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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 08:05 AM

JP with Ru

Aiden looked up at the darkening skies. "I think we better head to that Inn of yours." He said in a very soothing voice. "I'll be happy to escort you there, m'lady". The mage raise his left hand and offered it to the Necromancer.

Asheera hesitantly took it.  "You never told me what else you now."  She eyed him catiously.

"I know many things. But you mean about you, I presume." He continued to hold his hand. "I can tell you on the way to the Inn."

"Okay,"  She whispered.

The silver-haired man lead Asheera deftly out of the market onto a deserted street that would take them to the Inn. He walked quietly for awhile, then spoke pensivly. "How long have you been practicing your Art?"

"Since I was born actually.  I was born with the gift.  My mother nutured me while she was still alive.  After that,  I began to teach myself."  

"I see." Aiden continued to guide Asheera slowly towards the hostel. "I was born with my gift as well, though I didn't discover who I was until I became a teenager. The Gift varies greatly, and it must run particularly strong in you. I observed you raise zombies and control them. You shouldn't be able to do it until you are much older." He turned to the Necromancer and looked into her blue eyes.

"I am glad I can.  They are my friends."  She smiled.

"Friends." The mage chuckled. He looked up to his right where the sign proclaimed that they have arrived at their destination. "I believe this is where you are staying, Miss." He continued to hold her hand.

"I only stay here on rainy nights.  Otherwise I sleep in the graveyards."  She looked up to the large Inn.  "Why did you laugh when I said friends?"

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, Asheera." He raised his right hand to her face and touched a strand of her raven hair.

"Its okay,"  She smiled softly.  "Would you like to come in?  I  know the others  are still in there.  I am sure they would like to meet you."  she pointed to the door.

"It's alright." He smiled back at her. "Tell me, when do I get to see this beautiful and gifted girl again?"

She smiled shyly.  "Well if you know me so well then you will know when I am bound to hit the graveyard again."  

The mage ran his fingers through the gorgeous Necromaner's hair. "I was hoping you would join me for something more festive, like a dinner."

"Oh,"  She smiled with a quiet laugh.  "That would be nice.  Here, tomorrow night?"

"Okay, thank you for walking me here."  She reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Good night, Aiden."

The mage touched his cheek where the girl left her intoxicating scent. "I will see you tomorrow, Asheera." He saw that she entered the Inn safely and quickly headed to his house.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 08:58 AM

"It sounds very lonely, your life does.  I have lived in the same place all my life....as have my ancestors.  This is the first time I have ever left the mountain area." Shayna explains to Tuatha, looking away from the window.

She gazes at the woman, thinking, then remarks.
"However, it must be quite exciting to travel around such as you do.  I would enjoy hearing more of your adventures."

Tuatha then rises to take her leave explaining to Shayna about her need for a room and to earn money.  The Ave nods and smiles, "And I would love to learn to play your flute instrument, thank you!"

As her new friend walks away, Shayna wonders what she will do for money.  She'd read about currency in her books, but the Aves didn't use any such thing.  Perhaps she would have to perform some sort of work as well for the Inn.  She finds Linda, the lady who greeted her earlier, and asks about the room Shai mentioned.  After Shayna admits she has none of their money, Linda smiles and informs her that there is no need of that for now.

Shayna is shown to her room.  Her excitement at exploring this night is not as strong as her sudden tiredness.  After laying her shorts, top, knives, and boots on the chair, she pulls all the covers off the bed and piles them on the floor, making a nest of sorts.  Then the Ave extends her wings slightly to lay down on her back.  She wraps her longs wings around her body, curls up, and sighs gently as she falls asleep.

Landing: Approximately one year ago of the present day

The Landing survey team that has been assigned to explore one of the mountainous areas have been recording their data for the past week.  They've not found a way completely around these far away mountains, nor a way up or through.  If they could see inside, the team would find that the giant, towering peaks form rings around each other, each protecting a lush valley down below.  Full of trees, streams, waterfalls, and signs of small animal life, the valleys appear inviting yet very old and mysterious. Finally in the very center is the most extensive valley, a paradise of sorts.  Especially for its hidden inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the team of four is unable to see inside the ring of mountains.  Unless they were to actually blast a hole through the side of the mile high peaks, there was no way to access the interior.  Just as one of the team is about to suggest they requisition a small ship to continue their studies, another points towards the blue sky.  Four giant birds can be seen approaching the mountains from far off in the distance before they dip down into the center. They are gone before anyone can bring their hand held vision enhancers to their eyes.  The team grow silent, until finally their leader speaks.

