern continent and was carried over on the ships or along the silk road....at the beginning of this year it started spreading across our lands.....the great and glorious church has been foresaken by its god.....there has been persecution, jews, lepers, travellers, all are seen as plague carriers...the nobility have fled the cities, they take refuge in the country, but it affords them little protection.....I think we will find many deserted homes along the way, perfect for our needs"

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Posted 24 June 2008 - 09:27 AM

The fresh snow sparkled in the night under the light of the moon as the two vampires made their escape. A faint night breeze erased the horses’ hoof prints as they picked their way along the road. Although not cold Annise wrapped her “new” cloak around her and patted her horse. While Samael had been disposing of the corpse, she’d gently worked her way into the horse's mind assuring him that he was in no danger. She needed to trust her horse and have the creature trust her.

Annise made a derisive sound.
“Ah, the New Religionistsss…,” she hissed, remembering the cult that had begun decades ago and grew rapidly, but had never stamped out the old, ancient ways. “Too much faith put in one god…many became careless in protecting themselves, denying the reality of evil..like usss, my darling Samael. And a plague, how delightful…destroying all that life, ripping the breath and soul from the body.” Annise grinned in the moonlight.

Traveling mostly by night and taking refuge in empty homes or barns, Annise and Samael continued south, avoiding people—and other vampire clans--whenever possible. The first time Annise fed on her own nearly brought out her madness. The pain and fear the victim was experiencing flowed into Annise, almost causing her to be unable to feed. It took all her will and the conjuring of her sisters’ memories and her quest to find their bones for her to sink her fangs into the pulsing vein. Her punishment in the supernatural realm had followed her back to the land of the living—if she had not been so old and able to fight the pain, the vampire would have surely starved to death in time.

But fight Annise did, each and every time, as she and her beloved Samael traveled into the warmer weather of the south.

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Posted 24 June 2008 - 10:24 AM

525 years ago:

It had come to pass that Annise and Sibella's eavesdropping had allowed them to overhear their father speaking of the fate of their youngest sister, Celestria. At first the two young women had been speechless and merely stared in horror at each other at the realization of what it meant for the vampires to have their sister. Sibella had begun to cry silently while Annise vowed in whispers with much hand gesturing to descend upon her father and gouge his eyes out with a dagger, then plunge the weapon deep into his innards and leave them hanging out for a slow death.

But finally, with the clutching of each other and frantic whispers, it had been decided that
they would rescue Celestria themselves from the vampires. Quickly sneaking clothes from the young knights that were being fostered at the manor and stealing horses with bridals only from the stables, the young sisters had escaped through a hidden entrance in the wall of the estate.

"Oh, he is a villain to be sure!" Annise swore for the umpteenth time as she raced her horse along the dirt road that led to the forest. Her red hair flew out behind her as she rode hard. "A whoreson, destestable villain. I will hate him with all my heart and soul forever!"

Sibella was still too horrified at how their lives had come to this event to be shocked at her sister's language. She could hear the venom in her sister's voice and feel it coming off the other young woman in waves. She, too, despised her father but felt more of the betrayal than hate.

"I don't understand how he could do this to our sister...his own daughter," Sibella cried through her tears. The darkness of the night had descended up on them fully and they rode only by moonlight. Their horses were quick and surefooted, though, and galloped easily through the night.

The two young women were armed with swords and crossbows, confident they would succeed in their rescue.

* * * * * *

Celestria stopped struggling in the arms of her vampire captor when she heard the voices. Hope surged through her veins that her rescue was imminent. She was now being held with her arms roughly behind her back, and she whipped her head around, her blond hair flying into the face of her captor. She recognized him! The Lord of Marche...oh, thank goodness!

"Oh, my Lord!" she cried out, struggling, hoping he would hear her before walking away from the torchlit entrance to the cave. "Help me! I am here! oh please...save me!"

* * * * * * *

Samael turned and laughed, aware of the nightwalker clan leader standing behind him, keeping to the shadows….

Ah sweet child……Celestria isn’t it?….Drake Sainte-d'Aignaux, Lord of Dacia’s daughter…..I cannot save you, your father tricked you, he lied to you, he sacrificed you to save his own life ….he has traded you for peace, but peace will not come…he and the noble Lords, they have all been tricked….but you my child, you are fair, pleasant to look upon,  you will survive this night….he saw her smile and he shook his head…but not in the way you think……he turned and looked at the Nightwalker….he bowed his head slightly…..

