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Broken Gate [R]

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Posted 12 October 2008 - 09:26 PM

He must have dropped from the sky, landing right in the middle of the group.  Maiya didn't have a clear view of him from behind Saul.  He appeared to be dressed in iridescent black full-plate armour, and yet his movement appeared light and agile.  Before anyone had a chance to react the assassin had fired a musket ball straight through Jinn's skull from point blank range.  As the feline demon collapsed the assassin took his sword, drawing it from the demon's falling body and slashing through Morax's neck in one clean arc.

The Assassin turned towards the others.  In the briefest moment Maiya made eye contact with him.  The green irises caught the light through the slit in his visor, and she could see the distinctly slit pupils of a demonkin in them.

Then Saul stepped between them, unarmed but spreading himself protectively, and Maiya had to lean across to see Eleni desperately seizing the assassin's sword arm and holding it tight against her.  The Assassin tossed the musket toward Saul, who caught it reflexively, and then did something to Eleni with his free hand.  Maiya wasn't able to see what he did, but Eleni suddenly went limp and Maiya could hear a horrible screech as Jinn's sword scraped against Eleni's golden scales.

Gwenyth had stood calmly through all of this.  If she was angry at the complete failure of her bodyguards, she made no visible sign of it.  Nor did she show any fear now as an aged senator armed with an empty musket barred the assassin's way.  It was during this brief standoff that Maiya caught sight of the sprite Naida glide silently out of the bushes and over the balcony edge.

The Assassin spoke.  His crisp Mindanaran accent was muffled slightly by the iridescent visor over his face.  "It must have been so hard for you, Senator... after thirty years hunting and killing gods, to have to have spent the last decade kneeling to one."

Saul made his attack, using the musket as a club.  The assassin dodged, the armour on his back opening up to reveal insect-like wings that supported his movements.  Saul cried out in frustration when he realised he had let the demon through.  The demon's wings made a terrifying buzzing noise as he headed straight for the Ambassador.


Abigail looked up at the western sky.  From her place on the street she couldn't see the sun's position, but it must have been getting low.  All along the main street the few shops that were still open were taking down their signs.  Shopkeepers gave a slight tip of the hat to her as they passed.

She considered going to join her family early.  She was uncomfortable enough spending a weekend meal with them, let alone 12 hours.

The decision was made for her when a constable came running out of the precinct, chasing after her.  "Sergeant Linnen!  Sarge!"

He skidded to a halt in front of her.  "You need to see this, Sergeant.  It's your prisoner."

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Posted 12 October 2008 - 11:45 PM

The next few seconds seemed like a lifetime to Maiya. There was no time to react as three of the Ambassador's bodyguards were killed by a mysterious assassin, who couldn't possibly have been human. Those eyes... and then the wings. She had no more time to think as the assassin got past the Senator. She was the only other person close enough who could help the Ambassador.

Maiya stepped between the assassin and the Ambassador. She was unarmed, which left her at a significant disadvantage. The winged assassin swung at her neck with his sword, but she dodged it and grabbed his wrist. Her other hand went to the hilt of the sword, but the demon twisted in the air, thereby twisting Maiya's arm behind her back. His other arm came up, and the next thing she felt was a small prick on her neck, like a sting. She was let go, and before she could fight back her vision blurred. She lurched sideways and fell, and was unconscious before she landed. Her head hit the balcony floor hard.

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Posted 13 October 2008 - 08:27 AM

At first Gwenyth had had little fear from the sudden appearance of the insect-like demon...after all she was a demi-goddess protected by the great pixie goddess Jhaelriia. She watched calmly for her bodyguard slaves to finish off the intruder.

But to her dismay both were struck down horrifically by the demonkin...idiots, she thought to herself...and then Eleni, nothing more than a slave demon, also fell limply to the ground after an encounter with the attacker. Gwenyth watched as only Saul stood between herself and the assassin...for obviously he was after her, the Ambassador knew. Suddenly there was a brief struggle between Maiya and the demon, while the Senator looked on helplessly. The Senator's aide faired little better than the guards in fighting. Gwenyth couldn't tell if the young woman was dead as she hit the ground nearby.

Gwenyth had begun to back slowly away, hoping to turn and escape. But her heavy robes and headpiece slowed the Ambassador down...indeed her headpiece began to slide precariously off her head, undoing the hundreds of red braids that made up her long hair. She watched with certainty as the assassin rose off the ground and swooped down toward her, Jinn's sword poised for the kill. He drove her to the edge of the balcony...the highest one in the palace...that overhung the rocky cliff of the island. The assassin wasted no time with words or teasing the Ambassador with her death.

He merely ran her through with the sword, twisted it around, then yanked it back out. Gwenyth's face formed itself into a mask of disbelief and agony as the burning feeling shot through her body. Her blood spurted out and sprayed Maiya. Gwenyth gripped her stomach where the cascade of blood poured out. She saw the assassin throw down the bloody sword next to Maiya.

