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Interesting findings in attention and perception

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Posted 09 June 2011 - 09:17 PM

I've recently redeveloped my childhood interest in attention and perception, and I'm sure that many of you are interested in this too. It has enormous practical application.

This thread is for interesting articles or write-ups you stumble across

For example, while your attention may immediately be caught by the title of "Fortune favors the Bold (and the italicized): Effects of disfluency on educational outcomes", it'd probably lose you after the colon, and frankly, the abstract would only chase you off. However, it's really a cool pair of studies (the second was empirical, in a high school classroom setting) showing that you may be able to improve reading retention by changing your display font -- something that is easily done in many e-readers or via browser CSS overide.

Here's a nice lay writeup: "Study suggests 'hard to read' fonts may increase reading retention"

On a more Orbis Terrarum note
A lot of people in OT would have difficulty believing that an officer in hot pursuit could fail to notice several other officer brutally beating another suspect, as he ran past. However, "Study suggests police officer wrongfully convicted for missing the 'obvious' notes that a recent study showed that 2/3 of college students didn't notice it, either when the chase was re-enacted under the conditions at the time, and 40% didn't notice it in broad daylight.

Always expect the unexpected -- but it probably won't help

Watch these in sequence:

"Expecting the unexpected does not improve one's chances of seeing it (w/ Video)"

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