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Adventuring in Asaths Profile Thread

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Posted 14 October 2010 - 10:17 AM

Name: Arannis
Age: 400ish.
Species: Fey Elf, Male
General description: Standing slightly over 6 feet tall Arannis looks very thin indeed. He has iron grey hair which leads many humans to believe he is somewhat older than he is. He wears a well fitted tunic and trousers covered by a loose robe that doesn't interfere with his gestuers while he casts spells.
Scars: Arannis's back is covered in red scars about an inch long.
Deity: Ioun
Power Source: Arcane
Abilities/skills: Superior School of Ice Magic, Major school of Charms, Minor School of Illusions, Minor School of Wind
Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant.
Known family: Arannis' parents live in the court of The Summer Queen in the Feywild.
Known Background: Arannis was born in the feywild, in the court of the archfey The Summer Queen. He studied magic and history from a young age but yearned for a life of adventure. Leaving home as soon as he could gain permission from the Summer Queen Arannis set out to experience a life of adventure danger with a will to experience something over than the convoluted centuries long plots of the fey. He quickly found a different life as his first adventure with his friends saw them captured by formorians and taken as a slave into the Feydark. For 75 years Arannis was a slave in the Feydark before he managed to escape after finding the incantations to create illusions and using them to decieve his captors. Unable to return home Arannis stumbled upon an active fey crossing and walked in to the natural world. After visiting and staying for in the kingdoms of Bruthis and Culnisthion for around 50 years each he moved on to Asaths. The invitation by the Baron of Malthion to set up a school of magic to make his town more attractive to visitors was too hard to resist. The past 75 years Arannis has taught many students who have in turn become teachers. The academy expanded to be a centre of all education and learning. The current Barron of Malthion frequently asks Arannis to lead expeditions into the wilderness and to these ends he gathered a group of adventurers to his side. Ready to pick up where he started 250 years ago.

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Posted 14 October 2010 - 10:42 AM

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Claudia. (Actual name, Lorei Anasati.)
Age: 28.
Species: Human, female.
General description:  Natural blond hair, pale skin, greenish eyes, fairly short and average weight. Clothing varies depending on her situation.
Abilities/skills:  Martial Disciplines. Superior Mounted Combat, Minor Spell Parrying, Major Melee precision. Her weapon of choice is normally a halberd or longspear . However she is trained to use melee precision also with a short sword for when she is fighting on the ground.
Languages: Common, Draconic.
Scars/tattoos/other markings: None
Deity: None
Power source: Martial
Known family:  She has parents and a brother. Location and ages unknown.
Known Background: Largely unknown at this time as she is suffering from complete amnesia. However she retains her training, instincts, language, writing, motor control and other such skills that allow her to function.

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Posted 15 October 2010 - 11:41 AM

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Name: Aidan Maerol
Race: Wild Elf
Age: 200
Height: 4.5 ft
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Blond, wispy, falls just past his jaw
Eyes: Bright blue
Scars/Tattoos/Markings: Swirling tattoo across his forehead in light colors. No scars or other markings.
Abilities: Superior Mounted Combat, Major Ranged Precision and Minor Evocation of Healing
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow. Keeps a dagger and knife for close combat, has hand-to-hand training-enough to protect himself.
Power Source: Martial/Primal
Deity: None, but will pray to whatever one is appropriate if he feels he needs to.
Languages: Elven and Common

Family history: Was born and raised in the forests around the capitol and lived there with a small clan of wild elves until he joined the adventuring party. Until then, he only ventured in when he needed something he couldn't get from the forest. His father, Tamrin, taught him to ride and shoot a bow from the back of a horse from the time that he was a boy and he's very proficient at it. His healing powers came much later, when he was almost grown, and he's just learning to use them. His mother, Varissa, taught him the healing powers of the plants of the forest. He has a younger sister, Naoli.

