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Healthcare costs

2012 Health Health Care

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#1 offworlder


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Posted 19 October 2012 - 05:07 PM

What WILL we do about the rising healthcare costs and more and more of us cannot begin to afford it? ..... http://www.theatlant...th-care/263879/ . So many today, their companies are hiring temps so no bennies, no MedBen costs; or making new deal plans with less covered, major/major medical with 1000 deductible now? 100 copays now? Sure You can Cover your fam for five hundred a month per pers added! not only the rising cost to employee, but the rising cost to employer, making them give no rises to afford the healthcare risings! And less stuff covered, and less people covered, and of course when you're not covered you cannot afford three percent of the cost- .... and where does it all go?? how are these costs rising? I mean what is the cause of each rise of each cost? it must go SOMEwhere right? ..... bigger question: can we reverse any of it? can we anti-rise some of those costs? if so, who getting more will now get less, and how many of them will stop services because of it? Boy , that graphic shows some things but only a tiny tip of iceburg! {when can we get a buggy doctor house call for a fifty cent piece or two chickens one even cooked?! and toss in an armful of yams?}
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#2 Lin731

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 08:16 PM

A few things come to mind in terms of the why's of it all. Prices are rising (granted for once at the slowest clip in many years) but when you have a for profit healthcare system it is all about the profits.

1. Doctors here flock to high paying specialty fields. Why? Because that's where the big bucks are and they have huge student loan debt to pay off. Which likewise means shortages in general practioners, which drives up prices.

2. People with no insurance ending up in pricey ER's with pricey bills that don't get paid.

3. Insurance companies...we are paying an army of middlemen to decide if they will pay our medical bills (or often find ways NOT to). Why?

4. A lack of uniformity in billing codes between these thousands of providers. You have an army of medical billers trying to figure out how to code bills to get  the insurance companies to pay. This is a dance that goes on for months on end.

5. Absolutely runaway pharma pricing. In most developed countries they cap charges but not here. So basically we pay X times more than any other Western industrial country in the world. In short, we're being gouged.

6. Huge salaries for the CEO'S of these industries...aka...hospitals, insurance companies, pharma companies, college Presidents etc...all contribute to these nose bleed prices. Apparently the peons should work for less and less money for longer and longer hours but they are above all that.

Long story short, a "for profit" healthcare system is cumbersome, costly, peicemeal, antiquated and NOT in the best interest of American consumers. Too many fingers in the pie.
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#3 Themis

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 09:09 PM

What Lin said!!!
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