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Michigan Right-to-work 2012

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#1 offworlder


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 03:53 PM

so until anyone has feelings on the estate tax thing, OK now right to work,
unions, Michigan

I live in one o these right to work states and as a result there are very few
union shops, almost everyone is not protected by a union in getting or keeping
a job, or benefits- and of course we have seen for the last decade such a corp
press as in full court press reducing union bargaining position or pay rises or

Many of you are in edu world and as such might be in unions- how many here have
been helped getting or keeping, or benefits, a position by unions?

Now we see here in Michigan protests, and chemical agents used by police at the
senate house, with the poster child state of unions, Michigan, about to have legislation come
up to vote, on joining the freedom or right to work and be a right to work state, where they
push the citizen right to get a job or work without joining a union; and of course the package
deal that it winds up where vast majority of employers in that states have no union shop thing
in their way and there is no collective anything.

I would think Michigan, the state where Detroit is, would be a last bastion of this, but if passed
they will be the 24th state.

so where does this leave them? and us? and will it really benefit the majority or employees?
as that governator thinks?

' The governor said since right-to-work rules were added in Indiana, economic activity has increased and business has grown.
The legislation is about “freedom to choose,” and “fairness and equity in the workplace,” Snyder said. The issue “was on the table whether I wanted it to be there or not.”
Now, he said, is “time to be a good leader and stand up and take a position.”
In an interview with the Free Press, Snyder said he still wouldn’t pursue right-to-work at this time if it was solely his choice. And he said he believes there were items union leaders could have offered up in recent negotiations that would have headed off the right-to-work legislation, but he wouldn’t disclose what they were or reveal details of the negotiations.
"They're moving very fast," she said, adding in reference to Wisconsin's union battle two years ago: "At least Scott Walker had the backbone to barge through the front door, this governor doesn't take a position on the issue until the 11th hour."
"They're cowards," she added. "We are the minority but we're going to use every tool we can to slow this down so the public has every opportunity to weigh in."
Republican legislative leaders said formal "right to work" legislation would be introduced today, and it's possible the House could be in session over the weekend to consider it.
Other mid-Michigan Democrats - outgoing Reps. Joan Bauer, D-Lansing, and Barb Byrum, D-Onondaga - were also critical of the "right to work" effort and said they would not support it.


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#2 Nonny


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 05:17 PM

"Right to work" is a mighty fine name for the right to work unregulated hours for scab wages and no benefits.
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#3 Lin731

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 06:09 PM

I live in Michigan and Snider up to Nov. said "right to work legislation wasn't on his agenda". what a load of crap. We have a lame duck session that WILL pass it and Snider WILL sign it...Oh and they added "appropriations" to the bill to circumvent any hope of voting it down like we voted down that power grab emergency manager law. The GOP is losing seats here so they're gonna make that power grab while they still can (all backed by the usual  big money corporate interests/suspects). I predict they will continue losing seats here due in large part to dick moves like this one. Oh and that's not all the Republicans are doing here in Michigan, they also are attempting to ram through bills that allow people in the medical field to refuse to offer services if they object on religious grounds. These guys just don't frigging get it.
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#4 Bobby


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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:04 PM

I could google it but what is the difference between a right to work state and a union state?  Tennessee is a right to work state, I once had a job that had a union and when I was hired on they told me I didn't have join the union but I did.  Even if you weren't a member of the union the shop steward would still talk to management on your behalf.   In non right to work states do you have to join the union if you want to work at a particular job?  Or do you have to join a trade union like the screen actors do?   I know from having been in a union(it was the one that ConAgra has) that they can be a good thing but I don't like the idea that people are forced to join them in non right to work states.

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