"Don’t you agree….she is pretty, she would look good on your arm…you must see that she is fairer than the others, they are not fit to be seen with you……he took a step back…my apologies…..I have spoken out of turn and I have not yet introduced myself, I am Samael, Lord of Marche…..I offer you my services and those of my men who are waiting outside…..with my wealth and resources we could be an asset to you…..he held out one of the bags of gold, the nightwalker stepped forward and snatched the purse from his hand, Samael smiled….I have many more……..The Nightwalker bared his fangs and hissed….tell me Lord of Marche, why should I not kill you here and now, take your gold and treasure, take your men for my own….Samael sighed, just once he would like to meet a nightwalker who wasn’t so predictable…do you think I would be so naive as to bring all the money with me? Do you think my men would serve you if I were dead? They belong to me, they follow only me…kill me and they will attack you, they won’t be able to overpower you and your men, but they will do a lot of damage….can you afford to lose any men at this time?

He turned his back on the nightwalker and walked away….

Perhaps I should give you some time to think about it….discuss it with your men.

The nightwalker growled and lunged at Samael…..I do not discuss anything with my men, I am leader here, I make the decisions……..How do I know you are what you say you are, you could be a spy, a turncoat, a human sympathizer………he grabbed Celestria and pushed her towards Samael…… .sent by her father to save her……..prove you are what you say, take her life, turn her….. Samael smirked…..if I turn her she will be mine for all time, is that what you want..he took Celestria in his arms and smoothed her hair away from her face….look at her…really look, she is beautiful, young, innocent…her blood will be so sweet, her mind so pliable…..

Present day:

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Posted 25 June 2008 - 03:44 AM

Samael had wanted to continue feeding Annise, he had wanted to protect her from strong emotions, fearing what it would do to her fragile mind....he had watched from a distance the first time she fed, he could see her inner torment, but he could also see her determination to succeed….she was old, she was strong, she could block out the pain…..after that first time he had let her feed as and when she wanted to……when they were settled in the south he would find her willing donors, men and women who would love her and give her what she needed….his beloved would not have to suffer.

Already they had secured two young females, sisters, both grateful to their new masters for saving them from the sickness, for giving them food and work when no-one else would as well as another horse and a mule to carry their belongings

"Annise look….we are almost there…..in the distance he could see the hills that surrounded Caerleon and he could just make out the castle towers….he leant back on his horse and stretched

"We will make a home here my angel, the city is large, home to many, no-one will pay us too much attention….the river provides trade and transport, and where there are ships there are taverns, whorehouses and most importantly lots of sailors and transients and little sign of the plague that runs rampant elsewhere….we will be able to hunt at night….and I believe that the old ways are practiced here…..there is a church of the new religionists but it is not well attended….we have woods to the east should we have need to disappear…he smiled…I think we are going to have a lot of fun in Caerleon my dove"

As they neared the city they happened upon an upturned carriage on the road, the driver lay dead at the side of the road, his body stripped...the horses had been taken as had everything else of value....Samael smiled...."how fortunate"

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Posted 26 June 2008 - 11:06 AM

"Caerleon," Annise repeated softly, gazing at the bountiful city that lay before them at the bottom of the hill. The snow of the north did not reach quite this far and there was much activity this cool, winter evening. Annise turned to Samael and smiled slowly as she caressed his cheek. "It looks perfect, my darling," she purred.

She had been here in the past centuries, but the small river town had grown considerably. More crowds for her and Samael to "hide" amongst, while enjoying the night life once again. There had been centuries when she and her sisters had lived among the humans and elves, thought of as eccentric and mysterious...although, it had only been a matter of decades before they were discovered and run out.

Before leaping gracefully off her horse, Annise flicked her hand at their two servants--both young women and both having been on their way to a life of abject poverty, if not death, had the vampires not found them. She and Samael had bound the girls to them both physically and mentally. The sisters now wore long, silk scarves to hide the small bite marks on their necks until they healed...both had been fed gently upon and then forced to drink a few drops of the vampires' blood.

"Dispose of the body," she ordered the girls as they slid off the backs of the vampires' horses. "Into the ditch. Samael and I will right the carriage." She watched as Mina obediently took hold of one arm and her sister the other.

The closed carriage was well built of fine wood and well-maintained. Once disguised and outfitted with the finest interior, it would be unrecognizable. Annise was tired of living in caves and riding only horses; if she and Samael were going to rest here she would have only the best.  Once the extra horse was hitched up, they prepared to leave.

"Oh, Samael, we are too many now to be seen in plain sight," Annise said. "Perhaps one more night in hiding while we find a suitable house...then when we are ready to show ourselvesss...," she hissed gleefully, imagining the possibilities in the city of Caerleon.

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 05:42 AM

Samael smiled, took Annise's hand and kissed it.......

"One more night my angel....tonight we will stay in the woods, then tomorrow we will find a house, we will go into the city as night falls....we will find a house, a grand house....he chuckled.....Lord and Lady Dragomir need somewhere suitable to entertain....."

He held Annise in his arms until the sisters returned

"My love, if you would take a seat in the carriage...Mina, Elizabeth...take the mule, I will lead the horses....they are unaccustomed to being hitched.....daybreak is hours away, we have time to walk."

