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2012 Canada Politics

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#1 offworlder


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Posted 19 October 2012 - 05:40 PM

In the midst of all this presidential election cycle and press/media backNforth soundbyting about the exec, the WestWing, the attention on that branch:  Do you ever feel that the whole gov thing, the legislature, your legislature, is just moot, or beyond you or beyond democracy? that with all the backroom pols and polls, all the TV! and flashNtrash and posturing and debates and soundbytes and power, YOU have no more place, no part of democracy anymore? ....... http://www.thestar.c...racy-in-decline . This is The Star (Toronto). but press this into the square circle of where you live, your province or state beside Ontario, your national beside Ottawa: these concepts, these worries, these issues, this journalist brings up here, fit to You and Yours. ............. >' Few who pay attention to public affairs, including some in McGuinty’s own cabinet, are happy about the prorogation decision. But just why the premier calculated that he could act so egregiously with relative impunity is where the discussion needs to move. .... McGuinty surely did so because the institution of parliament has been so diminished, discredited and debased in recent decades — by all political parties, at all levels, in all parts of the country; by news media and by the electorate — that he figured another indignity would scarcely be noticed. ... Recent history would have encouraged such a conclusion. .... Parliament and provincial legislatures are too frequently the mothers of all disillusionment, the place where well-intentioned idealists grow sad and cynical. ..... “I had tremendous expectations for my first week as an elected Member of the Provincial Parliament,” former PC leader John Tory wrote in an opinion piece for the Star in 2005. ' ...... is it all... diminished? do you feel that YOU are diminished in what is supposed to be your deal, I mean the sovereigns, not Romney or Obama or Boehner,  at least in the US are We the People right?
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Posted 19 October 2012 - 10:57 PM

Oh I absolutely feel that way. Our government has been sold to the highest bidder and WE aren't the highest bidder.
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