"I believe we're finished here.  We've found no obvious way in or around, and from the sudden weather changes we've experienced here, I plan to report that we have no need of these mountains.  There are plenty of other peaks near Landing for the use of the population.  Besides the terrain seems dangerous.  We have no reason to disturb the natural inhabitants of the area.  This will be the official report from this team."  The older man stares at each member in return until they nodded in agreement.

Present Day

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 09:32 AM

A Gaiate & Rommie Collaboration :)

Lucas nearly ran away from the Inn, and that odd woman, his mind reeling from disbelief.

"I'm part fae?" he thought, "How is that possible??"

"Nothing has ever come up before . . . why now??"

Suddenly, Lucas's comm bracer chirpped.  Thankful for the distraction, he tapped open the connection.


"Colonel Lucas, this is the Landing Medcenter.  We were told to contact you should anythin happen with regard to Ms. Jones."

"Has she woken up?" Lucas asked, anxiously.

"Um, well, we don't know Colonel."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"She's disappeared, Colonel.  Her bed is empty."

Lucas immediately closed the comm channel and began sprinting to the Medcenter. Without realizing it, he ran the entire way without tiring.  He ran up to Michiko's room, knocking over a security guard who tried to stand in front of his mad dash.  Arriving, he found a doctor waiting for him.

"Ah, Colonel Lucas--"

"Where is she?" Lucas interrupted.

"We don't know, Colonel.  A nurse came in to check on her and she wasn't here.  Her clothing and her weapon are also missing."

Lucas suddenly remembered what the vampire had said . . . "He is to bring my master Michiko, or die."

"Vaughn . . ." Lucas said under his breath.

"I'm sorry.  What did you say, Colonel?"

Lucas looked back up at the doctor, and then turned to leave.

"Colonel? . . .Colonel!"

Lucas ignored him as he stalked out of the Medcenter, and headed straight for his refitted warehouse.

Sometime later, Lucas reemerged well-armed, and made his way to Inn, searching for Vaughn.

Vaughn stirred awake in his bed. Nightfall had approached, and he had almost slept in. The scent of the potted plant had done wonders to irradicate the smell of Desiree's perfume, and tranquilized him to sleep.

Pulling on his clothes, he sensed that something was not right somehow. But he couldn't quite put his finger on what.

Making his way down the stairs, he was startled, as the doors to The Inn flung open, and Lucas stormed in, definitely with something on his mind.


Vaughn's eyes went wide, as he noticed he was pointing at him, and reaching for a weapon. "Oh, Frak!"

Lucas pulled a gauss gun from its holster and leveled it at Vaughn, but held his fire, not wanting to risk by standers here.

"We need to have a talk . . . outside.  Now."

"I don't suppose you can tell me what it's all about first? Just to satiate my own curiousity?" He hoped to avoid a confrontation between the two of them, knowing how Michiko felt about him.

"Curiosity?" Lucas repeated, barely restraining a laugh, "How about you taking Michiko from the Medcenter??"

Vaughn's eyes went even wider, "What are you talking about. She was there just before dawn. What do you mean take her?"

"She's gone, Vaughn.  A nurse found her empty bed."

"Nice to know when you're in a pinch you'll fork over the woman who loves you."

"Tell me where she is, right now."

"Are you out of your mind? I told Lucifer there was no chance in hell I would do it. And there IS no chance in hell I would do it. Where the hell was the medcenter security?"

His thoughts raced about, and immediately they focused on the Master, "That son of a bitch did it on his own. The master must have taken her."

Lucas suddenly went pale.  A Master of the City?

"What did you say?"

"The master vampire of the city, sent one of his henchman to tell me that if I turned over Michiko to him, that he'd forgive me for my past indiscretion. I told him there was no chance, and that she was under my personal protection. I would never turn her over to that sick bastard."

