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The Ariqua Explorers Character Profile thread

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 08:11 PM


Name: Elizabeth Cousland

Age: 23

Species: Hume, female

Nationality: Sandesinan

Physical Description: Elizabeth has light brown hair at about shoulder length, pale skin and blue eyes. She is of average height for a Hume female. Her clothing varies but it’s generally sensible and practical clothing for the situation.

Abilities: Psion, telekinesis, psionic fire and shield.

Skills: Elizabeth is highly educated, being the daughter of a wealthy noble family. She is particularly skilled at cartography and navigation, and has an excellent memory. She knows basic ‘first aid’-such as it is. She can also track and hunt, able to use a small range of simple firearms including revolvers and hunting rifles. She is a competent swordfighter and is adequate in hand-to-hand combat.

Known Relatives: Elizabeth is the descendant of Joanna and Talyn, but also of the human relatives of Graayth before he became a werewolf. Currently though she has parents who live in Delmi, managing the family business from there, two brothers, a sister in law and a niece.

Known History: She was born in Delmi, the youngest daughter of Laura and Craig Cousland. She has an older brother named Evan who is married with a daughter of his own, and a younger brother named Thomas who is just finishing attending univrsity. Elizabeth was found to be intelligent and strong as a child and her parents worked her hard to be the best that she could be as a child. She attended the prestigous university in Delmi where she studied geography, cartography and liturature. After graduating she decided that she wanted to travel to the frontier lands of the Selaran Islands and the newly discovered Ariqun for there is much wealth there to be made by the adventurous. Though perhaps she simply prefers a life of excitement and action than marriage and boredom at home. Two years ago she bought her own stout, capable, seagoing vessel, Voyager and hired a crew to help map out the Salaran Islands using the vast wealth of the Couslands, who, as a family, own vast amounts of lands, farms and mines in both Sandesina and Telgar. Evan lives in northern Telgar overseeing the Cousland lands there. But for Elizabeth, she drew attention from the royal family, being ever-eager to find new lands to colonize and exotic new cultures to trade with, who then began helping to fund her mapping missions after her first excursion was a success. Since then she and her crew have had a few small adventures around the islands but mostly it’s been steady, settled mapping work. Two months ago she and her crew were called upon to travel to Niobia and begin doing exploratory missions and exploring the local area-both on sea and on land. Since the Crown and the Dhaskan government are paying very well for her services, Elizabeth agreed. And so, a month ago, the Steamship Voyager sailed into Niobia harbour and since then Elizabeth and her crew have mostly been out mapping the local area around the town and building relations with the nearby Zapiyan Hume tribes. So far they haven’t met many Ariqun and those they have met, have been a mystery. But soon, Elizabeth anticipates that a messenger vessel from Sandesina will arrive with her latest orders from the King himself...
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Posted 19 February 2013 - 08:45 PM


Name: Tevyn Syndelius
Race: Salaran/Dhaskan Elviri
Age: 28
Eyes: Red/black vertical slits
Hair: Midnight black, long, kept tied in a ponytail that hangs halfway down his back.
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 150 lbs, wiry and muscular.

Tevyn was born in Haleiwa, the colony on Mahi-Mahi, the son of a Salaran father and Dhaskan mother. His father, Alvys, moved to the colony about a year after it was built and opened a fish market, where he sold fish that he caught himself, as well as bought fish from other small fishermen in the area. He met his mother, Marise, when she came in to the market one day to buy some fish. Things went on from there and they were married a few months later.

Tevyn is the oldest of three children, and has two younger sisters, Varona and Mirri. Tevyn most resembles his father, except he has no bony ridges on his forehead. His sisters most resemble their mother, with much lighter Salaran-colored skin than Tevyn has.

Tevyn is a very skilled fisherman, having been helping his father since he was big enough to help bring in the nets. His sisters help his mother run the market so that their father can concentrate on fishing. His mother is in charge of all the day to day operations of the market, and has been since she married him, as she has a very good business head.

He is also good with a bow and a spear and is a very good skin diver, and can hold his breath longer than the average person when he's underwater. He likes to take his spear with him and go spear fishing now and then. He isn't very proficient with firearms, but he is adequate in hand to hand. He also knows most of the Salaran Island chain, which is why he was hired on to Voyager not long after Elizabeth started mapping them. She hired him on as a guide and he's stayed with her, wanting to see more of the world that lay beyond the familiar.