He led the way to the woods, staying far enough away from the city walls that no guards would see them.....a few hours later they had found a wooden cabin...used by trappers in the summer months, deserted in the winter.....he covered the carriage with fallen branches, found water for the horses and covered the small windows of the cabin with heavy cloth to keep out any light....he instructed the sisters to take turns sleeping"....one of you will keep watch at all times" The sisters nodded...Mina wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and shivered....Sir...could we not have a fire...tis awful cold in here...Samael sighed.....No fires, fires produce smoke....someone would see the smoke and come to investigate...we don't want that now do we? he threw another blanket at her....that will have to suffice....Mina frowned..but Sir....Samaels eyes glowed in the dark of the cabin, he grabbed her by the throat and bared his fangs.....do not question me Mina...this is the only warning I will give you.....he pushed her against the wall, his face inches from hers......you are expendable my dear...easily replaceable...if you wish to continue living you would be wise to do as I say......he sank his teeth into her neck and fed from her until she went limp in his arms....he let her sink to the floor....Elizabeth you will take first watch."

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Posted 28 June 2008 - 03:17 PM

Annise watched dispassionately as Samael disciplined Mina and ordered Elizabeth to take the first watch. She narrowed her eyes at the young woman and frowned, silently warning the one sister to not behave like the first. Annise watched Elizabeth wrap her cloak tightly around herself, then cover up with a thick blanket before slipping out the door to sit on the porch of the wooden house in the forest.

She beckoned to Samael to come to her where she lay on blankets on the floor, and Annise fed lightly from his wrist. She felt his long, white hair fall over her. Closing her eyes, she lay wrapped in his arms and slept as the city's final activities of the night wound down. Complete darkness fell over the city and surrounding countryside as the moon rose and shone off the snow. Night turned into midnight which turned into the forgotten time when none but demons and evil should dare to walk the earth.

"Samael, come...it is silent out now," Annise whispered in the darkness of the cabin when she woke, her eyes flying open. She sat up. "We can search for a house while the humans and elves sleep in ignorance."

Elizabeth was summoned back inside, her lips blue and her skin cold, and Annise instructed her to lay with Mina and sleep. "You are not to leave this place," she hissed, holding a slender finger under the young woman's chin. Elizabeth's obedient eyes looked up quickly then back down to the floor. "Samael and I will know if you disobey. Am I understood?"

Elizabeth nodded faintly and swallowed. "Y-yes, Mistress. Yes."

Samael and Annise slipped out of the cabin, securing the door in such a way that they would know if it were opened. She entered Elizabeth's mind telepathically and then nodded, satisfied. The vampires then melted into the trees, their bodies shrouded in mist. In this way the vampires traveled throughout the outskirts of Caerleon, unseen and unheard...although leaving behind them a cold chill and feeling of dread had anyone been around to feel their presence.  

Tucked away in the woods to the east of Caerleon and near the large river, they found an abandoned house. It was large and made of different light colored stones with arched windows, round pointed roofs on the circular outer parts, and triangular roofs on the center and main wings. Annise stood in the overgrown, pebbled driveway and clapped. It would do until they were able to continue on with their journey to find her sisters’ bones; but first Annise needed to regain her full strength. The dark house called to her and she beckoned for Samael to follow. Once inside the vampire reveled in the darkness and the potential of the large house. She lightly pressed a finger to his lips when he opened his mouth.

"Shhhh," she whispered. "You have taken care of me for so long now…protected me, …saved me, my beloved ...I must do something for you."

Annise had been cautious about singing for Samael so long as they had traveled on the road alone, but now she began to wind herself around him. Her slim, supple body danced in the moonlight streaming into a window as she ran her hands over his chest, shoulders, and back…again and again…singing hauntingly, reaching deep into her love’s soul.

“We will live here, yessss?” she hissed quietly, then hummed again for a moment. “Caerleon will be oursss, my love.”

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525 years ago

Confused by the Lord of Marche's actions and words and frightened by the leader of the vampires, Celestria could only stand silent, her body shaking. She glanced up and gasped. The Lord she had known...albeit not well...all her life was a vampire! Celestria screamed and struggled abruptly, something no one was expecting. She managed to free herself from the Lord's grasp, tearing her dress open at the bodice.

Trying to run she was caught by another vampire and held tightly, one hand wrapped around her long blond hair and holding tightly. Her head was yanked painfully back. The leader motioned for her to be taken away, into the caves for the ceremony later tonight. Other daughters of the Lords could be heard arriving, some screaming, some crying, some spitting and fighting. All were dragged into the torchlit caves.

* * * *

Annise and Sibella had tied their horses to a tree and were creeping through the woods toward the back of the caves. They had found the wagon and the dead driver, as well as heard other wagons approaching. After retreating further into the dark forest, the sisters waited silently for what seemed hours. Finally they followed and circled around the encampment.

The sisters had a plan...a plan they were certain would succeed. Annise and Sibella had gone over the details in whispers. Tying her red hair more firmly away from her face, Annise peered through the bushes at the back of a guard some distance away.