He acquired his black unicorn purely by chance. One day he was out hunting on foot and heard a ruckus coming from a small clearing. Upon investigating, he found a beautiful black unicorn being attacked by several hungry wolves and something, he isn't sure what, compelled him to help the young beast. He drove the wolves off by shooting a couple of them to get their attention, then charging them, scaring the remainder off to go find something else to hunt. He approached the badly wounded unicorn slowly, doing his best to let it know that he was there to help, and he guessed that his running the wolves off helped, along with the wounds keeping the animal from struggling to its feet, and kept it from trying to run away. Once he was able to touch the creature without it panicking he used his minor healing ability to make sure that the wounds would not get infected as they healed, then he found some herbs nearby that he made into a poultice that he spread on the wounds to slow down their bleeding and help facilitate their healing. With the wounds taken care of, he then made sure the unicorn had water and food nearby while he healed. Unwilling to just leave the helpless animal lying there unprotected, he stayed with it for several days while its wounds healed, continuing to provide it food and water several times a day. He took to calling it Vanimon, which meant beautiful in his language, and would softly stroke its nose and neck as he tended to its wounds and talked softly to it. When he was satisfied that Vanimon could once again take care of himself, he gave him one last stroke and pat, and told him goodbye. However, when he turned to leave, Vanimon nudged him in the back and looked at him, almost as if asking him where he was going. Aidan tried to get him to go off on his own, but Vanimon insisted on following him, so he eventually gave up. Eventually, Vanimon trusted Aidan enough to carry him on his back and the two have been bonded ever since. Aidan uses no saddle on Vanimon, but he does use a bridle. While the two of them do enjoy flying together, they don't do it often, as it will tire the unicorn out, so they fly only when necessary and the rest of the time it's like riding an ordinary horse-except for the wings folded closely by his side. He's teaching it to understand Elven and has trained him to respond to non-verbal commands.

His parents agreed to let him join the adventuring group not long ago, as a gesture of goodwill to the king, to assist the Baron Vallam of the village Malthion and he agreed to go.

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Name Vanimon
Species: Unicorn
Age: 2 years old
Coat: Solid black, including mane, tail and wings. His horn is charcoal gray, lightening to gray towards the tip.

Bonded to Aidan shortly after he rescued him from a small pack of wolves and took care of him until he could get back on his feet.

Vanimon is a solid black winged unicorn with a dark grey horn. He has been with Aidan for about a year, ever since the two-legs found him and helped him. At the time, he was young, barely out on his own after his mother ran him off when she got pregnant again, and he blundered into a small pack of hungry wolves one day. Aidan happened upon them and ran the wolves off, but Vanimon was badly injured. Though he was very wary, the two-legs made him understand that he was there to help and the unicorn settled some, but still watched him, being unable to run very far with his injuries anyway. The two-legs treated his injuries and made sure he had food and water handy until he was healed enough to take care of himself again, which took several days. Vanimon, for that is what the two-legs called him whilst tending him, became curious about him-why was he helping him and what was he going to do with him? When it seemed he wasn't going to do anything, Vanimon became even more curious, as he'd seen another unicorn that had gotten trapped by the two-legged creatures and forced into serving it, so why wasn't this two-legs restraining him as he got well enough to run away? That curiosity was enough to keep him around even when he got well enough to have outrun the two-legs.

When the day came that he was healed Vanimon was surprised when the two-legs patted him and spoke, then turned away. Where was he going? What was Vanimon supposed to do? The forest was a dangerous place to be and the two-legs had protected him, so Vanimon decided he wanted to stay with it, the one who called itself Aidan. He ignored all of Aidan's attempts to drive him off, until he just gave up and let the unicorn follow him. Eventually Vanimon allowed Aidan to sit on his back and ride, and found he enjoyed it as much as Aidan seemed to, and the two became bonded from that moment on. He understands some Elven and is learning more every day and lets Aidan teach him non-verbal commands and they work well as a team, whether he's being ridden or not.

