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The Cult of FOX News

Media Fox News 2012

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 01:55 PM

View PostSparkyCola, on 01 December 2012 - 02:38 PM, said:

Cait - have you seen this?



Wow, what a good video.  

Sort of an anecdotal story here.  While I have been working on the OT Archive, I have found that there are big concentrations over the years, on certain topics.  Not to turn this into grist for some partisan off topic discussion, but the topics are mostly from a US POV, and there are very few discussion on other world events , unless of course the US is involved. I can only attribute that to the media coverage.  What was particularly interesting in the video was that money had more to do with reporting [or the lack of it] than ideology.  

One example is the difference in coverage between Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.  Both were devastatingly tragic, but the interest here on OT was overwhelming during Katrina and well, not so much with Sandy. That can be attributed to a lot of things.  Sometimes after one big disaster the following ones don't jar the conscience so much.  Another is the change in media coverage, and yet another could be actual leadership during both.  But for whatever reasons, we currently only have two threads discussing Hurricane Sandy, and I found countless ones for Katrina.

I don't think it is always about the bias in the media, because Fox News has a healthy following, so not everyone even listens or reads the allegedly liberal media. Not even Fox is covering the Sandy aftermath.  So, my guess is the video is accurately portraying what we care about via what is actually reported.

Additionally, while doing the Archive, it's clear what kinds of topics are "favorites" to many members.  It's really diverse actually.  Each of us OT'ers seems to like a different kind of news item and we then bring those items to OT for further discussion or just to report them to our fellow members.  It's actually quite impressive for our little group.  I know some might get tired of yet another topic on "whatever", but the truth is, we all have our favorites and report on them via a thread and over the years we've been kept as up-to-date as I guess any of us are because of the bias in the media.  

I was a Journalism major in college [actually worked on Newspapers beginning in Middle School and on through to my adult years..] and if I were an editor, I liken our members to reporters assigned to different desks.  You know, Tennyson and CJ Aegis on the Military desk, Nonny on the Women's health desk, and apparently I like the SCOTUS desk best.  It's been a fascinating discovery as far as what we discuss in OT and who brings us the topic.  Another discovery has been that while we can be boisterous in discussions, we aren't as partisan as many of us complain we are.  LOL

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 05:20 PM

Stop the freakin' presses!    :oh:  

http://www.huffingto...erm=Daily Brief
Ann Coulter Says GOP Should Give In To Obama On Taxes: 'We Lost The Election' (VIDEO)


... "OK fine, let's do that, but in the end, at some point, if the Bush tax cuts are repealed and everyone's taxes go up, I promise you Republicans will get blamed for it," she said. "It doesn't mean you cave on everything, but there are some things Republicans do that feed into what the media is telling America about Republicans."
"So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?" Hannity asked.
"Not exactly, I--" Coulter said, before stopping herself and saying, "Well, yeah, I guess I am."
"You're saying capitulate to Obama?" Hannity stammered. "We don't have a revenue problem, Ann."
"We lost the election, Sean!" Coulter replied....

Posted Image

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 07:30 PM

hey wait Cait,
couple things here- let's not just count threads, because we are better these years at putting things into thread together than in previous farther back years like Katrina time, together into thread folder;
and I myself posted on Sandy, I think there was pretty good coverage there, and some on here resident near Sandy affected areas posted. I think there was a lot of tv and press on't too because Sandy was in a major media market, the tri state area round news capital of north america, NYNY

two, about events beside US pov events, yes how true, how many times do I, and my habit is reading current events round the world and on press and media outside USA like UK, FR, CAN, Aus, sites, like SMH herald, NZ herald, Globeandmail, AlJazeera, Gulfnews and Gulftimes, Vancouver Province, TorontoStar, Hindustani times, Jpost, 24France, WN world news net, Independent uk and Independent ie (ireland), Guardian, oh just so many,
THEN posting event on here of something four thousand miles from USA and see nearly no interest followed up
I too am a journalism alumn so yes I tend to see the who's more interested in what, and tend to tell myself while reading on here Hey Let Not read so much 'that' into this c'mon now
re: news bias, someone (USA but expat living overseas) told me long ago and so I do it, don't just get news from USA sources, to see beyond the bias get news also from overseas sources, and I do I do
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