He rubbed his chin with his hand and shook his head, "We gotta find her. We've gotta get her out of there."

"A vampire attacked me earlier today, telling me he had a message for you.  'Bring my master Michiko, or die.'"

Lucas looked Vaughn dead in the eyes, ignoring the possible danger.  He had to know if the vampire was telling him the truth

"I just awoke, before you arrived here. Your news is the first I've heard of Michiko since I left her before dawn. Nobody saw me come in or leave, except for Silver. I made sure of that."

Lucas paused . . . as much as he didn't want to, he believed him.  He lowered his weapon.

"Alright.  We have to get her away from him."

"Agreed. But we can't just storm in there. I've made that mistake once. I almost didn't live to tell about it. This has to be done right."

"Fine.  What do you suggest?"

Vaughn motioned with his head for Lucas to follow him, and they went to his suite. Nobody would be able to hear their plans that they made, to rescue Michiko.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 09:59 AM

Silverwind looked up from her seat on the bar as Lucas stormed in and levelled a gauss gun at Vaughn.  Knowing that Michiko would be crushed if anything happened to either man, she prepared to interfere in the conflict.  She couldn't stop the bullet, but she could bump the gun. . .no, that would risk by-standers. . .paralyze Lucas with cold?  That would work, so long as Vaughn didn't--  Her breath hissed through her teeth as Lucas reported that Michiko was missing from her bed.

I knew I should've stayed at the Medcenter!  I knew it!  But nooooo, you had to come back and keep an eye on the Inn, you had to assume she'd be safe there. . . .

She blinked at the mention of the Master of the city.  This is getting worse and worse. . . .she muttered.  She waited until Lucas and Vaughn had stepped into Vaughn's suite, then she appeared to both men, visually and audibly.

Guys. . .You were right that you can't just storm into the Master's territory and save her.  It would be. . .well. . .worse than suicide.  For one thing, very powerful vampires can call ghosts to their service, like the Beast was able to.  That could be a very big hangup for you, if you go in there unprepared.  If there's any way I can help you on this, just ask.  Silverwind smiled lopsidedly.  Like every person who has ever owned this Inn since I've. . .inhabited. . .it, Michiko is family.  And family is the one most irreplacable thing in this universe.  So. . . .whatever it takes to get her back.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 11:11 AM

<ooc> can this happen just before you go to see Lucas and Vaughn<oo>

"Silverwind, " Jono said, noticing her as Shai headed out, "A moment please," he said as he walked over.

"I hadn't had a chance to thank you yet, for your help in fighting the beast. If not for you and Asheera, we might not have been able to stop the spirits from becoming food for the beast. We could very well have lost the fight there and then. Thank you." he said

"If there is anything I or my order can do for you, let me know, and i'll see it done."

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 11:25 AM

Constance closed her shop.  Staying up all day was exhausting.   She had to hire someone to run the shop.  Most of the real work was selling off world.  She could do that, but she needed someone for the days.

"I think I'll post a sign.  Its better then waiting for just the right person."

She locked the door and glanced down to the Inn.

"The warmth of hot chocolate and human blood is just what I need now."

She smiled wickedly to herself as she made the trek to the Inn.  The enticing smells of food, drink, humans, and all the other beings in the large rooms spun Constance's head.  The rush was always intoxicating.

She took a table right in the center of it all and ordered her chocolate.  She leaned back and let it all run over her.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 11:35 AM

Nick sighed, enjoying the warmth of the hot water, letting it soothe and melt away the aches and pains of his abused body.....all day, it seemed, he'd had a sense of comfort, peace. When he'd returned to his room, he noticed fresh flowers on the desk...roses. At first he'd thought they were from Lynea, but there was no card. Maybe it was the Inn staff; he didn't know. Then, as he got ready for his bath, he'd found a few little things he thought had been lost in his apartment's destruction....old medals, heirlooms, sentimental items. He was at a loss as to how they might have gotten there.....but it didn't surprise him. Not much did anymore....