"Are you ready?" she asked, glancing at her sister crouched down beside her.

"No," Sibella said, pushing a strand of her brown hair from her face. "But let's do this anyway."

Suddenly the guard moved aside to speak to another and the sisters inhaled sharply. There were so many more vampires than they had expected! Truthfully, they hadn't know how many to expect, but not this many. Annise and Sibella had no idea that half of the vampires belonged to the Lord of Marche, and were unlikely to find that out as something slammed into their heads from behind.

Dropping suddenly into unconsciousness, the two sisters knew no more. They didn't feel their weapons slipping from their hands, nor their limp bodies being lifted and carried off. They didn't see when they were carried into a back entrance into the caves, prizes that their vampire captors would present to their leader when his meeting with the other was over. Annise and Sibella did not feel the cold metal cuffs attached to the wall by chains snap shut around their wrists, nor hear their beloved sister crying over their bodies.

Samael watched dispassionately as Celestria was taken away, then he turned back to the Nightwalker

"So what is it to be my friend, do you want what I offer or not?"

The Nightwalker leant back against the wall, and crossed his arms

"You have a pretty tongue and you use it well, you have gold and treasure which is always welcome, you have men, trained men at your side, they could assist me…or they could turn against me"…..he cocked his head to one side…..I cannot read you, why is that?"

Samael lowered his head to hide his expression

"Forgive me, but I do not permit others inside my head…you may read my men, you will see that all I have told you is the truth…."he mentally summoned Mikhail

"Mikhail is my most trusted ally, the closest thing I have to a friend, he is much younger than you, you will be able to read him easily...will you tell your guards to let him pass unharmed?" The nightwalker nodded his assent and Mikhail came to stand by Samaels side

"My Lord?"
Samael watched and waited, his entire plan rested on this moment

The Nightwalker smiled showing his fangs
"…it would seem that you were telling the truth….he chuckled…an honest nightwalker is a rare thing….he stepped forward…I am Caleb, welcome to my home….you have arrived just in time for the great celebration…..later this night we will hold the ceremony, as you are aware we have many beauties to turn…..will you assist….he lowered his voice and stepped closer, he put his arm around Samaels shoulders….I want to make them strong….my men, they’re sloppy, inexperienced….more die than survive….but with you by side….his grip tightened, sharp nails cutting through the fabric of Samaels jacket…together we could create strong female nightwalkers…."

Samael endured the embrace for as long as he could before stepping away....he saw anger spark in Calebs eyes and he quickly bowed

"You do me a great honour Caleb, as a guest in your home I will do as you bid me to do...he grinned....and it will be a pleasure to do so"

Present Day

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Samael was lost….he had been without her song for over a year, now he felt her music dancing across his skin, it enveloped him, he tipped his head back in ecstasy and closed his eyes ….he was transported back to a time when he was still human, when his heart still beat, when his own warm blood flowed through his veins, and he had  needed to breathe…. Back to a time when he had been able to watch the sun rise over the land, to see the beginning of a new day, to enjoy the warmth on his skin….

he had lived for over half a millenia, spending most of that time alone…..he had taken lovers here and there, but they were for one night only, before his precious Annise he had been alone….she had intoxicated him, bewitched him, loved him….she had made him whole again…He lived for the night now, he lived for her….he opened his eyes and watched as she danced, chasing away the shadows….. silvery fingers of moonlight illuminating her face her captivating emerald eyes, her full sensual lips…he moved towards her…  her hair hung down her back, tied with a ribbon exposing the alabaster skin of her throat…..

"Yes my angel, we will live here and we will take Caerleon for ourselves"

He took her in his arms…

"So precious to me"….he ran his fingers down the length of her hair …..he thought back over the last thirteen moons, without her song the anger, cruelty and rage had boiled inside him….his blood lust had been insatiable, every night he needed to feed, to claim another victim, he fed off their blood and their terror, but he was never satisfied….only she could calm him, she soothed his soul.

He pulled her close and bent his head to her neck
"beautiful, passionate Annise, how I love you"….his fangs pierced her flesh and he lapped at her rich, sweet blood, taking only a few drops before the incisions closed…

"We should go back to the cabin and gather our belongings my love….the sisters have much work to do if we are to have a house suitable for entertaining…."

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Annise trailed the fingers of one hand along the coins nestled in the small wooden box, then let a handful run through her fingers, the metals jingling as they collided. It had been fortunate that Samael had chosen as a victim a rich merchant on his way toward the city one dark, early morning. This was just after they’d moved into the abandoned house several days ago.

Alone in the house with Elizabeth and Mina, Annise walked across the bare floor of the bedroom and carefully replaced the box in its hiding place that only she and Samael knew about. She peered out from behind the tattered window curtains and stared at the winter ruined grounds watching their new gardener that Samael had found trying to make some order of the grounds. They would still need several more servants to help ready the house. The poor and downtrodden made the best servants, Annise had found over the centuries—the wretched creatures were more than grateful, and more easily controlled, due to their life circumstances.