He normally wore mostly shorts when he was fishing with his father, but after hiring on with Elizabeth, he's switched to more sensible, but light clothing suitable for tropical weather sailing, unless he's diving or spearfishing, then he switches to his shorts.

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 11:27 PM


Name: Jhandra Ellarian (pronounce the 'j' and the 'h' when saying her name..ja-hahn-dra)

Race: Dhaskan/Salaran Elviri

Age: 24

Physical description: 5'7", toned and muscular; light grey skintone in between her mother's and father's, light brown hair worn long and braided in the front; slanted red eyes with black vertical slits; slight brow ridges from her Salaran mother; fine features; pointed ears.

Abilities: Psionic fire and shield, which she has trained and nurtured in order to fully use them; although not everyone understands how she can do what she does.

Skills: Although Jhandra is well-educated and assists in running a shop selling fruits, she was also trained to fight by her father. She enjoyed the idea of being able to defend herself, as well as learn various fighting techniques growing up. She can use a variety of melee weapons, hand-to-hand, and even firearms.

Family: She is the great-great granddaughter of Tialyn Maern and Reece Hadrian though their adopted daughter, Makaela. All of them, along with the Hume son, lived the long life-span of the Elviri. Her father was the grandson of Makaela. Her father came to Salaran as a young man to explore shortly after contact was made. He fell in love with a Salaran native, and they married.

She has several siblings.

History: Her father worked on the small farm of the wife's family on the island of Kukui, turning it into a small plantation growing the exotic fruits of mango, banana, coconut, and citrus. They kept it small but profitable, shipping the fruits and/or selling reasonable quantities to merchants for sale back on the other continents. Her father also traveled to the new continent of Ariqua and set up a small shop of their fruits in the growing city of Niobia.

Jhandra grew up partly on her home island of Kukia, as well as in Niobia. She also spent several years traveling to Delmi in Sandesina and to Dhaska, the Elviri nation, with her father and older brother on a long business trip. They traveled both by ship and overland, the children seeing many wonderful and amazing sights for the first time.

For the past three years she has lived and worked in Niobia on Ariqua, working with her older brother in the family's shop. Two months ago, she met Elizabeth Cousland, and was hired to work on her ship, Voyager, as part body guard/defender and guide as they explored the local area-both on sea and land. Her real dream had been to continue exploring and seeing new things, inspired by her trip to the other continents, so joining up with the crew on the ship was something to which she felt drawn.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 12:38 PM

Kylen.jpg Posted Image

Name: Kylen Mahariel

Age:  32

Species: Elviri, male

Nationality: Dhaskan

Physical Description: Blond hair, blue slitted eyes, slightly tanned skin. Tall and lightly muscled. Though he favours green clothing, stout boots and gloves he’ll wear whatever is practical and appropriate to the situation.

Abilities: Psionic healer

Skills: A fully qualified doctor, a graduate of Gebor Medical University. Aside from that he has a basic competency with a revolver, sword, and hand to hand combat but he isn’t much of a fighter.

Known Family: Parents and younger brother back in Gebor, Dahaska. Arlene, sister in Niobia.

