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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

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Important Announcement about Orbis Terrarum (OT)

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 02:05 PM

Lover of Purple said:

Orbis Terrarum (typically called "OT" for short) is primarily a forum where topics on the social sciences, history and current events are discussed. These topics can sometimes become heated because of the nature of politics in our world. We caution everyone to understand that topics will contain highly opinionated remarks that may be the exact opposite of beliefs you hold to be true.

Intense differing opinions may be voiced in OT. Moderators will not interfere with heated posting that is within the Guidelines by asking members to calm down or cool-it, but will issue warnings for remarks that are, in their best judgment, outside the spirit of the GLs.

However, we do draw the line at posts and comments that cross the lines stated in the board guidelines [which can be found here]. Please familiarize yourself with these GL’s and ask a moderator if you have any questions.

In addition to the standard GL's, in OT we have one additional guideline that must be observed in order to retain posting privileges in this forum.

* Members who post in OT are cautioned not to make inflammatory posts based on negative stereotypes of, or demonizing people from, a particular country or region. Members are also cautioned not to make inflammatory remarks based on negative stereotypes and/or demonizing adherents of any political philosophy or political party.

Both are grounds for a warning in OT.

There may be a time when a moderator will ask you to edit your post. You may need to bowdlerize a swear word, reduce an article sample, insert a link back to the source material, add attribution to an outside source, or simply remove parts that break the Terms of Service (TOS). Moderators will try and limit their interference with your posting, but if it becomes necessary to ask for an edit, you are required to cooperate with the moderator. If you fail to edit, a moderator will be forced to do it for you.

Failure to cooperate with moderators is grounds for a warning.

If you receive a warning in OT, you will be booted from the thread permanently. This is the only circumstance where a thread boot will be utilized.

Staff will post notice of warnings in a pinned thread in Island Central. Members wishing to appeal the warning may report the post containing the warning, and explain in their report why they are appealing. The admins will open a private conversation between the affected member, the watchdogs and the rest of the admins, which will remain open for 48 hours. Once the Admins have made a decision, it is final. No further discussion or appeal will be permitted.

Warnings received in OT count towards the overall schedule of warnings and suspensions found in the Board Guidelines. Please note however, that if you accrue three warnings in OT, from the date of the re-launch, it will result in a 3 month suspension from OT. If a poster accrues another 3 OT warnings, they will be banned from OT permanently.

Please note that OT suspensions have no effect on the overall board suspensions.

Full Discussion here: http://www.exisle.ne...is-terrarum-ot/

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