As she made her way out into the hall and onto the landing of the grand staircase, Annise heard the girls downstairs cleaning. Wearing a pair of men’s slim pants and a ruffled shirt with long, flowing sleeves, the new lady of the house seemed to disappear into a mist that floated over the balcony and appeared behind the girls.

Both Mina and Elizabeth screamed when she cleared her throat. Annise smiled coldly and raised an eyebrow.
“Something wrong?” she asked.

“N-no, Mistress…you just…I mean…,” Mina stuttered until her sister elbowed her. “No, Mistress, nothing is wrong.”

Annise laughed at their fear. She cupped their chins in her slender fingers and looked into their eyes. Her bright green eyes pierced to their very souls as she probed their minds, searching for anything the girls might be hiding. She found only desire to live and serve. Slowly her fingers moved down to their necks and rested there gently. She felt the girls swallow hard. Leaning close Annise kissed each girl softly on a cheek with her cold, pale lips and whispered,

“Remember who you are loyal to. Remember who can and will kill you if you disobey.”

Standing back upright, Annise sighed. “Continue cleaning. You have much work to do, but I may soon have a helper for you.”

As a vampire, Annise was old enough to withstand indirect sunlight for short periods as well as not have to sleep all day. As she walked into the newly cleaned kitchen the weak afternoon sun streamed in through a window. She stared for a few moments at the ragged looking woman laying unconscious and tied up near the large fireplace. Samael had left her for Annise convert and promise a “better” life to…

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Samael prowled around the narrow shadowed streets surrounding the riverside….the late afternoon sun was partially obscured by clouds making it possible for him to start his search for ‘servants’ earlier than usual….the woman he had left for Annise was a cook…whilst he and his beloved had no need of human food, the servants and future guests would….all he needed now were a couple of manservants and a ladies maid.

He stopped outside one of the numerous taverns/whorehouses…..he could hear raised voices inside and the sound of a female sobbing….he pushed open the door and stepped inside…..huddled in the far corner was a woman, a man was towering over her, his hand raised to strike her again

"You thieving, ungrateful bitch…you thought to take his money and keep it for yourself"…he grabbed her chin, lifted her face and slapped her……the woman didn’t scream but her sobs grew louder….."I was hungry…so hungry…..you don’t leave us enough, the girls are wasting away…no man want’s to lay with a bag o’ bones……you forced me t.."…..he struck her again, her head rocked back and hit the stone wall….the sobbing stopped.

Samael stepped forward….

"Whores….more trouble than they’re worth oft times"….the man turned round and glared at Samael……he noticed the fine clothes and the purse hanging from his belt and the glare turned to a warm welcoming smile…

"My apologies good Sir…..I didn’t hear you come in, sorry you ‘ad to see that Sir….she’s a thief this one, not as pretty or as plump as she was, not many men want her now….I should throw her out, but I’m a good man with a good ‘eart and I wouldn’t want to just throw ‘er out into the streets now would I? She’s got no family to go to, no ‘ome save this one"

Samael  bent down next to the woman and examined her….he pushed the lank, matted hair away from her face and rested his fingers on her temples…..he closed his eyes and looked into her mind…all he saw was pain, misery and loneliness….he stood up

"Have her cleaned up"…..

The man chuckled….."why bother Sir…I have plenty of other fine ladies, more suited to one such as yerself…I could...."

Samael looked into the mans eyes as he pressed a heavy purse into his hand

"Have her cleaned up…bathe her, wash her hair, dress her is something clean…if she pleases me I’ll take her off your hands"

The man picked up the woman and scurried off into the back room…

As Samael waited he became aware of someone else approaching…..A young dark skinned man walked towards him, his head lowered….he was carrying a tray with a glass and pitcher…he set the tray down next to Samael and backed away….Samael reached out and took hold of his arm
…what’s your name son? The young man looked up and shook his head…..he opened his mouth and pointed inside…

Samael chuckled
..."perfect…perfect…..a mute"…the man nodded and tried to pull away but could not free himself from Samaels grip…..

"Do you like it here Son? Does he treat you well…"

The man shook his head once more….he rolled up the sleeves of his worn linen shirt to reveal a multitude of cuts and burns…..

The owner of the tavern reappeared pulling the woman along behind him…he cursed at the young man

"Get out of ‘ere you good fer nothin….I told you, you’re not to serve the likes of ‘I'm, he’s a proper gent, a lord….jus’ look at ‘I'm….he turned to Samael….Sorry Sir…he forgets his place that one…..no amount of whipping seems to get it into his think ‘ead….

Samael held up his hand….."enough…give me the woman…."