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Posted 16 October 2010 - 06:51 PM

Name: Flit
Age: 200
Gender: Female
Species: Gnome
General Description: Flit is a three foot gnome cleric, dressed the dark blue robes of the goddess Sehanine. She has dark reddish- brown hair which is plaited and pinned around her head like a crown. Her eyes are bright leaf green. She wears knee high black boots and carries a staff with a sickle moon charm on the end for her spell casting. She wears a circlet made of silver with the same sickle moon charm in the center, marking her as a high priestess of the Goddess Sehanine which only takes off when she bathes or is going on a mission of subterfuge. She leaves it in care at her temple with one of the other priestesses. She also carries a dagger for protection. She also works as a scribe within the temple.
Scars/Tattoos: None.
Deity: Sehanine
Power source: Divine
Abilities/skills: Superior life prayers, major death prayers, and minor protection prayers. She also has riding, literacy and doctoring.
Languages: Common and Elven, studying Draconic at her temple now.
Family: Mom, dad, older brother living in the village of Karth.
Known Background: Flit comes from the small village of Karth. Born to panther trainers, she was supposed to go into the family business. She managed to only train one panther named Ebony but she found it boring and wanted to help people. At the age of 30, she left her village with Ebony to seek out healing knowledge. She found her way to the city of Malthion. She visited several of the temples and finally devoted herself to the goddess Sehanine. Flit was attracted to the goddess’s teachings. She has lived and worked in the temple ever since, being gifted with supreme healing powers. She has journeyed to many places around the area and is known in Malthion. She has had the privilege of visiting the university on several occasions, scribing from the universities extensive library on the more mundane sources of healing, including herbs and folk methods of the region. As she has grown older and wiser, the goddess has blessed her with providing protection to others. Currently she is without any riding companions but is praying for her next steed.

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Posted 17 October 2010 - 08:11 AM

Name:  Viella.
Age: 43.
Species:  Dragonborn, female.
General description:  Average height and weight for a Dragonborn although to humans she is quite tall and muscular. Her scales are copper in colour. She normally wears comfortable knee length robes that don’t impede her fighting or spellcasting abilities. In wet weather she wears a waterproof cloak. She always carries a sword and a pair of knives with her.
Power sources: Arcane and Primal.
Abilities/skills: Innate Major School of Lightening, Superior School of Fire. Primal: Major Evocation of healing. She has basic sword training. She has also been studying the various uses of alchemy to augment her combat and her basic herbal medical knowledge. She is formally educated in dungeoneering, literacy, numeracy and wilderness survival. She has sickly-green coloured acid breath when she wishes.
Languages: Common, Draconic.
Scars/tattoos/other markings: None.
Deity: Moradin.
Known family:  Viella has parents in the Dragonborn nomadic settlement, loosely centred around the oasis of Rabao. Her mother is a trader and her father looks after the herdbeasts. Her sister is following in her father’s footsteps helping keep the herdbeasts looked after and protected from predators.
Known Background: Viella was born in the nomadic desert settlement that is home to the largest gathering of Dragonborn in the world. Her early years were spent in that settlement travelling with the others. Due to their nomadic nature the settlement is never in a fixed place for long but if there was a place that they could be found more than anywhere else it would be the Rabao Oasis.  Her father is also an innate spellcaster which proves useful in helping keep the herds safe from predators and bandits. Viella inherited this ability and her father spent many hours during her childhood teaching her to control and start mastering her magical abilities. She was taught common and draconic as languages as well as numeracy and literacy from the Dragonborn teachers in the settlement. However shortly after maturity at seventeen years old Viella decided that nomadic desert life was all well and fine but she wanted to travel beyond the desert region and explore the world as an adventurer.  And so shortly after her seventeenth birthday Viella left the settlement and started adventuring. Her travels have taken her across several different countries. Her mastery of magic has improved over the years of taking on tough jobs from various employers as she passed through different towns and cities. After a few years of travelling, during her early twenties Viella stayed in one city for three years getting an education in alchemy and dungeoneering, taking on local adventuring jobs to fund her studies. Alchemy being a hobby and a way to augment her simple doctoring knowledge for injuries that her Evocation of Healing can’t cover, or a way to augment her magic in battle. Dungeoneering as it’s always useful to know about dungeons when you’re an adventurer frequently venturing into them. After getting an education in these subjects she resumed her wandering travels. Wilderness survival in a desert environment she had already been trained in due to her origin but it became practical to be versed in wilderness survival in a range of environments. She is a competent swordfighter for times when magic isn’t the answer. In roughly twenty five years of adventuring, Viella has been in some tough scrapes and got out of many tight situations. She’s experienced, competent and has no intentions of settling down yet. However she does have a moral compass of sorts and won’t take jobs that she feels is wrong.

