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Calling the Doctor!!!

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#1 DaveW

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 08:40 AM

In the office of the Prime Minister of the UK:
"Calling the Doctor!!

This is David Cameron, Prime Minister of Her Majesty's government of Great Brittan.

Calling the Doctor! Come in Doctor!"


"Calling the Doctor! Come in Doctor!"


"Its no use.  Who said this thing worked anyway? And it is - Doctor - Who - exactly that I am calling? And how can he help?"

The prime minister's director of security Martha Smith-Jones spoke up: "I knew the Doctor. I even  traveled with him for a year. Believe me, he is the ONLY one who can help us."

"And HOW exactly is he supposed to be able to help us?  Where is this thing broadcasting to anyway? If he shows up and makes things worse I will turn him and you both over to your sister Alicia at Crown Prosecutorial"

"Do you remember a few years ago when all the planets showed up in the sky, just like THAT one?"

"No."  <static>

"Do you remember when there were strange alien craft that attacked London on Christmas day for 3 years in a row?"  

"No."  <static>

"Well, he got us out of those jams and apparently restored everything so well that we don't even remember it.   I guess I was immune to the memory erasure as I traveled with him in his Tardis."

"His what?"

"Tardis. Police box, bigger on the inside.  Long story. Calling the Doctor! Come in Doctor!"


Very broken up thru the static "Hello?"  

"Doctor?  Is that you?"

Uh - No.  Rory here. The Doctor is  - um - indisposed. K... I take a m....?" <fades out>

"RORY?? "  <static>


Meanwhile abord the Tardis:

"Um - Amy?  You there"

"Yes Rory; what is it?"

"Is the Doctor there with you?"

"No - I thought he was with you."

"He sent me back to watch the Tardis and I just got a radio call from... - London, I think."

"About what?"

"I dunno. I thought He said he was the Prime Minister, and then some woman spoke up. A lot of static. It broke up and then I lost them. They sounded pretty desparate. Oh - I think it is coming back around."

<static>  "Calling ...  Doctor! Come in Doctor! This is David Cameron, Prime Minister of Her Majesty's government of Great Brittan.  Calling the Doctor! Come in Do...." <static>

"See?  I told you.  He said he is the Prime Minister! Hurry and get the Doctor!"

In the office of the Prime Minister of the UK:

"Its no use. "

"NO, Mr. Prime minister! He WILL answer  back. Just give him a bit of time."

"Hello?  Are you still out there?  I am the Doctor. Hello? "

"Hello? Doctor?"

<shrill whistle> "Helllllooooo!"

Martha: "Doctor! It is good to hear your voice.  uh - you sound different. (to the PM) Maybe its the static."

"No - it is ME.  I regenerated a year ago. Or 2. Do I know you?"

"Doctor - Its me Martha!"

"Martha... - Martha... - Oh Yes! You were my previous version's companion! What is going on?"

Doctor! We have another planet in the sky.  And there have been a lot of really terrible earthquakes. You have to help us!

PM: "How can anyone move a planet out of the sky?"

"Planet in the sky eh?  Are the Daleks back? Cybermen?  Never mind. Give me about 6 hours  and I will wrap up what I am doing here and be right there."  

"Six Hours??!!??"

"...and I will be right there." The PM and Martha were too distracted trying to hear thru the static to notice the Tardis materializing right behind them in the PM's office.  They turned to see the Doctor with Amy and Rory right behind him.  "Trust me I'm the Doctor!  Fantastic thing - this Tardis.  I can leave 6 hours from now on the other side of the galaxy and be here NOW. Now what's..."

"Mr Prime Minister - you need to hear this!" An aide rushed into the office and turned on the telly, not even noticing the Tardis or the 3 extra people.  The familiar face of an African American man - the President of the US - was speaking. A middle aged white woman stood behind him between 2 military guards.

"... I have grave and fantastic news for the people of the earth. Over 60 years ago, at the end of World War 2, our government discovered a crashed vessel with many injured people on board. As these were foriegn operatives, we have kept them in a secret holding facility.  Their leader is the woman you see behind me. They have aged only slightly in these past 60 years. What we did not know was that an unknown number of others were not injured and escaped, living among us..."

#2 DaveW

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 09:00 AM


I do not own Dr Who or The Event or that much of anything else for that matter.