He closed his eyes and thought back to Lynea, and their conversation earlier. She seemed interested in him, especially when she heard he'd rescued her from the Beast.....he wondered if it was merely gratitude, or something more. She was pretty, if a little young.....he chuckled. The actual difference in their ages probably wasn't that far apart, but he felt old.....after so many battles, seeing all he'd seen, lived through so much pain.....he felt positively ancient. He had no business getting involved with anyone, especially someone as young and vibrant as Lynea. She had seen the darness during the fight, but she wasn't yet consumed by it.....not like he was. But she would be, eventually, if she stayed too long with him. He wouldn't put anyone else he cared for in harm's way, and risk going through the same hell he'd already been through once....

He pulled himself from the tub and dried off, banishing the thoughts. He wasn't going to dwell on the past, on those feelings. He was alive, had helped destroy a great evil, and things looked like they were starting to turn around for him. He glanced in the mirror and saw that his wounds were already much further healed than he expected.....always a good sign. Maybe the universe finally decided to cut him a break. And if so, he was damn well gonna enjoy it.....because they were few and far between....

His wardrobe was expanding as well, though he hadn't gone shopping...probably Michiko's doing, part of his payment for the job she'd hired him for.....but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He put on the fresh, clean clothes and decided to go check on the Inn's proprietor, see how she was recovering.

As he was leaving, he caught a glimpse of Lucas entering a suite with Vaughn.....he felt the hackles on his neck rise, and had the distinct feeling that something was wrong.

Break's over he thought...

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 01:00 PM

Jono reached for his communicator as Silverwind left, the beep already annoying him after only going off once. He was required to wear the thing, but he didn't like it.

"Jono" he answered the call

"This Mayor Elrican, where were you yesterday evening?"

"uhm, Yesterday eveing, i was busy capturing and destroying a Cane Coon, which had got some form of interplanetary rabies. I think it was responsible for the deaths."

"Fair enough, however you were supposed to be at spaceport to meet our new chief of security, and then accompanied us to Chez Lawrence."

"Oh drat, fair point, if you want i can drop by her office this morning and introduce myself."

"Probably a good idea, i'll send you her file so you at least know what to call her."

With that the line dropped and Jono grabbed his dataflexi out of his pocket, tying it to his messaging system. The file that appeared was a standard personell file. Name, vital details, career highlights, picture.........

Jono's face went ashen as he looked at the picture. it couldn't be..... he scrolled up quickly and checked the name again. J.E. Winton, Jennifer Eliza Winton, with a small butterfly tattoo.

How had he missed that in the first dossier he'd seen on her. Suddenly his minded clicked, they had gone to Chez Lawrence.

"Dammit," Jono swore as he took of running  out the door.

It took ten minutes for him to drive to the restaurant, and he knew that he would probably get three or four fines for his reckless driving. He didn't care. She was here, if it was really her.... Could it really be his.....no, concentrate on the matter at hand Jono, he reprimanded himself.

He stopped and got out at the restaurant and walked in through the front door, completely ignoring the flustered Maitre'd that he was supposed to wait for a table.

He also ignored the security guard who tried to stop him, untill he tried to grab him, and in a flare of anger the poor gaurd slipped and broke his leg when he hit the ground. Jono, normally a responsible man with his powers didn't care as he thre open the backroom and walked on.

"Lawrence, by ancient debts of blood and sword i call for your presence." He intoned.

A tall, tanned man walked from the door way to another room and stood across from him, waving of the guards.

"You've changed Jacob, last time it was blond hair and half the size," he commented, as he walked towards the aging mage.

"Unlike you, time has not frozen me Lawrence, and it's Jonothan this incarnation." jono replied cooly. It was an old game the two had played over the centuries, one of icy politeness and a deal that neither wanted to break.

"So, what can i do for you, now that you've thoroughly made a nuisance of yourself to my staff." He said with a smile on his tanned face,

"We made a deal, to avoid a costly fight between you and me, that we would leave each other alone. I want that protection extended to one other." Jono came straight to business, neither having the interest nor the patience to deal with the vampire master.

"The deal was for you and me, not you plus 1."