Known History: Kylen was born to a ‘working class’ family in the capital city of Dhaska, Gebor. His mother, Lilandra runs a small clinic in the worker section of the city and it is from her that Kylen inherited psionic healing and learned the traditional art of healing using herb remedies and poltucies that the Elviri used for centuries before the new era of medicine started. His father works at one of the great iron working factories in Gebor. While his family are working class they aren’t poor nor poverty stricken so while Kylen didn’t always have the most fashionable clothes or toys his childhood wasn’t bad. Nor was his sister’s, Arlene. During his early teenage years his teachers discovered that he and his sister were very intelligent young people who consistently got good grades. It was with their recommendation, backed up by said grades that got both him and Arlene government-funded scholarships into one of Gebor’s most prestigious medical universities at the age of 18. Kylen spent five years there and graduated with top grades, accepting a job as a junior doctor at a local hospital at 23. Nevertheless it took him several years to get promoted beyond a junior doctor’s position and salary, then earn enough money to save up to achieve his dream. For Kylen wanted to go to the frontier lands where the demand for skilled, adventurous people were in high demand and while the risks were high, so were the potential rewards. Finally a year ago Kylen arrived in Niobia after managing to save up enough, bid farewell to his family, bought a ticket on one of the ships bound for Ariqua. He used his savings to set up a small clinic there. As it is he lives on the first floor and does his business on the ground floor. Being the only fully qualified doctor in Niobia brought Kylen plenty of business and he was able to expand his clinic. Upon hearing of his request and at his invitation, his older sister Arlene, a doctor herself, came to Niobia to work in his clinic beside him a few months later and soon settled into a small house nearby. They worked well together as a team until Elizabeth Cousland arrived aboard the Voyager two months ago-along with a message from the Dhaskan government requesting that he join the crew. The message both offered a generous amount of pay for his services along with a reminder that it was they who funded his university education in the first place. After thinking about it for a few days, Kylen agreed and signed on as part of Elizabeth’s venture, turning the Niobian Clinic over to Arlene entirely. Since then he has been working for Elizabeth.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 01:25 PM


Name: Aveline Vallen
Species: Hume
Nationality: Sandesinian
Age: 25
Ht/Wt: 5'7”/130 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, wavy, strawberry-blond
Abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, danger sense. All inherited from her father's side of the family. She also has martial training and can use handguns, as well as a bow and knives/swords

Aveline is a descendant of Vincent, the famed Daywalker who did not go feral, but instead fought the evil supernaturals. Then the day came that the Guardian unit he was part of was recognized by Kaneea and she granted everyone a boon. Vincent chose to have his vampire curse lifted and Kaneea also allowed him to keep his psion abilities, thus turning him into a psionic hume.

She was born in Delmi, the middle daughter of Sonia and Wesley Vallen. She has an older brother, Karl and a younger sister, Annette.

She grew up at the same winery that Vincent established when he settled in Delmi over two hundred years ago. After he married Viella, the winery passed down through the children, eventually passing to Wesley. Vincent's martial training was passed down through the family as well, and she is quite proficient at it.

She is very intelligent and graduated with top honors from the university in Delmi, where she studied engineering. She was hired on to Elizabeth's crew as an engineer at the start of her assignment to survey the Salaran islands.

When Nick was first hired on, she was wary of him and his reputation as a pirate, but at the same time, she was fascinated. She and he developed a cautious friendship for the first few months that developed into a relationship shortly after he was promoted to First Mate. She keeps the relationship exclusive, though neither will admit to loving the other....yet. Only time will tell.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 02:24 PM


Name: Demiriz Surana
Species: Hume
Nationality: Zapiyan
Age: 27
Ht/Wt: 6'4”/200 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short, dark

Abilities: Very skilled primitive warrior, uses bow, spear and knives. He's also proficient in hand to hand and is very skilled in the use of local poisons. While he is very tall and strong, he isn't bulky, rather he's very lithe and agile, built more like a large, agile monkey.

Demiriz was born in the village of Ruhalia, in the Zapiyan territories, the son of the village Chieftan. Ruhalia, as all Zapiyan villages are, is built in the trees and there are approximately 300 residents. He prefers to wear a type of shorts and an open vest, both with leaves/vines woven through them to help him blend in with the jungle.

Ruhalia, as all Zapiyan tribes are, is a Matriarchal society, so his mother, Taneea, is the village Chieftan and his father is the village shaman/priest in charge of the ceremonies/rituals and offerings. He has several brothers and sisters, some older and some younger, the oldest sister, Menaia, is being groomed to take over the Chieftan's role.

Not much else is known about him, but time will tell.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 05:22 PM


Name: Damien Marlow

Species: Hume/Weretiger

Age: 154, but outward appearance in his mid-to-late twenties

Appearance, Human form: 6'1", lean but muscular, shoulder-length darkish hair, brown eyes, sometimes wears mustache and goatee. (Has changed his look over the decades but this is what he looks like now.)
Appearance, Cat form: Orange/white/black striped tiger, large.

