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Lovelace, math/science and computer programming,

computer history pioneer Lovelace women Lady Ada Babbage

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#1 offworlder


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Posted 10 December 2012 - 02:59 PM

wow how'd I get this? like anything else, blundered into, tripped over,
there I was on google frontpage, and they put their doodle on the search box like for
holidays and such.. though this time, it's for this  Ada Lovelace, and the birthday of the lady
who is seen as the mother of all computer programming, because of her notes at the end
of her translation of some Italian guy's monograph on this genius's new device..
Babbage's Difference Engine.. ( he used to make calculations on his math work) and all because of her translating, but not really that, her notes at the end of her thing, then we have it and everything grew and she's 'Momma' {should we have a new telly show, 'The Science Lady'}
beside reading hit the Slideshow and see models built from the guy's designs on how he
was having the new machines made,

who knew eh?

ps, here's another thing on her, bio like,

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#2 SparkyCola

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 04:22 AM

Being a female compsci, I've known about her for some time - but I'm glad she's becoming a household name. It really would be great if she got to be as famous as Babbage, imho. Computer Science and Engineering needs more famous female role models so that more women get into engineering work and men stop thinking that women can't do "technical".
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#3 Orpheus


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Posted 11 December 2012 - 06:25 PM

Lady Ada was quite famous when I was a teen. In the late 70's US Govt mandated that a new structured programming language, Ada, would be mandatory for DoD and other gov't programming.

It was a controversial mandate, but after a few years both industry and govt agencies decided to circumvent it by ignoring it. If I ever saw an Ada course taught *anywhere* in academia, it was perhaps an optional limited-enrollment CompSci elective that wasn't offered every year, while COBOL, FORTRAN (and even BASIC, Focal, LISP, ALGOL, assembly) etc. remained all over the Help Wanted pages. I barely saw enough Ada code in the Air Force to learn to distinguish it from the languages above.

In the early 80s, I learned Pascal (because it was supposedly going to be the structured replacement for FORTRAN and BASIC in academia), C (a lovely peek into the mind of a true algorithmic programmer which was supposed to replace assembly in most uses -- as it has) and several other programming languages as opportunities presented themselves -- but never Ada. It was apparently only taught (grudgingly) in-house in some branches of the military and some military/govt contractors.

I guess that makes Ada the (feminist?) 1980s Susan B Anthony dollar coin of programming

And of course in today's hacker/maker world, LadyAda (Limor Fried) is legendary -- though I'm really much more a Jeri Ellsworth guy, myself.

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