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Sen. Inouye, A War Hero Who Broke Barriers, Dies At 88

2012 Senate WWII MOH Obituaries Sen. Inouye

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 08:38 AM

Sen. Inouye, A War Hero Who Broke Barriers, Dies At 88


... Born to Japanese immigrants in Hawaii in 1924, the young Inouye dreamed of becoming a surgeon, but world events intervened as he was listening to the radio on Sunday morning, Dec. 7, 1941.
Inouye relayed the story last year on NPR's Tell Me More: "All of a sudden, the disc jockey stopped the music and started screaming: 'The Japanese are bombing Pearl Harbor,' " Inouye says he wanted to enlist — but couldn't, at first, because Japanese-Americans were classified as "enemy aliens."
"The thought that I was an enemy agent not just insulted and angered me, but, like many of my colleagues, young kids, we decided we'd do something about this," Inouye said. "We began to petition."
They petitioned the president to let them fight for their country. In 1943, he joined a Japanese-American unit sent to Europe and saw heavy combat. In Italy, he personally stormed three German machine gun nests, taking them out but losing his right arm in the process. Half a century later, Inouye and 22 other Asian-American World War II vets received the Medal of Honor for bravery in the battlefield.
"We had an extra burden because it was not only serving our nation in uniform but also proving and demonstrating a loyalty, which I'm glad to say my country has said we did," Inouye said...
In a statement, Inouye's Washington office said his last word was "aloha."

Rest in peace.    :cry:
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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:15 PM

i recently saw the dvd from library of movie Go for Broke!(movie in or around 1945-6 starring Van Johnson and many Nissei young guys) ; and while i had read before and knew of the start and the exploits of the 442nd, i not only didnt know about the 100th who came from hawaii and their experience and accomplishments and awards before the 442 deployed- while the 442 had a high continental contingent(from removal camps) and less Hawaii the 100th (first Nissei unit) were all from Hawaii- I also didnt know the particular deployment, locations, northern Italy, then south France assault up toward Hurtgen forest campaign, or the particular activities and casualties and awards of the fine 442 and 100th units(they combined and served together in europe), spirit, bravery, American contribution, or the friction with the Texans (inf national guard brigade), racial tensions (at one point 442,100th, combined in the Texans brigade in battle), all that experiences and brotherhood and service times. GOOD to see Daniel had the DFC for his actions, and he with many presented M of Honour round 2000. And good to see he served Hawaii from 1959 statehood on for whole career.
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Posted 28 December 2012 - 10:51 AM

Sen. Inouye was a remarkable man. A Medal of Honor winner in the Nisei division, which was the most decorated in WII IIRC, his integrity and faithful service to his state was unquestioned. Rest in peace.
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