"She's my blood, my daughter, and either the protection is for us both, or the entire deal is off." Jono said, voice laced with steel, and Lawrence laughed loud. It was the one threat neither of them had used to date, and he thought it a small victory that Jono had used it first.

"Oh very well, but she is such a lovely girl Jonothan, truly a vision of beauty as she sat here yesterday and ate."

"Remember our deal Lawrence, " Jono warned as he turned to leave.

"I won't forget it."

Jono made it all the way back to his car before the shakes set in.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 01:28 PM

Cartlotta smiled

"This is very comfortable Alecks..thank you."

She yawned and nestled her head against his shoulder

"You know so many things Alecks..so many things"

Her eyes closed as the steady rythmn of his heart lulled her to sleep.

Before long she heard her name being called. She opened her eyes and was surprised to find herself at the main gate of her fathers estate

"We're here? and its dark...I must have slept all the way...I'm sorry Alecks."

He set her down gently. She smiled shyly and leant forward to kiss his cheek

"Thank you..I really don't know what I would have done without you. But now you must leave, it's not safe here...not for you. As soon as this is over I'll come and find you...I promise"

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 02:44 PM

False dawn was filling the air with soft breezes as Michiko stumbled off the bridge, and onward toward the Inn. She was so deathly tired that Thor's weight was almost  more that she could bear.  The Golden Eagle weighed full thirteen pounds and his weight had her lurching sideways.  She had tried teleporting several times, but her mind refused to concentrate long enough for her to image her rooms clearly.

Slowly she climbed the steps and the doors opened of their own accord and a vertible flood of cats surrounded her, the Inn guiding her, supporting her.  Strengthed she sent Thor to a more comfortable perch.

Squareing her shoulders she marched through the main room, certain that all eyes were horrifiedly upon her.  Resolutly she made her way toward the lift. She had covered the Inn in darkness so many times that she had no need of eyes here.

Linda screamed when she saw Michiko enter the Inn.  She, too, had recieved word that Michiko had gone missing from her bed.  She had not thought to inform Miss Lynea, and some how had aquired the notion that Dr. Jono had flown out of the Inn to start a search party.

"Miss Michiko!!!...they have been looking all over for you!  Why didn't Dr. Jono take you back to the hospital when he found you?  Where is he?  I can't believe... Why isn't he with you?  Are you all right?  You shouldn't be out of bed! Some one contact Dr.Jono...Miss Michiko has come home... I must go and wake Miss Lynea"   She babbled on as Michiko ignored her, and stepped into the lift.

The lift doors closed before any one had time to react, and the car glided up to the roof.  Michiko made it three steps in to her gardens before collapseing.  The Akitas had been waiting for her, now they stood guard around her, whineing and nudging her with their noses

The largest of the trio set up a howling, fit to wake the dead, which carried even to Vaughn and Lucas.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 04:18 PM

JP with Shalamar and Godeskian


Jono pulled the aircar up at the security station, and leaned on the control panel for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts, trying to sort through his emotions.

For 17 years he'd thought she was gone, when his wife had died and she'd vanished, he had searched for his daughter. He had searched for years and never found her, untill life took him away, and even then he had never forgotten her. A picture of Jennie and his ex-wife still stood on his desk.

Slowly getting out of the car Jono walked in, saying hi to Melissa at the front desk. He was passingly familiar with all the desk staff as he regularly dropped of reports here.

"I'm here to see the new security chief, If she is available, if not, I can wait," he smiled.

"Jono, you know that no chief ever arrives before mid morning at the earliest. It's not even dawn yet. I can stamp a message urgent for you."

"There is no need for that, as this Chief arrives early..Each and Every day" A cold feminine voice came from behind Jono, and the receptionist blanched.

"Sorry, Mz Winton, I wasn't meaning to imply" Melissa stammered

"Of course you weren't" J.E. said coldly

Without looking around, Jono swallowed, a lump suddenly in his throat, and for the first time in his life, he felt old.

Ever so slowly he turned around to face the owner of that voice, coming face to face with the woman he had seen in the flexi. Voice almost breaking, he spoke, "Jennie?"

A face of extreme beauty surveyed him dispassionately for a breif moment, then the voice was even colder "My friends call me J.E...You may call me Mz Winton, or Chief Winton, if you prefer. What may I ask, do you need to see me for?"