This story is purely for entertainment. Any similarity between it and other events, real or fiction; or similarity of characters to real people are coincidentul  coenced not on purpose.

Hey this is fan fiction! Get over it!

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Posted 16 June 2011 - 09:47 AM

"I first became aware of these prisoners shortly after being inaugurated, " President Martinez continued. He was seated behind a podium and looking very frail. It was obvious he was reading from a paper script. "The circumstance of their crash and the nature of their vessel was explained to me and that it was clear that they were NOT from our earth. Being an opponent of political interment, I was determined to release these people.  I met several times with Sophia Maguire, whom you see behind me here; initially at the prison camp and later at the White House. Six months ago I was prepared to make a public announcement  with Sophia disclosing their existance and having Sophia explain who they were, where they were from and why they were here. That plan was canceled due to a failed assasination attempt.  In the following months it became clear that they were here for no good reason. They have demonstrated bad faith by perfoming terrorist attacks on our nation's captial [picture cuts to film of Washington Monument being destroyed] and stealing nuclear feul from a reactor in California."

"Nuclear theft?" the PM was dumbfounded." The IAEA should have been IMMEDIATLY informed!"

"I think I recognize her," muttered the Doctor, "or at least her species. I heard that the sun of their home world was due to Nova any time now."

"How?  She looks entirely human!" Amy could not see any difference.

"Of course she does. Her people were here on Earth back a few hundred thousand years ago. Left a few behind who ended up intermixing with the Neandrathals and Cromagnons. It is why you earth humans look as you do."

Martinez continued "Sophia was just arrested trying to release a biological device here in Washington. We have stopped her plans, which had the potential to kill millions."

"All 6 and a half Billion! It was for your own good!" Sophia yelled out before being hit with the butt of a rifle of one of the men guarding her.

"I want to assure you that we have intercepted and neutralized the threat. But beyond the terror attack, they have used some kind of device located in Tibet to bring their endangered home world into our solar system, threatening the very existance of our planet. That is what you see in the sky, near the moon and is the reason we are experiencing massive earthquakes all over the globe."

"Facinating!  They actually got that teleportation device to work! And at an interstellar planetary level. Excelent!" The Doctor had a wide grin.

"You know these aliens?" the PM asked

"Of course! I met them in my previous incarnation."

"Not with me," Martha stated.

"No, of course not with you. It was with Rose." The doctor pulled his screwdriver out of a jacket pocket and adjusted it.

"... we do not know how this will be resolved but I assure you that once we are past this present crisis, Sophia and her people will be held accountable for their actions by the US and world courts. Thank you and goodnight." The telly screen changed from the image of the US president to his presidential seal, and then replaced by 2 commentators of the BBC. Martha turned the TV off.

The Doctor went to a window facing the new planetary interloper and aimed the screwdriver at it for several seconds.  Looking closely at it he muttered to himself. Exact;y how long ago did the mysterious planet show up in the sky?"

Martha answered "About 12 hours ago. There was a tremor, and then a blinding flash in the sky that lasted almost a minute.  Then there were a series of earthquakes and we got reports that the tide which was coming in at the time just went right back out. Now we have flooding of all coastal cities here and in Europe."

"Of course you have flooding. Gravity and all.  And I would bet that the planet looks much larger now than it did 12 hours ago."

"Yes!" came the chorused reply from Martha, the PM and his aide.

"Amy! Rory! Martha! Quick - into the Tardis - there is no time to waste! Be back straightaway Mr. Prime Minister! Trust me, I'm the Doctor!"  With that he closed the door to the blue police box and it vanished.

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Posted 12 July 2011 - 12:37 PM

In the oval office, President Martinez turned to Sophia and glared at her for several seconds. "Do you have any idea what you have done?  By bringing your home planet so close to Earth you have effectively sealed the doom of both worlds. The Chinese have finally taken my call and are, as we speak, launching a nuclear attack on your device. We will..."

"NO!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" screamed Sophia.  "Without that base to fine tune the orbit, there is no way to save either world.  Either way, Earth has to go, but my world has to be placed properly so we can survive."

"And what about OUR survival? That is MY concern. Not you, Not your people, and DEFINATELY NOT your planet. " The President took several steps toward his prisoner.  

