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Juror questions, in court, defendant,

Arias trial 2013

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 08:01 PM

now i have to think up some topic title, maybe just a
I swear this has to be the cookiest thing I've seen in law on tv- The Good Wife just HAS to get this on
TV somehow, have the firm send them down to AZ on some case that must be in that
court or sommat, somehow, Boston Legal never had this on there, this has to get on
for the sheer entertainment value..
what? 'Secrets and Lies' sounds like some new scandal novel, but hey
this is AZ baby and they don't trust her- the defendant, on that stand, murder trial,
and they think it's 'Memory lapses and Lies' !

this whole idea that jurors, JURORS, can do questions to , get this, the Defendant, on the
stand, under oath, right there in court:
' Arias answered about 220 questions Wednesday and Thursday under an uncommon Arizona law that allows juries to quiz defendants through written questions read aloud by the judge -- and the bulk of the queries indicated that at least some jurors don't believe her.

Many questions were pointed in tone, and seemed to portray a jury struggling to come to grips with Arias' ever-changing version of events.
Arias is scheduled to resume testimony next Wednesday.


can you imagine, a state where they have this, juror questions in court, and your rep puts you on the stand,
and you must face how many? 220? questions from jurors in front of God N everybody!

oh this just has to get on tv in the legal shows, the entertainment ones; can you imagine Denny Crane
or Alan Shore, in the face of this? oh the opportunity, oh the humanity
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Posted 09 March 2013 - 08:22 AM

There's definitely some plot line scope there!

I thought this was going to be about that court jury who asked the judge a series of ridiculous questions like this one (and the answer from the Judge):


Q4: Can you define what is reasonable doubt?
Answer: “The prosecution must make you feel sure beyond reasonable doubt. A reasonable doubt is a doubt that is reasonable. These are ordinary English words that the law does not allow me to help you with, beyond the written directions [he had already given them]”.

Lol... if you ever need a jury, just hope they're not the kind of jury that need to ask questions like that - or ask what unanimous means!

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