Even Gwenyth's limited magic couldn't help her here...she had no powers under the protection of the Tranquility. In her mind, it was those who supported the Tranquility who had enabled her to be killed. But she knew she would be avenged. Before Gwenyth was hurled over the edge of the balcony, she locked eyes with Saul and glanced at his aide.

"I will be avenged," she gasped. "The...Jade Sea...will..."

And then she tumbled backwards over the balcony to her death and burial in the watery "arms" of her goddess.

The demon assassin wasted no time in rising into the air and flying away around the island...in the direction of Tau Mun.

* * * * *

The only one to escape unharmed was Naida. Horrified at what she'd witnessed, the small sprite flew quickly away.

* * * * *

Mosi appeared at the scene too late, having heard the shouts and fighting from inside. He cried out, his hands coming to rest on his deformed face for a moment. He saw no sign of his mistress...only a great deal of blood--and two dead bodyguards. Blood that was near a fallen Maiya. The Senator was standing near his aide, a bloody sword between them on the ground.

"You?" he rasped, somewhere between an accusation and a question. "Or her?" Again Mosi didn't know whether to accuse or not.

Mosi spotted Eleni motionless on the ground and gave another cry. He ran to her and cradled the golden scaled girl in his arms for a moment, then he merely picked the girl up awkwardly and ran. Even with his position in the Han Empire, he was still a slave...and now without a master. Anything could now happen to him. Mosi disappeared down a series of steps and fled with his precious Eleni.

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Posted 13 October 2008 - 12:11 PM

Abigail turned in surprise when the constable came up with her and spoke. "All right I'm coming." She answered and followd him back into the precinct and to the prisoner's cell where the thief was twitching, wailing, gnashing his teeth and spasming on the floor. She blinked in surprise again as she watched then shook her head. "He's dying. I'd say he's been poisoned." She said to Rydel and the constable as she opened the cell and crouched down next to him. "Do you know who did this?" She demanded of the thief, looking at him sharply. "Serve the faith and I'll get into heaven..." He uttered somewhat distantly, his breathing becoming more laboured. When Abi tried to ask him again he only repeated variations of that single sentence. However before a doctor could arrive, the thief died just as the sun finished setting.

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Posted 13 October 2008 - 08:39 PM

Saul was the last one standing on the balcony.  He could hear the footsteps of guards approaching.  He saw Maiya lying unconscious, covered in the Ambassador's blood and with the sword lying next to her.

He took a slow, deep breath.  It looked as though his retirement was going to have to be postponed.


Captain Xian pushed open the opulent doors to the reception room and rushed in, coming to a stop at the room's center.  Two wings of houshold guards filed in behind him.  He signalled for one wing to cover the other path to the balcony and led the other out onto the veranda.  He caught the senator halfway down the steps.  The man had stolen Jinn's armour, and was holding his sword.  And he had the sword pointing at a groggy Maiya's neck.  There was blood all over the senator and his aide, and they had left a trail down the stairway.  Xian knew he didn't have time for a standoff if the Ambassador was endangered.

Xian's gave a signal with his hand.  His Sergeant echoed it to the rest of the guard, and Xian saw the spark in the senator's eye when he heard the command to take them alive.  Saul took a sudden step forward, and Xian heard his guards twitch behind him.  They all knew the senator had been a priest of the Divine Aegis.

"Let the woman go, Senator, and turn yourself in," Xian called.  He had been trained to project his voice and it carried loud and clear across the palace ramparts.  "Your aide's life is incidental."

Carnicero took another step forward.  Xian drew his sword.  His guards were armed with guan dao, their poised crescent blades reflecting the setting sun in the Captain's peripheral vision.

One of the scouts from the other wing appeared at the top of the stairs.  "The Ambassador is dead!" he yelled, barely able to control his voice.

Xian's mouth went dry.  He was barely able to get his mind around the thought when the priest hurled the unconscious woman toward the guards at the foot of the stairs.  Xian's response was reflexive.  He knew that he should have let her fall and focused on apprehending the senator, but he couldn't bring himself to do that.  he dropped his sword and stumbled forward to catch her.  The next thing he felt was the tip of a sword slashing across his forehead and knocking his helmet away, and then something struck his head hard.  He tried to lower Maiya gently onto the steps before passing out.


Out in the Jade Sea, where water covered the horizon in all directions, a spout of water shot up into the air.  It grew thicker and faster and started to weave and coil like a serpent in the air as it took on more mass.  When it reached the size of a small island it drew together into a face contorted with rage, and then into a fist that came pounding down into sea at an angle, causing a great crash when it hit, sending a wave that soon gathered into a tsunami west toward the setting sun and the city of Tou Mun.

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Posted 14 October 2008 - 11:59 PM

Maiya was only dimly aware of her surroundings. She felt like she was being half-dragged, half-carried by someone. She had a massive headache, and couldn't find the energy to even open her eyes. For a second she felt like she was being lowered down, then she faded back to unconsciousness.

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