After checking her over thoroughly he nodded…"I’ll take her"….the woman finally looked up at him…her eyes were full of questions but she kept her mouth shut…he smiled….."good girl…we’re going to get along just fine…..my beloved will like you….he looked back at the mute…..I’ll take him too….he threw another purse of money at the mans feet…the purse opened and the coins scattered…the man bent down and scrabbled after them…..Samael withdrew a knife from his jacket and handed it to the woman…..silently she took it…..Samael led the mute from the room and out into the street…..moments later the woman stepped outside, her dress was covered in blood and she was smiling….she wiped the blade on her sleeve and handed the knife back

Samael smiled, being careful to keep his teeth concealed
….."Annise will adore you, come come….time for you to see your new home"

He heard the woman gasp in surprise when she saw her new home.....

"we're to live here..work here? in this grand house...it's beautiful....Samael stilled at the sound of her voice....now that she was free of the whorehouse her voice was softer, gentler.....there was a faint trace of an accent.....she would make an excellent ladies maid.....

"Yes Juliette...this is your home now, your home for as long as you serve me and my beloved...yours too Tomas....

He hurried up the steps and pushed open the heavy wooden door...

"Annise....my sweet, my angel.....come and see what I have found for you..."

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525 years ago

Annise was the first to wake an hour later and find herself prisoner of the nightwalker vampires. She sat up in the torch lit cave, touched the back of her head tenderly, and winced at the pain. The redheaded young woman swore and tugged on the chain.

"It's no good, Annise," a familiar voice said tiredly.

"Celestria! Oh thank the gods you are alright...you are well, aren't you?" Annise asked worriedly, looking her youngest sister over. She began to shake Sibella to wake her as well.

Celestria shrugged.
"I'm not injured, no...as for being alright," the blond woman shook her head and glanced around them. "I don't think any of us are ever going to be alright again."

Annise was helping Sibella sit up and finally took notice of the wider surroundings. There were at least six other young women...all daughters of the various Lords of Aquitaine...and the sisters knew them all.

"Why...those mewling cowards!" Annise swore. "Have they sacrificed their daughters to the vampires? Why? Have the given up the fight so easily? I will hate them all forever...I will have my revenge on those who did this to us!" she shouted in rage, knowing now what fate had in mind for all of them.

Just then several of the vampires burst in, scaring the already frightened girls, and threw long, white dresses at them all. Under the threat of the vampires ravaging the young women and forcing them to undress, the young women were ordered to dress themselves and be ready when they vampires returned. Once unchained and amidst much sobbing, anger, desperation, and a multitude of other emotions, they managed to do as they were told...Annise, Sibella, and Celestria included.

The girls' hands were tied behind their backs and each was pushed along by a low-ranking nightwalker. It would be the older ones who would turn the girls. As they stumbled barefoot along the tunnel, Annise turned around as best she could to catch a glimpse of her sisters.

"Keep moving, wench!" her guard hissed, his fangs shocking Annise. She had never seen a vampire this close.

"Demon!" she growled and spit at him.

The vampire slapped her, which sent Annise's head spinning. But she remained on her feet, stumbling with the rest of the girls. When they emerged out into the dark night, Annise gasped. The Lord of Marche!

Samael heard the girls approaching …..he could smell their fear…he inhaled and let the fear wash over him … his fangs elongated

Caleb laughed
…."such a sweet smell is it not? 10 beautiful young women, all ripe for turning…..they will thank us when we awaken their true nature, when we unleash the beast that resides in them…..they will be ours for eternity."

Samael considered Calebs words, he had never turned a female, he had never seen the need…when he needed a woman, he took one, took what he wanted and then…he frowned….human women were fragile creatures, their bodies weak, their minds weaker…..he had never found one who satisfied his desires, at most they provided him a few moments respite and a warm meal….perhaps he should make a female companion, one who could withstand the ferocity of his needs..

Caleb rested his hands on Samaels shoulder
…"such rich pickings…this will be a feast like no other….look at that one, such beautiful red hair, and the fire in her eyes…she will be exquisite"

Samael looked towards the girls and his eyes met those of Annise Sainte-d'Aignaux…from the first time he had seen her more than a decade ago she had fascinated him, it was not simply her beauty that drew him, it was her spirit….he had watched her from a distance, seen her grow from child to woman, whenever he visited her father he would seek her out…he would hide in the shadows and watch her, hoping to hear her sweet voice once more….her voice was magnificent, soulful, harmonious…..such strength and purity….to him she sounded as he imagined angels would…..her song had called to him, drawn him to her….when she sang he was at peace with himself….

Caleb followed Samaels gaze

"She thought to rescue her sister….now her life is forfeit….I will take all three of the Sainte-d'Aignaux sisters….she will be my last, she will watch as the other two are turned…already I can feel her rage….he licked his lips….you may take your pick from the others"…

Present day

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It was like the old days…back when she and her sisters had need of a loyal staff to wait on them but keep their secret. Annise withdrew her hand from the woman’s forehead and licked the blood off her lips as she stared down at the elf woman on the table. It had only been a tiny sip, but enough to mix their blood. She withdrew her mind from the woman’s, and bit into her own wrist and watched the blood rush to the surface. She held the drops of blood over the skinny, semi-conscious elf’s lips.