Skills: As a human he is an excellent archer and hunter/tracker. Owns a crossbow resembling a rifle with a bow on top, as well as other hunting weapons. He's faster and stronger than a normal hume. He can talk to other Were telepathically, can sense danger as a tiger would, and has enhanced senses of smell, hearing and taste. He can transform into her beast form at will these days, as well as a half-form, but has no choice during a full moon.

Family: None surviving that he knows about. He has had relationships over the decades with Hume women, but never anything serious nor were there offspring.

History: Damien was bitten by a female weretiger well over 100 years ago when he was a teenager visiting friends in the jungles of Venn, the Elviri nation. He spent many years with the weretiger who bit him, as he had no place else to go. Later she was killed and Damien fled. He survived on his own, blending in with normal Humes, traveling from Venn to Sandesina, then to the northern half of Telgar after it had been conquered and began to flourish. After traveling back to Sandesina, specifically Delmi, he met Elizabeth Cousland two years ago. He was hired onto the Voyager by the Sandesinan Crown to help map out the Salaran islands.

On the ship, Damien has a specially made cabin, reinforced underneath the wood with steel bars. The door is heavier than usual and has bolts and heavy locks on the outside. He is locked in should they be on the water during a full moon; otherwise, he roams the land to run and hunt. He is old enough that he can control his beast side when transformed, and will protect her friends in her this form. There is always the pull deep inside to give into his wild side, but he keeps maintains control after all this time.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 10:41 PM


Name: Nicholas (Nick) Brosca.

Age: 26

Species: Hume, male

Nationality: Technically Telgarian although he claims none.

Physical description: A tall but subtly strong and agile Hume. Dark brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. His clothing varies depending on what he’s doing but usually he favours loose, comfortable, light coloured clothing.

Abilities: No supernatural abilities.

Skills: Proficient in hand to hand combat, use of a range of firearms including cannons. Proficient at sword and knife fighting. His main skills are maritime navigation and cartography. He has limited “first aid” skills and despite his dubious past, is literate and numerate. He is particularly skilled with all aspects of ships and sailing.

Profession: First Mate of Voyager. (Ex-Pirate.)

Known Family: Father is deceased, mother lives in Mifil, Telgar. He has two half-siblings also in Mifil. Daughter in Ruatha-maybe.

Known History: Nick was born in the port city of Mifil on the northern coast of Telgar. His mother, Mara works as a customs official and his father was a pirate. He isn’t sure how Adam the pirate came to be his father-his mother was always a bit vague on that point-but his early years were spent being raised alone by his mother in Mifil with irregular visits from his father whenever their ship came in to port. Then came the day that Mara wanted to marry and she sent Nick to live with his father aboard the pirate ship Marauder at the earliest opportunity when he was seven years old. Adam did his best to raise him but a pirate ship wasn’t the best place for a young boy. He quickly found his role aboard the ship by learning navigation and cartography from the ship’s captain and gradually grew into other roles as he got bigger and stronger. When Adam was killed during an attack on a merchant vessel when Nick was fifteen, he took his share of the savings and loot and disembarked at the nearest port off the west coast of Dhaska.

He lived there for nearly five months before signing on with a different pirate vessel, the Waveblade. From then on, he was his own man and eventually got promoted to First Mate of the Waveblade. Nick spent many years aboard the Waveblade and they roamed everywhere from the hook of Kilasetti to the Salaran Islands. Wherever fortune and the winds took them, only making landfall to sell their loot and engage in shore leave. Once, one of the ‘ladies of the night’ in Ruatha claimed a child she bore was his, although he didn’t stay long enough to find out if it were true. However, a year and a half ago after many years of pirating the high seas he was eventually captured and arrested and thrown in jail in Haleiwa, Mahi-Mahi. Nick spent six months in that prison before being released. The Waveblade was long gone, he was broke, and so after some deliberation he decided to get a legitimate job. Then Voyager sailed into port after one of its survey missions. It was difficult for Nick to persuade Elizabeth to sign him on but eventually she agreed and gave him a probationary term. Nick served loyally and passed.