"Chief Winton, this is Dr. Jono, the Chief Medical..." Melissa tried to belatedly make introductions. Her voice trailed off under the Security Chief's withering glare, and Melissa dropped her eyes back to her desk.

"I am certain that he is fully capable of speaking for himself."

His eyes fell at the cold reception. He didn't know if she honestly didn't remember him, or was pointedly ignoring that fact.

"Chief Winton, I came to introduce myself, and give you a report on what I believe to have been the cause of the recent deaths. It's why I wasn't there yesterday evening when you arrived.

Can I show you this in your office," he said, sadness etched onto his face.[/i]

"Dr.Jonathan Archibald Chakravati, if I remember my briefing dossier's correctly. As I have perfect memory, that is correct, is it not?' The coldness turned to disgust

"Give me the report, I shall read it, when I have time later. Just now I have many more urgent matters to attend to" She held out one hand, the perfectly manicured fingers avoiding any contact with his as he handed the flexi to her

Without a word, Jono passed the flexi over to her, and turned around. He stopped and turned back "I...." He shook his head and slowly headed for the front door.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 04:22 PM

As dawn approached, Silver saw Michiko enter the Inn. How she got there was anyone's guess. The eagle obviously had something to do with it since is was sitting on her shoulder when she came in. As she made her way to the elevator, Silver hoped she would be ok, she looked extremely weak. Hearing the howls of dogs, she assumed they would watch over Michiko and keep her safe.

Deciding she and Shiva had tarried at the Inn long enough, they headed back home to have a meal and get some sleep. As she lay down with Shiva by her side, she hoped that things settled back down and nothing out of the 'ordinary' happened, although nothing around here was really 'normal' in the sense that most perceived normal to be.

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 06:17 PM

Alecks blushed furiously at the kiss on his cheek, and looked down at the ground a moment.

"You needent apologize for sleeping.  You needed your rest... you looked so peaceful and happy asleep..."

He looked into the estate.

"I will stand here until you're safely inside your father's home.  Don't worry, they can't harm anything they can't find, and I still have a few tricks you don't know about yet."

Alecks impulsively reached out and pulled Carlotta into a gentle hug, simply wanting to hold her one more time before he had to leave.  

"Seek me in the haunted forest when you come to find me," he whispered.  "I have some business to attend to, then I shall return there.  Enter, then change into your wolf form.  The forest is far more welcoming to animals... perhaps if you roll up your clothes and carry them in your wolf's mouth, that would work?  If not, well, we'll figure something out when you come..."

He and Carlotta bade their final farewells, and he watched as she slowly walked past the gates, up to the main house, and entered.

Alecks sighed as the door closed behind her, and he could no longer see her.

Lingering, he finally turned and walked away, towards the city.

It was later than he had thought.  The store he had intended to go to was closed... but he was certain he had seen its owner before, judging by the name in the store sign.

Returning to the Inn for something warm to drink, he noticed the same woman... something... different about her than most... the way she looked at other people, the way she carried himself.

"Vampire," he whispered to himself realizing it was she that could help him.

"Excuse me," he said to Constance in his usual lilting voice.  "I have come to the realization that some things can only be obtained with money, and that you opened a store dealing in older things recently that might help me.  Would you have any interest in bartering for, or buying, this?"

Alecks produced a leather bound, rather very old copy of a book with the title "Treasure Island" embossed in gold on the spine, something he had read several times, to the point of memorization, and set it on the table in front of Constance.

"Are we able to... as you more modern humans say... do business?"