Just then a Blue police box materialized just to Martinez's right and a door opened  and the Doctor stuck his head out.  Immediatly all 6 of the armed guards in the office had their M-16s trained on him. Alarms sounded in outside the room.  The doors which had been secured to ensure that Sophia did not escape now prevented more guards from storming the room. Amy and Rory quickly grabbed both Martinez and Sophia while the Doctor kept the rifles from firing with his screwdriver. In less than 30 seconds the Tardis vanished with the president and leader of the aliens aboard.


In the interplanetary space above Earth's atmosphere the Tardis streaked toward the newest member of the solar system. Martinez glared at the Doctor. "You have ANY idea what kind of trouble you are in? You have just abducted the President of the United States."

"Of course I did.  Almost did that once before with your predecessor but we had more time then."

"Which one - Clinton, Bush, Obama...?"

"Nixon.  The one you all called 'Tricky Dick.'  Appeared in that same office. Your guard's guns have't changed much in - how long has it been - a little over 40 years?" The Doctor smiled. A panel on the control console started blinking and beeping.  "Incoming message!"  "Oooo - Looks like we need to make a detour."

"What is it? What does it say?"

"More like 'WHO is it.' What it says is 'Hello Sweetie!' "

"RIVER!!!" yelled a chorus of the Doctor, Amy and Rory.

"I'm sorry - WHO??" asked Martha. The Doctor was running around the console at a frantic pace, pulling levers, adjusting knobs, typing on a keyboard.

The Doctor runs to the door and opens it, revealing the blackness of deep space. No planets in sight and not even a star nearby A small meteor-like object comes hurling at the Tardis at tremendous speed.  "Amy - Hit thruster G10! 2 seconds"

Amy runs to the console and hits a button and holds it in for 2 seconds. The object slows noticibly just before entering the door, bolwing over the Doctor, Rory and Martha. Sophia runs to the door but stops when she realizes that there is no where to go. A 30-something blond with a big smile pulls herself off of the Doctor and stands up. "RIVER!!!"

"You HAVE to stop jumping out of airlocks like that!" said a very annoyed Doctor as he gathered himself to his feet. "One of these times I may not get here exactly when you need me.  That would not be a pretty sight." She just grinned at everyone. "OK, not much time for pleasantrles.  I got you all out here to discuss what just happened back  on Earth; and what WE are going to do about it."  The Doctor gave a serious look very reminiscent of his previous incarnation.

#5 DaveW

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Posted 22 July 2011 - 10:15 AM

"Sophia - WHY did you bring your entire planet halfway across the galaxy?" The Doctor sternly glared at the leader of the invaders.

"We had no choice. We were held prisoner for over 60 years and our sun is about to Nova.  It was the only way to save everyone."

"Save your 3 billion, give or take, by killing off 6 and a half billion here? How is that sensible?"

"But my people..."

".. have been infiltrating and wanting to take over the earth for 60 years." stated an angry Martinez.  He looked dizzy and about to collapse. River and Amy grabbed his arms to keep him upright.

"Rory - get the Prez a chaise.  Don't want any more casualties. He needs to recline." Martinez shot him a dirty look. "Trust me, I'm the Doctor." Rory left the control room at once. Quickly returning, the chaise was stretched out and he, River and Amy helped Martinez into it.

Rory, a trained nurse, checked his vitals. "He needs water!" he yelled to no one in particular. "Just relax, Mr. President. Close your eyes for a few minutes."

PM  Cammeron told Rory. "The President has been ill. He spent several days in a coma and was temporarily replaced by the assistant - er - Vice President.  He returned to office only today. Watch him closely." Turning to Sophia he asked "And you though you could just come in here and take over our planet for your own purposes? Who gave you that right?"

As Sophia was about to respond. the doctor cut her off. "No time for these discussions. The planets will collide in about 4 hours, killing the entire populations of BOTH worlds.  Madam Sophia, your choice has been most reckless."

"This was not my plan. It was..."

"Thomas..." a weak voice came from the reclining president.

"Yes. My son Thomas.  He came up with this. It was not the way I wanted it to happen, but when we got the news that the sun was in the final hours before going nova, we had to use his plan to save ourselves. There was no time...."