Gradually over the last year the crew, for the most part, have learnt to accept him although sometimes he notices that they still keep a fairly close watch of his activities. Nevertheless his skill with maritime navigation and cartography along with his loyalty prompted Elizabeth to promote him to First Mate seven months ago when the former First Mate decided to retire and settle down in Telgar. Although he and Aveline shared a mutual attraction and a cautious friendship, their relationship didn't develop into a romantic one until shortly after he'd been promoted to First Mate. Unlike any woman before, he keeps the relationship exclusive and although he seldom admits it, he cares for her. He may even love her. Nick continues to serve loyally and has no intention of turning down this lucrative position. However, there are times when he misses his old life as a pirate, but the money he earns and his relationship with Aveline makes it unlikely he'll ever succumb to the temptation of his old life...

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 04:35 PM


Name: Rylan
Nationality: Sandesinan by birth but unsure exactly where he was born.
Age: 35
Height: 6ft 2inches
Build: Average build, not particularly muscled but unexpectedly strong.

Description: Rylan is fairly tall clean shaven with and short but untidy brown hair. He has unsettling unblinking brown eyes. He wears practical clothing dependent on the climate. Whatever he wears he always has a leather holster for his pistol which straps across his should and holds his ammunition. He also carries a long barrel flintlock rifle for sharpshooting. Always wears his hat.

Skills: Rylan is a proficient sharp shooter within the limits of the current technology. He is skilled in the maintenance of all mechanical firearms from crossbows to rifles. Rylan can survive in the wild for a very long time. He can hunt, track, find food and shelter. He can take every part of an animal and turn it in to something useful from making clothes to using sinew as a needle and thread. He could probably stitch wounds up but it would not be pretty. Large knowledge of edible species of plans and animals. Knowledge of dangerous animals.

Supernatural Abilities: None

Background: Rylan grew up on the frontiers of exploration. His parents were explorers who simply didn't feel like settling down and having children so decided not to do the settling down part. Consequently Rylan has always been working on some part of the camp and learned all his survival skills from a very young age. When his parents finally stopped exploring Rylan hired on to other expeditions. His exceptional skills as a marksman have earned him multiple jobs as protection and his knowledge of the wilderness have earned him places as a guide or as part of the hunting party.

Many explorers consider Rylan to be "quite old". Some consider this to be an asset. Others a liability. He tends not to have trouble finding work but finds each year that it gets hard to find a new group to explore with. Rylan does not seem to worry about the money. Only the food and the things to do. He does take his pay but it's not clear what he does with it. When he retires he intends to buy a small Inn somewhere on the coast and watch all the sunsets.

Family: Rylan has no children and no siblings. His parents live in Delmi after they finally made enough money to purchase the things they wanted from the House of Fallon tailors.http://www.exisle.net/mb/index.php?/topic/75319-the-ariqua-explorers-character-profile-thread/

Rylan has had several friends who he considered his family over the years. For a short period of time he was part of a close knit group of explorers. After several missions several finished their exploring life and settled down and several others went out exploring and didn't come back.

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 07:23 PM

I'll be using The Professor and Eru, as soon as I have a couple of minutes to settle my brain and decide on their current situation. :nod:
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Posted 13 March 2013 - 07:25 PM


Name: Jhanell Lhigere
Species: Khajitaar: A humanoid, anthropomorphic feline-like race.
Age: 24
Ht/Wt: 5'4"/120
Fur: Similar to lion fur, tawny-yellow all over with short tawny 'hair', a couple of small braids on either side of her face and she wears a leather headband to keep it out of her face
Eyes: Golden cat eyes with vertical slits

She looks like a humanoid lion, complete with tail and claws. Though she's short with a cat's sinewy musculature, she is also very strong. She also has a cat's grace and balance and she uses her claws to good advantage in hand to hand fighting.

She is a very good fighter, being part of the guards. Her favored weapon is the bow and arrows, and she uses her claws when the fighting draws too close for ranged weapons. She does keep a shortsword and several knives and daggers on her person as well. She's an experienced tracker as her sense of smell is very sharp.

Naturally, in the jungle she wouldn't wear chainmail armor, but she wears something similar-looking in lightweight leather, which doesn't hinder her movements or impair her speed or agility.

Currently she is acting as lead guard for a caravan heading for Niobia, with a message from her people.