“Take it…,” Annise whispered as the blood dripped onto the pale, chapped lips. “Take the blood and be reborn again…no longer shall you be without a home, alone and cold…take my blood into you and live fully again.”

A shudder ran through the bedraggled female as she licked her lips, then opened her mouth for more. A small whimper escaped her mouth as Annise lay her wrist upon the softening lips. The woman began to suck, then cried out as Annise wrenched her wrist away with a cruel laugh.

“Only a little…,” she whispered, watching her wound heal itself. “You are now oursss,” she hissed, running her hand over the elf’s dirty black hair.

The color was coming back into the woman’s high cheeks.

“Open your eyes!” Annise commanded. “Open and behold your Mistress!”

A pair of blue eyes stared confusedly up at her, and Annise smiled without warmth or feeling. “What is your name?” she asked slowly.

“Sophie,” the woman answered, blinking. She was taller and larger than a normal elf.

Annise cupped the woman’s chin in her hand as she telepathically called to Mari and Elizabeth to come to her.
“Sssophie…” Annise hissed, baring her fangs which had not yet drawn in. “You will be our new cook…your new Master has told me this is what you do. Your loyalty will be complete…or you will die. Do you understand?”

Just then the two servant girls entered hesitantly but Annise waved them over with a slender hand. “See to the new cook. Teach her what she needs to know to live…”

Samael’s voice suddenly carried throughout the still empty house. Annise smiled slowly and licked her lips. She narrowed her eyes at the three females. “Teach her well,” she warned the sisters. “All your lives depend upon it.”

Leaving the kitchen in a blur, Annise flowed gracefully through the house to the front entrance. She stopped with her hands on her hips, her red hair tied back and dressed in her men’s clothes. Her old eyes swept over the dark-skinned young man staring hugely at everything, and over the young woman with her mouth hanging open in awe staring back at Annise. The vampire refrained from smiling at the thoughts in the woman’s head…this one would be easy to control. She had a hidden desire to walk among the undead…to live forever and be strong enough to kill those who tried to hurt her. They could tempt her with promises and buy her servitude until she...or any of them for that matter...were no longer needed.

Stepping over to Samael, Annise lay a hand upon his cheek and gazed into his pale gray eyes. She mentally informed him of her success at turning the cook’s loyalty to them. Turning to their newest conquests, Annise nodded.
“You have done well, Samael,--as usual,” she nearly purred, reaching out to lift the young woman and young man’s faces to look into her eyes.

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Samael stood quietly and watched Annise, he had spent longer with her than any other, but he still found her fascinating…her movements, her voice…she captivated and entranced him as easily as she did the humans…He knew that she was his weakness, his enemies could destroy him through her, they very nearly had…he shivered at the memory of her lying on the cave floor, dying…leaving him…

Juliette gazed at the mistress of the house with adoration, she was beautiful, ethereal…when Annise touched her face she sighed with pleasure..

"Mistress…it will be an honour to serve one as beautiful as you"

Samael chuckled

"My sweet Belle Morte, it would seem that you have an admirer...."

He went to stand behind Annise, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him….resting his chin on her head he glanced down at Juliette and Tomas….he caught their gaze and smiled cruelly….he sent his own mental commands into each of them…." Love her, worship her as she deserves….betray her or harm her in any way and I will kill you…and death will not be swift"….he moved around Annise, raised Tomas’s wrist to his mouth and bit down, he drank a few drops and released him..he did the same to Juliette…."I have taken your blood…..you cannot hide from me, wherever you are I can find you…remember that."

Juliette looked up at Samael and smiled, her eyes were filled with desire…. she reached out to touch him…he caught her wrist his fingertips settled over her pulse. her blood slammed with fear under his touch….

fear tugged at her mind, but the temptation to touch him, to touch his flesh was almost overwhelming.

His lips curved into an indulgent smile
. “You should be very careful Juliette….whatever you think I am, I am not…I am a savage beast, a killer…I have no compassion, no mercy, I have no soul for you to save….and my heart…he looked at Annise….my heart belongs to her, for now and forever….she is my heart, my soul…without her I am…he laughed…..pray that you never find out…."

He turned and walked away…

"Tomas come….I will explain your duties…."

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Juliette's desire was not the only flame lit by Samael, but Annise knew how to contain hers...how to revel in the lust and powerful surge of energy flowing through her undead body and divert it to strength and power. She glanced at Juliette who was fighting the urge to stare after her new lord and master as he left the foyer with Tomas.

Annise appeared as if by magic behind Juliette, or so the young woman imagined.

