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Exodus Fleet Scorpion Pilots and any one interested

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Posted 27 December 2011 - 09:56 PM

I thought you might like to know about our starfighters. I should have posted this earlier, but life and this laptop’s keyboard has been a bear.

Scorpion IIB Fighter.

This mainstay of the Exodus Fleet is a nimble, fast and lethal ship. They are slightly larger than a F/A18 Super Horner and designed with wings and a tail so they can operate in space or in an atmosphere. They are powered by a micro matter/anti-matter reactor with an estimated life of twenty years under full power. The reactor powers everything on the Scorpion except the Ionic Sublight Thrusters (IST). These thrusters are used for sublight battles and feed off a solid ionic fuel source with an estimated battle time of four hours before fuel depletion. Of course a good pilot can get five hours. Maximum sublight velocity using the IST is one tenth the speed of light so usually the Gravitronic Hyperdrive is used except during battles. The gravity based drive does power the Scorpion at sublight velocities but will not accelerate as fast in normal space as the IST. The gravity drive has an added benefit since it was designed to create a gravity field for the ship itself thus eliminating the need for an inertial dampening system. Maximum FTL velocity (relative) is warp ten.

Defensive systems: Force fields (for energy weapons) and Deflector Screens for solids objects. These are, of course, powered by the reactor.

Offensive Weapons: The main weapons are the three “wingtip” phaser banks (one on each wing and one on the tail). These can be set from “effect only” through stun to full (maximum destructive power which can vaporize some objects.

The Scorpion also carries six Matter/anti-matter missiles (MAMs). These are the most powerful weapon we carry, but their size limits how many we can carry…use them carefully.

The last weapon we carry is the Photon Spinner. These small missiles have more kick than a sparrow missile used on jets fighters, but not near the MAM’s ability. Being as small as they are we can carry twenty of these (forty if we have no MAMs onboard). Photon spinners can be fired behind the Scorpion (ever wonder why fighters never do that? Me too.)

Of course you are aware of the Scorpion’s greatest asset…the AI! Each AI is set to the pilot and learns as time goes by. A version of Asimov’s three laws of robotics is programmed in. The AI can be ordered by it’s pilot to attack a human ship if needed but not civilians (which may come up in a future mission: evil grin: ). The AI can fly the ship if the pilot is injured and unable to fly. These AI’s and pilots often become inseparable and if a pilot dies or retires the AI have to be “wiped” and reprogrammed. Rely on your AI, he/she is your best friend.

Scorpions are designed for long term flight if needed so your “personal needs” are handled. The system recycles air and water. Food, for long flights, is handled through ration tablets (bleah!) The AI and internal system has limited medical abilities…very limited.

Scorpion’s can fly at Mach seven in an atmosphere as well as make nearly right angle turns in space (atmospheric drag reduces that turning quite a bit). Acceleration on IST is extremely violent (thank your gravity drive at that time) and has been unmatched until the Veetra huntships are encountered.

If you have questions about these versatile ships, post them here.


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