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Bush cuts aid over wartime court

Military Justice Foreign Aid Exempt from prosecution

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Posted 04 July 2003 - 05:16 AM


Gode: I agree, if he is to be jailed it's because he committed a crime

And you expect the ICC to live up to these expectations?  Belgium is setting the perfect example of a International Justice Hypocrite by trying to go after Tommy Franks while they have some real monsters from their time in the Congo running around amongst their own populations perfectly free.    

If I was more Machiavellian Iíd suggest the US should pass our own version of Belgiumís world authority then start nailing every single war criminal and rat who steps outside of the country that shelters them.  I wonder just how many Belgium Human Rights Violators would have to be nailed by US forces, tried, and convicted before the world starts moaning how the US is a bully.  Yet it is perfectly fine for Belgium to do the same thing to the United States.  This is why the ICC is the biggest danger to the US that has come down the international pipeline in a long time.  


Gode: the problem that many people i've talked to in Holland and England have, is that the Judge Advocate General is still an American institution, and (probably)guilty consciousnesses assume that they will treat other americans lightly, because they are 

In case you donít know Leavenworth is not the nice resorts that some US civilian prisons have become.  Iím willing to bet the mentalities the US military will place on violators will be far harsher than what the ICC will be dealing out.  


  Shaun:  I am absolutely appalled that anyone can support or believe that the US is acting in an appropriate manner over the ICC.

I agree we havenít done enough yet to ensure the ICC withers and dies before it can become a even greater danger to justice.  The ICC needs to go and the sooner it is buried the better.  


  Shaun:  I applaud those countries taking a stand against being blackmailed by an increasingly shrill and bullying United States.

Blackmail?  Where does this idea come from that we are supposed to fund countries that support an International Kangaroo Court that is a menace to the welfare of US military personnel.
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Posted 04 July 2003 - 05:39 AM

Ilphi, on Jul 2 2003, 08:11 AM, said:

NATO Countries and full allies are except, I can't not approve of this move to help the soldier. It would suck if some poor guy was jailed just because he was American.
or if they arbitraraly decided that an op was a "crime" (IE: the recent action in iraq)  and jailed some G.I. for following orders.

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