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 08:42 PM

Carlotta opened the door to her Fathers room

"Father....you wished to see me"

Sergei turned, his face pale

"Where is she, Rudy said you would bring her with you"

She looked at Rudy and frowned

"Where is who Father"

Sergei leapt from his chair and stood in front of his daughter, he grabbed her arms and held her still

"Don't be insolent child...you know whom I refer to, Sylvie.....the Necromancer wouldn't help, but I have faith in you, you know where she is"

She struggled against her fathers grip, but she was still to weak to break free. She looked up into his eyes, her gaze holding his

"Sylvie is dead father as well you know"

She felt his grip tighten, he growled as his fingers became claws, cutting into her soft flesh, she could feel the blood trickling down her arms

"She is dead...she has been dead for many years, nothing I do or say will bring her back to you"

Sergei loosened his grip and stared at his daughter, he fell to his knees before her sobbing

"Lottie...sweet Lottie, I am losing my mind... I can't do this anymore"

"Can't do what Father"

"I'm not fit to lead the Lukoi.....I must chose another Alpha"

she gasped

"No Father.....you are our Alpha....you have kept this family together through hardship and disaster, you have kept us safe from harm for many years....you must remain as Alpha...at least for a little while longer. Father I have many things to tell you"

She crouched down next to him and told him about Vaughn and his offer of help, about the Beast, she told him everything, well almost everything...she kept Alecks' name to herself. Sergei kissed the top of her head and smiled

"If only you'd been born a boy Lottie...you are the one who should be leading the pack, not I"

They talked for many hours..Sergei remained lucid throughout. Whilst he didn't agree with seeking outside help he saw the wisdom in his daughters actions and finally agreed to her plan. The Luckoi would join with Vaughn to defest the Master. Carlotta smiled and stood up, she needed to rest but first she had one last question

"Father..the necromancer you killed, was she of Jamaican descent"

Sergei nodded and hung his head in shame

"Do you know if she had a daughter?"

"A daughter? I don't know...maybe, why do you ask"

"No reason Father, just idle curiousity. Now I am going to bed, it's been a long day, good night father"

As she made her way to her room, she thought out loud

"What are the chances that Asheera is the daughter of the woman father killed? surely it can't be ..... but"

Her last thoughts as she closed her eyes were of Asheera and Alecks

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 09:15 PM

<OOC>Rewind to before Silverwind spots Lucas and Vaughn</OOC>

Silverwind looked up at the sound of her name.  Good evening, Jono.  She listened to his thanks, blushing.

I didn't really do much during the fight.  Asheera was really the one who convinced the spirits to fight.  I was just backup,[/i] she winked.  But still, I was happy to help in any way I could.  The Inn has been my home since I was 16. . .and alive.  I'd do anything to protect it and its patrons.  And as for the offer, I appreciate it, and will keep it in mind.  Although, she chuckled, being already dead makes most necromancy and death magic obsolete.

[i]Her attention was suddenly diverted by Lucas storming into the Inn.  Distractedly, she told Jono,
I'll. . .um. . .talk to you later. . .

<OOC>And now. . .The rest of the story. :p ;) </OOC>

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 11:22 PM

Jono staggered out to his car, tears flowing freely down his face, mind in a fugue state.

He almost ignored his pager when it started beeping again, but part of his mind rebelled, no matter how his daughter was acting, he had a duty, and an obligation to the people of this world, the people for whom he was a doctor.

"Jono," he answered tiredly,

"Doctor Jono, it's Linda at the inn, you've got to come quick." The voice practically shouted through the commsystem

"Linda, calm down, what's happened."

"It's Michiko, she just staggered in, and went upstairs, what should i do."

Jono thought for about a moment, "Nothing, if she made it that far, she'll last the 5 minutes it takes me to get to you."

He shut down the commlink and gunned the engine to life, looking back once more to the building, and seeing his daughter watching him from one of the windows. With a pointed look in her direction he floored the aircar, breaking half a dozen laws while he did it.

Breaking another three laws on the way he made it to the inn and ran in, barely giving the car time to stop.

As he rushed in the door, holding his kit, Linda just pointed at the stairs and he rushed up, where he could still hear the Akita's howling.

he knocked on the door, "Miko?"