(Yes, that's actually my Oblivion Jhanell ;) )

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 03:36 PM


Name: Tasha
Age: 24
Species: Kelishe, female
Nationality: Formerly Ariqun.
Physical description: As seen in the picture white/grey hair, grey skin, horns, bright purple eyes. Clothing varies depending on the situation.
Abilities: No supernatural abilities.
Skills: Proficient in hand to hand combat, with sword and knife fighting although her preferred weapon is a bladed spear. She has a modest medical and herbal knowledge. Survival knowledge.
Profession: Wandering Tal-Vashoth healer.
Known Family: Parents and siblings are alive but unknown to her due to the nature of the Quanar religion and how Ariqun are raised.
Known History: Not much is known about Tasha's history, only that she is was an Ariqun and lived by the strict tenets that govern the society. She was raised communally by the Ben-Hassraths and given the standard education that all Ariqun regardless of race or gender receive as children. Once she reached sixteen she underwent the tests all young Ariqun or new converts go through in order to best determine their Role in adult life. After the results of the tests, Tasha was assigned as a cleaner in one of their Temples and due to the rigid nature of the Quanar that would have been her single and only role in her entire life. Being such a low role meant there was little chance that she would be selected to have children of her own. Tasha put up with her "role" within the Quanar for almost eight years before deciding that it was time to leave the Ariqun and her old life forever. Her time hadn't been wasted as during her free time she had independantly studied the one subject that interested her-medicine. She gained a good understanding of medicine and herbal remedies during those years. However when a Ben-Hassrath banned her from going to the library to study on her own, it was enough to prompt Tasha to leave. By abandoning the Quanar religion she was branded by all Ariqun as a "Tal-Vashoth", a name given to anyone who leaves. Although in the Ariqun language Tal-Vashoth is meant as an insult most if not all Tal-Vashoth voluntarily take on the name as a badge of pride. Tasha is no different. Indeed, since she needed her own name since followers are the Ariqun are literally named for the job they do, she took the name "Tasha" which is a local slang word ford Tal-Vashoth. For several months Tasha worked her way north and west, quickly passing into unknown territories. She has survived by doing odd jobs for those she's met on her journey or by living off the land itself. However her luck ran out four days ago when she was attacked and captured by a group of slavers while she travelled along the northern coast. Now she's biding her time and waiting for an opportunity to free herself...


Kelishe - Species name.
Quanar - Religion
Ariqun - People who follow/live by the Quanar. Can be Kelishe, Hume, Elviri, ect.
Tal-Vashoth - Those who have left the Quanar/Ariqun.
Ben-Hassrath - A role within the Quanar. Teachers and Priestesses mostly.

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 03:58 PM

Just a short paragraph about Letha, since she'll be a NPC after this arc. (This means you can't kill her)

Letha Jearl

Small Hume female healer. Was hired by the pirates to pay off an old debt she owed the leader (Actually, it was her father's debt, but he was killed before he could repay it and she was given a choice-repay the debt, do this job for them to make it even or die).

She provides the sedative darts that they use to subdue their captives, and now she's in charge of keeping their one Ariqun captive as docile as possible so she can't break free of her chains and escape before they can get her to the auction block.

She's 5'4" tall, weighs just at 100 lbs and is 25 years old. She has short black hair and blue eyes.

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 12:30 PM

Name:  Akassa Pelletier, daughter of Maximillian [brother of Kat]

Species: Hume/Werepanther

Age: 120, but outward appearance in her late twenties

Appearance, Human waist length black hair, worn tightly braided, yellow/green eyes, 5’ 10”, muscular and supple.
Appearance, Cat form: Black panther, long tail, muscular.

Skills: As a human she is a proficient hunter, her weapons of choice are knives. Her hybrid nature makes her stronger, faster and more agile than a normal hume. She can talk to other Were telepathically, has enhanced senses [smell, hearing and taste]. She can transform at will [unless weakened by lack of food or injury], she was born with the ability to resist the lure of the full moon.
Family: Her father Maximillian passed a decade ago, her hume mother long before that. She had an older sister who was captured by slavers. Akassa has spent the past 20 years tracking her with no luck.
She allowed herself to be captured by slavers in an attempt to find her sister, Adrienne. The slavers were smarter than she gave them credit for, they have starved her and beaten her regularly to keep her weak.