"Enticing, is he not?" she whispered softly into the girl's ear.

Juliette nodded before she could stop herself, then glanced fearfully at her new Mistress.

The barest of smiles crossed Annise's lips as she rested her hand on the back of Juliette's head as if to stroke her, but then her fingers closed around the young woman's long hair. Annise yanked cruelly, forcing Juliette's head to snap back.

The girl shrieked in surprise more than pain...Annise detected a quickening of the girl's pulse and heart, desire mixed with fear. Her mouth close to Juliette's ear, Annise breathed.
"You would do well to heed your Lord's warning...he does not, nor will he ever, want you." Annise turned Juliette's head to one side, exposing her tender neck.

"Oh, but 'tis you I love, Mistress," Juliette cried out, her hands clenching open and closed as her body threatened to collapse into the vampire's arms. "I wish to be yours and only yours, to serve, to live only for you, to...to do whatever you ask!"

Closing her eyes, Annise opened her mouth and her fangs elongated. She hesitantly allowed Juliette's feelings to find their way into her mind, fearful of feeling the fear and agony that her victims had provoked in her since being in the supernatural realm. But Annise felt none of that...instead she felt...she felt the longing of the young woman, and even love. A twisted love, but nonetheless there was no real fear. She felt no love for the girl in return...indeed the feelings made Annise only feel more powerful. The desire to hurt was strong and flowed through Annise's vampire soul.

She bit down on Juliette's throbbing neck vein and the music of the girl's screams enveloped Annise. The two women stood together, one holding the other, as Annise fed.

But only briefly did she feed...she wished to keep Juliette for as long as possible, she would be her personal maid from now on. But Annise needed more...more worshipers that would allow her to feed without pain. Gathering the young woman up in her arms, Annise effortlessly carried Juliette up to Mari and Elizabeth's room to lay her on the bed.  The cook, Sophie, should be adequately ready to assume her duties by now...the sisters could take care of this one next.

Annise wiped the blood off her mouth and slowly licked it off the back of her hand. A wicked smile crept over Annise's face. It was time to get the house in order...it was time to enter Caerleon as the Lord and Lady Dragomir.

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525 years ago:

Although her eyes were blazing with hatred...for everything and everyone except for her sisters at the moment...Annise knew enough to not struggle as she was held tightly by her "guard". She was lined up with the other girls under the moonlight facing several nightwalkers, with others ringed around the outside as if watching a show. She was terrified at what was to come, although she didn't know if it would be true death or...or worse; but Annise refused to give the vampires the satisfaction of seeing her fear.

She looked at Sibella and Celestria and shook her head as she caught their eyes.
"Be brave," she said firmly. "We go together."

A vampire who appeared to be the leader left the side of the Lord of Marche...Samael, Annise thought absently, as she stared at the Lord. She was further horrified to find herself suddenly longing for him in ways that were highly inappropriate. Something inside of her rose up through her body and betrayed her pure nature, leaving her with a yearning she had never felt before.

Annise quickly squeezed her eyes shut and looked away.

"I take these three," the vampire leader announced to the small group of nightwalkers. "Our new friend shall choose his, then the rest of you."

Annise finally tried to struggle when she realized who "these three" were. "NO! No, no, no...you leave them alone!" she yelled out, but no one paid attention or seemed to hear.

The other girls were screaming as they were descended upon in a frenzy. Annise watched in horror as she and her sisters were pushed to one side and the vampire took Celestria first in his strong grip.

"I am Caleb, I will be your master...your lover...," he said softly stroking the long blond hair of Celestria,..."your everything. I shall open you up to eternal life, lust, and evil."

Annise and Sibella screamed as Caleb's fangs extended and sank deeply into their sister's neck. Rage boiled to the surface and Annise began to kick and scratch and fight her guard to get to her sister.

Samael walked towards the girls, in truth he wanted none of them, none save Annise…..but as the smell of flesh blood assailed his nostrils his animal instinct took over…he reached for the nearest girl, uncaring of who she was, or who she had been…..he stared into her eyes and drank of the terror he found there before sinking his fangs into her soft, warm flesh…he drained her to the point of death, he could hear her heartbeat fading, feel the blood slowing in her veins…….he tipped his head up to the heavens and roared with pleasure before biting his wrist and placing it to her colourless lips…as he forced the girl to take from him he watched Annise struggle and he smiled……..he thought to himself “I will not turn you, but you will be mine” He felt the girl sucking at his wrist and he stroked her hair…..

Time blurred, he had no idea how many he turned that night…his body felt heavy, his senses sharp…he could hear the thoughts of the other nightwalkers..he could feel their bloodlust, their pleasure….his mind and body were awash with sensation…..for a few brief moments he felt alive, whole again…and then it was over…his mind cleared and he knew what had to be done….he had planned to wait, but the perfect opportunity had presented itself and he would not let it pass…..

Present day, about a week or so later:

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