"No time and now we have four more hours to keep both populations alive.  Not a lot of wiggle room, don't you say?"

The PM, Amy, Rory and Martha looked quizzically at the Doctor. "WIGGLE room???"

"Sorry. Picked that up while in the USA.  NOWWWW, we have to figure a way to keep these planets apart." the Doctor was fiddling with a keypad on the console.  He was mumbling to himself out loud. ".. antigrav...  no. dimensional shift..  .. no. I HAVE IT!!!"

The Doctor got that same goofy grin he had when he was eating fishsticks and custard. "There are some things in history that have to be and cannot be changed. There are other things in history that cannot be and therefore must be avoided at all costs.  These planets colliding is one of the things that must not happen. THAT means I can change history to stop it.!" Everyone looked confused.

"Martha - do you remember when all those planets were taken to a pocket universe?"

"Yes, but I don't see.."

"But no one else here remembers that, right?" All but River nodded in agreement.

"It's the TARDIS!  You sexy thing!" He patted the console. "Shields the memories of changed history lines. You all will remember today but no one else will." With that the Doctor started rushing around the console, typing a line of text here, pulling a knob there, shifting a lever back on the other side.


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Posted 15 September 2011 - 04:43 AM

I have not forgotten this little story.  Last month I took a fall and broke my arm and am only now beginning to be able type a bit.  Lotsa stuff to catch up on, and I will get back here.

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Posted 11 October 2011 - 12:20 PM

"OK. We know that the Earth cannot be smashed up since we have visited Earth some thousands of years in the future. No other planet occupying this orbit. So this cannot be a fixed point in time. That means that it CAN be changed." The doctor said aloud to no one in particular.

"Sweety - You know that even fixed points can change," purred a smiling River Song.

"DON'T YOU DARE!!!" shouted the Doctor. He pulled a lever and then ran to the door and opened it.  Just then a beam shot by.

"What was that?" several voices queried.

"It looks like the signal from our device, the one that brought our world here," said Sophia.

"Right!" the doctor agreed. "We went back in time a few hours. The responding signal should be coming back any minute now..." He very slowly moved a lever while staring intently at a dial indicator. "There. Just the right place. Hold on everyone!" He moved to the door which was now facing the way the signal had left them. A growing glow was seen in the distance. He held out his sonic screwdriver and pressed it on. The beam shot past them to the right.

"There. That should do it." The doctor closed the Tardis door and went back to his controls. "Now then. Sophia, what do you think of THIS idea?"

The Tardis door opened again, to reveal a binary star system with Sophia's world in orbit around them. There was a small red star in the distance.

"Everyone - say hello to Alpha Centauri A and B!" Looking over at Sophia, "Your new home.  You and all your species, except those who want to stay on Earth."

"But with the transport beam exhausted, how will we get everyone over here?"

"Easy. I have more than enough room here for your entire earth-bound population.  This box is really MUCH bigger on the inside."

River then opened up her huge handbag and removed a device that was several times its size. "My bag is bigger on the inside also! You may find this useful!"  It was a teleportation device, similar to the one on the prison ship that carried her away from the planet with the crying angels.


After returning the US president and the Brittish pm, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River Song and Sophia stood in a large gymnasium a couple of decks below the library. There were a couple of dozen smokey swirls and there were about 50 people sitting on the floor.  Several seconds later, it happened again,

One of the males in the 2nd set stood up and shouted "What just happened??"

"You are alive, son."  Sophia looked at Thomas whom she had seen perish in flames as their bus was targeted by attack helicopters. "The Doctor pulled you all out just as the attack hit your bus."

Thomas looked up and saw several hundred of his own species all in the gymn.

Sophia stood up on a chair and addressed the crowd:  "The Doctor here has just solved our problem. We do not need to take over the earth for our own survival. He has found us an orbital home with our own familiar world. If anyone wants to stay on earth and not return home, you are certainly free to do so. Any of your half human offspring will be welcomed to our world as well."  

A murmur went up.  "What about our human husbands and wives?"

"I am sorry but the conditions on our planet would put most humans at risk. Those who are half could survive but those fully human could not." The murmur grew louder.

In the end, most who had human families chose to stay on earth and blend in.

-- THE END --

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Posted 16 January 2020 - 02:21 PM


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