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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Jackass star of Jackass dies in car wreck

Obituaries Ryan Dunn Drunk Driving "Jackass" actor 2011

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 01:01 PM

View PostCheile, on 21 June 2011 - 10:29 PM, said:

View PostLord of the Sword, on 21 June 2011 - 09:13 PM, said:

View PostCheile, on 21 June 2011 - 08:18 PM, said:

Giffords ALSO didn't encourage minors to do stupid, illegal and life-threatening tricks in the name of vulgar "comedy".  can't say the same about Dunn and his groupies, now can ya?

Got it...only celebrate the vulgar comedians death...got it. Ah, just one question: Who decides what "Vulgar" means for everyone?

stating "good riddance" and "i don't care" is not celebrating.  it's saying that i. DON'T. CARE. and i shouldn't have to care. if you want to b*tch about Hambil's comment being "celebratory" because he said "should've died sooner", then maybe you oughta take that up with him outside of this thread. but don't twist mine or anyone else's comments around just because you don't like my/their opinion.

also, since i'm betting you didn't read those stories i linked, how is encouraging kids to commit criminal acts or acts that can injure or kill themselves or others NOT vulgar?  and then there's the name of the stupid show in the first place, but that's another subject entirely....

That's not what "good riddance" means.  It actually IS a form of celebrating.  It's stating that one is glad to be rid of an annoyance.  But I fully believe that that isn't what you intended to say.
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#42 Hambil

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 10:17 PM

My link


Dunn's Porsche may have been traveling as fast as 140 mph in a 55 mph zone when it jumped a guardrail, flew into a wooded ravine, struck a tree and burst into flames, police said.
His blood-alcohol level was 0.196 at the time of the Monday morning crash, according to the toxicology report released Wednesday by West Goshen Township Police. The legal limit for drivers is .08

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Posted 23 June 2011 - 05:25 PM

Thank you LoP...

I was wondering if that was doable seeing as how much of the thread had drifted that direction.

As to Hambil's last post....I don't know how many times in recent months that I have heard of such a high intoxication level in a deadly accident.  

At least three in the Houston area that I can remember at this very moment.  

At least double the legal limit each time but in those cases the drunk driver survived and someone innocent who was just driving their car or was just doing their job...a cop, a janitor at a toll booth.... was killed.

Like I said...drunk driving (though I'm thinking that this level of intoxication for anybody is more like really F***ed up driving) and high speed driving just does not mix or end well.

And I'm not just talking about this particular case we've been discussing but those that I have seen on the news too.

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