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Posted 11 March 2003 - 01:39 AM

Tuatha found that she would be unable to talk to the owners of the Inn, as they were both elsewhere.  She was aware that Michiko had been injured in the battle with the Beast, but she had no idea how badly.  Everyone here was on the very periphery of what she knew – she had scryed on Lucas only, and so anyone she knew she knew only in relation to him.
She turned and saw Lucas burst through the door.  Her hand instinctively went to her sword and she grasped the hilt when he drew the gun.  She watched the two men intently.  That one he was talking to had to be a vampire.  She winced inwardly when she saw Lucas look him in the eyes and her sword inched a fraction out of its sheath.  She relaxed when Lucas lowered his gun, but kept her hang lightly on her sword hilt anyway.  When the two began to move Tuatha glided up to Lucas and whispered to him:

“If you need me to help, if you need me to find something out for you, ask me.  Because if you’re going against a master vampire, you’ll need as much help as you can get.”  She looked him straight in the eye.  She flinched suddenly as she realized how much he looked like Kana’Ti.  He even held himself in the same way when he was angry.  She kept looking at him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed and even more that he wouldn’t ask.
"And don't do anything stupid, while you're at it"

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Posted 11 March 2003 - 04:18 AM

Shayna wakes with a start.  The sky is light outside; she slept surprisingly well during the night in the strange place.  But now her acute hearing picks up noises and voices below, and the name of Michiko being shouted.  Dressing in a hurry, Shayna extends her wings and shakes them out several times then straps her knives onto her thighs and arms before heading down the stairs.

Once back in the main room, Shayna sees a woman laying outside surrounded by large animals; she knows this must be Michiko, the woman Thor brought her to see.  Although wanting to assist in some way, Shayna knows they don't need her to interfere or get in the way.  She wishes to stay to talk and explore, but is under orders to return within one day.  Outside an inn worker approaches her with a large basket attached to a harness.  He explains that Shai left it for the Ave to take with her, and to tap the blue pad to activate the antigrav generator when she is ready to leave.

As Shayna extends her wings, the large basket is weightless against her stomach.  Hearing sounds from inside, Shayna puts her ear to the holes, then smiles.  With one beat she rises up in the air, then slowly ascends higher as her wings move up and down.  Her body straightens out horizontally and Shayna is soon heading towards her home, allowing the wind to help carry her.

With a final beat of her large wings, Shayna glides gracefully and lands onto the long ledge of a mountain.  It runs for nearly one mile and was between 10 and 20 feet wide as it winds around the inside of the mountain.  Down below the inner valley gave off a cool and fragrant aroma from the stream and the flora.  Folding her red-gold wings against her back, Shayna greets her father and part of the council with a bow of her head.  From behind her more Aves approach through the air.  

The natural caves the Aves live in are high up in the peaks, all facing each other across the wide valley.  Some live in other caves of peaks, but this cental valley is the main habitat.  There are many flat plateaus on top of the peaks where the Aves also enjoy their life.  For now it is only Shayna, her father, their leader and the other six council members to whom Shayna speaks.  Later the fair, slender girl will give her news to all on one of the large plateaus.

"So, you have returned unharmed.  I am much relieved, daughter.  Tell us all you have learned. Kareem is waiting." Shayna's father is the Sectant, or second in command, of the Aves.

[i]After her account to the Doyen and his council all that she had seen and done, and about everyone she had met, especially the news about the Beast, there is much discussion between the council members over the next several days.  

During this time, Shayna returns to her family's cave and resumes her daily life.  She is delighted that the basket Shai sent with her is full of cats!  The six kittens tumble out playfully, while the three adult cats take their time. Exploring the flexies at the bottom of the basket, Shayna discovers complete guides to caring for these soft, lovely creatures.  It's not long before the cats and kittens have made themselves at home in the caves, valleys, and plateaus, running up and down the mountains on small paths they have found. The Aves are delighted with these creatures, and Shayna promises one to every family as they breed.  Somehow the cats do not seem interested in any of the small birds when they hunt.

Finally, one day, Kareem calls for Shayna to come to him.  She rises from the rock seat she had been perching on, knees under her chin and gazing at the valley below, and comes to stand before him, holding a sweet orange kitten in her arms.  She is informed that she will now remain within the Aves' community and continue her studies as a teacher.  They Aves know all they wish to know about the newcomers.

Of course Shayna protests--again and again--arguing with the elders that there is much more to learn and they can not simply hide away any longer.  As usual, she gets her way.  Ten days after she returned, Shayna is readying herself to return to Landing to continue her explorations.

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