Name:  Gregori

Species: Shadowalker

Age: 1200 give or take a decade

Appearance: 6ft 6, slim, long white hair, almost albino, pale blue eyes with a pink tint.
Unusual for his kind he retains some of his humanity. He calls nowhere home and travels the known world continually seeking a sense of purpose. He has watched others of his kind become nothing more than hunters, killers and has vowed not to turn, so he lives a solitary life, only seeking out others when he needs to feed, taking only enough of their lifeforce to sustain him. Sometimes he finds someone who interests him and follows them, living life vicariously through them.

Gregori is not a 'good guy', but neither is he a 'bad guy' circumstances will dictate which way he goes :D

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Well, I've never not connected with one of my characters before, but I'm afraid Jhandra will be leaving the game (once I find a way to have her do so, I don't want her to die...I don't think :devil:). But I'm bringing in a new one!! Hopefully everyone will welcome her after they get over the fact she's a ghost :wink: :D. (I left some back history details out so as to introduce them in flashbacks or talking to the others eventually.)


Name: Hannah Storm

Race: Hume (ghost)

Age: 19 when she was killed (about a seventy-five or so years ago)

Physical description: Average height, slender, pale skin when alive; long, straight, black hair, green eyes. She has vampire bite marks on each inner thigh where the Shadow Walker bit her to inflict pain and in her neck where he drank of her life force. There is blood forever on her neck where he became too rough and killed her.

Abilities: As a ghost Hannah can reveal herself to others, be transparent, or remain invisible; move solid objects and wield them, although this takes effort and is limited to the size of the object; she can pass through solid objects or into them for brief periods of time; move from place to place instantly in whatever area she is inhabiting. She can also possess people people for brief periods of time although eventually they are able to drive her out. Psions are just about immune, as are most other supernatural creatures.

Telepathic communication with others with that ability.

She needs to be anchored to someone physically in order to move away from where she is locked into.

Skills: TBD as she was only 19 and a university student at the time of death.

Family: None left, but she had a father, mother, and siblings who are all dead now; although she would have family descended from her siblings.

Her mother was descended from Reece Hadrian's family. He had moved to live in Delmi and was one of the first Dragonriders outside of the dragons' original home. Her father was a professor at the women's university, and both her parents were progressive for the times. She had two older brothers and a younger sister.

History: Hannah is from northern Sandesina. She was a university student at an all women's school continuing her studies in history, art, and education, and longing to travel someday to see the world she was learning more about. She wanted to know about the past, the present, and the future. She was curious, bright, rich, pretty, and had a promising future ahead of her.

One night she met a mysterious and handsome young man at the opera, Janos Torok. He captured her attention like no man had ever done, indeed she'd never been that interested in pursuing young men like her friends. She wanted more out of life. But she felt herself drawn to him and let her inhibitions and guard down.

Janos turned out to be a centuries old Shadow Walker vampire, and Hannah was killed when he lost himself in his sexual rape of her mind and body, as well as her life force. Unfortunately, Janos wasn't completely sane. He kept her dead body in a deep cellar for several years, allowing it to rot away to bones. Sometime after she died, he'd performed a ritual that would bind her to him so long as he kept at least her skull, which he'd painted in his and her blood. From that day forth, her ghost was bound to the Shadow Walker and forced to obey him.

Finally Janos was suspected of nefarious deeds and forced to flee his home. He buried Hannah's warded bones hidden in the cellar of his house. Then, going by Janos but different last names, he went from place to place, city to city, country to country living his life until he got into the slave business. Hannah has been trapped on a slaver ship for the past ten years and has seen much horror and abuse of those that have been captured. But there was nothing she could do about it as the Shadow Walker still controlled her.

The killing of the Shadow Walker vampire that controlled her has now freed her, she can take possession of her skull (or someone else can but then they would control her). Since her bones are still buried somewhere she is forever tied to the earthly plane, but she is curious to see more of the world and wants to take vengeance on those that would hurt others.

And just fyi, this would be Janos, one of the Shadow Walkers that someone in the group killed on the slaver ship:

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Very interesting character.  It will be cool to have a ghost in the group.
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Name: Maress
Species: Kelish, male
Ht/Wt: 7’/250lbs
Hair: Shoulder length, white

General description: He’s a very large Kelish, grey skin and eyes. His body is a solid wall of muscle and he’s a psion, a Sarebaas. He possesses very large horns on his head that sweep back and are formidable weapons. He also uses a large bladed staff weapon in addition to his telekinesis and fireballs.