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Posted 19 October 2010 - 10:30 AM

Name: Freya
Age: 207
Species: Wild elf, female
General description: Freya has long and tangled dirty blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. She is about 5'2 and has a childlike form although she is an adult. She was orphaned when she was 90 and lived in the woods by herself for a long time which is why she is very fond of animals.
Scars: One across her eyebrow.
Deity: Melora
Power Source: Primal
Abilities/skills: Superior Evocation of Growth, Major Evocation of Spirit, Minor Evocation of Healing
Languages: Common, Elven.
Known family: None
Known Background: Freya has spent some of her childhood and all of her adult life without a family around her and therefore found a family in the animals that surrounded her in the woods. She has wandered from place to place, never quite finding a home but the wilderness was always there for her. She never got accustomed to being in a bed or under a roof and prefers sleeping under the stars. She decided to take on missions so that she can one day find a new family that she will not be a burden and to get to know other humanoid companions again.
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Posted 22 November 2010 - 02:30 PM

Name: Skamos Bloodstone
Age: 35
Species: Tiefling, Male
General description: Skamos' skin is a deep reddy brown, his hair is pure black and is gathered between two long ridged ebony horns that extend from his brow curling behind him and tapering into a point at the top of his shoulders. His eyes are a soft amber colour until he starts using arcane spells at which point they glow orange. An arrowhead tail pokes from the bottom of his blood red robes.
Height: 5'6''
Scars: None
Deity: None
Power Source: Arcane/Psionic
Abilities/skills: Minor School of Teleportation, Superior Psionic Blast, Major Telekinesis. Proficient with a short sword and capable of riding a horse.
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal
Known family: Skamos's parents are residents of Erathia, the southernmost kingdom on the continent of Asaths. His wife and children were killed 7 years ago.
Known Background: Skamos is born of the merchant family Bloodstone, so called because they're said to be capable of talking blood from a stone. A highly successful and rich merchant family Skamos had his every need and want met until he was of age at which point he was expected to join the other adults of the family business which he did with great success. Travelling farther and wider than his family obligations required him to Skamos traded his way to a small fortune and earned him a high place among his family's trading consortium. His family accumulated more wealth, gold, land and servants then the king of Erathia with plenty of help from Skamos. He returned home one evening to find his family murdered, their bodies hung on the main doors to his personal suite of rooms in the family mansion. His only clues to their killers were a long list of people he'd offended as a trader and the identical method in which his wife, son and daughter were killed. Several years of research identified the killer as the king's assassin known by the name Di'is. Shortly after this discover Skamos found his every night of sleep being interrupted by a different man or woman trying to kill him. After fighting for survival every night for two weeks and realising he couldn't even trust the guards he hired to protect him Skamos fled the kingdom. He still sleeps lightly and wakes to the lightest noises in the dark. Penniless and unable to establish himself as merchant in an unknown kingdom Skamos has turned to the dangerous career as an adventurer to earn his fortune and as en ends to revenge on the assassin who murdered his family and the king who ordered it.

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