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Skaters, ice, new crop for Sochi?

2013 ice skating

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 10:44 PM

THE new crop heading to the Worlds, and on to Russia for the Olympics in just one more year?

I don't know this Aaron guy, but yes Ashley is champ again, first to be twice in a row since Kwon did it in 2005... but his two quad performance with one in a combo seems to be the sign of the future and what a future this guy of 20 promises us as they work toward the Black Sea, the eastern end of it way beyond old historic Pontus and Trebizond, we'll have us an exotic Olympics out there in the near Orient this time, wow I canna believe we are this close once more that Van2010 is so far back in history already??


so read on and see how it shapes up, follow it along this year with all the spins N spirals and healing from pulls and injuries, and of course that all takes longer when you are now 27 like Evan and Abbott!

And as the edgy score of the musical’s famous rumble scene began to crescendo, Aaron exploded from a crouch into a quadruple Salchow-triple toe loop combination, then quickly followed with another quadruple Salchow.


It was a fearless display of bravado that brought down the house at Omaha’s CenturyLink Center and ultimately vaulted Aaron into a gold medal that virtually no one, Aaron included, saw coming.

Among the men left wobbling and tumbling in the wake of Aaron’s high-stakes showstopper was three-time and defendingU.S. champion Jeremy Abbott, who was relegated to bronze after falling on his lone attempt at a quad and short-changing a triple Salchow at the end of his program

oops I have to do my pastings thru notepad to remove size codes ee-gad,

' They’ll be joined at the world championships by the U.S. women’s gold and silver medalists, Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold.

With one year to go before the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Sunday’s U.S. Figure Skating Championships underscored what has become painfully obvious: Any man with aspirations of winning a medal in Sochi better come prepared to nail at least one quadruple jump, if not multiple.

Said Miner, 22, a two-time U.S. bronze medalist before claiming silver on Sunday: “If we look at the world stage, to be really, really competitive you have to have a quad in the program in short and in long. This year is the first year when it has become apparent that the quad is incredibly important.It’s going to continue into next year.”


OH and Ashley's story,



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Posted 28 January 2013 - 12:54 AM

After watching most of the ISU international events, I'm not sure the US is leading in anything but dance.  Pairs seem particularly weak.  Another year might help the top men, but if those Japanese guys are still there, not to mention Canada's Chen, I'm not sure US would be in the mix.   I'm personally not thrilled by the emphasis on triple and quadruple jumps, but as Scott Hamilton reminded us on air today, it is an athletic competition so artistry takes second place...  I'm not seeing any of the men doing the footwork of a Yagudin, Kulik or Kurt Browning, which I like watching a lot more than a 3-jump combination.   Ashley's gorgeous to watch (though I liked last year's program better) but she needs more jumps apparently.  She's got another year too, and Gold and a couple of the other women are strong - just not sure they're as strong as some of those Asian ladies.
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