He leads a group of Tal-Vashoth who were unhappy with their place in the Ariqun. Maress  was particularly unhappy due to the fact he was a Sarebaas, or psion. He was found with abilities at an early age and was subsequently collared, leashed and inhibited to keep him from escaping or using his abilities. But he did escape, with the help of fifteen others who were also unhappy with their place. They then became Tal-Vashoth and he took the name Maress.

Abilities: Telekinesis and fireball capable, but stunted due to not being able to train them properly, but he has the potential to be powerful. He may even have more hidden abilities.

Background: He was very unhappy with being collared, leashed and inhibited from the time he was a child just because he had psion abilities. He was very badly treated by his keeper and he wanted nothing more than to be free to do what he wanted and not what the Quanar dictated.

He finally got word that there were some others who were also unhappy with their place in society and he managed to get word to one of them. They started exchanging secret messages and planning their escape. On that day, the others, fifteen of them, managed to break  his collar and chains and uninhibit him. He then used his fireballs to help them get past the guards and escape. They chose him to lead them because he was more powerful than any of them and they have been living free ever since as mercenaries and whatever else they can do to survive.

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Name: Serrala Trayvor

Age: 24

Species: Hume, female

Profession: Knight of the Five, servant of Anotarja

Skills: Highly trained as a warrior, specializing in sword and shield although she has been trained to a competent standard in most melee weapons. She is also a competent archer. Serrala know basic medicine (such as it is in that era), is literate and eduated. She is a practised hunter and survivalist.

Psionic skills: Relatively strong self healing and touch healing upon others. Mild telekinesis.

Physical Description: Tall for a Hume female with rich natural red hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Her skin is marked by a scattering of mild freckles. She does quite a bit of physical exercise so she's lean but muscular enough to use the weaponry she uses during her job.

Known Family: Serrala has parents and two younger brothers but she was abandoned as a baby and cares nothing for them. She's only met them twice in her life

Known History: Serrala's parents are working class citizens of Sandesina. Her father owns a smithy and her mother administrating the business. Shortly after they got married in their early twenties her mother gave birth to her. But her parents wanted a son who would bear the family name even after marriage and handle the heavy, hot work of smithing . And at the time their business was new and not making much money. So they abandoned Serrala at the local orphanage ran by the priests of Anotarja next to the great Temple in the city of Rhalie. As a result Serrala was given thorough religious teachings as well as the normal education every Sandesinan child received regardless of status.

Growing up in an orphanage and often having to fend for herself against bigger kids meant she picked up some knowledge of how to fight. Even when she managed to impress a small mercenary band enough to join their ranks at fifteen years old Serrala still retained her reverance for Anotarja. The mercenaries trained her properly in the ways of the warrior. She worked with them until her life changed when she was nineteen. One night after she'd completed a particularly difficult job Anotarja visited her in her dream, bading her to answer Anotarja's call and serve her as an instrument of her will. Serrala was puzzled when she woke up and after breakfast she went to the local temple to ask the priests what it meant. As she approached a priest to ask she saw three Knights of the Five at the temple on their own business so she approached them instead and told them about her dream. One examined her and nodded. Anotarja wished her to join the Order and they would welcome her.

They also explained the benefits and downsides that serving a Divine entailed but Serrala was not afraid. She signed up as a recruit and joined a group of seven other recruits on the Pilgrimage. Only some were given visions and tests. Only some passed. In the end only Serrala and two others passed them all to receive the final vision. Serrala chose Anotarja and received her blessing. From then on Serrala has served her Divine's wishes. She has slain many vampires, feral lycans and other assorted supernatural dangers. She's taken out bandits, saved innocent people from death and faithfully done every mission the Divine demanded along with the other Knights in her Order who were given the same mission by the Divines. She's been a partner and mate of Jo'rel for two years now. Their latest mission was to join three other Knights and venture across the sea to Ariqua to slay a powerful demon in some ancient ruins. And that is where Serrala met Elizabeth and her Explorers...

Rejected and gone.

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