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Posted 30 August 2013 - 03:27 PM

View PostMikoto, on 30 August 2013 - 03:16 PM, said:

Yes Gode I'm aware the endings weren't the original version. Something about dark matter if I recall. Anyway, you believe what you have to believe about the refusal ending. I'll continue on with my perspective. Respectfully we'll have to agree to disagree on the matter.

Fair do's. The wonderful thing about leaving things open to interpretation is well... things are open for different people to interpret differently :)


Its odd though. I beat the game with maximum War Assets and played multiplayer enough to get maximum Galactic Readiness yet as far as I can tell indeed the Geth and EDI were destroyed. At least with the Quarian slide the Geth were missing. There were no indications of them. Nor was EDI present when the crew mourned those that had fallen. Its another gripe I have with the ending, EC or not. A half-breath and hesitation before actually putting up the plaque with Shepard's name is.... not closure. Is my Elena Shepard alive? Is she dead? What happened to her?

I agree with you about the half breath. I have this strange notion of Shepard waking up and then dying of shock and trauma before a medic can get to him because hey, millions of people dead, who's going to notice one more person lying in the rubble :p


Another large gripe is how the Destroy ending (mine at least) having that choice kill all Synthetic life including the Geth and EDI as well as the Reapers feels like a cheap plot device to give the choice unnecessary 'impact' or 'gravity.' The Reapers are at least partially organic. The Geth and EDi are not. It can't be that hard for a weapon as advanced as the Crucible to tell them apart.

Wasn't the argument that both EDI and the Geth have Reaper code and are therefore too close to Reaper for the Crucible's sparkly energy wave to tell apart?


The other one of course is Shepard's forced 'death.' I mean that as in she can't walk out of there as a human, go home back to Kaidan and either continue her career or go for an early retirement on some nice beach somewhere. Then there's the fact that the Normandy crew did obey orders and abandon Shepard. It just seems to go against the bond they'd built up over the three games. I was just kinda wondering if they would defy orders for Shepard.

Agreed and agree (except it's Liara for me). With Joker's 'My orders are to take care of you' speech, I was expecting some last minute heroics beyond him saving your companions.


Still, I retract the post EC ending being being an 'awful beyond words mess.' To be fair it along with Leviathan has at least improved the ending somewhat. Its not a great ending. Its not even a good ending. But it's not a bad ending. It's an adequate ending. That's good enough I think. Maybe I'll create a new Shepard and play one last time.

I'll think about it. ;) And that's a heck of a lot more than I was planning to do a few days ago.

Heh, good for you, and you've nailed my view of the new endings, adequate. And ultimately I can live with adequate, because the other 99% of the Mass Effect series, I've really enjoyed. Though I will say this, going back to ME1 was a bit of a shock when I tried that recently. So clunky compared to ME3

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 03:37 PM


Wasn't the argument that both EDI and the Geth have Reaper code and are therefore too close to Reaper for the Crucible's sparkly energy wave to tell apart?

Hmm, I didn't remember/think about that. It might explain quite a lot actually. *Thoughtful.* Well, three great games with an adequate ending sounds pretty good actually. Could be worth retrying. I have 2-4 different Shepard variations I could start over as.
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Posted 08 January 2015 - 01:07 AM

I know I'm bringing this back from the dead but I just finished my second playthrough of ME3 (with no DLC) and thought I'd post some thoughts.

I tried to make different choices with my FemShep in the three games than I did with my male Shepard. So it was interesting to see how things changes (and didn't). What shocked me was when I walked in on Tali and Garrus making out. I romanced Tali in ME2 and ME3 when I played as a guy so I didn't see those two hooking up at all.

I stayed loyal to Kaidan throughout all three games and I was expecting something cool to happen because of it but the romance played out much as it did with Tali. I guess I should have played the field.

Really sick of fighting Cerberus. There will be Reapers in your game about humanity fighting Reapers, right?

I picked the destroy ending and I just don't like it. I did have a smile on my face when the Reapers were destroyed but I hated everything else. I worked so hard to make EDI a part of the crew and set her up with Joker and now she's gone. Same with the geth. I brokered peace between them and the quarians and they're gone to. I also don't remember the relays getting broken in the synthesis ending. That just raises the question of how those fleets ever made it anywhere with no relays to use.

The Star Child is still annoying. Shepard doesn't get to argue with him and point out that the geth and quarians are working together. Heck, the geth are working with all organics to bring down the Reapers. That shows that the cycle can be broken without mass slaughter of billions upon billions of organics.

It's still a great game with plenty of emotional moments. One of these days I am going to play all three back to back for the full experience.
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